The First Years Take and Toss 28-Piece Feeding Variety Pack

The First Years Take and Toss 28-Piece Feeding Variety Pack

Here’s a variety of Take & Toss styles and colors to suit your family’s busy life. With 28 pieces in all, the variety bag comes with bowls, snack containers, spoons, and sippy cups. All Take & Toss items are durable enough to use over and over, yet affordable enough to treat as disposables. Having the exact right item you need, right when you need it? It’s like finding a pot of gold.; From the Manufacturer; Take & Toss Cups, Bowls, and Flatware are durable enough to use over and over, and affordable enough to treat as disposables. Snap-on lids prevent leaks and help to keep food and drinks fresh. Valve-free, spill-proof cups make sipping and cleaning easy. Most lids are interchangeable with other Take & Toss products. All Take & Toss items are dishwasher safe and BPA free. Variety Pack includes: 7 Take & Toss 10oz Spill-proof cups, 4 Take & Toss 8oz Bowls with lids, 5 Take & Toss 4.5oz Snack Cups, 6 Toddler Forks and 6 Toddler Spoons.

Main features

  • Plastic
  • Variety pack comes with bowls, snack containers, spoons and sippy cups
  • Durable enough to use over and over, yet affordable enough to treat as disposables
  • Cups, bowls and containers have Snap-On lids to prevent leaks and keep food fresh
  • Dishwasher safe, BPA Free
  • Age Grade: 6 months plus
  • Variety pack comes with bowls, snack containers, spoons and sippy cups
  • Durable enough to use over and over, yet affordable enough to treat as disposables
  • Cups, bowls and containers have snap-on lids to prevent leaks and keep food fresh
  • Dishwasher safe; BPA Free; Phthalate free
  • Age Grade: 6 months+

Verified reviews


This is environmentally irresponsible

I see the appeal – but tossing plastics is a huge problem these days. Unless you absolutely have no choice – you should try not to throw plastics away just for the sake of convenience. I’m sure the product is amazing however.

Deena Mountain View, MO

great kit, but low quality

In this kit we have everiting in a bag, but the quality is low.

Effie Denver, NY

Won’t buy again

I read so many positive reviews on this set I thought I would love them too.PROS: They seal very well, even liquids. I like the smaller bowls because he can hold it with one hand in the car and reach for the snack with the other.CONS: In the dishwasher the lip of the cups and bowls retains water so I have to tip them over after the cycle is done and let them air dry standing upright. I have had these for less than a month and the plastic on the mouthpiece of the cups is coming off from my son scraping his teeth on it. I’m not comfortable with him ingesting plastic so the cups are going in the trash.

Nina Mountain View, HI

This Take & Toss 28 pc. Variety Pack with the Organizer, the perfect combination!

It simplifies and saves room in your kitchen. You don’t need anything else to feed your baby(s), everything is there. Very practical and good looking. It has bright colors. My 10 months old baby is using them since she was 6 months and loves them. They are also safe for your baby to play with. 100% Recommended! Don’t forget to get the Take & Toss Organizer. It makes a big difference!

Flora Little River, KS

Can’t beat this price!

We are currently using the cups and bowls consistently. This is the only sippy cup my daughter will take. (We reuse these, not "take and toss" as the name states). Also the bowls with lids are great for traveling. My daughter loves to hold the spoons. Overall, great value for all the pieces you receive.

Lydia Arlington Heights, MA

I’m going to order more!

Great deal for this pack. These sippy cups are the only ones my 7 month old doesn;t get mad at while trying to drink.

Ola Unityville, PA

Cups and containers great! Tableware, meh.

Don’t use the spoons or forks that came with this set. However, the cups, lips and containers are great. As another reviewer said: it is pint-sized tupperware. Cleans easy but doesn’t wear easy. We use these all day long day after day and the whole thing can fit in my diaper bag on a light day to go to Grandma’s.

Jodi Frazer, MT

Would give more stars if I could

This price is unreal (in a good way). $10 for a 28-piece set? This set is super convenient. The sizes are perfect and although I haven’t had a reason to “toss” anything just yet, I like that bit of reduced stress knowing that if I do forget one of these somewhere, it isn’t a big deal–not like the glass containers that cost a few bucks each.I love, love, love this set and just ordered a second. The main reason why though is the sippy cups that come with this. I’ve bought every kind of overpriced sippy cup available. There is one or two that my son likes and some he has not liked at all due to the complicated valve systems that make the cups leak-free but also make my son less likely to go to all the effort to get some liquid from the cup. Lo and behold I try some water in this cup the other day and he actually smiled and laughed when he started drinking from it. I swear he was thrilled to not have to work so hard for some hydration. I don’t know who is happier though–both of us now have less work to do–for me, no longer needing to pull apart sippy cup parts and ensure they are all properly washed and then reassembled. As if washing the Dr. Brown’s bottle parts wasn’t enough!Also, the lids on the cups stay on really well and despite the simple design, they hardly leak at all. Yes, if you tip them over you’ll see a very slow drip, but not bad at all. This is one of those things that I’m tempted to buy five of, in case–God forbid–they every stop selling these.

Amparo Roy, NM

Great Product

I like this set. I got everything I needed in one set different colors too. It is a great product very much recommended.

Fanny Flanagan, IL


These are decent. I’m not crazy about the plastic ware – of course they’re cheaply made. Spoons are pretty small. Can’t stab anything with the forks. We use some of the dishes to bring crackers and such for travel, but that’s about it. Won’t buy anymore in the future.

Jillian Eaton, IN

Pieces I received didn’t match description

Handy set. I don’t use the forks and spoons, I prefer metal ones, but the price was right even if you don’t use those.However, the set I received had:7 sippy cups (description says 4)5 snack bowls (small) (description says 6)4 bowls (large) (description says 6)6 forks (correct)6 spoons (correct)Since I needed 6 each of the bowls for a project this was a bit of a nuisance.

Lila Hazlehurst, MS

Big Variety Feeding Pack!

Received this set at my baby shower and we have used and abused these since then!They are very well made and durable and definitely can take a some baby abuse!Love how many pieces are included in the set with awesome bright colors.Would recommend to everyone!

Berta Volborg, MT

Love this set!

We have been using this set since my daughter was 6-months. The cups are easy to drink out of and don’t spill too much. There’s some liquid that comes out if you shake them, but not too much. I like that the spouts are hard so they can’t really be used while teething to chew on. It also teaches more how to drink properly than the soft sippy spouts that are more bottle-like. The bowls and tops secure nicely and are great for storing infant and toddler portions of food. The silverware is great for little hands. I definitely recommend this set.

Kathy Islesford, ME

The sippy cups in this set are great.

All the bowls and lids are great, but I especially love the sippy cups. My 8 month old is able to hold them herself and drink without spill.

Tisha Thornton, KY

Great set

These are the only sippy cups my toddler uses. The bowls come in two sizes which are great for storing snacks on trips. The spoons And forks have unexpectedly been used a lot at our house.

Debora Houghton, SD

Everything you need!

This set is everything you need to start out feedings with. Right now I use the spoons and the snack bowls to feed my 4 month old rice cereal. I wish they still offered the take and toss organizer, but all of these items stack well into each other so they don’t take up too much space. They wash up well, and they are so cheap that if you lose one it doesn’t matter.

Kimberley Hallam, NE

Durable, BPA free and a bargain

These have held up well and haven’t cracked. Dishwasher/microwave friendly and BPA free. Good assortment to have and cheap enough that if you lose some, it’s not a big deal.

Pauline Glenside, PA

Lots of uses!

I don’t take food out and about yet for my son – he is only 7 months old right now. But we do use these at home to mix up foods for him and heat or keep fresh in the fridge. The sizes are really convenient! And, they are great for taking stuff to work!! I use these for salsas and dressings, toppings, etc., for my lunches for work! I love them! They are dishwasher and microwave safe – can’t beat them. I am so glad I bought these. I know we will use them more and more often as time goes on!

Nicole Paris, MS

exceptional bargain

These sipper cups leak less than most and you get way more pieces for your money than if bought separately. These are holding up well, are dishwasher safe and fun colors. Very handy to have the small bowl lids fit the cups as well. Sometimes I use extra drinking cups for refrigerator storage for left over fruit. This set has so many pieces that I shared with my daughter so my grandson has these at home and my house as well.

Lakeisha Eastland, TX

great for everything

I make my own baby food and these come in so handy when defrosting the baby food I have made! They also are great for snacks and it’s all in one bag. Great price and they are long lasting.

Evangelina Cannelton, WV

Great starter kit

This has been a great starter kit for my daughter- we use all of the bowls and sippy cups for daycare.

Lula Malden Bridge, NY

Great value

You will get a lot of use out of this variety pack. I love the bowls with lids, they are convenient for storage and travel. I don’t think you can have too many sippy cups or spoons when your baby starts solid. This was an excellent buy.

Goldie Martin, GA


I have used these for both my son and daughter. They get beat up. The lids get chewed on. The utensils get chewed up in the disposer on accident or they get lost, but it is no big deal because they are cheap and easily replaceable. If we are going out to eat or going somewhere where I need to have snacks and drinks, these are nice to throw in my bag becaue if they get left behind its no big deal. They are nothing special, though.

Keisha Stanton, NE

Definitely worth the price

I love this set! Although the bowls and cups are made from a thin plastic, you get so many of them that it makes up for it. I love the bag it all came in, and the different sizes of bowls. For $10, this is an awesome deal!

Lillian Red Hook, NY

Goes in a tot bag to carry around

Great that they offer this all together. I paid less than $15 for it, which is a great deal. You’ll pay more if you get them all separate. It comes with smaller snack size containers & lids, then ones that are a bit bigger. All comes in a tot like bag, so they aren’t all just thrown in a box and shipped.

Rhea Means, KY

Excellent Solid Feeding Pack

The Take & Toss Feeding Variety Pack includes every utensil you’ll need to start your baby on solids. The sippy cups were great for my breast fed baby to learn to drink from; the only con is that the cups don’t have a lid but I just use the lids from the snack bowls when we are out. The spoons are excellent for feeding the baby, much better than theMunchkin Soft-Tip Infant Spoon – 6 Pack, Colors May Varythat I also have but don’t use much other than giving to my son to hold during meals. Both the large and small bowls are great for serving cereal, purees and snacks. I fill up the larger bowls with Cheerios and toss it into the diaper bag without worrying about spills or snacks drying out. All of the items have held up great after numerous washes. The variety pack is definitely a great buy!

Callie Grenada, CA

Awesome!! Has a little bit of everything!!

I love this!! It has a little bit of everything I use all the time. It was so much cheaper than buying individually!! Highly recommend!!

Viola Sparks Glencoe, MD

Fun, easy to use, inexpensive

My toddler loves the colors and animal faces, I like the secure lids and toddler-serving sizes. I put a sippy cup and a solid lid in a baggie in each of our cars for when I forget his regular sippy cups. Just what I was looking for and an excellent price!

Debora Red Boiling Springs, TN

Take and Toss?

I have no idea why they would call this a “take and toss” product. I think its way to good of a product to want to lose! They are microwave and dishwasher safe, great colors, super durable, can hold perfect portions for your todler/baby and best of all they’re inexpensive! I havn’t had any leak issues with the containers either. I love how you can mix n match the lids with everything, they just look so appealing. I havn’t had a chance to use the sippy cups or the “forks” yet because my son is only 6 months old but even if they turn out to be a letdown the containers are way worth the money.

Lola Homestead, IA

Great Value

This set includes many different containers that are great sizes for kid food and snacks. Every container has a lid and the set includes plastic spoons and forks. The containers are easy to clean and use.

Frankie Campbellton, FL