The First Years Take & Toss Spill-Proof 7 Ounce Cups 6 ea Assorted Colors

The First Years Take & Toss Spill-Proof 7 Ounce Cups 6 ea Assorted Colors

Spill proof cup. Ideal for drinks on the go. These training cups are durable enough to use and reuse yet affordable enough to treat as disposable. The easy sip spout lids are spill proof for easy traveling and are valve free for easy cleaning. Dishwasher safe. For babies 9 months and up. Assorted colors. 7 per card. Made in China.

Main features

  • Durable enough to use over and over, yet affordable enough to treat as disposables
  • Snap-on lids are valve-free to make cleaning easy
  • Comes with a bonus travel cap
  • Lids are interchangeable with most other Take & Toss products
  • Dishwasher safe; BPA Free; Phthalate free

Verified reviews


dont buy if you have a "pelter"

although i was happy with my other set of sippy cups (munchkin 4 pack) i decided to give these a try because i thought for the price they couldn’t be too many to have; what i didn’t cater for is the fact that the lids are snap on. (the munchkin are screw on).the first day i gave one to my son i got my fist lesson on "how to choose cups": he tossed it across the floor with about 4 ozs of drink and i had to go running for a mop- the lid flew right off!i thought maybe i hadn’t closed it properly so the next day when i gave it back to him i made sure to check twice…but again i had reason to go get a mop :(…it seems these lids come off with very little pressure to the spout.the other disappointing detail about these cups is that they have a nice little warning on the lid: DO NOT, all my life i have been sterilizing items in hot water- esp my baby items because the juice/drink scent tends to linger in the cups so this is nowhere near what i would call "a good product".

Cora Blue River, KY

Best toddler product!

With the amount of cups my son uses and the time it takes to clean, I was sick of the fancy sippy cups. These are dishwasher friendly and don’t have a bunch of crevices to clean. Too many times I have had to suck out disgusting milk from our other cups to fully clean them. Better yet, they are cheap so I feel good replacing them often. I just bought my second set for my 2 yr old so they last a long time too!

Lena Belvidere, NC

Great cups

I was looking for a sippy cup that wouldn’t leak but wasnt so hard to get water from. My son started using these at 9 months old and loves them. Great part is if I loose one, its not such a big deal. I reuse mine a lot though and they are very durable.

Jolene Pickering, MO

Good sippy cups

These sippy cups are good and they cap they come with works really well especially to throw in a diaper bag. They hardly leak.

Lena Arcadia, SC

Pretty good for the price

These are pretty good cups, especially for the price. The caps don’t leak, but if you shake it hard enough it does leak a little from the spout. We haven’t been too concerned with the amount that it does leak though. I’d recommend these.

Milagros Jarbidge, NV

What they use at daycare

This is the sippy cup they use at daycare to teach the kids how to start drinking from a cup. My daughter doesnt like any other cup I have tried.

Julia Saugerties, NY

Love these

Perfect size for my toddler. I have tried alllllll of the other sippy cups in the world and these are the only ones she will drink out of. They do spill if you don’t have the rubber cover on them but if you have the cover on them; they usually don’t spill.

Callie Claunch, NM

No air hole

An airhole is needed for air to come in to allow milk to flow out when baby sucks gently. Because there is no air hole (probably for no-spill function), baby does not get enough milk out, which is frustrating. So, honestly, we just use the cups now and mostly forget about the lids. It is, however, handy to have a lid and a lock for when we are out at someone’s house and don’t want to make a mess.

Shanna Bayside, NY

All you will ever need!

My son learned to drink for these sippy cups. They don’t let an excessive amount of water drip when tipped over and the top stays on when dropped. Top rack, dishwasher safe and if it cracks, wears or gets lots, you won’t lose a lot of money. Bonus: It comes with a cap, although I wish that they sold cap replacements.

Tamra Hundred, WV

Great size for small toddler hands and virtually leak-proof

For the price, these cups can’t be beat. I have the larger ones as well but feel that this 7 oz size is perfect for my 18 month old’s hands. Plus, she isn’t drinking more than about 4-5 oz of milk or water at a time. I don’t use these in a "take and toss" manner – I actually hand wash them or throw them in the dishwasher (top rack) and they hold up very well. I used one package of cups for about 6-7 months before replacing it. Plus, since these cups don’t have handles, my daughter isn’t as prone to flinging them around.

Beatriz Sedalia, IN

Not Toddler Proof!

These cups leak and the lids pop off! Try the Munchkin Click and Lock Sippy Cups instead, they work way better and are toddler proof!

Gwendolyn Akeley, MN

Great size and one of the best products

I have a 14month old and have tried a bunch of different types of sippy cups. But after buying different brands and types I got very frustrated with them leaking or my baby not able to get the liquid out. So I tried these and am very glad I did.Pros:- These sippy cups are cheap and you get 7, not just 1or2 as most sippy cup packs give you- The lid snaps on tight, so my toddler cannot take the lid off, or not yet at least- the bright colors are very playful and get her attention- For me the 7 ounces is perfect for a meal time drink, not so big that it is hard to hold and she won’t finish it, but not to small that she doesn’t get enough fluids either.- Comes with a cover to keep the spout clean while traveling- If you tip this upside down it will NOT leak. But if your baby pounds the spout on the table small drips will come out. But this is the least amount of spill out of all the sippy cups I have triedCons:- This set comes with 7 cups, but only one of the covers. I would have liked to have had a few more at least.- They won’t last forever, my babies sharp front teeth will eventually make there way into the spout and peel off some of the plastic. But it took her about 6-8 months before she did this on her first set. The price makes it worth replacing them.Update:My daughter is now 18 months old and has basically a full mouth of teeth, molars and all. She is still using the same cups we bought when she was 14months. But they are on the edge of being bitten through. Once they have been bitten down a bit, they do tend to leak a bit more if banged just right. Despite this, they are still my favorite and my go to for a cup any time. All the other sippy cups I have bought have issues or she doesn’t like them. She is wanting to sip straight from a cup without a lid more and more, so I am figuring I will not need to replace these.

Leonor Fairview, PA

Great sippy cups!

I love these sippy cups! They are durable enough to be used time and time again, but inexpensive enough that if they are lost, I won’t cry over it. I especially love the spout cover!

Earnestine Bannock, OH

Great Sippy Cup!

Great sippy cup for taking out and about and to day care. Great Purchase and worth the money. Thank you!

Karla Bessemer, AL

spill problem solved

I love the no spill cover. It works very well. This is the sippy cup we use the most i haven’t tested it but under normal conditions I haven’t had a leak. FYI: You can’t use is cap at the same time as the attachable handles.

Tracy Fargo, OK

Certainly not leak proof

These cups are easy to clean and they’re really cheap. My daughter drinks fine out of them. We only use them in the kitchen where messes can be cleaned up easily because they are not in any way leak proof. If she throws it on the floor, there will be a puddle of milk around it. If she drops it next to her with the spout down, her clothes will be wet. They leak unless they are completely upright. The lids do fit well though and don’t come off when she throws it, so I guess they have that going for them.

Brooke Grayridge, MO

Both my kids preferred these

We tried all the expensive sippie cups, but both my boys preferred these. Which works out well since they’re constantly dropped and lost.

Brandi Morris, AL

Nice cups – use at dinner table

These are very nice cups. We got some when our daughter was born (baby shower) and used them for a couple years. They were starting to wear out due to her biting the sippy part.So we ordered these… these are nicer cups. They are “the same” but these have a bit thicker plastic so the cups are stiffer when you squeeze them.We use these mostly for milk at the kitchen table. We use a different style cup for travel since these lids don’t screw on. Sometimes I will give her water in them and let her carry it around, but mostly we use them at the table.As for whether they spill when thrown, I don’t know. We don’t let our kids throw cups repeatedly so it isn’t an issue at our house.When properly used, the cups do not leak.Yes, I know kids are kids… if you are looking for a cup to carry around the house all day this probably isn’t it. If you are looking for a cup that is quick and easy to put milk in for dinner, this is it.

Belinda Ricketts, IA

they do spill…

I only use these cups for water to start training my 10moth old to use the sippy cup but I discovered that they do spill so I have to upgrade to something else once my toddler is completely off bottles.

Cathy Armstrong Creek, WI

The only cup I could get my kid to drink

Like seemingly every mom out there, I went through every stinking sippy cup out there, starting with the most expensive and working my way down. My kiddo simply wouldn’t drink from the sippy cups–and I was at my wits end–until I got the take and toss cups. They are the cheapest out there, but there’s something about them that she really takes to. The cups aren’t entirely spill proof–they will leak if a kiddo throws them and they land upside down–but I will take it. I wish I had tried these earlier–it would have saved me lots of money and a fair amount of sanity.

Katheryn Mount Vernon, TX

Always great

Most people just use these are regular cups; we don’t necessarily throw them away; well made, dishwasher safe, the lids on the bigger cups fit the smaller ones. Really like them.

Lea Herndon, WV