The First Years Take & Toss Spill-Proof 7 Ounce Cups 6 ea Assorted Colors

The First Years Take & Toss Spill-Proof 7 Ounce Cups 6 ea Assorted Colors

Have cup; will travel! Our popular Take & Toss cups are perfect for when you‘re on the road. They’re durable enough to use over and over, yet affordable enough that you won’t derail your journey if you lose the cup along the way. The colors your child will love, and you’ll love the snap-on, valve-free, spill-proof, interchangeable lids that are easy to clean. Plus, a bonus travel cap means less spills along the way. Happy trails!

Main features

  • Durable enough to use over and over, yet affordable enough to treat as disposables
  • Snap-on lids are valve-free to make cleaning easy
  • Comes with a bonus travel cap
  • Lids are interchangeable with most other Take & Toss products
  • Dishwasher safe; BPA Free; Phthalate free

Verified reviews


These are perfect for ‘on the go’ take and toss cups

I don'[t want to offend anyone, but I had to laugh at the reviews criticizing this product for only working well the first time. Do we not understand the meaning of ‘TAKE N TOSS’? They’re meant to use one time, and then toss. They go everywhere with my Daughter and I. I love they’re disposable so I don’t have to lug around a dirty sippy all day. They’re cheap enough I bought sets to get through the summer. I’d highly recommend these.

Patsy Summerdale, PA

On sale at Target

I’m not sure why I purchased this through amazon, it was cheaper at Target, at least I got the colors I wanted.

Shana Webster, WI

Generally great product, but a little hard to fully clean (by hand).

We are on our third batch of these sippy cups for our twin daughters. They are simply to use, come in wonderful, vibrant colors, and are surprisingly hard to generate messes with (a bonus with two children).The cups themselves are sturdy and durable. They survive whatever abuse is dealt to them. We have not yet had any problems with cracking or breakage of the lid, the part that understandably takes the most stress. We use them every day, and replace them fairly frequently (when the start to look dingy and ‘old’), and have thus far been quite happy with these cups.However! I wish that they were not so hard to get clean. We hand wash all plastics that our daughters use, so if you use the dishwasher for cleaning these your experience is likely to differ. The problem I have is that food/dry liquid gets stuck in a small groove on the inside of the spout. It is very hard, even with considerable soaking, to get the crusty bits out of that space. We toss the cups as soon as this becomes noticeable, but a slight design change to eliminate the space would be welcome to those of us who are hand washing.These cups certainly fulfill their mission and I am very happy we have them, I just wish we could get a little more mileage out of them before tossing (since every little bit helps – replacing frequently is somewhat expensive!).

Rae Saint Paul, KS

These are great because tipical spill-proof sippy cups didn’t work for us

These cups are GREAT because they are not the traditional spill-proof sippy cups that you find everywhere! THANK YOU First Years for making these as I haven’t been able to find another good old fashioned sippy cup!! Yes a ‘little’ water comes out when the baby shakes it and bangs it around (it’s really not that much), but she can actually USE them (she was using the other ones for teethers because she couldn’t figure out how to get the liquid out). We have these and the Philips AVENT BPA Free Natural Drinking Cup, 9 Ounces (which is a pretty fast flow for a little one)… Our 3 other brands are sitting on the shelf collecting dust!More pros:Great price! I don’t have to worry about losing a pricey cup at play dates, etc…Top rack dishwasher safeCup, top, and stopper (there aren’t a million pieces to clean)Also recommend: The First Years Take & Toss 5 Count Spill-Proof Trainer Sippy Cups with Removable Handles, 7 Ounce

Robert Matador, TX

Only one travel cap!

I have some of these cups that I have been using for my son, and while generally they are great, they do no t travel very well. I end up taping over the mouthpiece and putting the cup in a ziploc plastic bag to prevent milk from getting everywhere.I was so excited to see these with travel caps. Imagine my disappointment when I realized my SEVEN new cups came with ONE cap.

Lelia Milpitas, CA

BEST Sippy Cups.

These sippy cups are fantastic. We love all the different colors and that they are space savers in the cabinet. We used these almost exclusively until she needed a bigger cup for daycare. I would recommend every parent have these.

Jeannie Crump, TN

Excellent, Inexpensive Cups

I have been looking for inexpensive sippy cups that are BPA free to send to daycare with my daughter, now that we are transitioning from bottles of breastmilk to other milk. The main problem that I was having is that many of the sippy cups that I loved did not have a travel lid. These sippy cups are perfect. They are inexpensive enough so I don’t care if they end up lost. As for traveling, they do come with one travel cap which is nice, but instead, I also purchased theThe First Years 6 Pack Take & Toss Snack Cups, 4.5 Ounce, Colors May Varywhich have lids that fit perfectly on the sippy cups.Most importantly, my baby drinks out of these with no problems!

Joyce Tualatin, OR

Spill proof, not leak proof.

Yes, these are cheap and handy, but don’t count on them not leaking if your kids (like mine) drop them, knock them down, or toss them around. No, they don’t “spill” when knocked over, but if you aren’t right there when they get tipped over they might as well have spilled because by the time you get to it enough liquid will have leaked out that it might as might as well have spilled. For outside, or the zoo/park/beach/kitchen they are great. The rubber cover will keep the leaks in check in a bag for the most part. Best of all you can trash them and it’s not going to make a huge dent in your wallet. We still use them, but for carpeted areas we stick to theMunchkin 12 Ounce Mighty Grip Toddler Sports Bottle, Colors May Varyand have been really impressed with the lack of leaks.

Irene Huntley, WY

Great cups for some, may not be for others

My kids are 2.5 years and 1.25 years respectively, and both enjoy using these Take and Toss cups. The lids stay on tightly and the liquid inside is easy enough for kids to drink out of. There are no valves to clean, the cup itself is easy to clean, and the optional caps are great for capping the cup while in a bag. This cup, however is not completely leak proof when on its side, and if you have kids who shake the cup while it’s upside down, you will have drops of liquid coming out of the cup. Thankfully for us, our kids keep the cups upright and are beyond the cup gnawing phase; these cups are perfect for our family.That said, this cup is probably not the best for beginning cup users or kids who still like to throw cups around, but are great for those who are just trying to learn how to walk around with a drink and may sometimes drop a cup by mistake.

Priscilla Carson City, NV

These are ok.

I get the whole “Take and Toss” concept. These aren’t meant to last forever, but I was really unimpressed with the lid/spout area. First off, my son hated sippy cups. We started trying to use them at 6 months to introduce different juices, and he very rarely ever willingly took a sippy cup. He actually, right around his 1st birthday, willingly drank from a straw, so we switched to those cups gladly. ANYHOW, with very light use and hand washing of these cups, all of the spouts started cracking. I think I have two of these left somewhere that made it, and God knows where that little blue plastic snap-on cover went. My son was always more interested in just playing with that piece than actually drinking from the darn cup. Also, these didn’t leak very much at all, which I was impressed with considering the throw-away nature of these. Conclusion, these are definitely not going to be the only sippy cups you ever buy if you go with these. Infact, if I could do it all over again. I would have purchased different ones, not that I HATED these, but I certainly didn’t love them.

Beverley Harrisville, RI

This is the one!!

Without reservation this is the best cup out there! Our 15 month loves it, its easy to use and we take a couple with us everywhere. The lack of handles is a benefit and the slow drip design keep spills to a minimum. Easy to clean, and easy for baby to use – these are perfect.

Haley Bowman, ND

Sippy Cups

These are great but will need to be replaced after a while. My daughter chews on the lids and after a while they will start to leak…I would not describe them as spill proof either-you will still need to watch out for leaks etc-but they are a good product for the price.

Mildred Two Rivers, WI

When you’re ready for a sippy cup, try these first!

I’ve got piles of sippy cups for my daughter and collectively, I cringe to think how much money was dropped on all of them. In a desperate attempt at finding something new, I grabbed some of these Take and Toss cups figuring there wasn’t much to lose considering how cheap they were.I was very excited to see that they said they were dishwasher safe…meaning, they’ll probably last just fine for more than one use.I’ve only had them a couple of days and I’m SO happy I got them. They’re working out great for my 18 month-old and it’s great to know that if I’m ever in a situation when one gets broken, lost, or just gets all funky and gross, I WON’T feel bad about throwing it out!The only downsides to these cups have been mentioned in other reviews — the lids are a little difficult to get on (but I remind myself this means my daughter will probably never get it off by herself) and they do leak if you shake them upside-down.Seriously, give these a shot before dropping $6+ on ONE sippy cup. It’ll save your sanity.

Annmarie Tallassee, AL

Works great, good price

Does a great job of not spilling and keep a good flow of milk/water into our toddler’s mouth. We’ve had other cups that he would take too much at once and end up overflowing out of his mouth but these work great. It only spills when it is really full and left horinzontal, and a little bit comes out of the regular opening. Great price.

Stacey Mentone, IN

The only cups we buy!

I bought these for travel because I figured we would loose several on the way. We have managed to hold on to them relatively well. We don’t use our insulator ones anymore. We stick to these. They don’t leak, they are a good size, and they are lightweight for little hands. I’m happy with them and recommend buying both sizes.

Mindy Bagdad, AZ

Surprisingly great

Cute, cheap and they work! The only thing my baby would drink from (no bottles, no other sippy cups). Can go through dishwasher and be used again and again – very durable. But if you lose one its ok because they are super cheap to replace.

Jamie Curryville, MO

Not at all durable

These cups are nice enough, but the lids are not at all durable. Within several weeks the nozzle bit was cracked or broken in almost all the lids.

Elvira Echola, AL

Fantastic Cups.

I was getting sick and tired of buying those expensive sippy cups worth 6-8 dollars and the valves would end up getting lost/broken in the dish washer. I was fed up and I needed something better that wasn’t expensive and I am so thrilled I found these. My daughter is 16 months old and loves to throw her sippy cups and so far we had no issues with the lids coming off. I love the part that there is just a lid and no valves to pop in.These are great in the car, for travel and in the highchair. I went back and bought the 10 oz cups.

Bernadette Collinwood, TN

Fantastic Cup

First off, this is not a cup for a parent with a child that throws cups or pulls lids off or flips cups upside down and shakes them on a regular basis. If you want one of those then you need to get a cup with a valve that’s closer to a bottle. However if you need a cup that won’t make a huge mess when knocked over then these are the right cups for you.These are nice cups for kids transitioning to regular cups or for older kids that are in situations where a regular cup would be inconvenient. I used these for years after my daughter had transitioned to a regular cup when we were in situations where a spilled drink would have been a disaster, such as for her cup beside her bed at night, the cup I put her juice in when she was sick and for trips in the car. They’re cheap and they stack in the back of your cabinet so you can just pull them out when you need them.The cups are dishwasher safe, they do crack when chewed on but besides that they’re fairly strong for something that is disposable.

Sallie Meckling, SD