The First Years Take & Toss Toddler Flatware, 16 Piece

The First Years Take & Toss Toddler Flatware, 16 Piece

Take the worry out of what to do with used flatware when you’re on-the-go. These forks and spoons are affordable enough to treat as disposables, and durable enough to use over and over. Rounded fork tines are durable and safe for your toddler. Wide, deep spoon bowl makes scooping and eating easier and neater. Dishwasher safe. Includes 8 forks and 8 spoons. From 9 months.

Main features

  • Includes 8 forks and 8 spoons
  • Reuse or Recycle
  • Wide, deep spoon bowl makes scooping and eating easier and neater
  • Rounded fork tines are durable and safe for your toddler
  • Dishwasher Safe

Verified reviews


Best product out there

I love these spoons and forks. I love how wide the spoons are- for a toddler that is much better! I loved that forks were included. They hold up perfectly in the dishwasher and I haven’t lost any yet (and it has been a year! They are also recyclable (which is excellent).I will be buying these for my next child!

Alison Eolia, KY

Great for toddlers

We loved these for our 1 and 3 year olds. They lasted a few months before we threw them in the recycling 🙂

Regina Palestine, TX

Nothing to complain about.

This set is for my 15 month old. They did fine in the dishwashers silverware tray & they are not blunt for each type of utensil. This mommy is pleased:)

Dorothy Fallston, MD

Great Product

First I bought the Munchkin Soft-Tip Infant Spoons becuase they were the highest reated product in their catagory. I decided to buy these when I saw my sister use them with her daughter.The spoons are much bigger/deeper and and scoop more food, which is better for toddlers. Also, the forks are very useful when they start eating more solids. The material is much softer than the Munchkin ones and feeding time is much easier with these.

Shelley Glen Echo, MD

I use these daily

I got these for their stated use (to take and toss) but have actually started using them at home consistently. They’ve been through the dishwasher probably 30-40 times now and are fine. I like that the forks aren’t super sharp, but are prongy enough for my 19 month old to be able to spear his own food.Overall they were incredibly cheap and have been great (and well above expectations) so far!

Patrica Clawson, MI

Good value.

These utensils are a very good value. I bought them with the idea that we could take kid size utensils out to dinner and then just toss them. However, they are actually pretty sturdy and we have washed them many times and they are still in good shape. I would recommend this item!

Tami Alamo, CA

Great utensils for such a low cost

We bought these to use as every day utensils and they have been wonderful! We have the smaller spoon size and the bigger ones for when the child is eating more on their own. I love that I don’t have to feel guilty if I lose one or have to throw it away. But I have almost all of them still – probably only tossed two.

Lawanda Clifford, IN

Good for the price

I’ve had these for about 3 months now and they have held up really well. They’re a good size. My daughter isn’t feeding herself yet so I don’t know how they will be with that but they seem like they would do well with scooping.

Marion Oakville, IN

Love these

I do not throw these away, because that’s just wasteful — but I reuse them and reuse them. Best part is – if I misplace one, it’s not a huge loss. My son eats with these every night – love them!

Jillian Hiwassee, VA

Perfect for little ones!

I run a daycare and these were perfect for the kids, just the right size, fun colors, wash easily, and easy enough for them to use and feed themselves. Ages are a year to three years. Fair price and arrived on time!

Cherry Corona, CA

great spoons for toddlers

I love this set. Very cheap and easy to use. The forks are hard to pick up macaroni with but I don’t care if they get lost since they are so cheap.

Chelsey Berwick, LA

flatware for kids

they are nice more heavy duty then you would think for a plastic tossable flatware. But great for little kids that want to learn or have to eat out.

Deloris Woodburn, OR

Good toddler flatware

I like the fact that these seem wide and easier to use for my toddler. And they hold up well

Peggy Newtown, CT

Love these… wish they were a little wider.

I ordered this for my 20 month old who was too big for the infant spoons but not quite ready for the silverware we adults use. They were great! The forks are almost like a spoon with separated tips on the ends and this was my favorite feature. She wants to use a fork but isnt quite ready to quit the spoon… this gives her the best of both worlds. I do wish the spoons were either a little deeper or wider. They still are just a little on the small side even for a toddler… but overall I would recommend!

Leslie Valhermoso Springs, AL

Nice toys; pretty much useless as flatware

As an introduction to the concept of flatware, these are fine. Your infant can hold on while you feed him. But as actual flatware, they sort of suck. The forks are way too rounded (although safe, for sure) to actually fork anything with. The handles are short and flat, making them a bit hard to hold and manipulate. Cheap, and fine for play, but not really something to actually eat with.

Janet Davidson, OK

Perfect for Daycare, Dining Out, Dads who Loose Things

These are great and inexpensive, so perfect to keep in the bag and use when "real" kids silverware isn’t available. They hold up for a few uses if I wash them, but also are inexpensive so I don’t care if they are left behind and recycled.

Lucille Kewadin, MI


Great product and great price for the amount of flatware you get.They say, "Take & Toss" but you don’t have to toss them as they are so totally reusable. I Love that! I can take these with me when running around with the kids and not worry about losing them. They were so cheap – I can always buy more if I need to.I would recommend them.

Traci Chicota, TX

Durable and long lasting

I love these! We have had our first set for almost 2 years and are just now replacing them even though they are still in okay condition. The only small issue is that they often ended up in the bottom of the dishwasher, but they are pretty light so it makes sense. We often threw these in the diaper bag and lunches and they are easy for my son to use from the start of him learning to use utensils and still now that he is over 2.

Jennie Richfield, ID

These are great!

Our son is 13 months, and we are trying to let him explore at dinner time and teach himself how to use spoons and forks to eat, and these are just perfect for the job. They are lightweight, the spoon is a good size for getting plenty in the mouth and still fitting, and the fork’s prongs are well rounded so your babe won’t poke their eye out, but still do a decent job at grabbing things like macaroni, raviolis, etc. These have also lasted through MANY rounds of the dishwasher, top rack, unlike what I have seen from other Take and Toss products. For the price, I am very pleased with these over the other plastic spoons I have tried so far. A great buy!

Myrtle Port Huron, MI

Neat set

I picked up one of these when I was vacationing in the US in 2010 and I just love these, they’re a great set for little hands and the cute colour variety is also very nice!

Deena Clio, CA

so so…

spoons are good but the forks don’t pick anything up! I tried feeding my son using the forks and they were pointless!

Ronda Liberty Lake, WA

Weird handle

These are okay… I like that the forks aren’t sporkes and I also like the amount of food they hold, but the way that the handles are kind of hallowed out is really difficult for my toddler.I don’t think I would buy these again, but I guess for the price they’re okay.

Victoria Powder Springs, TN


This are perfect for my babies little hands, they fit good amount of food and are easy to handle for him and for me. The best part is the price!!

Helen Neenah, WI

like it

got these for my baby whose 4 months, a little big for him, but they do the job. I like the assorted colors and they wash well too.

Sofia O Neals, CA

best baby spoons

love the spoons to use for older babies feeding baby food, and this seems to be best way to buy them. they hold enough food without being too big, most baby spoons hold almost nothing and takes way longer to feed them. The toddlers i have are just learning to eat with silverware and the forks seem like they will work in a bit as they learn more.

Jamie Winnebago, MN

Great for lunch box!

I bought these to use in our lunch box for outings. They are nice because they are kid sized unlike regular plastic utensils, and they are more durable(toddlers tend to break the regular plastic utensils), and of course I can wash and reuse them. The fork isn’t as good as a real fork, obviously its plastic, but it’s a great plastic fork. No more running out of yogurt spoons or giving the kids choking hazards! Plus if I loose one it’s not a big deal.

Latanya Burfordville, MO

A must have

I have used both the toddler flatware set and the infant spoon set, and though they are labeled Take & Toss, they do last through regular use and washing, even in the dishwasher. Since they are so cheap I don’t feel bad though if I have one with me and don’t have anywhere to put a dirty spoon or fork so it gets thrown out or if the dog gets one when it is thrown on the floor. The spoons are definitely a good size for a toddler and the forks are a little better than some other plastic forks we’ve had but not as good as the metal ones which is usually the case with plastic vs. metal.

Cynthia Brule, NE

I love the take and toss brand!

The take and toss brand is such a decent quality for such a low price and I love it! Can’t beat that.

Cleo Victorville, CA

A little too big

A great price, but they are a little big for our 16-month old, which makes for a big mess when it doesn’t fit in his mouth easy.

Althea Brenham, TX

use them every day

I use these every day with my 22month old. Perfect size-I never toss them, just throw them in the dishwasher and reuse. Perfect for meals at home and for the diaper bag. This is a must-have.

Doretha Park, KS