The First Years True Choice A100 Digital Monitor, One Parent Unit

The First Years True Choice A100 Digital Monitor, One Parent Unit

The True Choice A100 Digital Monitor delivers the ultimate in security, clarity, and reliability at a reasonable price. This monitor has all of the features you expect in a digital monitor including sound light indicators; out of range indicator; low battery indicator; volume control; battery and plug in options; and wall mounting for the child unit. It also has some great unique features including a headphone jack; parent unit finder and a belt clip that converts to an easel. All of these features fit in the sleekest slimmest design on the market. The True Choice A100 Digital Monitor has been developed with a state of the art technology that will deliver the clarity and security you can’t get anywhere else. This monitor was designed to make your life a little simpler and a little easier.

Main features

  • Crystal clear 245 GHz high performance digital technology
  • Secure privacy: digitally encrypted signal for complete security
  • Extended Range: Up to 1000′ of clear signal
  • Parent finder feature
  • Connectivity indicator

Verified reviews


Does What it’s Supposed To

I got this for a co-worker who recently had a baby. She told me that this product works wonderfully, almost TOO wonderfully because the baby wakes her up several times during the night. She said the volume is fine because she keeps the receiver right next to her pillow so she can track her baby’s every cough and gurgle. I don’t know why there are so many negative reviews of this product based on what my co-worker reported. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of a more high end baby monitor, but it does exactly what it’s supposed to…and that is to alert the parents of the child’s noises while sleeping. The price is right and if you want a more “blinged out” baby monitor go ahead and spend the extra cash…but there’s really no need as this monitor is more than adequate.

Sofia Hamilton Dome, WY

Works fine

This unit works fine. Several reviewers have complained that they could not hear the child. I found that if the unit is close to the child, then you could hear well. This is a simple plug and play unit. The sound-light indicators, out-of-range indicator, low-battery indicator, volume control, battery and plug-in options are useful, but if you are looking for remote control and other digital options, then this unit may not be for you.1.Levana BABYVIEW20 Interference Free Digital Wireless Video Baby Monitor with Night Light Lullaby Camera

Tracy Cowdrey, CO

Limited range, weird noises, annoying light – I’d pass if I were you

I got this monitor because our old one was horrible. It made high-pitched sounds when I held it, made buzzing sounds depending on the weather and sometimes, we got interference and could hear our neighbor’s baby wailing.(This happened one night when they baby was let to “cry it out.”) So I thought that no matter what, this new monitor would surely be better.I was wrong. Can you believe I am actually switching back to using my old one?Oh where to begin? Okay, I should start with the one good thing going for it: I never heard my neighbor’s kid. So I guess it isn’t *that* horrible but still. If possible, the range was worse than my old one even though this is digital and 2.45ghz while my old one was 45mhz. I had to set up the parent unit right outside my toddler’s door in order for it get a signal and when it was farther away, it made high-pitched sounds that was akin to nails scratching a blackboard.When it did work the sound was not very loud, even on its highest setting. My old one was LOUD, I could hear my child from across the house. I could even hear my kid breathing on the old one but with this one, he could be crying full blare and it’s not that much louder than what I could hear without a monitor at all.Another pet peeve was how the light kept blinking on the child unit. And this is a rather bright light too. I guess it is supposed to indicate whether or not the parent unit was in range, but even when the parent unit was close by that light kept blinking and distracting my little one who was so curious as to what this blinking light was that he wouldn’t go to sleep.Save your money, pass on this one.

Kristie Vining, MN

They had the nerve to call this a baby monitor?? More like a flashlight…

This thing is horrible at everything except keeping me awake at night because the parent unit has such an incredibly bright blue LED light!! I like lights on my baby monitors, but this isn’t your normal light…it’s like a darn flashlight that alluminates the entire room like a TV is on…yes, it is that bright! That alone makes me want to throw it away, yet I find myself compelled to tell you all about the other bad features….Reception…It is just OK. I think it is switching channels when it does this, but in the middle of the night it will just start beeping (the parent unit)…unsure why, but it beeps and it beeps loud! This only lasts a few seconds, but enough to make you wake up and pee your pants because you think something is wrong. I have 3 kids and have a monitor in each of their rooms…that’s 3 baby monitors on my nightstand at night. I have been using the Sony Baby Call monitor for each of them for years and have had no problems at all, except if my cell phone is set next to the parent unit (every 5 minutes when my cell connects to my email for updates, it messes up the monitor)…therefore I can’t put my phone near the monitors, but that is acceptable to me for the quality of the Sony monitors. I will give this POS credit, it doesn’t mess up with my cell phone right next to it…but that is probably the last compliment I will give it. It can barely handle transmitting through 3 walls in my house on a single floor…quite pathetic for technology these days.The Child Unit…I do like how this unit looks, it is all sleek, thin, and shiny-white like a Cisco router (if you have seen one and see this in person you are going to think the same thing!! hehe). Anyways, I like the appearance of it and I like that I can hang it on the wall with the wire angled straight down…but it’s capability of picking up sound is horrible…or could it be the parents unit lack of ability?? I’ll get to that later. The child unit also has these bright blue lights, but my kids like that because it is kind of like a night-light…I on the other hand, don’t think people will want to spend what this costs for a wall-hanging night-light.The Parent Unit…Ahhhh…the most important part. First thing, why couldn’t they put a rechargable battery in this unit?? My Sony has it and I feel lost without it here. For an extra 3 cents, they could have made a huge upgrade to this….but no, you have to use standard alkaline batteries if it isn’t plugged in. I’ve had this for a little over a week and already had to change the batteries, another unacceptable thing. As I mentioned at the beginning, the blue LED has to go. I put masking tape over it to try and dim it a bit, which worked…but I shouldn’t have had to “rig” it to get a peaceful night sleep. The unit also has a clip so you can clip it on your shirt or whatever…but it never works because it was designed in an awkward way and the balance is off, so the clip is useless unless you can float when you walk, which I still haven’t been able to accomplish. It also has this flip-out stand for when you have it on a table…yet again, it was designed by a moron and if you sneeze, it falls over…another useless feature. The power cord plugs in the side of it making it stick out a few inches…had they designed it to plug in the back, it would be much more compact, and the cord could have given it stability…but no, Mr. Moron wanted it in the side to look silly, contribute to the instability of it, and take up more room…nice going!!The sound quality on this thing is horrible. My daughter can sit a foot from the child unit and sing a song and I can hold the parent unit inches from me with the volume on high, and I can barely make out the words she is saying. The volume is loud, yes…but it is 99% dead-air noise rather than her voice. With my Sony monitors, I can hear my daughter going to the bathroom next to her bedroom through the monitor, I can hear her rolling over in bed, her footsteps if she got out of bed…none of that with this thing, and that is completely unacceptable…which is why I trashed it. I typically donate things like this I no longer use, but why donate something that doesn’t work?? TRASHED!!

Janet Reynoldsville, WV

Why bother

I really should have taken the previous reviews to heart before ordering this piece of rubbish.Rubbish? Well for starters you can’t count on it working (not exactly something you want to say about a monitor), and when it does work, it does such a poor job that you end up getting a headache trying to hear through the soft volume and overwhelming array of static. It’s worse than a drive through speaker from the 80s. You do get a reprieve, when it stops working altogether and offers silence, but that kinda defeats the purpose of it! Then there’s the loud beeping sound, at least that covered up my cursing at the unit.Anyway, do yourself a favor and look elsewhere!

Lessie Agra, OK

Decent baby Monitor for the price

This is the only digital baby monitor that I have used other than the Philips DECT.So far in my 2 weeks of usage – I find this to be pretty decent Baby monitor- Price is right\- Quality of child unit – good quality mic, but does not compare to Philips- Parent unit does not have battery backup – what if the power goes off- No 2 way communication – there is no way to communicate back to your baby

Cathy Beverly, KS

Better Than Expected, But Not Great

As an older mother-to-be, I prepared myself for a high risk pregnancy and tried to foresee any difficulties my baby might encounter. I plan to purchase a more expensive Angelcare monitor that alerts when the baby does not move. I was interested in also getting a less expensive monitor model for when the baby visits its grandparents and naps. This seemed like a great choice.Unpacking the box, I got the impression that this was very light and not high quality. The first time I plugged it in, I was upset that it didn’t work, but that was operator error! I had mistakenly plugged the AC adapter into the headphone jack. Sure enough – the instructions warn the user NOT to do what I did! I chose to use the AC adapter because the battery compartment is difficult to take apart. There is a small screw that has to be removed placed under two clips. That seems like a poor design.Not expecting much, I then tested the monitor by listening in the next room. No problem! The sounds were picked up easily and I could hear very well. I next tested it by moving the parent monitor several rooms away, and it still worked. It no longer worked when I tested it the full width of our home. I have to admit, it worked better than I expected, but for those with the nursery a distance from the parent monitor, like in home where the master bedroom is on one side of the house and the baby’s room is on the other or on another floor, a different monitor would be recommended.I was not impressed enough by this monitor to cancel my plans to buy a better, but do feel secure that it will do its job well enough for taking on trips.

Margot Pittsboro, NC

Good enough at that price…

This is a very modestly priced monitor. There are no features that make this product stand out. It’s a no-frills monitor. There’s the monitor component that doesn’t even support the option to hold batteries (always requires the AC adapter) and then there’s the receiver piece that takes 3 batteries or an AC adapter.What I dislike most about this product is the screw that holds the battery case on the parent unit. It makes no sense. If you put rechargeable batteries in the unit, you can’t charge it from the AC adapter so every time you need to change the batteries (which is quite often), you need to whip out a screwdriver. I just leave the case off and luckily the batteries are held in there pretty tightly. But that’s just bad design.What really matters with these monitors is sensitivity and transmission range. The sensitivity is pretty excellent. It picks up a lot of sound in a room. The range, however, is not so excellent. It picks up a lot of interference and only gets about 50 feet or less depending on your house and where you are.There’s a headphone jack on the parent unit so you can hook it up to headphones or plug it into an amp. I find the volume to be very adequate. In all, it’s a cheap unit that gets the job done. I give it 4 stars due to its economical nature (what do you expect for $15?).

Johanna Owendale, MI

Pretty good baby monitor

Overall I think this is a great baby monitor. It is nice and compact. The power light gives off a nice little glow, which is great as a nightlight (but it’s not TOO bright!). I like the sleek design. When you turn the baby unit off, the parent unit beeps – which is kind of a nice feature for letting you know that baby’s unit is not turned on – however, it can be a bit annoying if you want to turn off baby’s unit and don’t want to walk to another floor or area of the house to stop the beeping noise.We have had a few minor issues with it cutting out and getting static-y at random times, but nothing major. Overall I think this is a great little baby monitor for the price.

Angelia Poughkeepsie, AR

Much cooler out there…

For what it is, this model is only okay. It usually works fine, but there are just so many cooler things out there. Once you see the nicer baby monitors, you will only really want this if it’s all you can afford.That being said, you can hear very clearly on it when the batteries are fresh, but as soon as they start to loose their juice, you will notice that they don’t seem to work as well. The distance is good and the unit seems sturdy.

Yolanda Elizabethtown, KY

Don’t waste your money

I suggest spending a few extra dollars to get a better monitor. This one has been a constant headache. There has never not been strong white noise and static, but that’s when it actually works. A big majority of the time, there is no connection at all and the two pieces are not far from each other, we live in a small apartment.

Vickie Greencastle, PA

Don’t rely on this to keep up with your sleeping baby

This digital monitor is a great idea, but unfortunately the execution of the idea needs improvement.Like many others who gave the monitor a low starred reviewed, I too had problems with reception. Sometimes it was so poor that I had no idea what was going on with the baby in the other room. The receiving end (my monitor) often had a lot of static and blank moments in the reception. There were times when I could hear the baby crying through the doorway of the room I had the receiver located, but the receiver barely seemed to pick up the cries when the baby’s monitor was located right next to the crib. Totally unacceptable. I do like the design and don’t mind the bright light of the LED, but the fact that the unit was an unreliable monitor makes it a one star. If the baby had started to choke I would have been unable to hear any warning signs if the receiver was in its static mode or was blanking in and out.

Elvira Albert, KS

This works pretty good.

I don’t use this very much since I live in a small house but it does work for when I am working in the yard while my little one takes a nap. I have been using it for 6 months with no problems.

Lou Hayes, VA

Decent…you get about as much as you pay for

I remember when baby monitors first came out…when some of my oldest younger siblings were little.You could ‘receive’ sound on a radio if you fidgeted with the tuner just right.This monitor really isn’t all that bad for a sound monitor and is probably more secure than some of its predecessors.I don’t use it as my primary monitor, but rather when we travel.I find it does a decent job of subduing background noise in favor of baby noise, but if the volume is turned way up you hear a fair bit of white noise.The only time my unit beeped was when I turned the power off to the baby’s unit. That’s totally acceptable, IMHO.I think in this day and age it really ought to come with a rechargeable battery pack OR be about $10 less expensive.If you are really concerned with keeping tabs on your young baby (under 6 mos) then maybe consider a video monitor.Otherwise this does as it should: let’s you know when baby is awake when baby wants you to know s/ he is awake.

Aileen Dinwiddie, VA

Sleek design. Compliments end there

The clarity on this unit is very poor. I couldn’t only hear crackling noises no matter what my son was doing. The only time I could clearly hear what he was doing was when he was crying loudly, obviously upset that I didn’t hear him earlier! The volume on the unit is also terrible. I work from home and my office has three very noisy computers in it. If the monitor can’t overpower the noise of the fans on my computers, it fails to do it’s job. There are many better options on the market today and you’d be wise to steer clear of this one.

Louise Keenesburg, CO

Don’t waste your time or money

This baby monitor is digital and has an automatic frequency selection. Because of this feature, the sound is continually skipping and cutting out. As the monitor is searching for the best frequency, it loses the connection with the other transmitter, making the monitor unreliable. During our testing we heard a loud beeping sound, perhaps another result of the auto frequency finder. In the middle of the night we would rather be awoken by a crying baby than a high-pitched beep. This baby monitor also tends to transmit subtle sounds but then not baby sounds, which seems to negate the point of having the monitor in the first place. After 1 night of testing, we done. Don’t waste your time or money

Maricela Ragan, NE

Noisy parent unit and lack of rechargeable battery

We purchased our unit from Target and I thought I’d share our experience with this unit for other Amazon folks. Due to us misreading the labeling on the packaging, we believed it had a rechargeable battery, much like the Sony we were replacing. Instead we discovered it needed straight up AAs. When off direct power, I was shocked at such a small parental unit’s battery consumption. I’d estimate two AAs every three days. In the end we opted to remove all batteries from the parental unit and remain connected to wall power when being used. It reduces the portability, but we don’t eat through batteries anymore.My biggest complaint though is the snapping and popping noises the parental unit emits. People complain about the blue light in their darkened rooms which I just don’t find it that bad. But the popping and clicking noises are enough to drive you mental. I feel like we are listening to aliens speak, like in the movie “Signs”.We find the general volume of the monitor to be adequate when not listening to pops and clicks.Compare this all to our newer Safety First baby monitor bought for our second child, which was FAR cheaper, rechargeable, ample volume, and has zero popping.I simply can’t recommend this First Years product to anyone.

Elinor Saint Paul, VA

Really poor product…

We registered for this monitor, and got it at our first shower. Thankfully, I set it up and tested it before throwing the box out, because it was horrible! The reception wasn’t clear at all, and the volume is really low. I returned it and got another one at a slightly higher price-point. The difference was unbelievable! It’s definetly worth a little extra money to have a monitor that allows you to actually hear what’s going on in the nursery!

Tiffany Powhatan, LA

Not Worth Trying to Save Money

I got this one because it was a cheaper model and I didn’t need much out of it other than to hear when the baby woke up. He’s pretty much my alarm clock most days.I’d rather spend twice the price on a better monitor.Cons:
• It crackles from the simplest things, like when the cats walk past it.
• It makes a popping noise every 20-30 minutes to an hour. I have terrible insomnia and it wakes me up when I finally start drifting off to sleep.
• It has CONSTANT static. It’s higher pitched white noise with this soft, fast clicking or beeping in the background. I need to put a pillow over my head and turn the monitor up all the way so I can hear crying without static.
• The clip is weak and falls off my belt loops. The ‘stand’ is far more useless.
• The batteries die quickly.
• The light on the monitor blinks and bothers my son if I have the parent unit turned off. (When he cries, I check him and then let him fall back to sleep if he’s not really awake. I turn off the monitor for 5 minutes and turn it on when he’s back to sleep. No mute button.)
• The light is constantly lit when the parent unit is on and will not turn off unless I turn off the monitor. I’ve placed it on the floor, slightly under his bed so that it doesn’t bother him.
• It randomly shuts off and on, sometimes accompanied by a loud, long beep/buzz that scares the heck out of everyone.Pros:
• The buttons are nice because you can’t accidentally press them.
• The adapters work as a primary power source.
• You can hear the baby cry over the static and all the other sounds it picks up; like the dryer, the lawnmower, the cats relieving themselves and the shower running – if you turn it up all the way.
• I can’t hear neighbors monitors and I live in a semi-crowded community of town houses full of babies and children and electronics.Overall:Good in theory. Simple, effective, affordable. Not for the insomnia stricken unless you like choppy white noise and random popping sounds to lull you to sleep.We replaced it with the two-way version and it was exactly the same.

Jeannette Hatley, WI

Not bad But not great

This is good for older kids in a playroom, not a baby. You have to turn the volume up high, and if the kids make noise you can hear. But a baby I do not believe that it will pick up the sound. Also if you place this 3 rooms away, it does not work that well. But for older kids works great.

Tonya Independence, IA

Not the greatest

The First Years True Choice A100 Digital Monitor boasts how it “delivers the ultimate in security, clarity, and reliability at a reasonable price.” I wouldn’t go as far as calling it the “ultimate” in any of those areas. It gets the job done in our small apartment – it only has to transmit through three walls on the same floor. Clarity isn’t nearly as good as we’ve had with slightly more expensive monitors in the past, but it’s not terrible as I’ve read in some other reviews. The blue light on the parent unit is annoyingly bright, so we had to put a piece of duct tape over it. Also, there really is no reason they shouldn’t have included a rechargeable battery. This thing does eat through batteries like nothing (about every 10 days) if you don’t have it constantly plugged in instead. Other than those issues, it seems to be functional, and we’ve never had any major issues with it malfunctioning. Still, you may be able to find a better monitor at around the same price range.

Frances Tarrs, PA

Finicky monitor – updated review

As of mother of 3, I have been through several baby monitors. First the Graco sight and sound monitors, then Summer Infant’s video monitor and have since been given this monitor by “The First Years” to evaluate.I feel bad, I really do. When given things to evaluate through the Vine program I really love to try to pick out a few positives. So, to alleviate my guilt here are a couple – it is stylish and it picks up sound. Ok, that’s enough now on to the irritants associated with this little torture device.1000 feet of reception – no.Crystal clear sound – no.Battery life – epic fail. Absolutely abysmal. Plan to keep parent unit plugged in unless for short outings.I have since given this review time to settle in my mind a bit and have decided to come back and add more. First, I added a star to my 2 star review and the reason is simply that this product worked better when I brought it to my parent’s house as a back up monitor for the weekend. Perhaps it is all the wireless signals flying around my home. I have wireless signal senders for the TV. WI-FI. Another wireless monitor. 2 cell phones. 3 laptops with WI-FI antanna. And wireless telephones throughout the house. Maybe just a bit too much since at my parent’s house I did get OK reception. I also have a 3 story colonial vs grandma’s ranch home. Still, to put in perspective all those other items at my home work just FINE together…Although I have found cause to slightly modify the prior review and rating I still cannot find any cause to recommend this particular monitor over the others (Graco Sight N Sound, Summer Infant Night and Day Video) that have served me so faithfully over the past 7 🙂 years now.

Naomi Whiting, ME