The First Years True Fit Convertible Car Seat, Monet

The First Years True Fit Convertible Car Seat, Monet

The First Years True Fit Convertible Car Seat can be used from birth right on through to when your child is 65 lbs. The True Fit adapts better and easier to more cars than any other convertible car seat, and offers the comfort and safety features you have come to expect from Compass car seats, Compass booster seats and The First Years travel gear products. It offers deep side wings that have been side-impact tested, a full EPS foam liner that absorbs energy, and built-in lock offs to provide a secure installation without the use of confusing locking clips. The pad is extremely comfortable to keep your child content on short errands or long trips. And for parents’ ease of use, True-Fit has a no re-thread harness, which means less adjusting as your child grows. The True Fit Convertible Car Seat is truly the only car seat you’ll need as your child grows.

Main features

  • Removable headrest–better installation for the back seat
  • No re-thread harness:adjust the harness height without having to uninstall harness straps
  • Harnesses to go to 65 pounds, as preferred by safety advocates
  • Larger inside dimensions to better fit your child as they grow
  • “Easy Off” pad makes washing and keeping clean easy

Verified reviews


shifts constantly

Because this car seat perches on top of a base, you must fill in the gap between the base and seatback with either a rolled-up towel, which shifts, or a waternoodle, which gets squished down over time. I found the latch extremely hard to fully tighten because of a lip in the plastic base, which overlaps where my hand needed to be to tighten the latch straps. So i had to pull the tightening belt off to the side, from which position it refused to tighten. From the front seat, I could push the back of the carseat (in the rear-facing position) so that it would hit the seatback in the back seat. If I can easily do this with my hand, wouldn’t baby be slammed face-first into the back seat’s seatback in a head-on collision? I got a Sunshine Kids after this and it fastened so tightly and securely in the rear-facing position, I wonder how any baby is safe in a different seat.

Denice Netarts, OR

Beautiful but hard to adjust

I love the look of this car seat and it’s very comfortable for my son but it’s also very hard to adjust the straps, almost impossible. Even my husband is unable to. Maybe we just got a malfunctioning car seat since it seems most people love this one.

Michelle South Harwich, MA

Easy decision …it’s very sad, but this is the ONLY 5-star rated seat

We tried several car seats, and did hours of research, including calls to the National Highway Safety and our state senate.I’m resisting the urge to do a detailed comparison of car seats – they each have pros & cons, including this one. But this is the only car seat currently on the market that got a 5-stars across the board (NHS), and the best crash ratings by independent testing. Our primary concern was the safest seat – all other concerns (ease of installation, price, etc) are secondary. So this seat was a no-brainer for us.I will add that this one installs easiest of all the car seats we tried. I understand some negative reviews got frustrated with installation – but you
• must
• read the entire instruction booklet (it only took me 10-15 minutes the first time), and please realize this did install easiest of the six seats we tested.But I’m more concerned with
• why
• this is the only 5-star seat. We read 3 books looking for car seat recommendations, including consumer reports, and NONE of them talk about this.It’s because a few recent laws, passed by politicians who receive campaign contributions from Graco and other car seat manufacturers of cheap Chinese imports (passed in several states so far, and counting).The new so-called child safety laws say (among other things) that you can only buy recently manufactured car seats, and all seats have expiration dates (5 years from manufacture date). This sounds good on the surface … but this law actually encourages treating car seats like a disposable item & more cheap Chinese imports, and is driving down quality of all car seats (including Britax).If people have to buy new car seats every few years, & can’t use the same car seat for multiple children or even the same child for more than a few years, then car seats become a “disposable” item. If it doesn’t represent a long term investment, the result is cheaper manufacturing.The result is, every seat we looked at is a cheap Chinese import. This is the only seat we saw that had sturdy plastic, metal pins and components, and a solid frame.A better law would be, to have State Troopers inspect car seats for safety & proper installation. High quality is the best standard (not age) – why not have standards for QUALITY and SAFETY instead of just going by shelf date? The DISPOSABLE Car Seat Laws are bad for everyone
• except
• big corporations, China, and greedy politicians willing to personally profit from lower safety standards.Theoretically, a person could be legally prohibited from buying the safest car seat. And it could earn you a ticket or higher insurance rates in several states. (Thank God for the big corporations, so-called “free trade” with China, and the conservative politicians willing to take their money).So obviously I’m outraged at how these huge corporations are bribing politicians, importing cheap Chinese crap, and call it “child safety”. But I’m glad there’s at least one car seat with a good rating.As a final note, your price point for this should be around $150. If you can’t find the color you want on Amazon, just about any major retailer can order it for you. But very few retailers carry it in stock – we bought ours on Amazon. Please note: If you want the 5-star rated seat, make sure it’s the “True Fit Convertible” model by First Years.

Gloria Hartville, MO

Doesn’t get any better

I recommend this seat to any mother who asks. I’ve recommended it on Facebook, and now I’m recommending it to YOU.I bought this carseat because of it’s safety features and the cool no-rethread harness. I recommend this seat because of its safety, its comfort, and its awesome company.My daughter loves her seat. It is comfortable to sleep in, comfortable to ride in, was comfortable rear-facing without the headrest and then with the headrest, has enough height she can see out the window, has enough padding that she doesn’t get numb-bum, etc. It’s a great seat for a kid.I love this seat because it’s safe. Because I can easily adjust the seat size. Because the whole padding is washable (well hand-washable anyway), because my daughter likes it, and because the company replaced it when the insurance company wouldn’t. They were awesome. My husband hit a deer, and because the seats had been unoccupied, the insurance company said they were still safe. When I called the carseat company to verify this, they immediately offered to replace the seat with a brand new one. They even shipped the old one back to their company for testing. I was and still am flabbergasted. The other carseat I had in the car for my infant son was from another company, and they just told me where I could purchase a new one.This is just a great seat. It is a big car seat, especially rear-facing, but it fit in our Mazda 6, and now in our Honda Odyssey. It has also spent time in my mother’s Honda Pilot. I am looking into buying another one for my infant son, as he is rapidly outgrowing his infant carrier/carseat. Definitely buy a seat from this company. You will love it.

Shelby Corning, OH

very good car seat for the money

We considered the Britax Marathon as well as this seat when looking for a convertible car seat for our daughter. Based on reviews and cost (this seat is MUCH less expensive), we purchased the First Years True Fit seat and we’ve been very happy with it so far. We didn’t need the headrest at first, which was nice because our car is pretty small (midsize sedan) and the seat fit well without it. Once we needed the headrest, it still fit but required that we move our front seat up a little farther (we have it installed on the passenger side rather than in the middle). We have only used it rear-facing so far. Adjustments to the straps are very easy to make, even when your LO is IN the seat, and the cover comes completely off which is AWESOME for cleaning. I have two complaints about this seat: 1) The mechanism for using a regular seat belt for attaching the seat (we don’t have LATCH in our car) is not great, and requires some wrangling. Because of this, removing and re-installing the seat is more time-consuming than I’d like; 2) it’s hard to loosen the straps with the latch in the front when the seat is rear-facing; the latch kind of presses into the back of the car’s back seat. Otherwise, this seat is great, and well worth the money.

Robin Lincoln Acres, CA

Best Car seat!

I’ve owned this car seat for more than a year, I believe one should give reviews after using something for a while. I have used it in three different cars in the backwards and forward position, I have taken it to 6 different trips and it is great!I love that it is very easy to set up (unlike my other car seat) it doesn’t use that much space, it is easy to wash and it has a securing mechanism for the belt that makes it safer (at least that’s what I was told by the fireman who taught me how to put a car seat safely)It is very comfortable for my daughter, she falls asleep easily on it and she loves putting her sippy cup and all kinds of toys on the side cup holder.After a year of use and abuse it is in perfect condition. I would recommend it to my friends!

Kendra Clear Spring, MD

great for extended rear facing and/or harnessing, especially tall kids

I got this seat in 2008 when my son was getting too heavy for me to carry around his infant seat. Install was great, the no re-thread harness adjustment was very nice, I like that it came with harness strap covers (after market strap covers are a no-no) and my boy seemed very comfortable in this seat. The forward facing weight limit is great at 65 lbs, and the seat has a 7 year lifespan as opposed to the typical 6 years of most car seats. The shell is VERY tall when the headrest is on, but it still fit rear facing in my Saturn Ion. An older baby does not need the full 45 degree recline, 35 degrees is fine, and this makes it easier to fit. The tall shell makes this seat ideal for taller kids. Very few kids would outgrow this seat rear facing in height before weight. My son was getting close to the rear facing weight limit, but still had 5 inches of shell above his head. I had this seat until recently when my son turned 2. I only replaced it because I was not ready to turn him forward facing and he was getting close to the rear facing weight limit.

Julianne Springdale, WA

Excellent, Comfortable Car Seat- Easy Install

I chose the True Fit sight-unseen due to the phenomenal reviews I found all over the place. I am so happy with my purchase. My daughter is 10 mos old and looks extremely comfortable in the seat. She has plenty of room to grow and lots of room to spread out. I appreciate that the headrest removes for while she is smaller. We plan to keep her rear-facing until she is 2, and I know this seat will keep her comfy while she does that. The no-rethread harness is great and easy to use. I appreciated the lock-offs for installation. This seat is sturdy and will last us for many years. I’m glad I went with this affordable option rather than shelling out hundreds more for the Britax which does not offer anything more than this seat.

Selma Missouri Valley, IA

Not great for rear-facing

We purchased this seat last week, and have been very luke-warm about it. We’ve used it with both the latch system (it has really great quick-release latch hooks, which was nice), and with a seat belt. Once it’s installed, it hardly moves at all, but getting it installed was quite difficult. It has a great idea – a lever system that locks the seat belt/latch belt into place. But once you’ve pulled the belt tight enough, it’s slid down over where the lever secures it, and you’re trying to push it back out of the way to lock the lever in place. There were a lot of inappropriate words trying to get it in, but it definitely stays put and hardly wiggles at all once it’s in. Since this is our 3rd car seat (an infant seat with two bases, and now a convertible in each car), we certainly didn’t expect it to be easy to install, so that’s not really the reason my rating is only 3 stars.The reason for only 3 stars is the use of the quick-release/tightening function when it’s rear-facing. It’s in the front center of the seat, so it’s pushed right up against your back seat, making it nearly impossible to tighten/loosen. Once the seat is turned around, however, I think it will be great. Unfortunately we have 6 more months ’til then, even though our baby is already 20 lbs.The removable head rest is also a nice feature, although it doesn’t really make any difference to us since he’s already reached the size limit requiring the head rest to be used. Be warned though, the head rest has a very nice hand hold in the back to grab and pull it out by – it looks like a great handle to carry the whole seat around with if you’re not paying enough attention – but the head rest doesn’t lock into the seat. So I dropped it on my foot picking it up to carry out to the car. Ouch!Also, it claims to be smaller and deeper so your kid fits well in it without taking up as much room as other car seats – our baby fits great, and I think he will for the entire use of the seat, since he’s still got most of the padding in there with him, but it doesn’t seem to take up any less room than our other car seats. It still hits the back of the front seats in our little Nissan Ultima (about 15 years old, so small car), and seems just as wide and bulky as our other convertible seat. It also required quite a few layers of folded towels under it to be level.As far as the cushioning, it’s definitely soft and comfortable. We spent 6 hours in the car yesterday, without any crying or fussing – lots of playing and napping, so I’m guessing there’s not any spots that poke into him or anything. Although, like I said, he’s still got nearly all of the padding in there with him.Update: Most of the padding has come out of the seat now, and it still seems to be comfortable on long rides. I’ve figured out a way to twist and contort myself to get at the release for the straps, but it’s not comfortable. My husband just doesn’t bother releasing them. I’m counting down the days ’til our son turns one and we can turn the seat around…Another Update: My son has turned one, and we’ve finally been able to turn the car seat around. Just as many (or maybe even more?) inappropriate words as trying to get it in rear-facing, but I was sort of expecting that this time. The padding all had to come out, the belt moved from the rear-facing position, the padding put back, a new securly-tightening latch-like thing to figure out… But at least you only have to do all that once, and then it’s in place. The release is EASY to use now that it’s forward facing, and I love the seat.

Beth Robertsdale, PA

Good carseat for price and safety, not perfect for everyday use

I bought this carseat with very high expectations. I checked Baby Bargains, NHTSA and scoured the reviews here on amazon. I also bought the britax boulevard. We generally use my car, so figured we would try the true fit in mine first and get a second True Fit, if we thought it to be good enough. If not, we would use the Boulevard in mine and move the True Fit to my husband’s car. I was all set to go with plan a, an even ordered the second True Fit. But after a week of use, I decided to open up the Boulevard yesterday and opt for plan b.Excellent ratings both from Baby Bargains and NHTSA for ease of use, but to be honest, the Boulevard was easier to install. It took much longer for a collaborative install on the true fit than the solo install I did on the Boulevard. The true fit comes ready for rear install which I didn’t see written in the manual. Thankfully, reviewers mentioned that. Additionally, you have to manually prepare for the latch system which isn’t simple, adds time and can be done over the lap portion of the carseat belt. We found this out because the seatbelt dug into our ten month old’s thighs. I had to take everything apart and rethread properly. The boulevard latch simply had to be unhooked, latched and tightened.I really don’t like the position of the strap and part to loosen and tighten the seatbelt harness. It is flush against the seat and too low in our Subaru outback. That a hassle for day to day use. The shoulder straps are a bit wide and my daughter slipped her shoulders out even though it was tint and the chest snap in the proper location. I also didn’t like that the lack of a base cause the part on the front section of my seat to be dented in a just a few days. Maybe this is a flaw with the way the outback seats are designed and the type of fabric, because I didn’t see any other reviews mention this issue. I even tried a seat protector, but that didnt work.People say the boulevard is huge, but the true fit actually takes up more space side to side on the seat and in the area behind the seat. We were able to fit it behind the drivers sets and my 5’10” husband could drive comfortably, but just barely. The boulevard left a few inches of space. Two people could sit in the back, but it would be tight. In my husbands matrix, the true fit could only fit in the middle.of the back seat.I think that front facing and with a toddler this will be a great and comfortable seat. I also think we would have been fine with keeping it in both cars, I just figured it would be nice not to deal with the quarks for the next several years. Overall, for the price and features I definitely recommend this carseat and think we will be pleased with our choice.

Denise Wellsburg, WV

car seat

This is a great carseat. It takes some time to get used to (we switch between cars on a regular basis). I like how the cover is washable. It’s also very cushy and comfortable for long rides. I feel very safe with my daughter in this carseat!

Joan Smithfield, IL

Love my seat.

This has been a great seat for my son.It is easy to adjust and clean.I will see if you have a smaller car and are rear facing you won’t be able to see out the side window that the seat is on when it has the headrest on.We drive a 2007 Ford Focus 4dr and yeah that was the only issue. When we rear-faced we did have to adjust our seats. So if you drive a smaller car be aware you may have to sit uncomfortably for a while until you decide to forward face.

Berta Ollie, IA

PERFECT for tallll 2 1/2 year old son!

I wanted to keep my tall (37″) son in a convertable vs. harnessed booster (like the nautilus) so i came across the true fit- SO great! My son actually looks small in this seat (which is rare for him to look small in anything!) and will last for many years to come. The seat is naturally recline which i wanted vs. a booster which are much more upright so if he feel asleep he would not have the head flop problem common in boosters. The seat is soo roomy and wide but surprisingly the seat itself is not! VERY plush soft high quality fabric which is important to me and on the black/gray one the gray is this slick fabric that will keep my son cooler in the summer (as opposed to the black part which is a soft velor). Comes with an infant insert that is reversible (!!) for smaller babies and a head support too. We do use the pillow that can come off (hard to tell it has one in the pic but it does, it’s super cushy). Installed very quickly front facing in my jeep grand cherokee and fits great. Love the cupholder though it does sit low and my son has a hard time getting cups in/out. It is a solid cupholder unlike those on the eveflos that pop open. I had diapers dot com price match amazon since their return service is better and overnight free shipping. LOVE the black gray combo, very sleek and hides stains and dirty pants from playing at the park! Wish i had never gotten a maxi cosi priori and just gotten this one from the start! Great seat for the price, seems even nicer than the britax’s i checked out. get it!

Tracie Pitcher, NY

Does NOT work with new rear facing guidelines!

As an FYI starter, the current (new) AAP guidelines recommend children remain rear facing at LEAST until age two, but best to remain rear facing as long as physically possible. This is IMPORTANT when trying to fit car seats in your car!We got this car seat because other reviewers said it fit better rear facing than most others and our almost two year old daughter’s current car seat will only fit rear facing in the center position (in our 2006 Subaru Forester which, granted, does have a deplorable amount of room in the back seat). We’re expecting baby #2 so having her car seat in the center won’t be a possibility and we were looking for a car seat that could fit on the side. However, even thought we don’t have much room in the back seat, we only had to take this behemouth out of the box to wonder how on earth this could ever fit rear facing in most cars, much less rear facing with the headrest on which is necessary for taller, bigger rear facing toddlers.Very disappointed and we’re returning it right away. Good thing this product was free return shipping with Amazon!I gave it two stars because I’m sure the amount of room in our car to start with has at least a little to do with it, but I can’t blame it entirely on our car… this this is IMMENSE!

Nita Harold, KY

Best car seat we have ever had!

I love this carseat. We’ve been using it for my daughter since she was a year old and she is now four. It has grown with her so well and she still loves it. I will say that I wish it had a cup holder now that she is older but it still looks brand new, the padding has held up incredibly well, the straps are VERY easy to adjust and it is easy to remove and re-install in my car. It is on the larger side if anyone has it rear facting but forward facing it is much better. I have an SUV (Mazda CX-9) and it fits very well. I know my daughter will use this seat until she is in a booster. We couldn’t be happier.

Silvia Bodfish, CA

the ONLY seat I recommend for Rear-facing installation

This is the only seat I recommend to friends for the safest installation RFing. I have installed over 5 different types of car seats in 4 different vehicles and while a FFing seat is pretty easy to install, some of the RFing seats have brought me to tears, but not with this seat! The reason is the seat belt lock-offs that actually work! I can even install this seat properly all by myself with the vehicle’s seat belt. (You might be thinking I’m some sort of idiot, but I’m not and if you are persnickety about safety like me, then you know that the seat must be installed well to be optimally safe.) I love it so much I bought another one for our 2nd vehicle.I’ve never used it with the headrest removed (b/c we used an infant carrier seat from newborn to 22lbs), but it fits our SUV (Nissan Murano) well with it on. I love the soft fabric and neutral colors [of the “compass” grey and the pink floral patterns]. It is very cushioned for the child’s comfort and the shoulder fabric over the harness is nice. It has good side impact protection, yet is still easy for mom or dad to reach in to get baby in/out and buckled. The easy shoulder belt height adjustment is awesome too! I was able to go from lvl 2 to 3 when switching kids from the 1yr old to the 2yr old in an instant and then put it back again.My one and only dislike is that the lever release for the strap adjustment is a bit low and may be hard to reach RFing b/c it is on the vehicle’s seat back. It is fine and operational for our SUV, and just a little tricky to reach in the truck (straight seat backs) so I have to reach my finger down on the side of it.My 1st child used this seat RFing til she was 2 and now her little sister is using it, so I’ve never used it FFing yet.The only seat I would compare it to is the Britax Boulevard, but this one has a much better price tag.

Olivia Alum Bank, PA


wow it wasn’t supposed to be here until the 18th and it’s the 16th and just arrived! very speedy shipping! we haven’t tried it yet…but i’ll update in a few hours with how we feel about the seat! so excited!UPDATE!! wow!! i am obsessed with this car seat!! i’m a crazy researcher and was told by many the best car seat and safest was the sunshine kids radian. so i twisted hubby’s arm and we spent $300 and bought the radian. we had it for 8 months (my kiddo is now 15 months) and i just never loved the thing. you know, for $300 it better be amazing. well it wasn’t. so i researched and of course everyone raves about Britax…but my little man is already very tall and my husband is 6’6″ so we are prepared for a lot of height with our little one – and the britax has a short shell. and i didn’t want to spend britax money on something that he would grow out of. ENTER the true fit!! super tall shell, extremely safe, easiest install ever, super comfy, yes it is big – i put it in my toyota camry though and it’s just fine – i seriously cannot rave about this car seat enough. im’ pregnant again with number 2 and this will absolutely be the car seat we get for her!! i only wish they had super cute girly colors! haha can’t have it all i guess. :))

Becky Mifflinville, PA

sturdy one; worked in a plane too

We have been using this one for the past 2 years (and a brown one, same model, for about 4 years). The boys are now 3 and 5, and they are still in these car seats. We had them facing back until the kids turned 2. We took one of them in an airplane some time ago – it was a pain to set it up, but worth it. We hook up the car seat to one of our carry-on luggage and one of the kids was taking a nap in it while strolling through an airport.

Ada West Lafayette, IN

Cleaning is an issue…customer service not helpful

We have had this car seat for almost 2 years. What we love about it is the weight/height limit – my almost 4 year old still fits in it very comfortably! Also the padding is plush, easy to snap on/off for washing and install is a breeze once you do it a few times. The built in lock-off’s are amazing, making it even more easy to use.The problem we ran into was recently my daughter spilt milk in this seat. We took off the cover, straps, everything to get it ready to go into the wash. However, I accidentally tipped it forward before cleaning out the little groves that everything gets stuck in, and the milk went under the foam liner. I cannot get it all to come out, and there appears to be no way to remove this liner without breaking it :(. The carseat now of course smells terrible, I could’t imagine putting my child in it unless it was completely cleaned, so I’m an unhappy mama. We planned on keeping her in this seat for quite awhile longer, and now it looks like we will be buying a new one – at this point it makes no sense to purchase another true fit due to the fact she it wouldn’t last as long for her as a combo seat. It’s too bad the new B830 isnt’ out yet.I notified the company that not being able to remove the foam for cleaning was an issue for me, but they never responded.

Billie Aguas Buenas, PR

Comfortable and safe!

Bought this car seat for my son after hours of research on the internet. We chose it for its safety and convenience, as well as versatility and size. It is small enough to fit in our Honda Accord even rear-facing. We used it without the top head rest while our son was small enough. This seat is wonderful, comfortable and easy to use. The one downside is how long it took to install, but that may be because I’m small and had to struggle with it quite a bit to get it in snugly. Because of this, I do not recommend moving it in and out of different cars very often.Overall, a great seat – easy everyday use, comfortable and safe!

Marci Point, TX

Best Car seat ever! Highly recommend!

I spent months researching car seats. This is the one I finally chose and I love it! My son was born 9lb’s so I wanted a car seat he could stay in the reverse position longer. He is now 15 months and 25lbs and still in reverse position. Because this car seat allows your child to stay in reverse longer you truly feel that your child is safer. I have a Chevy Malibu car- and this car seat is in the center and there is still room to sit on either side. This is a big car seat, but well worth the space it takes up. I cannot even express how much I love this car seat. I feel everyone should buy this one! If you care about your child’s safety, this is the car seat for you!

Freda Laporte, MN

Awesome Carseat…if you remember to remove padding for toddlers!!!!!

So my child is now 3 and weighs 30 lbs…tall but skinny. As I am buckling him in, and PINCHING his little inner thighs with the tight lap fit, I keep asking myself, “why didn’t you listen to the numerous reviews that warned about the limited crotch space?!”. We began using this car seat when my son was 1 year old, and had him rear facing with no problems. At age 2, we put him forward facing and removed the headrest cushion (assuming this is the cushion they referred to when they said to remove cushion). No problems there either. Was super happy with car seat. Highest NGTSA safety rating, comfortable, plush- so cozy that my child fell asleep almost every car ride and loves being in it. Easy to clean, love the versatility that it can stay with the child from birth to 65 lbs…which was ultimately the biggest reason I bought it.BUT, now that my child is 3 and average size, I find myself cussing to myself every time I buckle him in and sorry I spent the extra on this one. It is pointless to have a seat go to 65lbs if the child cannot fit in it even at 3 years old without getting his legs pinched in order to buckle it (and this is adjusted to the largest it will go). I was about to invest in another more comfortable car seat for him because of this issue, and thought I would take one more peek at the ever useful product reviews in Amazon since I remember reading about this issue when purchasing it. I’m glad I did!!!****IMPORTANT NOTE: Apparently you are supposed to remove not only the infant headrest cushion/padding, but ALSO the seat/back cushion padding. The seat cushion provides a good inch of padding so you lose a couple inches if you leave it on the car seat like I have done until today! Without the cushion, there is 6″ of space from back of seat to buckle giving your child A LOT more space and now I don’t have to feel like I am pinching his inner legs…what a difference! Overall, this is a terrific seat but make sure you remove the cushions when fit becomes snug. Even w/out the cushions, it still seems to be a comfy car seat for him that he never complains about. With the padding removed, it is wonderful again. I just wish the manufacturer would have extended the yellow crotch adjuster to allow the cushions to stay put for optimal comfort for infants AND toddlers. I would make this purchase again…even considering my few months of frustration!

Earnestine Scotland, SD

Excellent build quality, easy to install, strong, beautiful, safe

As soon as you open the box and set your eyes on this product, you know its made with excellent build quality. You can make out difference in materials and workmanship compared to all other car seats out there. The particular color I got, Monet, is so beautiful, and my baby daughter just loves it and is very comfortable in it.My baby is using it since she is 5 months old, and she snugs in, and snoozes off comfortably. The straps are easy to put on, and you can do height adjustment without re-threading the straps through the seat, which is a great feature. You can take off all the cloth to wash. There are various paddings, you can remove as your child grows. There is an cup holder which you can attach to side.To install seat is easy, either via Latch or seat belt. You do have to exercise your own judgment, because as usual, the manual is not too helpful. The head rest is removable, so when installing for small babies as reverse position, you can remove it. It fits quite nicely in my Honda CR-V.Only reason why I give 4 stars instead of 5, is becasue I would prefer the crotch strap to be bit longer, and the manual to be more helpful.

Tia Westhampton, NY

Sturdy, comfortable and easy to use

I bought this when my son was nearing 22lbs at 1 year old and growing out of his infant seat. I wanted to get something that had good ratings and something he wouldn’t grow out of in the near future.It arrived quickly, packaged well and I loved loved how soft and padded it was. Also, I loved that I could take off ALL padding and wash EVERYTHING on it without needing to re-thread any straps etc. The material is very soft and plush.Rear facing Pros:1. Easy to install using latch or seatbelt2. My son was very comfortable in itRear facing Cons:1. HAD to be put in middle seat because it’s reclined position takes up a lot of space and still touched our front seats in an Acura MDX SUV. There is NO WAY this would fit in a car, especially with the head rest attached.2. Tightening the shoulder straps was near impossible because the tightner is at the front of the seat, thus wedged between the car seat and baby seat.Forward Facing Pros:1. Can fit in either center seat or side seat.2. Very comfortable for my son3. Easily adjust the shoulder straps4. Easy to install with latch systemForward Facing Cons:1. It’s so big that it doesn’t leave a lot of leg room for child in smaller cars.I love the safety ratings this got and the price was great. Everything is easy to adjust. It is very sturdy, but it is also very large and heavy at 24lbs. We have baby #2 on the way, so I’m concerned that this seat and the infant seat are not going to fit side by side in our vehicles.Also, I would not recommend traveling with it. It is just a little too large for any/all car seat travel bags that I researched out there. Our only option would have been to check it in a garbage bag or take it on the flight (which we wanted to do anyway). We had to strap it to a portable dolly to get it through the airport because there was no way we could carry it around. It is approved on flights, though very hard to carry down the aisle because of it’s size and weight. Also, you can not use the seats belt locking mechanism in an airline seat, which isn’t a big deal, because the airline buckle gets in the way. Just buckling it normal works fine. Again, it is very big and wide. It would not fit rear-facing in an airline seat and really takes up the whole seat when it’s forward facing.Ultimately, if you don’t plan on traveling with it, will only install forward facing, and don’t intend to move it from one car to another, this is a great, stable, safe and comfortable seat for your child.

Jewell Jacksonville, AR

Truely User Friendly Car Seat

We purchased this car seat on a recommendation from a friend for our second car. We had received a Safety 1st convertible seat at our shower (we didn’t register for it) and have been using that in our main vehicle. This car seat blows the Safety 1st out of the water! This one is super easy to adjust without removing the seat from the car, the multi padding helps to get a tailored fit. Our son is a little on the lean side, so the extra padding makes it a more secure fit for him. The plushness of this seat makes me want to ride in it. I would buy this again in a heartbeat. Hands down the best convertible car seat out there! Don’t waste your money on anything else.

Teresa Kingston, OH

Really good convertible car seat

We have been using this car seat for our 18 pound 7 month old for about a week. We really like it. I did not think it was that difficult to install & not more difficult than any other seat once it is prepared for installation. I read the instructions AND looked at the pictures and had no problem. I did have to buy a pool noodle (about $3) to get the seat to have the correct rear-facing angle in my husband’s altima. I would have preferred not to use that, but it worked. I read that it was difficult to access the strap loosener when rear facing…this was true BEFORE i used the noodle. Once the noodle was in place and the seat was at the correct angle, I had no problem accessing the strap loosener. The seat is very safe and stable. We are not using any of the extra seat cushions except the the head support b/c the seat is wide and our son needed something to support his head when he fell asleep.This is not a car seat for a small car. My husband’s altima is considered mid-sized, but we have to put it in the center of the back so it doesn’t hit the back of either of the front seats. currently, we aren’t using the head rest. there is a line on the car seat to indicate when the head rest should be added. it is VERY easy to take off and put on.the black fabric on the aurora would be hot in the summer, but the silver/grey fabric seems to be a bit cooler. the extra cushions are reversible so you can use it on the black or silver side. we are not ones to let children eat in the car, but I can see how this seat might be a pain if you do b/c crumbs could get down under the cushions where the belt comes out. that space is wide to allow for moving the belt.The ONLY reason I did not give this seat 5 stars is b/c I had to use the noodle to get the right angle for rear facing. Other than that, it is a great car seat. I anticipate it being great forward facing as well.

Rosemarie Beulah, MO

Great Choice!

We have this carseat rear facing in the back of a Subaru Impreza WRX hatchback, and we are able to comfortably have it in the middle, not have to shove up the front seat, and if need be can still squeze two adults on either side. The seat is very squishy and comfortable, and is highly rated by Consumer Reports and other sites for crash safety. The reason we chose this car seat over other well-rated ones is because you can remove the cover to launder it without having to uninstall the entire seat (most car seats don’t let you do this). The only reason I didn’t give this five stars is because it’s quite a bear to install. It took twice as long as the Cosco Scenera which is in our other car, the instructions are a bit confusing, and we needed to roll up towels under it to have it be level. When you have to change the straps as your child grows, that too is really difficult. However, we don’t plan on removing the seat often, and you don’t have to change straps often. Otherwise, this is a very safe and well made car seat and our 17-month old has found it very comfortable and secure for the past 8 months.

Heidi Saint Boniface, PA

Wish we had this sooner!

We just got this car seat about a month ago for our 10 month old. We had a Cosco Elite from our older child (we upgraded her to a First Year’s full booster a couple years ago) and had lost one of the buckle pieces. Doing the research, we saw how this is the only 5 star rated car seat on the market (by NTSB) & thought we’d start over. We have a Cosco Elite in one car and this First Years in our “main” car. You wouldn’t think a baby could express an opinion, but she does. She likes this one so much better. She doesn’t cry when we put her in it. When she falls asleep, she sleeps much longer in it. Just looking at it, it looks like she’s in her own lazy boy recliner or something. She’s a bit small for her age, so she will probably be rear facing until around 18 mos. Having the removeable headrest is a very nice plus while it’s rear facing as the passenger seat has more room than our Cosco. As I am often a passenger… it’ makes all the difference for adults to have a little extra leg room & reclining space.Reading about the latch & trying to comprehend the set-up took a long time… THE FIRST TIME. Shortly after putting it in, we needed to transport a large piece of furniture and had to take the carseat out. My husband was able to reinstall the car seat while getting gas on his way home… it was that fast. Once you understand it’s set-up, it’s really easy and totally makes sense.We used it without the extra baby padding from the get-go.The built-in sides (headrests?) seemed to be designed for comfort as well as the obvious safety. It reminds me of those “cocoon” bicycle seats for babies.I haven’t had to wash any of the covers yet, but it looks super easy. The fabric is soft & looks like it’ll hold up well. I know our Toddler booster from First Years has held up to many repeated washings & is really easy to snap back in…just remember to air dry.We have a handful of First Years things & really like the quality. The price is better than the other ones out there too!We can’t wait to try it fwd facing & add the cupholder etc.

Jenny Hauppauge, NY

Great Convertible Car Seat

It took me a while to find the perfect car seat for both my daughter and me. It doesn’t look as bulky and ugly as the others and there were different color options to match your car interior! She appears to like it and thinks it is comfortable because she never has a problem falling asleep in it. My daughter transitioned well between her infant carrier and this car seat. Seems to clean up well and it appears that the cover detaches to wash, although I have not tried it yet. The sides don’t block the child’s view from looking out the window either. Great seat, we would highly recommend!

Myra Wiggins, MS

Amazing carseat, tall but fits

I love love love this carseat! It is my favorite one outta 5. It seems very comfortable. It is very easy to wash, and I love how it clips onto the carseat! It is a bit big but fit in our ’87 Mercedes and all the other vehicles we’ve had it in: no problem in the Ford extended cab, or the Lexus, or the Suburban, or the Highlander. I did have to put a rolled up towel under the base, but that is no problem. It is a wonderfull carseat!

Josefina Burnettsville, IN