The First Years True Fit SI C680 Car Seat, Naturalization

The First Years True Fit SI C680 Car Seat, Naturalization

The First Years introduces the True Fit SI(model C680). The SI stands for Side Impact, and the new contoured head rest is designed for better head control. The contoured design helps contain your child’s head in the event of a crash. This seat features s a no rethread easy to adjust harness. The harness is for use from 5 to 35 pounds rear facing and up to 65 pounds in forward facing installations.Keeping your child rear facing longer is easy, the SI can be used rear facing up to 35 pounds. Did you ever try to rethread a harness on a car seat? Ours is hassle free,the harness adjusts simply by moving the side adjusters and they are clearly labeled to help with the correct positioning. The C680 model features smaller bottom rails and the patented Rebound Energy Management system, a flip up rebound bar that actually helps manage the rebound in the unlikely event of a crash, pull the bar forward and it snaps in place with your rear facing installation and flip it back when you move to the forward facing installation.This seat is fully lined with EPP foam and has deep side wings that really surround your child.The larger interior dimensions keep your child comfortable as they grow.We have added a center angle indicator in the front of our seat for use when installing in the rear facing position.This easy to read indicator will help you determine if you have installed your seat correctly.For your infant, it will assist in achieving the advocate recommended 45 degree angle for installation(without our head rest)and as you keep it rear facing to 35 pounds(with the head rest)you can check for the recommended 35 degree installation angle.We have LATCH attachments mounted on the sides so they are easy to access when you are installing your seat and easy to secure when you remove the seat from your vehicle. Installation is stress free with our color coded lock offs, whether you are installing for the first time rear facing or forward facing.

Main features

  • For use from 5 to 35 pounds rear facing and from 23 to 65 pounds forward facing
  • Larger, roomy interior design keeps child comfortable as they grow. Fully lined with EPP foam and deep side wings, side impact tested to international standards
  • Patented Rebound Energy Management System and center angle indicator for rear facing installations
  • Removable contoured head rest, LATCH and color coded lock offs for easier installations to aid installing the seat
  • No rethread, easy to adjust harness, easy off pads

Verified reviews


Easy to install

I own a Graco My Ride and needed an additional car seat for our other vehicle. I am use to the My Ride, I find it easy to use and it was easy to install. This First Years True Fit SI is easy to install as well after trying to figure out some things. It has some extra things that the My Ride doesn’t have like the Rear Facing Rebound Management Bar and a Removable Upper Seat Back. There is different information if you use the removable upper seat back and if you don’t. If you don’t use it the car seat will only work for weights between 5 and 22 lbs and the head is 1 inch below the top of the seat. The child must meet both of these requirements to use the car seat without the upper seatback install. So, this mostly is for newborns and probably takes the places of a infant carseat.My son is 10.5 months old and weighs 20 lbs which is close to the weight requirement and his head was really close to the top of the carseat. So, I ended up installing the upper seatback when I installed the car seat. For Rear facing with the upper seatback the weight is between 5 and 35 lbs. Forward facing is between 23 and 65 lbs and 50inches or less and must be over 1 year old. They separate the rearfacing belts and the forward facing belts with colors. So, it is easier to figure out. Forward facing belt path is red and rear facing belt path is blue.I installed the car seat using the LATCH system and it was pretty easy to install and to secure the carseat in place. Then once it was in place I installed the upper seatback. The shoulder belts are easy to adjust and work with. There is also one cup holder that latches onto either side of the car seat.This car seat has two reclining positions for the rear facing. Upright and a recline of 10 you just squeeze a yellow lever at the front of the seat and move the seat to desired position but I didn’t play around with that feature. And it has an zone angle indicator in the front of the car seat so you can see what position your car seat is in. Shoulder height adjustment is real easy in this car seat, there are yellow release handles and you can raise or lower it to different notches to what height you child is. I think this is the only thing I like better on the True Fit than I do on the My Ride. With the My Ride you have to take the car seat out and rethread the belts to get the position you want it. Which is a big hassle, this one you just pull a yellow handle and it pops into an different position just like that.Overall, I think I like my Graco My Ride better. I like the padding in the My Ride much better. This ones padding is a bit bulky and slides around a lot because it isn’t part of the car seat as much. The polka dot area is just cumbersome and gets in the way. Also makes the car seat more hot and my son sweats a lot in his car seat so he need one that is more breathable and the My Ride is more breathable.

Gwen Rileyville, VA

4 stars children 35+ pounds, 2 stars for younger children/babies

Disclaimer: Yes, this is a Vine review. However, it’s being used by someone who’s expecting a child. I’m reviewing this item in terms of what I would be interesting in buying and using. How I acquired the item is not relevant to my views.First off, let’s get this out of the way: The fabric is removable and is, for all intents and purposes, washable. There’s a tag right on it saying it’s removable. Now, you probably need to wash in delicate mode, I don’t know. But you can clean this.Now, with that said, I’m sure the First Years True Fit Car Seat is excellent for some parents. It is not, however, one that I would have bought.This car seat is primarily for the following:Someone who intends to keep the car seat in a single vehicleSomeone with a Latch System in their car (new cars apparently have this)Someone who is VERY concerned about safetySomeone who doesn’t have a newbornNone of these apply to my family.This seat is not easy to install in the rear facing position in vehicles without a Latch System. You’d be a masochist to remove and re-install this over and over with a traditional belt system.The car seat comes with an upper headrest insert that comes in a U shape. This is for preventing injury in a side collision. The headrest only comes into play with an older child, say 3 or 4 years old. The practical effect of this safety measure is that your child is either going to have to extend their neck outward to look out the window or be forced to look straight forward or downward during the entire trip.This, to me, is ludicrous. I have no intention of installing a TV screen on the back of the front seat to keep the kids entertained. They watch enough TV as it is. Boredom is something that a child needs to learn to cope with. It’s not something that needs to be fixed so that they’re entertained all the time. This might sound like a side rant, but it’s the practical effect of the upper headrest being used. The child would either risk worse injury by extending their head outward or they’ll want/need a TV in front of them to keep them from going bonkers.That said, I know this is a selling point for many parents. I am not one of them, clearly. But others will want to buy this because the headrest provides extra protection. If that’s what you want, this is a good car seat to get.The most practical system for a parent with a newborn is a car seat/stroller combo. That means an easy to remove seat you can quickly and easily latch into a stroller and be on your way. This is not that car seat.I believe in reviewing items for what they are, not what they aren’t. This is a good seat for someone with the Latch System or a child old enough to where you can use this front facing. Installing this in the front facing position is WAY easier. Quite bluntly, I just wouldn’t recommend this for anyone with a newborn. It’s not just the Latch System, it’s also the practicality of having something you can use with a stroller. So this one is for older kids. And it’s for parents super concerned with safety and are okay with forcing a kid to face forward and not look left or right that often.Further info: I installed this in a Honda Element, a vehicle that has a lot of space between the front and rear seats. I had to use the headrest in order to make the seat lock in place. In another vehicle I don’t think I’d need the headrest in order to secure the seat in the rear facing position. In any case, this is another reason why the seat is hard to install over and over – the combined weight with the headrest is quite a bit to wrestle with.

Angie Orovada, NV

Like a tank

I’m a fan of First Years products. We got their Ignite stroller a little while back and it’s great. Folds tight and works really well. Great for our Honda Civic. Our daughter is now 13 months old and about 21 pounds, so is outgrowing her baby seat, which is an older Graco Infant SafeSeat. The stroller it came with was pretty big, so we had a Snap ‘n Go for regular use.We’ve been looking around for a suitable replacement, ideally one that would be both safe and last a while without needing replacement.This seems a very good choice. And it is, in many respects, though not without some issues, issues related more to our needs than to the seat itself.First, it has a pretty big footprint, much bigger than the Graco. It is like putting her in a tank. Because the forward seating feature is listed to begin at about 23 pounds (legally 20 pounds is the limit–and other seats allow for this), I tried it out in the rear facing setting. Barely fit into our car. It has a safety bar that swings up, that adds even even extra cushion in case of collision. It provides a barrier between the seat and the front car seats, keeping it very stable and secure. We don’t have the LATCH system, but most cars do, as it was mandated beginning in 2003. Other cars I’ve used have it, and it does make it easier to install. My experiences with this seat weren’t too different than others, its a bit of work getting the seatbelt to fasten it in, but no more than other seats. The difference with this seat is that once in, it stays in. I had hoped that since this was listed for use by newborns, it would be removable like most infant seats, so as to carry it around. It’s not. And there’s no handle. That’s a bit of a negative in our book, if you’re looking to use this for younger infants.The straps work well, and are easily attached. I really like the adjustment system. The shoulder and seat straps can be adjusted without having to take the chair apart like with a lot of other seats. Just adjust the back and the bottom. The easiest adjustment I’ve seen.As far as comfort, this works good. Very cushy and the seat covers are removable and washable.As a front facing seat, this becomes much more usable (from my estimation). It’s very adjustable and can go up to 65 pounds. Here in California that’s not quite enough to last for all the stages, but it gets us pretty far.So, I’d highly recommend this seat for parents who are concerned about safety, who have a larger car or minivan or SUV that can fit a larger footprint seat, who don’t need to remove the seat if they are using it for infants. The features it provides help it stand out for its price, as long as you fit into those categories. For us, its a bit too big and so likely will become the grandparents seat of use in their Jeep Grand Cherokee.I really do like it but it’s not a great fit for us personally.

Lilly La Palma, CA

Very safe, and easy to install

I hope we never need to test all the safety features built into this car seat, but it’s comforting to know that we’re protecting our precious grandson. This seat was super easy to install in our SUV, using the LATCH system. There are color-coded “lock-offs”, and arrows to help find correct positioning. There’s plenty of room left on either side of the car seat for other passengers. The two pieces of the liner are easy to remove for cleaning, although the inner one tends to flop around on the little guy’s head. The side impact protection “wings” are larger than on the other car seat we have, possibly because this one nominally accommodates a child up to 65 pounds. I’m skeptical about the weight limits, because we are all tall, and the shoulder strap openings may end up to be the limiting factor in how long the seat lasts for us.

Tracy Louisburg, NC

Sturdy and easy to install

This car seat comes almost fully assembled. The only thing I had to do was to insert the head part to the body part and it was done and ready to go. It fits in a sedan which is really nice. The color is pretty neutral (it even goes well with the leather in my car) The installation was in less than 5 minutes, so easy and simple. The pictures show exactly what the product looks like, the colors are true.The padding is a bit bulky for bigger babies so you might want to test-feel how the baby handles the space around him. I think the price is fairly reasonable for this car seat. It complies with standard regulations and the company claims that it’s safe (has been tested) for side impact -which to me is quite important.I recommend this car seat for moms who are looking for a car seat without a carrier and would want something sturdy, easy to handle, affordable, and able to fit a toddler up to 60+lbs.

Summer Ewing, NE

Overall a good 2nd seat

We’re using this seat as our 2nd car seat in my husband’s vehicle. He installed it and said it was fairly difficult to get it correctly tightened when not using the Latch system. He has an older truck, without the Latch attachments, so he had to use the regular belt method and getting the seat to not budge was a challenge. Eventually, it worked.My son doesn’t appear as comfortable as he does in his other seat (a First Years), but he tolerates it. Buckling him in is easy enough.The headrest does seem very tall for his height. I think it’s mainly for older children, however it would be nice if it protected the smaller heads too!I did really like that the fabric on the seat wasn’t velour! Every other seat we’ve tried has had a velour cover and every crumb/hair/piece of dirt sticks to it. This one wipes clean easily.Overall, a good 2nd seat, though I might go with a Britax or First Years for an every day seat.

Holly Cusseta, GA

*UPDATED* Easy to install without the latch/anchor system but only forward facing. *UPDATED*

We have two vehicles (2012 Dodge Grand Caravan & 2001 Hyundai Santa Fe) and I was on the search for another car seat for my Santa Fe so I won’t have to always use my minivan when traveling with my daughter. I currently use theBritax Pavilion 70-G3 Convertible Car Seat Seat, Sophiaand I love it. Britax has a great track record when it comes to car crashes. My very first car seat was theBritax B-Safe Infant Car Seat, Red.The Britax Pavilion minimum weight requirement is 5lbs and has a maximum weight requirement of 70lbs and can be used both rear and forward facing. It can be used rear facing from 5-40lbs and forward facing 20-70lbs. I’m currently using mine rear facing in my minivan but this one I had to do forward facing. I’ll explain why.Anyway this review isn’t about the Britax but about the First Years True Fit SI 680 Car Seat so here goes. The True Fit can be used rear facing from 5-35lbs and forward facing 23-65lbs. The SI in the True Fit’s name stands for Side Impact and the contoured head rest is designed to give your child better head control and to protect your child’s head in case of a car crash. My toddler currently uses the headrest. There is a line at the top of the car seat which states that if your child’s head reaches that line then you should install it. The pic uploaded shows her without the headrest but she does use it. It’s pretty easy to take on/off.I installed this in my Santa Fe in the middle forward facing using the lap belt since having an older vehicle it doesn’t have the anchor system that the newer vehicles do have now. It was a cinch to install. Me and hubby were able to do it in less than 10 minutes. Someone has to push down on the seat while someone pulled on the lap belt until there was no slack. There is a safety snap that goes over the lap belt that is covered by the seat so you’re not able to see it. There is also a guide on the front that lets you know if its installed correctly when doing it rear facingl. I’ve uploaded a pic of the installation of my car seat in the Santa Fe and you might be able to see the little ball in the middle of the seat right below my daughter’s feet. We did it forward facing since my daughter is pretty tall and using it rear facing squishes her feet and made her uncomfortable.It is a pain to install rear facing though without the anchor latch system. We tried it seemed like forever until we finally got it but it took a really long time and even when we thought we had it perfect there was still a lot of movement.The True Fit has a no rethread harness and is easy to use, just pull on the yellow bars on the side and lift and you’re done. My daughter enjoys being in her seat and so far I’ve had no complaints. It is rather bulky as most convertible seats are but the seat is very comfortable. Even with it being bulky though there is still room for 2 other passengers in my SUV and it doesn’t really affect the seats in the front. My husband is 6’5″ and I’m 5’10” and we’ve had no problems adjusting our seats even when we had it installed rear facing.I read a review which stated that the seat cover can’t be taken off but mine can so not sure which model they were talking about. This is a good car seat but I did take off 2 stars because of the weight capacity and the difficulty of installing rear facing using the car seat belts. Not everyone has a new car with the anchor/latch so if you’re buying this for your newborn and your car doesn’t have it you may want to rethink your purchase.UPDATED: 21 MAY 2013So everything is still going good with this but we’ve been using it a bit more regularly now that I don’t have to use my minivan. I did notice that because of the material this is made from my daughter tends to sweat a lot in this car seat. Whenever I take her out after a long drive her back is usually wet. This has not been a problem in my Britax. Also and its a small thing but very annoying, the little protection tab that is by the lap buckle tends to always come out whenever you unstrap her or sometimes when putting her in. I wish it was attached so I wouldn’t have that problem.

Edna Wittman, MD

Great seat, hard to get it reclined properly for newborn

I like this seat a lot, but we have had trouble getting it into the "1" position for infants. We will have to use a pool noodle to get it there.

Hilary Greensboro, AL

Not bad

I put this car seat in the truck as the old Graco Snugride one that came as part of a travelling system was too small, even for an emergency backup. We also have a Graco My Ride 65 Convertible car seat in the car, which I prefer. This car seat is easy to install, doesn’t take up too much space in the truck, and I haven’t had any problems with it moving around or anything. It is padded well and my 19 month old doesn’t look uncomfortable in it. She’s only 25 lb so we’ll get a lot more use out of it. I like that the cup holder can be placed on either side, but I wish it came with two like the Graco car seat because my daughter likes little (non-messy) snacks on one side and a sippy cup on the other side. Ah well, this car seat is more of a backup anyway because I mainly drive the car in which our Graco My Ride is installed. Luckily, she hasn’t spilled anything on it yet besides a few crumbs, which are easy to clean up. As far as protection, the Graco appears to offer more. It’s still a nice seat though.

Haley Clovis, NM

Lovely toddler car seat!

I haven’t had a chance to use this with an infant yet, but my small toddler and I are loving her new car seat! This True Fit car seat by The First Years is super easy to set up and install in the car. Even the latch system gives me less trouble than all the other car seats (I’d always assumed it was just my car that made it difficult). I love that the shoulder straps can be easily adjusted by sliding them up and down, there is no need to completely re-thread when you need to adjust for the height of your child.This car seat is SUPER padded and seems like it’s be very comfy, much more so than any of the other several forward-facing car seats we’ve ever used. The cup holder is great for sippy cups, and over all, our day-to-day use of this car seat is a breeze.I cannot say how it functions as an infant car seat. I honestly prefer the click-in style car seats for babies because they sleep in their car seats so much. That said, this car seat is BIG. On one hand, that makes me feel better for some reason, as if it’s more solid and could hold up better and protect better in case of an accident. On the other hand, if we didn’t have an SUV I might wonder if this seat would fit in my car!The fabric is also not machine washable. This might have bothered me if a few months ago our family hadn’t switched to a water-only policy in the car. After two kids (a third on the way) and lots of snacking on long car trips, we realized that it’s just no fun to clean a car that kids have eaten in. So if you’re one of those families, like us now, who doesn’t allow real food and non-water drinks in the car, you’ll be fine. If not, you’re going to have to be okay with just spot cleaning this car seat.I have to say we’re all very happy with this seat and would definitely recommend it, at least to a any family looking for a nice quality, truly comfortable new car seat. We can really tell our girl loves it. If you have any questions I didn’t answer, feel free to ask in the comments on this review, I’ll try and answer as promptly as possible!

Chelsey Farmington Falls, ME

It’s a bit big for under 20 lbs

This is a great car seat. Fits well in my compact car.The only issue is when we started using it around 15 lbs, it was a bit clumsy. The infant insert gets smooshed easily and bunches up, not really doing its job. We are still using it to fill up space and my son is almost 25 lbs. And sleeping was awkward, he slept alot with his head drooping forward, which looks scarier than it is. he was much happier in this seat than the infant carrier, but he still hates being restrained, which is no fault of the car seat.Otherwise it has worked well, pretty easy to get him in and out, and easy to install.

Lorraine Plymouth, MI

Good Quality, Easy Install

The instruction booklet for this car seat made the install look somewhat intimidating as it’s pretty thick, there are multiple ways to install it, and it’s full of warnings. However, the install, which I did rear-facing in a 2003 Audi A4 sedan (which has very little rear seat room) using the lower latch system was really straightforward and I was pleasantly surprised how simple it was. The seat takes up as much room as our previous infant-only Graco snugride car seat, but is a bit heavier and more substantial obviously, because it can be used front-facing once our daughter is big enough. It’s wider and fatter, but not necessarily longer than the infant seat.It’s well-padded and feels sturdy and our daughter (8 months) is comfortable in it and didn’t seem upset once we strapped her in. The colors are neutral yet sharp looking so it isn’t garish or ugly at all. Another reviewer mentioned that this isn’t washable/cleanable, but there are snaps to pull off the covers (which you need to do to install it anyway) and there’s a section in the instruction booklet on how to keep it clean.Would definitely recommend this for those looking for an easy-to-install yet sturdy and comfortable car seat for their kids.

Tessa Range, AL

Good, but the C670 is better.

Our first one arrived with a broken piece of rigid foam. Now that we’ve owned it for a while, we see how that happened. The foam extends beyond the plastic piece that protects it. This seems like a big design flaw. I much prefer the C670. We’re extremely happy with that model.

Bessie Phillips, ME

It’s Pink… of course my daughter love it !!

Yes my daughter loves it cause it’s pink… AND that it’s really comfortable, it’s easy to adjust the straps, clean, and best of all the security features it has. I have this in my truck and it’s really tighten and secure to my truck, it doesn’t move at all.

Alison Bridgeport, CA

Would recommend to everyone

Plenty of space for my 20 month old. Easy to install and clean. This is actually our second time purchasing. One for each car.

Melanie Kent City, MI


I bought this seat again, trusting the brand for all the features I loved about owning the prior model of this seat for years.+ Side impact protection is great in this seat–the sides are big to protect your precious cargo, but still open enough (not too deep) to easily reach in to seat baby (w/o hitting her head on the roof), and buckle her (w/o twisting my wrists).+ The best feature about this seat is the ease of installation RFing. Some vehicles I use do not have latch in all positions, so being able to properly install a carseat with the seat belt is crucial. This seat is even better designed than the prior model in this regard; they improved the design of the seat belt lock offs. The TrueFit is actually one of the only seats I can install RF with a seat belt by myself, properly, quickly, and pain free. I have cried installing other seats, but not this one!+ I also recommend this seat for grandparents because you can adjust the harness height without removing the seat from the vehicle. I have seen kids ride in seats with the harness too low in other seats because they grew–let’s face it–you won’t notice it until you are ready to go somewhere, and by then you wouldn’t have time to remove the seat, disassemble the harness, reassemble, reinstall, and then buckle the child in and get to school on time, if you even know how/are able to do all those things on your own. NOT a problem in the TrueFit–just grab the yellow bars, pull out and up, and let it snap into the next slot up–FAST. I was able to use a seat with two different sized children because of this feature.+ This model has a “rebound bar” for RF installations. My prior model did not have this. They say it makes it safer. I see it keeps that much more of my vehicle seat clean from dirty shoes. 🙂 It also makes the tightening strap/release lever more accessible (compared to my older model w/o rebound bar) b/c there is a space to reach your finger down. *I submitted a picture of the rebound bar being used in a RFing installation.+ 35 lb capacity RFing means my children remain in the safest position till age 2 or 3.+ The foam cushioning is comfortable for long periods of sitting. The design makes it very easy to clean and vacuum.+ The price is right. I compare this seat to the Britax Boulevard, which I also like, but am not willing to pay that much more for.> The color is as shown on computer screen for pink–bright and cheery. I also purchased a teal one, the actual color is more teal than the picture shows (the picture on my screen is more blue, whereas my seat is greenish-blue)–it is awesome!–The seat insert is padded under the child, but not the sides. I can see this being useful for an infant, but my 1 yr old* is nearly too big for it b/c the buckle is at her thighs rather than above, but her hips will still slouch if I don’t sit her just right, so I would rather have side padding. (*my daughter is not big–at 15months 50%ile height and 25%ile weight)–I was shipped a seat that was manufactured 15 months before my purchase, which takes away a year+ from it’s usable life (and the company [“Best Service Stores” through Amazon] didn’t care when I wrote to them)–(as with all models I’ve tried) you have to boost the front of the seat up with a noodle/towel to get the proper RF angle on most modern vehicles (if the vehicle seat angles down for comfort, you have to counter for that, but if the seat is level, not a problem)

Leila Tarrytown, NY

Great seat

Nice and roomy and our toddler loves it. Fabric is nice and headrest attachment comes off for a younger child. Sides of the seat scoops down thus easy to get the child in/out of the car. Only down side is it is a bit wide and big thus is not recommended for a very small compact car. For a regular sedan or hatchback (if you don’t own a SUV), it should still be ok. Seatbelt doesn’t twist up thus we love it compared to britax. Also you have the option of tilting the carseat back a bit so that your infant does not have a turkey neck when dozing off during a car ride.

Allyson Wittenberg, WI