The First Years Two Receiver 49 MHz Monitor

The First Years Two Receiver 49 MHz Monitor

With 49 MHz technology, lightweight portability and sound lights that let you see baby’s activity level, The First Years 49 MHz Two Receiver Monitor enables you to enjoy peace of mind when you’re away from your baby. For added convenience, it includes two receivers so you can keep each receiver in a different room or so two listeners can have a monitor handy at all times. Plus, low battery indicator provides extra reassurance that when your monitor is quiet, it just means that baby is sleeping-not that your monitor isn’t working.

Main features

  • Super-sensitive microphone detects the smallest sounds
  • Baby sound indicator
  • Sound-activated light
  • FCC Approved design
  • Includes two receivers

Verified reviews


Unbelievable amount of static

The amount of static on this monitor is insane. No, really, it’s just unbelievable that a company could even consider putting something that works this poorly on the market. If the volume is on *at all*, you will hear static. However, it’s not entirely unusable. We worked around the static by keeping the volume down very low and putting it on top of a bookcase outside of our bedroom. That way, we wouldn’t hear the static but I am a light enough sleeper that if they baby cried, I could hear it through the monitor just loud enough for it to wake me up. It also has a very short battery life (for us, it usually goes one or two nights per set of batteries – pathetic!) and therefore must usually be kept plugged in. Lately I have had problems where it won’t turn on with just batteries even if they’re new, which is odd and takes away what little portability this had before.I would highly recommend getting any other baby monitor because this will probably not work for most people. One interesting this about it, though, is that the part that stays in the baby’s room went through the wash accidently one time and it still works.

Tracey Frankenmuth, MI

totally worth it!

I was surprised to see so many negative review on this monitor, as I really have no complaints. I have 2 other monitors and the sound on this one is far superior to the others. Just recently I’ve been noticing some static and crackling, but we’ve owned it for 3 years, so I figure it’s served us well.

Blanche Mohler, WA

Good for what I need

I live in a small apartment so I didn’t require a really good long distance monitor. I like the fact that this works from the mains and I am not using up loads of batteries. I have had no issues with switching on the parts etc. There is a little amount of static that comes over on the monitors but I have still been able to hear my baby over the monitor. I have found it great at picking up the stirring noises my child makes so I am able to get to my Little One before the real crying begins. I have relied on it at night with my little one sleeping in another room and I have not been let down. I only gave four stars due to the white noise that can be heard over the speaker and also I would want a better one if I was in a bigger house, but for my apartment it is great!!

Terra Newberry, SC

Get what you pay for

There is definitely a lot of static, but the receivers seem very sensitive also. One of the receivers quit working after the first battery change and we had to exchange it – luckily still within 90 days.Bad thing about receivers – they will not take rechargeable batteries. So that adds to the overall cost. Based on all the reviews of other monitors, this one is still about as good as it gets for the price. They all seem to have static or will randomly beep. At least this one does not wake me up in the middle of the night – unless the baby is crying.

Kristin Early, IA

Pure static

This monitor is awful. All I hear is static. The threshold for hearing baby is quite high (meaning he has to make a lot of noise before I hear him). With my old monitor, I could hear every sound without static, but it was unreliable, while this one is quite reliable so far. It doesn’t switch channels or beep incessantly like my old monitor. But for it’s primary purpose, to pick up and transmit sound, it fails miserably.

Selena Lexington, MS

It’ll Work

It gets the job done. I have been using mine for ten months and my son has enjoyed using the monitors as toys, so they have taken a fair beating. They go camping with us as well. So far, they have worked at all the ranges I needed them to without an immense amount of static.Added Note: I bought this when my son was first born, it has seen a long road since then. He is 3 1/2 y/o and it is still in top condition having survived moving and being slightly abused.

Peggy Fairburn, SD

Best one we’ve tried

Our other baby monitor was more expensive and didn’t get as clear of a signal as this one did. It’s crystal clear and has been going strong for almost 5 years now.

Sherrie Pengilly, MN

You get what you pay for

My wife and I were looking for a monitor at the store Thursday night and this seemed like a reasonable buy. I guess at the price it is. But the static is so bad it is going back on Saturday. We may have to pay twice the price for something that sounds better… but we will. It’s my fault for not checking the reviews on Amazon first.

Lana Milltown, MT

Simple and Cheap, but Works!

We bought and returned four different (more expensive) baby monitors before finding The First Years monitor. I like the simple design. No bells and whistles to go wrong. Just 2 channels and a volume control dial that can be turned to mute while the lights still indicate sound. I was worried that there would be a lot of static interference since this is a low MHz analog monitor, but it’s really not too bad. Nothing I can hear above the sound of my white noise machine at night. It’s not as quiet as the digital monitors we tried, but I can definitely live with it. Other than a little low static this monitor works great. It is very sensitive to baby’s noises. The light indicators work and are also pretty accurate in measuring baby sounds. Hopefully the static doesn’t increase too much over time, but for now this is the monitor for us! And amazingly it is such a good price. I’ll never believe the saleslady at Babies R Us again who says that you get what you pay for with a monitor and tried to get me to buy the $200 one! If you are looking for a basic, inexpensive baby monitor that works, then look no further!

Alyce Appleton, NY

Very satisfied

We’re on our first child, and after lots of research (there seems to be good and bad about EVERY monitor out there), I asked my sister-in-law for recommendations. She told me she’d started with an expensive brand monitor, only to find issues with it, and replaced it with The First Years monitor. Said it wasn’t perfect, but none are, so why spend more money? Wow, so glad I took her advice! These were inexpensive, and after four months of use, the only thing I would improve on them is their antennae (would be nice if they were less in the way when clipped on the belt). We have not had a problem with static, unless the channels accidentally get bumped out of sync (our fault, anyhow) and it fixes as soon as we match them back up. No interference, even when beside other electronic items. Nice clear sound, all the way down two stories to my laundry in the basement! My sister has gone through several different brands, my mom has several for grandkid naptimes at her house, and this one beats them all hands down. That said – we’re four months in. We’ll have to let you know what their longevity is, but I’m expecting it to be pretty good.

Leanna Red River, NM