The First Years Ultimate Comfort Musical Tub

The First Years Ultimate Comfort Musical Tub

Grown-ups sing in the shower, so why shouldn ‘t babies have a musical experience at bath time, too? The Ultimate Comfort Musical Tub plays your choice of playtime music or soothing music—depending on whether you want your child to rev up for some fun or wind down before bedtime. This grow-with-me tub offers a padded newborn sling, a reclined seat for infants, and an upright seat for toddlers, making it the perfect tub to carry baby through different stages. We ‘ll sing to that!

Main features

  • Plastic
  • Plays your choice of playtime music or soothing music
  • Removable music module can be used on its own outside the tub
  • Grow-with-me design takes your baby from newborn to toddler
  • Fits most kitchen sinks or can be used inside your regular bathroom tub
  • Three extra thick pads in the perfect places to support your baby

Verified reviews


Excellent product

Excellent product and I need five of this for my next bay showers, but I only bought 2 because the price was increased in 50% or more.

Sheree Board Camp, AR

Safe and easy bathtub for first time parents!!

This bathtub is one of the best things we bought for our baby before she was born. We started using it at 3 weeks after her umbilical cord fell off.I did a lot of research on bath tubs and this is the best one I found for the following reasons:- Primarily the bump in the middle!!! Not many baby baths seem to have this and it is the best part of the bath! The bump in the middle stops the baby from sliding down – it leaves you with hands free to wash her, play games, squirt shampoo etc.- The bath tub has hilarious Caribbean style tunes – awesome for Mummy and Daddy to rock out to the tunes and have fun with baby.- The bath tub has an easy drainage plug hole – so that if you have the tub on a bench next to the sink, you can easily drain the water down the sink after the bath.- The bath tub is not huge and is easily stored in a cupboard.- The bath tub will last you a while, our little one is currently 4 months (and long for her age) and should have at least another 3 months or so in this tub before we transfer her to the big bath.- Has two seating areas – one for baby who can not sit upright yet (up to 5/6 months) and one for baby who can sit upright (5/6 months and older).Cons:- The musical tunes are not waterproof and frequently stop mid-tune or won’t start. I am tempted to buy another bath tub in order to get the little musical box as the tunes are so much fun for parents/baby.- The temperature gauge peeled off and stopped working after just a month or so. We use the inside of our elbow to test the water temp now.- We did not use the sling – I think it is pointless.- This does not come with a hose to fill the bath tub with water from your sink tap. We have to fill the bath tub in the large bath tub, then carry the bath tub to the bench or floor. It’s hard on your back.Despite the cons I highly recommend this bath tub!!!!

Ada Sweetwater, OK

Surprisingly Good

This tub is great and stops my son from sliding down because the bump in the middle. I ended up taking the music part out and just playing music on my cell phone when hes in the tub. The absolute best part is the water temp reader. My son is very picky about the temperature and with the temp reader, I get it right every time.

Casey North Georgetown, OH

Very happy, but would suggest the cheaper version.

I searched for a long time for a tub that had a sling and would allow for my newborn to recline as he got older, but a tub that would also fit well over our kitchen sink. This one is perfect, and it has he little feet to hold it in place properly. He little music box was a nice addition, but leaves a lot to be desired. It doesn’t have actual buttons, you just touch the faces on it, almost like touching an ipad screen. It isn’t always responsive though. I usually have to press and hold. If you can do without the music, get the The First Year’s Infant To Toddler Tub with Sling instead.

Opal Imperial Beach, CA

Good starter tub

I’ve been pretty happy with this tub except that the musical component is cheaply made. It sometimes doesn’t turn on or stay on, and you have to hit all the buttons a few times for something to happen. I feel like the music is what made this tub a bit pricier than others, so it might not be worth it if you’re just looking for a tub and don’t care about music. I really like the sling–I feel like my infant was very secure in this, and he’s still using it at 3 months.

Justine Foss, OK

great tub, don’t love the music

batteries are included for the music portion of the tub but the instructions specifically say that it’s a battery that should be switched out soon and is only there for demo purposes. I never did that so i don’t know if i’m able to get the full music capacity or not.either way, i hate the musical portion of this tub. it has volume and “type of music” buttons but they are not very press-able. It’s kind of difficult to explain but they’re basically just made of the same hard plastic as the rest of the musicbox and so i never actually know if i’m pressing the buttons or not. Most of the time, pressing the buttons doesn’t actually do much of anything.also, there’s no off button for the music so once it’s on, you have to sit through the song. this is especially annoying when you press the button accidentally (which happened way too often for me).luckily, the musicbox portion comes right out (it’s not attached to the tub – it just sits in a little compartment).the tub itself is good. the mesh/foam insert is, as someone else mentioned, cold when it gets wet but i just re-wet it and it warms up. it was a little too tight when i first got the tub – i had to attach two of the clasps to the sides of the tub rather than the front & ends as you’re supposed to. it did put me at ease about bathing my son though – i was much less nervous of him slipping.i’ve since removed the mesh insert and find that the tub is still good – no slipping or anything yet. it also seems comfortable still.bottom line – i like this tub but would buy a cheaper music-less tub if i had to buy another one.

Edwina Adrian, MN

Great great great!

My LO is having challenges sitting up and I love the structure of this tub. The seat allows her to sit on her own, while also making bathtime much easier for Mommy. I would highly recommend this for anyone. PS.. the music was very soothing for her while suffering from a cold. We were able to have a very relaxing, serene bath time before her nap. Totally relaxed her after a long day of coughing and sneezing.

Harriett Shawanee, TN

Great for a newborn

I bought this for my newborn. I love that it has the sling that she fit perfectly into the first few weeks you bring baby home. The little happy face indicator that the temperature is just right to put her in. It has 2 music sounds to choose from relaxing to upbeat. The sling easily comes off for when you need it to.

Abbie Matthews, GA

Decent tub

I received this tub for my baby shower.Use of the sling:Pro:-It was easy to snap on and off.-It provided some support during the first month.Con:-Since the baby was laying on the sling, we couldn’t fill the tub with that much water, afraid that water would get into her ears.-When it became wet, it’s kind of cold when the baby touched it.-While it did provide support, it became unnecessary since you’d have to lift up the baby anyway to wash the back and bottom.Music:Pro:-Came with battery installed-Removable (and when removed, you can use the space for extra wash clothes or baby shampoo/wash)Con:-hm, none reallyOverall, I like this tub because even without the sling and the music, it’s still a nicely designed tub. The back is slanted with some foam, which helps the baby stay still(er). The foam is still in perfect shape for us. The bump on the bottom avoids the baby sliding down. So far this bump has been helpful (baby’s 5 months old now) and doing its job. However, as the baby gets older and able to sit up, this bump will get in the way. I don’t think it’s possible for her to sit up. I would’ve preferred that the bump is removable.Also, at 5-months, she’s already filling up the tub. I’m not really sure how much longer she can fit in this tub, length-wise, unless she sits up.My baby loves taking baths. Even if she were crying beforehand, once she’s in the tub, she stops crying and calms down. It’s like magic!UPDATE: 1/16/2013 (after almost 8 months of usage)I figured out how the baby can sit in this tub now, after seeing a friend’s video of their baby’s bath time. There’s foam on both ends, the side where the baby lies on and the opposite end. When the baby’s able to sit up, you just have the baby sit against the other end! Since around 7 month old, my baby is able to sit while having her bath. She still loves it! Now with more hand mobility, she would make a big splash every night! I think it’s her favorite activity every day.After nearly 8 months of usage, the foams are still in tact, in great condition. We still don’t use the music, really no need. She’s already entertained by the water! Haha! Now that she can sit up, the length of the tub is no longer a real issue.

Aline Banks, ID