The First Years Wave Stroller, Crimson Red

The First Years Wave Stroller, Crimson Red

The First Years Wave Baby Stroller.

Main features

  • Durable modular Euro styled frame rated for use to 50 pounds
  • Unique swivel seat, with a 5 point harness, quickly turns from rear to forward facing use
  • Taller adjustable handle height
  • Universal attachment for use with most infant car seats
  • Easy one hand fold with seat removed, weighs 24 pounds

Verified reviews


Am I the only one who got a lemon?

I purchased this stroller and got it stuck multiple times while out in the open position. Luckily, I hadn’t taken the car otherwise I would’ve had to abandon the stroller because it cannot fit in the car while open. I got a replacement stroller from First Years but I would’ve preferred to return the whole thing and not deal with it. I was out of a stroller for a whole month because they were out of stock at the factory.Now, I have the new one and it was working fine. It has not gotten stuck so far but I have to say it is super super heavy and very wide. Maneuvering in stores is tricky.The reason I got this stroller is because it is rear facing. I would have looked at the Peg Perego P3 switch more closely if I had the knowledge I have now.

Simone Delavan, IL

Don’t spend your money on this thing

I was so excited to get this stroller as it had wonderful reviews and was much less expensive than the other strollers I was looking at. What sold me on this stroller was the fact that the seat position could be changed with the child still in the seat. When I got it, it was very simple to put together. It looked very nice. I put my son in it and he seemed comfortable. But then I went to change the seat position. It did not lock in place. I went to push the stroller and the seat kept spinning. I took him out and looked at the seat to see if there was something wrong. It locked. I put him back in and tried to do it again. It didn’t lock. It would only lock if there was no weight in the seat. My son is only 16 lbs (well below the weight limit). So the main reason I purchased the stroller did not even work!Then a week later I took this stroller to the grocery store. When I went to put it back in my car, it would not fold. I had to call a friend to come get the stroller and take it home in her van as there was no way it would fit in my car while open.Aside from these issues (I obviously got a bad one), I had other issues with the stroller. The basket is a medium size basket but it is impossible to access. There is a bar on the bottom of the stroller that gets in the way when trying to put in a diaper bag. Also, you can’t attach a cup holder to the seat because when you change seat positions, the cup holder will turn upside- down.Ultimatly, I spent money on a stroller that I can’t use. I sent it back yesterday and I am ordering the Britax B-ready instead.

Mina Rock Hill, SC


Update: I bought this stroller and originally gave it 5 stars, but after using it for 5 months i am much dissatisfied with quality and comfort. Problems i encountered:1. I had to buy a mattress (found one at buybuybaby) to make it comfortable for a newborn when in the bassinet mode. when in the bassinet mode, the stroller tends to tilt head down. i had to use towels under the head and a heavy object under the feet to level it out.2. i was never able to fold my stroller base, but it was never an issue since i have an suv, and it fits there just fine.3. i have and still is using it mainly with a car seat, baby is comfy in his car seat, i have put him in the stroller sitted and reclined and he seems to be very, very uncomfortable. he only tolerated about 15 min (he can stay in the car seat for hours).4. after five months of use and light grocery shopping, the basket has stretched out and now even with very light objects placed in it, it touches the ground, so i have to carry groceries in my hands when i shop now!5. straps are not very comfortable, especially now when using a bundle me up to keep baby warm.6. diaper bag issue became apparent when i switched from the car seat to stroller base, since basket is barely accessible and small, i strapped by diaper bag to the handle and it worked fine with the car seat, but with the actual stroller seat, diaper bag ends up sitting on top of babies feet or i have to carry it…if i had to do it all over again, I would not buy it! I am looking for a different stroller now, since my son is ready to sit up and needs a comfortable stroller for daily walks.Pros:large canopycan face both ways

Katharine Lemont Furnace, PA

Owned many, many strollers and love this one

I am admittedly a strollers obsessed person. I am on my fourth baby now and have purchased over 7 strollers over the past 8 years.Update: 2011I used this stroller for about 8 months when the foam on the handle bar ripped (not even sure how). I contacted the company and they had me ship them 2 of the wheels and then they shipped me – for free- a whole new stroller. I was really impressed with this level of customer service. I did decide to sell it at this point and get a single BOB stroller as it fit my needs better at that stage in the game.Pros: The stroller was absolutely great to push the whole 8 months I was using it.The fabric really held up well.I am not due any day with my 4th baby and really miss this stroller 🙂 I just can’t justify having it AND my BOB double stroller (which rocks!)The sun hood was a dream to operate.The ability to switch from back to front and back again was incredible!!!! I LOOOOVED it so much and used it all the time with ease.Cons: The seat was a bit too reclined in my opinion even in the most upright setting. My son seemed to pull himself into a more upright position.Undoing the seat from the frame (chassis) every time I folded it into the car was a annoying. But it was worth it for those first 5 months when he really needed that flat area to sleep.It is quite bulky even when folded. But then again I had seen some slick pictures online of people who figured out more streamlined ways to fold it. I never invested the time to really figure that out.The storage basket is a bit of a joke…..thank goodness for my skip hop diaper bag. That did work out perfectly.Overall – I would buy this stroller again in a heartbeat. It was great!! I am glad I was able to sell it when I did – as I love my BOB revolution for an older child (1 year and up) but it would have been nice to keep this one too :)_________I started researching strollers this time around because I wanted one that had the newborn bassinet feature but couldn’t bring myself to pay the $800 for the Uppa Baby (which looks beautiful but my husband gave me the evil eye when I told him the price :). I was SO HAPPY when I found this stroller for 1/4 the price! I plan to return to my part time work with my baby and so wanted a comfortable, compact place for him to sleep completely flat. This stroller fits my goal exactly.The first thing out of hubby’s mouth (and mine) when we opened the box was “WOW, that looks exactly like that $800 Uppa Baby stroller you wanted!” and it does. We bought the black one and the fabric looks great.It was very easy to put together and the turning function is incredibly smooth and easy to do (from forward facing to parent facing). I also love that you can have it sideways too, great for at a restaurant. Even my 7 year old could do it and found it fantastic.The biggest deal for me in any stroller are the hood size and the turning. The hood is a very good size and offers more than 2/3 coverage. I always wish that any stroller will be as good as a BOB stroller’s hood size, but we can’t have everything 🙂 (LOVE BOB strollers by the way)So for my turning test (because I am still pregnant) I put my 43 lb. 5 year old in the stroller and pushed her all around the house, in circles, etc. This stroller was still VERY, VERY easy to push. I was actually shocked. it did not lean to one side or favor the front or back and it didn’t have tough points while turning. Everything was smooth.So for fun I put my 56 lb. 7 year old in it as well (I know this is above the recommended weight 🙂 and it was still easy to push!!!!The storage basket is on the small side (and I have owned 7 strollers). I can see putting a small diaper bag in there OR a purse and some loose diapers and a few other small things. For me this is not a huge deal as I have the Skip Hop Duo Deluxe diaper bag and it clips on to the handle bar very sleekly and offers me all the storage (I hope) I need plus I can put my water bottle, keys, etc. in one of the parent pockets in my diaper bag. I love that bag!!! I bought the “Childress Bottles and Bags stroller organizer with shopping bag hooks” thinking this would be the perfect compliment to this stroller and I don’t like it one bit. The “water bottle holders” are a joke unless you drink from a kid sized water bottle and the other pockets I found awkward. Anyway, I am returning it and just plan to use the diaper bag as my “parent organizer.”I do consider it a downside that you have to remove the seat in order to fold it into your car. But I also have never seen a stroller that was a bassinet and a toddler seat in one. I give them that. They also had the grace to include the adapter for a carseat so that your infant carseat will fit right into the metal frame when the seat is removed. Almost every other company that sells high-end strollers makes you purchase that separately. My hats off to them for this. Speaking of that feature it is GREAT that this metal frame can be used with our Graco Snugride carseat! As a mother of almost 3, I know the importance of being able to do this with your stroller so you are not waking your sleeping baby. Again, I wish you were able to attach your carseat into this stroller without having to remove the seat and install the carseat adapter but it seems this is the trade off for that bassinet feature I wanted so much.I believe I will be really, really happy with this stroller and will update when baby comes and I have had a chance to use it more. I only gave it four stars because to me, the 5th star should be reserved for products that you wouldn’t want to change or improve.As a last note my other favorite strollers are the Peg Perego Pilko P3 or a BOB for singles, and HANDS DOWN the BOB Dualle for a double.

Lorraine Orovada, NV

fantastic, with a few minor flaws

Been using it for 5 months now. Things I like:1. 360 degree rotation – awesome! Use it all the time. Sun shining one way, no problem – rotate, done deal. At restaurants, position this thing however you want, voila.2. Bassinet. A really good feature to have, until 5 months. Infants can’t sit, really so it’s great having my baby lie down flat. Converts to a regular, sit down stroller in 10 seconds.Things I don’t like:1. Not that easy to collapse it. Really do need two hands.2. Not that easy to detach a car seat from the frame. Takes a few tugs and twists, which is suboptimal when you have a baby sleeping in it!Still, these two things are minor enough for me to keep all 5 stars. If I could, I would give it 4.5.UPDATE: After a few months, a front wheel became a bit wobbly. Called customer service, had a new wheel delivered, free of charge in 4 days. FANTASTIC customer service!

Kasey Thiensville, WI


I LOVE this stroller! I like the twisting feature because when my daughter gets sleepy, we twist he handle up and move the stroller side to side. It helps her go to sleep in any loud place we have been in. Every feature is great! I just went to the First Years website to see if they have double strollers like this and am so upset they don’t! I will just have to have two strollers for my kids because I refuse to settle for anything else!!

Jasmine Hope, NJ

So far, so good!

***UPDATE*** My son and I took this on a a test drive today and it’s AMAZING. Smooth ride, cozy bed area for the baby, perfect sized canopy, great adjustable handle, and so easy to handle it’s ridiculous! Can’t wait to do more strollin’!Granted, I just got this stroller today but I already LOVE it! It was extremely simple to put together with very easy instructions to follow. It looks GREAT upon completion and super easy to change it for all the different features. The canopy is HUGE and will easily cover baby from all angles of sun. The swivel feature to change the seat from forward to rear facing is super, super simple and fun! The stroller is a bit wide but we will mostly be using it for walks outside so I don’t really care how wide it is – people can get out of our way!The red/black combo looks awesome and I’m sure we will get a lot of “where did you get that stroller?!” because it looks so cool and unique.I bought a hanging basket drink/holder thing and it doesn’t work super well but I fiddled around with it and it works good enough for me. I also don’t care that the basket underneath isn’t huge because I hang my diaper bag from the handlebar and it will still fit in the basket anyway if I wanted to put it there.Also easy to fold up and fits our car seat with the adapter. Love it!

Jeannine Merrick, NY

great stroller

I’ve used this for 3 months now. I like the stroller a lot; it’s attractive, it’s easy to put together (and I’m awful with figuring these type of things out), and my baby is comfortable in it. I can imagine getting several years of use out of it which is one of the reasons I wanted it. It doesn’t do well on rocky areas, but that’s not what its made to do so I can’t take away points for that. The basket below it really is small and not the easiest to get things in and out of. That is the downside for me: I can’t put my diaper bag in it. Otherwise, it’s a nice stroller…similar feel to a bugaboo (although the materials aren’t as nice) without the bugaboo price.

Candice Erwin, NC

Absolutely love it

This stroller is amazing. I also purchased the matching Via car seat with this. Yes it’s missing a few things but all other features make up for it. I love showing off the spinning feature. People go crazy over it. Lol. Plus it is very helpful to be able to have the handle bar out of the baby when taking baby in and out of the car seat and when I take it to restaurants so I can have easier access to baby. A little heavy, but still super easy to fold. Great value because it comes with the bassinet that doubles as a toddler seat. I mainly use it with the car seat now because my baby is still only 4 months old and it’s so much easier to just pop the car seat on and off for quick trips. When going for longer walks I use the bassinet so baby is more comfortable and makes my life easier because I can do diaper changes right in it and don’t need to search for a bathroom with a changing table. I put her in it using the toddler seat mode and she loved it. She does very well in it and has a better view of the world and if she falls asleep I just put it back on bassinet mode. I recently ordered a universal parent stroller organizer caddy and a snack tray caddy for the stroller and will post reviews once they arrive. This stroller was the best purchase I’ve made for my baby so far.

Bertie Martell, NE

A great stroller for the price!

***EDIT 8/22/11***After about six months of use I ended up selling this stroller. Here’s why:1)It does not sit at a full upright “0” degree angle (90*). As my son aged, he hated being somewhat reclined. This was a major factor in my decision.2) Basket. Basket basket. The lack of storage was really annoying and got worse as it went on.3) The footrest is not adjustable. This is sort of a pro/con based on the fact the seat turns into a bassinet, but his little legs stuck straight out when seated and hung over, he was uncomfortable.4) The two part fold. This really didn’t bother me that much, but I greatly prefer being able to fold the entire thing together if necessary.5) Fabric. In Urban, the black fabric really wasn’t as nice as I would have liked. It did repel stains but I wanted something that looked nicer.All in all, I did enjoy the stroller and was quite sad to give up the spin feature. However, now that my son mostly wants to face outward at the world (1 year), it doesn’t matter. I ended up choosing the Uppababy VistaUPPAbaby Vista Stroller, Cole/Slatewhich really has been a dream come true. It has every feature I could ever want, along with the price tag. If you’re looking to save money, the Wave might be for you. But ultimately, there were some things I still really wanted out of a stroller that the Wave just didn’t provide. Maybe in future models. It is still a great buy depending on what you’re looking for.***EDIT 1/11/11***I’ve been using this stroller for a few months now. I still really enjoy it. The packing/unpacking of the stroller is quite a breeze now. As another reviewer stated, we’ve had a little bit of trouble feeling like the right side of the handlebar is just maybe half an inch or so lower than the left. Apparently there is an easy fix so I look forward to that. The stroller has held up well with almost daily use. It is easy to clean, and my six month old likes to sit in it upright as well as sleep in it bassinet mode. I still largely hate the basket. I use it to stash a water bottle and a blanket, and maybe my jacket. That’s about it. I use stroller cruise hooks to attach my diaper bag. I still think this stroller was a GREAT purchase for the price. If you’re debating I’d still recommend you get it. I have been so pleased with all the features I purchased it for (reversible, bassinet to toddler, etc.) and it has not disappointed. Also, I get a lot of comments of ‘that is the coolest stroller I have ever seen’ and people asking me where to get it. I spent time in Miami where EVERYONE and their dog has a Bugaboo. There were at least 6 Bugaboos out by the Ritz Carlton pool there, along with my stroller, and even the Bugaboo owners took note! Not that it is important, but just to give you an idea, it looks like a more expensive and unique stroller. Happy shopping!*If you are looking for a footmuff, go for the JJ Cole bundle me in TODDLER. PERFECT fit! I also went with the Cruise Hooks to attach on the handle. Those are the two accessories I’d say are a definite must-buy. I’m going to purchase a Meeno babies stroller liner for summer, as well, but can’t comment on its fit yet. I’ll update later._____________________________________________ORIGINAL REVIEW:I just got this stroller today after lots of research on reversible-seat strollers. My initial impression is very good! Here is a breakdown of what I like and don’t like:Like:1) Obviously the stroller looks very nice.2) The spin handle! It is very easy and fun to do also! This is the reason I chose the stroller.3) It was very easy to assemble. Pop on the wheels, the canopy, and the seat. It took less than five minutes.4) It handles well due to the large rear tires that always stay in the rear.5) For those that want, it already comes with a car seat adaptor which is nice. My baby hates his car seat, which is the reason I wanted a parent-facing stroller, thus I don’t need this part.6) You CAN adjust from bassinet mode to toddler mode and vice versa while the child is in the seat (also not recommended though). Going from bassinet to toddler is easier though, because I wanted to be able to quietly lie the baby down when he fell asleep upright. This is more difficult to do because the seat part drops quickly if you don’t support it when you release the buckle.7) Large canopy with peek a boo window (vinyl). This combined with the ability to flip the seat means baby never has to have the sun in his eyes!8) Easy operation: Easy to undo belly bar, easy to undo/place seat, easy to flip, easy to fold.Dislike:1) The stroller fabric isn’t quite as nice as I would hope, but I am getting a Meeno liner. For the price of the stroller though, this is minor. I was worried about the straps and the fabric looking too windbreaker-like, but it is more like a woven nylon, and softer than I expected.2) The basket is the reason I rated this stroller only 4/5. It is difficult to tell from the pictures, but there is a hardware part of the stroller than extends directly down from the frame and into the basket a couple of inches. This makes getting anything larger than a small purse or a blanket very difficult to get in OR out. Storage is a BIG deal for parents so this is disappointing. I DID manage to hook my large Burberry diaper bag onto the handlebars (I know, it says not to). However, when it is in bassinet mode, it is awkward and the driver is right up against the bag. When the seat is upright in toddler mode, it touches the part where a child’s lower leg would be. My baby is only 4 months so that is not an issue now. I suspect when the baby is older he will be outward facing anyway, and this won’t be a problem, just something to be aware of.3) The strap system for the seat recline is cumbersome. I’m sure they could have figured something else out here. Hopefully for those that buy it later they will revise that in the following models. The two straps that adjust from bassinet mode to toddler mode are a little tough to do, you really have to squat and pull them pretty hard to buckle. I guess that means they’re secure…Overall it is the best option for the price considering the bassinet to toddler and the reversible seat. The two part fold is not difficult. We also have a Chicco Cortina system and that stroller takes up more room in our BMW trunk than this does. It doesn’t have a lock when folded, but it stands up so that really isn’t a problem for us. The seat did come with a fairly strong fabric smell but after leaving it out in the living room for a few hours it has already started to subside. As for the velcro and the swinging bar on the underneath side of the stroller: put the seat in bassinet mode. Fasten the two 1″ velcro tabs around this bar. Then take the large velcro closure that runs the width of the stroller and fasten it around the previous bar you just velcroed. This helps to keep the bassinet seat stable and the seat keep its shape when put upright.We will probably be using this stroller when we don’t need to pack around as many things or when I am alone with the baby so I can more easily see him and entertain him. We will stick to the Chicco when we need more storage space (i.e. going to Disney World, need a big shopping basket). I’m happy with the purchase. I debated on it for days and took the plunge; you should too. I contacted Amazon and as long as the product hasn’t been used you can return it within 365 days. So, you can take it out, put it together, try it in your home and if you don’t like it, you can return it for free, shipping included. Hope this helps!

Whitney Houck, AZ

First Years Wave Stroller – great find, best for tiny babies

Update 4.21.11: seems like it’s best for small babies that can take advantage of the bassinet and reversible handle option. When my daughter got older (around 7-8 months), she decided she no longer liked riding in the Wave stroller, she much rather prefered her First Years Ignite (umbrella) stroller because the seat back can be adjusted much higher. She likes to sit up and look around, but somehow in the Wave she was always somewhat reclined and couldn’t see far enough. I pulled up the seat to the max and even put a blanket behind her but she still screamed. So, off stroller went for sale 🙂 I have no regrets though, it was a much better arrangement for her than having her sweat and steam in the car seat travel system in the middle of summer with her head flopping to her chest when she was tiny. Bottom line: if you are still pregnant or just had a baby, get the stroller. If the baby is older than 6 months, there are better options out there.I have been using the stroller for 4 months now and still love it. I agree with other reviewers regarding lack of accessories and small bag space, but for my circumstances it’s not an issue since we don’t take long enough walks to have to tag along bottles and diaper bags and what I do bring fits fine in the basket. I did get a universal caddy for the handle where I can fit a water bottle, keys, and wallet.My daughter is very sensitive to sun, so as soon as I see her squint, I just rotate the seat to make her comfortable, same for if she’s had enough of me and wants to see something else 🙂 I first got a cute Graco stroller with the whole infant seat attachment gig, but my baby looked so uncomfortable and hot and could never take a nap. She started taking naps in this one when I got it.My daughter is only 5 months old now, so we are using a semi-reclined toddler seat now and I can’t comment on how she will fit in the stroller a year from now, but I’m hoping we will get to use it until she’s two.The only “con” if you can call it that is that it is bulky and you have to take off the seat to fold it, but we can live with that since it offers so many other cool features.As for the other reviewer commenting about the smell, most baby things we bought smelled and we had to air them out. I didn’t have any more of a smell issue with the stroller as I did with everything else and there is absolutely no smell right now. My partner can smell anything a mile away and he hasn’t complained.

Jackie Lehighton, PA

Best stroller ever!

I’ve owned numerous strollers over the years, and this is by far the best stroller out there. Its so much nicer than i even imagined! I have three kids between the ages of 3 months to 4 years. The bassinet feature is amazing for my baby….it’s so comfortable and cozy. My 18 month old loves that he can face me and chat with me while we are walking. And since this stroller goes up to 50 lbs i can even use it with my 4 year old if we really got in pinch. It’s unbelievably easy to turn the seat from front to back. This stroller has all the features of the $600-$1000 strollers out there, even more in fact, and it looks every bit as nice. I would highly recommend this stroller to anyone!!!!!

Petra Gladstone, OR

Love the First Wave Stroller!

Purchased this stroller when I was 8 months pregnant. I LOVE this stroller! We get so many compliments on it while out and about. Getting a rear-facing stroller was really important to me, because I did lots of research on language development, and we practice many aspects of Attachment Parenting. The stroller allows baby to see us, feel comfortable, as well as look out to the world.It is quite easy to put together (even at 8 months pregnant), and took about 20 minutes to assemble. It rolls and turns easily and smoothly, and it’s easy to get baby in and out. The “spin” feature on the carriage is great and works easily. I also love how it doubles as a bassinet for little ones–we used it around the house as a bassinet up until 3 months, which saved us money on having to buy something that you only use for a few months!The extending handle is great for taller folks, and the overall design is easy. It collapses easily and is pretty easy to convert from stroller to bassinet mode.The only cons (which I don’t really mind) are that it isn’t really all that compact. I have a mid-size sedan and it takes up a good chunk of the trunk space. It is also a bit heavy, though we don’t tote it around all that much (mostly use it for walking baby + dog around the neighborhood), so it’s not a big deal to us. Price could be considered a con as well, but I thought it was pretty reasonably priced compared to the other rear-facing stroller options out there.All in all, I love this stroller. It’s served us well for several months so far with no signs that it won’t continue to in the future.

Becky Metamora, MI

Worth the wait!

We waited for a while for this item to come back in stock and I’m so happy we decided to wait rather than buying another stroller. We really, really love this item. It’s well-made and really easy to use. I do wish it had cup-holders, but the stroller is so awesome it’s not that big of a deal for us. We haven’t found a universal cup-holder that works with this particular stroller, yet, but we’ll keep looking. The rotating feature is simple and really easy to use, the bassinet is so comfortable and the sun-shade is huge. It’s easy to maneuver and our little girl loves riding in it. We haven’t used the universal car seat attachment yet, but it was a big selling point that it’s included with the stroller. My only “complaints” are the lack of cup-holders and the fact that the stroller is so light; attaching the diaper bag will tip the stroller over. This was one of our favorite baby purchases and I would highly recommend this stroller.

Chris Knierim, IA

great stroller for an amazing price!!!!!

we checked so many strollers before we bought this wife hit 36 weeks 🙂 so we finally had to make a decision which stroller is the best for us…we checked bugaboo’s (which are 800$ !!!!!,gracos,mclarens…we also searched for them on the internet,and that was when we found The first Years stroller.we checked almost every video on youtube,all other reviews,and we made a decision to get it.when it came,we put it together really fast,u dont even need manual for it..we were amazed by it lightweight,functionality, great design and many other things…seriously this stroller cost us 300$ with tax and shipping,comparing to bugaboo its like 3 times less,and whats most important the first years stroller is better than bagaboo,we have some friends who have bugaboos,those strollers are very good too,but what would u choose if there was a way to save 600 dollars and get the same quality and functionality,and in my opinion better stroller…first yeras looks great,its handy :),light,good quality materials,and whats important too,its tough 🙂 u can easily transform this stroller without changing the main seat,it has adjustable handle height,attachment for infant car seats,and the frame can handle up to 50 pounds!!!!the only minus i found is theres no cup holders,but im sure u can buy it and install it easily…i strongly recommend this stroller for every family,u wont be disappointed…. :)))))

Mattie Glenmont, OH

Everything I Expected

I’ll update this review once my baby is born. I haven’t been able to use it for real yet, I’ve just played with it around the house.————————Most of the negative comments about this stroller have to do with:1. No cup holder/parent tray2. Bouncy seat3. Seat needs to be removed in order to fold the stroller1. First off, there is no cup holder or parent tray for simple physics reasons. The handle is what is used to flip the seat around, and after the flip, the handle bar is reversed! Can you imagine some sleep deprived parent with hot coffee in a built-in stationary cup holder going to turn their baby around? Ouch!Also, be advised that not all universal cup holders work due to the girth of the handlebar. For instance, the “Munchkin Stroller Cup Holder” does not work. I bought a cup holder from Burlington Coat Factory, which I think is the “JL Childress Cup ‘N Stuff Stroller Pocket” (based on appearance) and attached it to the front of the handle bar, but to be on the safe side, I’ll try to remember to remove any beverage before turning the seat around.2. The seat does have some give to it, but that’s good when going over bumps in the sidewalk. Also, babies like to be bounced a little anyway. I think the seat is sturdy enough and I would have no concerns about the stability of the seat in terms of safety.3. Yes, the seat does need to be removed. It’s easy to remove through. Getting the seat back in I find a bit more challenging, but after some practice I think I have it down. I look on the bright side: removing the seat splits up the weight and allows for greater flexibility when transporting the stroller (seat can go in the backseat if needed for example).Overall I think it’s a fabulous product. I love that the seat can be reversed. I also love that the seat and bassinet are the same unit. I love that the seat isn’t still attached to the stroller when the car seat adapter is used – less bulky, less weight(in the Graco travel systems the car seat has to fit on top of the toddler seat). I also love the huge sun shade!I think if you read all the reviews you will have a good idea of what to expect from this stroller and you will buy it for all the positive features of this stroller for the price. (Price does vary – I’ve seen it go from $280 down to $225 on Amazon)

Tamra York Haven, PA

Perfect for Newborns!

Amy Catlettsburg, KY

Almost a perfect stroller

This stroller is amazing!!! We’ve had it for almost 11 months now and still love it. There is some room for improvement but otherwise it is great. The seat is very roomy, the stroller has a decent size basket that is easy to reach, huge canopy, and the swivel feature which allows you to turn you baby every which way is amazing. The handle bar is great and can be extended with ease to fit a taller person; maneuverability is amazing. Can you tell I love this stroller?Some ways to improve this stroller for my taste would be: (1) making the seat a little firmer so the baby is more comfortable and, when in toddler mode, more upright; (2) making the stroller less heavy and easier to fold (although it is a full size stroller so you can really only ask for so much); and (3) more accessories like parent cup, child tray, etc.Otherwise, it has to be one of the best strollers on the market!!! We are very happy with it.

Isabella Fox River Grove, IL

Great looking stroller

Great looking stroller. Here’s what I like and what I don’t :I like:- the huge covering sun visor/shade that can pull over- how easily it is to manoevre around.- being able to switch position.- the bassinet feature- the look of it – it’s super stylish looking.What I don’t like:- you can’t really put much in the underneath part and you can hang shopping bags on the handle. You can’t even attach a mommy hook to the handle and it will slip all the way down to the sides and your bags will drag on the ground. This is a big deal for shopping as it doesn’t help you with carrying pretty much anything except the child whereas I’ve used other strollers that you can put all your shopping bags on there and its a workhorse as well as a stroller.- the seat isn’t very deep- it’s tricky to put together – I find I have to lean right over every time and wiggle it with the red buttons pushed down to get it in place. Would have been nice if it could just drop into place.Overall I am happy with it for the moment.

Aline Arrey, NM

Such a great stroller

So I really wanted a chic, uptown looking stroller without having to pay the 600-1000 dollar price tag! I love this stroller. It is so easy to use and the swivel feature is amazing! The basket below is somewhat small but seems that it will work fine. As with all the other reviewers, I do wish it had at least some detachable cup holders but you cant get everything you want! lol- Seriously, this is a great price for such a great stroller…. Easily folds and works well with the first years i450 car seat… it has a universal attachment for other car seats but just looks great with the first years car seat! get this stroller!!! you wont be disappointed!

Claire York New Salem, PA