The Floppy Seat: Deluxe Shopping Cart Seat Cover with EZ Carry Storage Bag!

The Floppy Seat: Deluxe Shopping Cart Seat Cover with EZ Carry Storage Bag!

This colorful insert covers the entire seating area to keep baby comfortable, clean and secure. Fits all shopping carts. Cushions against hard metal, protects from germs and guards sensitive skin from hot or cold carts. Pocket holds toys or pacifiers. Machine washable. Ages 5 mos. to 4 yrs. 9″H x 24″W x 18″D.

Main features

  • Sanitary, comfortable, 100% washable
  • Folds into carry bag
  • Clip on favorite toys
  • Fits any shopping cart or high chair

Verified reviews


Not a Germ-a-phob BUT please…carts are nasty

I don’t consider myself a wipe this, wipe that don’t touch that kind of mom but these cart covers just make sense.Here is when it REALLY clicked for me.. I had the little boy I was taking care of in the Brunos cart and he had an accident it went everywhere…all over the buggie seat. I spent 5 minutes wiping down the buggy in the parking lot and that was still not enough to clean it and honestly 5 more minutes then anyone else would have spent…When I had kids…I promptly purchased one of these.. I found that to make it versitile…and fit more things it is Too big. and So bulky and I never could handle getting it easily back in the bag. So I checked out other moms in restraunts and realized there were more options. I tied the ones that just covers the bar and a little bit of the middle….bad kids still were exposed to cart which defeated the purpose of spending 4 minutes getting it on the buggy.. I ended up going with a black gingham one I found on ebay. The lady makes them herself and it is a smaller more comfortable fit. Not as much cart is exposed..I gave this a three cause it is a good product but too bulky and toting two kids under 2.5 around and a big bulky blanket it just wasn’t working.

Imogene Owls Head, ME

Floppy Seat really is a “Flop”!

I purchased the Floppy Seat at Babies R Us because I knew that I really wanted something to cover those “cootie infested” carts now that my son is old enough to sit up. I recieved a Shop & Play cart cover for a shower gift, but it is more for entertainment than protection from germs. I didn’t do much research or compare different types of cart covers before making this purchase because I didn’t think there could really be that much difference in cart covers. As long as it was one that covered the entire seat, I figured it would be better than the Shop & Play. When I got home w/ the Floppy Seat I got it out to see how it looked & worked. GOOD GRIEF, it was a WRESTLING MATCH just to get it pulled out of itself where it could be used, (it stuffs inside itself & makes a bag for carrying) & trying to stuff it all back in was EVEN HARDER to do. I was just sitting at home on the couch, so I could tell it would be IMPOSSIBLE to do w/ one hand while holding a baby! I guess it would work it you get the cart in the parking lot & put the Floppy Seat on before you get your baby out of the car, but if you tried to actually carry your baby into the store & then put on the Floppy Seat while holding your little one it would never work. I plan on returning the Floppy Seat. I’m not even going to waste my time and energy trying it on a cart. Trust me it would be next to impossible to use w/ out dropping your child. After reading online reviews I plan on purchasing the Buggy Bagg. I wish I had done more research BEFORE buying the Floppy Seat. Yes, the Buggy Bagg is more expensive, but I can tell it will be worth the money if it means not dropping my baby on his head while trying to install the Floppy Seat. I gave this 2 stars because, in all fairness, I never actually tried it on a cart & I figure it would be better than no cover at all. All in all, I’d say the Floppy Seat is a “flop”.

Luella Bay, AR

Everybody with a child should have this

i love the floppy seat. it is easily put onto the shopping cart, fits any size of cart (even the huge costco ones), covers everything baby touches has a seatbelt that works great and is very soft and comfy.the reason i gave it just four stars is that the fabricd fades quickly. couple times of washing it and the fading starts. the second thing i wish is that they had some hipper fabrics, like pink camo, or some retro look.

Angelica Big Sandy, WV

Germs Anyone?!?! – a review of the EZ Carry Cart Cover

Per Wired Magazine’s May 2005 edition (Page 61):Shopping cart handle germ count: 1 MILLION.If just 10 percent were influenza virus, you could pick up: 510 germs.Number that would make you sick: 1.When I think of my children touching those surfaces and then putting their little hands in their mouths, or rubbing their eyes… yuck, makes me squeemish.I’m ordering two today: One for each car so dad and I can cut down on the contagion we battled this last year.[The number of germs on a toilet handle, btw, is only 50,000]

Lillian Kennedale, TX

Great to have, but not entirely necessary

If you register for this item and get it, wonderful! But if you are crafty or know someone who is, there are patterns out there and you can sew one for yourself. Or, they can be bought used on Ebay!It’s good to have if you go places where the shopping carts are kept outside and are cold on that little tushy. I have found that every store I go to now doesn’t seem to have carts handy. Gee… How convenient. It’s nice to know that he can go in the cart and I don’t have to worry about him chewing on the handle of the shopping cart. However, I don’t believe any claim that this will actually keep him from getting any germs.

Maribel Butler, TN

Wish I had thought of it….

This is a great product. Fits on carts well and also works well on restaurant high chairs. Washes easily and folds into its own pocket bag. I get stopped in the store all the time by people wanting to know where I got it. We love it. I am purchasing these for all my friends having babies.

Sheri Elkhart Lake, WI

Never leave home without.

This product is excellent. We used it on high chairs and always on grocery carts, it has fit everyone of them and covers everything. I can’t imagine sitting my baby in a grocery cart without one. Now we’ve had a second baby and we’re getting a second one, one for both kids. We still use this for our 2 year old so we’ve gotten ALOT of use out of it.

Dixie Intercourse, PA

use this all the time!

expensive, but one of the items i use at least every other day. my daughter is small, so it was pretty necessary for her comfort in the highchairs in restaurants and the grocery carts. she loves the feel of it and that toys can be hung on the loops!

Carmen Cedars, PA

Peace of mind!

Great peace of mind, for me, against germs.Easy to use while grocery shopping andgreat for those not-so-clean high chairs atrestaurants. The pocket is great to hold baby’s milkand there are attachment links where you can addbaby’s toys. We don’t leave home without it.

Melba San Geronimo, CA

Keeps the germs away

My son used this until he refused to sit in the basket anymore. I just washed it every so often and kept it in my car for next time. Maks them more comfy and keeps them warmer in winter.

Haley Aurora, SD

Very handy

This floppy is a godsend. I love how it can hold toys and protects my toddler son’s mouth from so many nasty store germies. The material is soft and comfy so baby isn’t sitting on a cold hard seat and it’s easy to pack back up into the bag.My only gripe is the price. Money is no object for my son’s safety but $40 can be a lot of money, especially for a full time student.I would recommend this for any parent and I’m very satisfied with this floppy.

Staci Fox Island, WA

keep germs away

this is much easier and safer to keep nasty shopping cart germs away from your child. my only problem is keeping my child in the front of the cart, she has to be part of the action. its a little bulky to carry around, and not very easy to put back in the bag, but would purchase again because the others ive seen still have places the baby could touch and get germs.

Ollie Tuscarora, NV

Reasons to buy this product

I bought this Floppy Seat when my son outgrew his Snugride carrier at 6-7 months. He is now 10 months and I can’t imagine life without it!Reasons why I’m glad I bought it:1. Good sizeFits most shopping carts perfectly and provides complete coverage. Sure, it’s a little large for some of the smaller shopping carts or restaurant highchairs, but the excess material doesn’t really get in the way. In this case, I think its better to have too much than too little.2. ProtectionThe Floppy Seat was especially useful when my son was smaller and had trouble sitting up straight in the seat. It gave him some extra cushion for comfort and protection while keeping him strapped snuggly into the cart.3. ConvenienceThis item is easy to wash, easy to carry, and easy to put onto shopping carts. Also, it has a pocket on the inside of the seat that can be used for storage of a small bottle or toy. It’s fairly compact if you take the time to roll it up into its built-in pouch. It’s nice to be able to roll it up for taking into a restaurant for a highchair or if you’re short on space in your car (I usually just throw it in my car without bothering to roll it up though!).I definitely recommend this product.

Addie Metamora, OH

Nice and handy

Covers every inch of shopping buggy’s and high chairs. Has the loops to keep toys off the floor. Little difficult getting it back into bag form, and onto the buggy with one hand. Definently try to find a buggy in the parking lot, so baby can have somewhere to sit while adjusting the thing on the buggy. Definently a good choice and a must have.

Dana Percy, IL

One of the best baby gifts we received!

When our first daughter was born, we were given a NoJo shopping cart/high chair seat cover and were told that it would come in very handy. When she was old enough, we pulled out the cover and used it all the time, and we were happy with it. Shortly after she was too old to really use a seat cover, I started seeing Floppy Seats and thought they looked pretty handy.Fast forward a few years…we were given a Floppy Seat when our second daughter was born. When I got tired of toting her around in the infant carrier, I dug out the Floppy Seat and tried it out. Other than some initial pondering of exactly how it fits in the shopping cart, it’s been really easy to use.Our baby was a bit behind the average for sitting up without support, but thanks to the all-over covering of the Floppy Seat, I was able to put her in the cart seat even though she would lean to one side or the other. I’ve used the side pocket to hold toys and the little fabric loops to attach link toys to keep her occupied while I shop. It takes a bit of work, but it does fold into itself for storage and carrying. I’m about 50-50 for folding it up versus tossing it into the car in a heap…depends on the situation. And it’s machine washable, so after a few uses or if it gets dirty, just wash it up and it’s good as new again.Like another reviewer said, it doesn’t really fit well on the restaurant high chairs…it’s a bit big for them. Thankfully I still have the smaller NoJo cover, so I’ll just use that for restaurant visits. One other downfall is that you lose the bar handle of the shopping cart…since the fabric goes over the bar, it becomes a flat shape in your hand instead of a bar to wrap your hand around. I don’t know the physics/biomechanics behind it, but it’s definitely easier to push a cart with your fists gripping the cart bar as opposed to your semi-open hand loosely holding the edge of a flat surface (I hope that makes sense!) Corners can be a bit of a challenge to navigate, especially when the cart is loaded or heavy. It’s not a major make-or-break deal, but worth mentioning. It’s still a 5-star product as far as I’m concerned!

Dorothy Loudonville, OH

Great Seat – Don’t leave home without it!

This is such a nice seat to have when you go out. It’s wonderful for keeping your kiddos from touching or chewing on seats, carts, etc!- Fully covers / lines the booster seat or grocery cart and the elastic around the edge wraps around the whole seat- The seat is nicely padded and all they really touch is the fabric- Has a strap that can be used to attach the floppy seat to the back of a cart or booster seat- Folds inside itself to make its own carry bag (which has nice handles that could actually be linked onto your diaper bag etc)- Has pockets for stuff for baby and piping that you can link toys onto so they can’t be thrown on the floor- Cute colors and fabric – I have the red one with animals on the inside printIt is an extra thing to bring and carry around, but it’s completely worth it to know that my daughter isn’t touching booster chairs and carts that don’t get cleaned!!!

Candace Erving, MA

Great, but doesn’t wash well

I love the Ez carry floppy seat. It is very easy to put on any shopping cart. Babies love to put anything and everything in their mouths…This great product prevents your child from putting their mouths and hands all over the handle on a germ infested shopping cart. It covers the entire seat of the shopping cart, which most other shopping cart protectors dont do. I have a couple of complaints, but would still highly recommend this product. It doesnt wash well….even after only one washing the fabric faded and it doesnt look as great as it used to. Unfortuantely, I have to wash it quite often, so it isnt looking too hot these days. Another problem I have is that it is very hard to put on most restaurant high chairs. It is just too big and becomes very aggrivating….Its easy to put on a shopping cart with only one hand, but not a high chair. Over all this product is great for protecting your little one from germs.

Bertha Sharon, VT

Too cumbersome

After reading all the positive reviews I went out and purchased this item and was disappointed at how difficult it was to use with one hand. Think about it….in most cases you’re going to be holding a squirming infant in one arm and trying to put this thing on a shopping cart or high chair with the other. It does come bundled up in it’s own cute little sack, but it takes two hands and about 30 seconds to actually work the thing out of it’s sack. Once out, it’s not super easy to get on the cart with one hand but can be done. No biggie there…the real trouble comes when you’re done shopping and you once again have your squirming infant in one arm and are trying to remove and repackage your floppy seat. This thing is not small and trying to get it back into it’s cute little sack takes some doing. And because it’s so big, it’s not the kind of thing you want to keep out all the time, loose from it’s baggie. Too much work I say, for something that could and should be more convenient. I exchanged mine for a Buggy Bagg. At first I balked at the price of the Buggy Bagg but later realized it is worth the extra 20 bucks. Super easy to open, set up, remove and store all with one hand. Plus it’s got a ton of room in the diaper bag compartment so when we go out shopping or dining we don’t need a diaper bag anymore.

Wanda Lynn, AL

GET THIS! You need it!

This was a wonderful idea! It works great and is easy to use! A must for all moms who want to protect their children from as many germs as possible! Washes easy!

Katheryn Teller, AK

Love this Floppy Seat

I purchased this for my daughter when she began sitting upright in shopping carriages. I could not stand the thought of her touching anything with all those germs. I previously had a cheaper version made by Infantino that I purchased from another store, but was not at all happy with it. It did not cover the entire surface of the carriage and my daughter always managed to touch the one spot that was not protected. I then purchased the Floppy and could not be happier. Its generous size covers the entire surface of every carriage I have encountered. The plush material also makes for a comfy ride. She is nearly 3 and I still use it all the time. It washes well and folds up compact. Well worth it and a must for every baby registry.

Madeleine Flinthill, MO