The Gro Company Carnival Travel Grobag, 6-18 Months, 2.5 TOG

The Gro Company Carnival Travel Grobag, 6-18 Months, 2.5 TOG

Photographed in Sleepy Circus. Pioneering Grobag started the baby sleep bag revolution back in 2000 and we are very proud to have changed the way that parents put their babies to bed. Safe Well fitting, low-tog Baby Sleep Bags, when used correctly, are potentially one of the safest forms of bedding for your baby. While the baby has complete freedom of movement within the Baby Sleep Bag, the fitted neck and armholes ensure that there is no danger of either slipping in or out, provided the baby is placed in the correct size of Baby Sleep Bag for his age/weight. Therefore, provided also that a suitable level of nightwear is worn, he can sleep safely at a pleasant and constant temperature throughout the night. Grobags meet all the relevant safety standards and each comes with a free nursery thermometer and guide of what to wear. Grobag has worked closely with The Lullaby Trust, (formerly FSID), a charity that works to promote Safer Sleep for babies and support for families. Grobag Baby Sleep Bags We go to extraordinary lengths to make sure our Grobags are manufactured to the highest possible quality standards with the very best premium washable fabrics and high quality YKK zips, which are covered or hidden. Photographed in Little Aliens. View larger What is a Baby Sleep Bag? A Baby Sleep Bag (or Baby Sleeping Bag) is a “wearable blanket” designed for babies to be used instead of traditional blankets and sheets. Baby Sleep Bags have a neck opening and armholes and are therefore “worn” by the baby to help the baby stay at the right temperature through the night without the problem of traditional blankets and sheets being kicked off or getting tangled up. Photographed in Sweet Dreams Travel Gro Bag.View larger View larger What is the best room temperature for my baby? The Lullaby Trust and Health Professionals recommend that the ideal room temperature for your baby is 65°F. Our 2.5 tog Grobag Baby Sleep Bags are designed to be used at this temperature. If the nursery is warmer or colder, simply adjust the level of clothing your baby is wearing. We provide a FREE nursery thermometer with 0-6 and 6-18 mth Grobags to help you monitor the temperature of your baby’s bedroom. Photographed in Sandcastle Bay. View larger Why should I use a Baby Sleep Bag instead of blankets and sheets? They stop babies kicking off their covers, getting cold and waking themselves and everyone else upThey can’t be kicked over your baby’s head or get tangled upThey keep babies at a comfortable temperature all night longYour baby can wake up, move around his cot, and fall back to sleep all on his own without you having to tuck them back inThey become a great part of the bedtime routine, and will help your baby feel familiar, secure and confident and understand when its time for bed, even when away from homeThey can help the transition from Moses basket to cot by being the familiar “comforter” in bothThey may delay the age at which your baby rolls over onto his tummyThey may delay the age at which your baby is able to climb out of his cot. Photographed in Teapot Regatta. View larger What should I do if my baby gets too cold or too hot? If your baby has woken up because he is too cold, pick him up and adjust either the temperature of the room, or the baby’s clothing. You can cuddle your baby in his Grobag to warm him up again before putting him back, warm and cosy in his crib If your baby feels hot, you should cool him down by removing some clothing, then either adjust the temperature of the bedroom or the clothes your baby is wearing before returning him to his cot. Photographed in Carnival Travel Gro Bag. What should my baby wear under a Grobag Baby Sleep Bag? What your baby wears will depend on the tog of Grobag Baby Sleep Bag and the temperature of your baby’s bedroom. (In the same way as you would adjust nightclothes and number of blankets). As a guide, please refer to the table below. Please remember, though, that babies are all different and, just as with blankets and sheets, you will soon discover what your baby is most comfortable wearing. Placing your fingers on your baby’s chest is the best indicator of whether they are too hot/too cold/just right as babies’ hands often feel cool. Photographed in Woodland Tales. View larger How many Grobag Baby Sleep Bags should I buy? As the larger sizes last for at least a year, we recommend you buy at least 2 Grobags (so you will always have a spare one if you suddenly need one in the middle of the night!).

Main features

  • With our clever two way zip travel opening these travel grobags can be easily with a 5 point harness in a pushchair or car seat, so you can take all the safety features of the original grobag with you on the road
  • 100% woven cotton outer; 100% super-soft jersey lining on 2.5 and 1.0 tog; 100% cool cotton single layer on 0.5 tog; quick-dry polyester filling on 2.5 tog; 2 way front zip and back vent on all sizes
  • Machine washable and can be tumble dried on low heat

Verified reviews


The travel design is great, but it’s a little too thick

We have been using this with our infant son and it is really nice for car trips. We travel a few hours away to visit relatives on a semi-regular basis, so having a sleepsack that can be used in the car seat is really nice. The design is clever and it’s really great if you want your baby to have the snuggly effect of a sleepsack while you are out of the house. It also means that a sleeping baby can be taken out of the car seat and placed directly in the crib without having to do a wardrobe change or add a new outer layer, which is really nice. Of course, that particular maneuver depends on the cooperation of the baby as well and as all parents know, that is never a certainty.Outside of travel, we prefer to use the Halo Sleepsacks when he is sleeping in his crib. The Grobag is not only very warm (unnecessary with the temperature we keep in our house), but is also very bulky. It’s more like a sleeping bag in some ways than a sleepsack.If you find yourself traveling with your child a lot, this can definitely be very useful. Otherwise, I would stick with the Halo brand sacks for sleeping at home – they are less expensive and you can buy a couple in different materials to accommodate different temperatures.

Gwendolyn Garita, NM

Super impressed

The Gro Company Grobag is a great wearable blanket. It is super soft. It feels almost likes quilt. It is such a comforting blanket for a baby to sleep in. The design is bright and colorful, very interesting and stimulating for babies. Every feature is carefully thought out and executed. The zipper is covered at the top to prevent from scratching chins. It is a two way zipper, too: zip up to the top to keep baby snug at night, or unzip from the bottom to change a diaper or secure baby in a car seat. The back has a button closure to allow for access to the seat belt opening.It comes with a nursery thermometer to help you make the baby comfortable without overheating. It also shows you what combination of clothes to use with your Grobag so your little one does not overheat. I found this to be most helpful. This little thermometer is an added bonus to an already wonderful product.I am thoroughly impressed with this Grobag. I highly recommend it!

Cecilia Aquasco, MD

Amazing quality

Hands down the highest quality wearable blanket I have ever used. This is durable, washable and warm. The blanket breathes well so that kids don’t overheat. I really loved the room thermometer that came with the blanket, it just highlights their attention to detail. The zipper is a good quality and runs smoothly. The bag is a really nice weight for every day use. The pattern is gender neutral so you can use it for more than one child which is great considering the investment in this item. I really liked the travel feature. This is fantastic for long trips or even short ones! I can see us using this the next time we travel on a plane. Get our little one bundled up and buckled in for safety and comfort. The bag is quite large, our 3.5 year old actually fit inside of it. It still works for my daughter though she does get a bit wrapped up in the extra fabric at the bottom sometimes. Overall an excellent bag and an excellent value.

Patrica Bowdon, ND

Deplorable fabric quality!

Grobag Carnival Baby Sleeping Bag, 2.5 TOG, 6-18 moI was thrilled to receive this Grobag for my grandchild, having read countless positive reviews and noting the oodles of nursery product awards it has received. Thus, I was astounded when I found our Grobag is constructed of what can be described as very poor quality, low thread count sheets. The material is so course it’s close to not even resembling cotton; I wouldn’t dream of putting it near delicate baby skin. Also, the batting is 100% polyester, which in my opinion is not a breathable or comfortable substance to sleep between. The bag can be opened from behind through a Velcro opening, and we are left with a very rigid, almost sharp tab enclosure on the inside where baby’s legs would lay.I washed our Grobag a couple times hoping it would soften up so we could give it a try. Regrettably, that didn’t happen, thus I can’t speak for its functionality. Perhaps there has been a distinct shift from its original quality (all of those wonderful reviews!), but I would not recommend anyone purchase this generation of Grobag for their precious little one.

Lidia Everton, AR

Grows With Your Baby

The Grobag is versatile since it functions as both a sleeping sack and travel sack. To help prevent SIDS, blankets are not allowed in our son’s crib. I have used a number of different swaddler blankets and sleep sacks with my son. He outgrows them and a larger size needs to be purchased. This gets expensive. As a sleep sack, this is nice because it will last a long time. It is about 33" long from the top (shoulder area) to the bottom. It is very large. The recommended age being 6-18 months for this particular grobag. If you have a small six month old, they may get swallowed up in this bag.To use as a travel sack, there is an opening in the back that is velcroed shut. The front has a double zipper (one coming down from the top & one coming up fron the bottom). Use the double zipper so that they are both zipped down/up near the back velcro area, but open. You stick the buckle part of the harness through the back opening and out the front zipper. The shoulder straps for the car seat or stroller go over top the grobag and then are inserted into the bottom buckle that you pulled through the back. Depending once again on the size of your child and if your car seat is forward or backward facing, when used in your car seat there may be an exessive amount of material from the grobag. It functions better for smaller kids in the stroller since the material has more room to hang over the bottom.The print is colorful and fun. The outer layer is woven cotton, which is soft but not snuggly. The inside has a super soft jersey lining. Which is very nice and soft. In between to keep your child warm is a quick dry polyester filling. It is a thick material and between all the layers, you might only be able to use this on a cool day. We live in the East coast and get very hot summers so we would not use this during that time. This comes with a cardboard thermometer to tell you the temperature of your room. On the back is a chart showing temperature ranges and the appropriate layers of clothes to use under the grobag.Overall, this is a really nice product. I like the versatility and the fact I can use it as our son grows. One of our son’s other sleep sacks has what I would describe as a fabric belt that Velcros over his chest. That would be a nice addition to this grobag to help keep it in place. Maybe they can’t because this last for a long time and there are too many size possibilities for 6-18 months children.I would recommend this product to all new moms.

Kerri Goodland, IN

Fabulous Quality

Really cute pattern, high quality fabrics, and very warm while still seeming very breathable. This is a really nice sleep sack for colder rooms/climates. The advantage is that you’re supposed to be able to put your kiddo in and out of a stroller/carseat while still wearing this, but the instructions to do so aren’t the most clear – and with a squirming kid who hates both the carseat and the stroller, we very quickly gave up trying to buckle him in while wearing this. Nevertheless, we’ve used it for the extra warmth and have been very pleased. Washes and dries nicely and is big enough that I’m not worried our baby will grow out of it too quickly.

Ada Coal City, IN

Mistake proof sleep sack system

The best feature I found with the Gro Company sleep sack is that the sleep sack comes with a nursery thermometer that shows the temperature and tells you what the baby should be wearing in that temperature. (TOG is a British unit for measuring blankets. I read the Wikipedia entry, and I don’t understand TOG, but higher number TOG means it is warmer.)Here is the info from Gro Company’s chart:0.5 TOG = use for 75 F to 81 F1.0 TOG = use for 69 F to 74 F2.5 TOG = use for 61 F to 68 F3.5 TOG = use for 54 F to 59 FThe thermometer doesn’t just tell you what temperature it is, but also tells you how to dress your baby for the temperature. This is completely stress free idiot-proof baby dressing. If you got one each in all 4 weights, you would be out way too much cash, but you also could dress the baby (or have someone else dress the baby) without having to think or worry about under or over dressing. This idiot-proof system is great.For this particular sleep sack, if I could do it again, I would get a lighter weight. This 2.5 TOG sleep sack is worn in nursery temperatures that are lower than 68 degrees Fahrenheit. I didn’t realize this when I ordered. TOG is British. I’m from Florida. Now, I live in Texas. I tend to live in warm climates and I may go without AC, but I can’t go without heat if it is that cold out. For me, and perhaps for you, a 0.5 TOG or a 1.0 TOG sleep sack would be more practical.Moving on to the sleepsack design. I have previously used Guna Pod and Halo sleep sacks. Halo comes in two weights: cotton and fleece. Some brands (Aden and Anais?) come in a very light weight gauzy cotton. The Gro Company sack comes in 4 weights, so covers a broader range. The included thermometer ensures you will pick the correct sack. The 2.5 TOG one is very cute and nicely constructed. It is like wearing a cotton quilt with polyester fill. It is hard to describe holding the sack, but the sides of it really are like a quilt – it has a few layers of material to make the fabric. I think it is warmer than the Halo fleece sleep sacks. The layers that show and touch baby are cotton and feel good to the touch.This particular sleep sack is advertised as something you can use with a carseat or with stroller straps. It has velcro slits in the back, for using with straps. This was hard to do, but I guess it’s an option. From looking at other Gro Company products, they have a standard style sleep sack that is meant just for crib use. That other style has snaps on the shoulder, which this sack does not. I think that that other style is more practical, because having options for ways to get baby’s arms in and out of the sack becomes useful when they get squirmy or drowsy.

Desiree Randall, IA

Wonderful option to keeping baby cozy through the night ~~

A wonderful and safe alternative to keeping baby cozy & covered through the night.Great design for easy diaper changes.Makes me laugh (happily) seeing baby wearing this.I really appreciate that he has room to kick around inside without hit feet being covered (like a footed sleeper…his feet would get too hot, which would interrupt his sleep…which interrupts my sleep).I thought the fabric was very soft.I love the versatility from crib, to feeding, diaper change, and travel.

Kara Midlothian, IL

Practical and functional

We have had several Grobags over the years. In the warmer weather, or when the A/C is turned on and it might be a little cool for the baby, we have used the 1.0 Tog. This 2.5 Tog is much better for the winter, as we keep our thermostat set pretty low.Sizing will work for most babies 6-18 months, though a 6-month-old will likely have tons of extra fabric at the bottom, and an 18-month-old may outgrow it.Our little ones have never liked to wear these once they are able to be up on their feet. So as soon as they are able to pull up at the edge of the crib, they want their legs free to move.It is really convenient for loading into the carseat for travel — no messing with tucking in blankets around the baby.I often see these on registries, and will buy them as gifts. The patterns are cute and parents are usually really excited to get them.

Tonia Blocksburg, CA

Cute, but doesn’t fit well

Very cute design but it is too big for the size advised. It’s also loose so our baby: sometimes I’ve found her that she had almost "scaped" it. Easy to clean.

Esmeralda Homosassa Springs, FL