The Gro Company Gro-Anywhere Blind

The Gro Company Gro-Anywhere Blind

Make a sunny room fit for your baby to sleep soundly. View larger Velcro fastening is easy to use and quick to adjust. View larger How to Install: Gently press a corner suction cup on to window. For a tall window begin in the top right corner. For a wide window begin in the top left corner. Work across the window pressing cups on to glass. Adjust width using velcro patches. If a sucker will not attach, check glass is clean and moisten slightly. Work down both sides and finally along the bottom. Occasionally, suction cups become deformed in transit which may result in them not sticking effectively to the window. Simply roll between fingers or place in warm water for 30 seconds to restore their normal shape. Removal — Important Do not grab blind and pull. This risks serious damage to the window glass. Remove each suction cup one at a time. Use the small tab on each one or your finger nail to release. Limitations of use The blind can be safely applied to normal single or double glazed windows in good condition. Do not use on windows that have damaged edges, visible chips, cracks or any other glass or frame damage. Do not use on laminated, textured/patterned or leaded glass or windows with internal wire strengthening. Comes with handy travel bag. View larger What customers are saying: “Easy to adjust for varying windows, didn’t take long to put up at all! Blocks out most light, we will be using this at home too, hoping it will help our girls sleep better in the lighter months!! Would definitely recommend.” Features: Premium black out material Stars and Moon design Adapts to fit any window up to a maximum size of 51 in x 78 in Easy to use Velcro sizing system Handy travel bag

Main features

  • The versatile go-anywhere blind has been designed to ‘go’ anywhere with you, and can be put in place in minutes
  • Comes with handy travel bag, premium black out material, velcro fastening is easy to use and quick to adjust
  • Adapts to fit any window up to a maximum size of 130 cm x 200 cm, new improved version reduces to smaller window sizes than previously, whilst maintaining maximum size

Verified reviews


What a difference!

Simply put, we love this black-out curtain. Love it.We have noticed a marked improvement both in how well and how long our baby sleeps with the curtain up. It is easy to put up and easy to take down. And it is easy to transport, which will come in very handy as we travel this fall. The suction cups are sturdy once attached and need to be taken down with care (you can’t just yank them off willy-nilly). But using the tab on each cup makes removing them easy to do.I can only say that I wish we had this five years ago when our first child was an infant.That would have been lovely.

Rebecca Rosendale, MO

Very good blind system for travel.

Heavy material that is solid against the sunshine and outdoor light. It is held up by suction cups and can be folded upon itself using the Velcro strips that are part of the blind. It is very well made. Why did I give it a 4 star rating? Because the suction cups need special attention. It is generally necessary to clean the window and wet the cups to get them to stick. And even then, one or two might disconnect over the course of the night. There are a good many cups to disperse the weight, but still they are a little bit of a weak spot in the design.

Ester Coaling, AL

Handy but not quite awesome

This struck me as a great idea and I still think it is, but there are some flaws.Pros:- Effective darkening. I put it over a little less than half of a 3-panel sliding glass door in my kitchen and it definitely made a difference. I used it on a window in another room and the room went fairly dark.- Great velcro! The velcro is high-quality and using it to make the curtain the right side is very handy.- Cute design even if it’s utterly unnecessary and excludes it from appealing to adults. (While I was testing it, a friend came by and was really impressed, and said, "I’d get one of these if it didn’t have the pattern on it.")- Handy, portable, and you can actually get it back in its original bag if you try.Cons:- The suction cups are large but not that great. After 15 minutes, one corner fell and after 25 minutes another fell. I pressed harder, harder than I really wanted to press on glass, and they stayed for longer, but those 2 never stayed through a night/afternoon.- It’s a weird size. It’s not quite big enough for a hotel window (but would cover the gap in the curtains for sure). It will cover 1 panel of a sliding door really well, but definitely not 2 panels. It’s tall enough though!Neutral:- Because you’re sticking it to the glass, you’ll get a little light bleeding around the edges.

Katelyn Allston, MA

Works Great…as long as the window is small enough.

The Gro company made the product that I always want when traveling with young kids. The Gro-Anywhere blind is a room darkening/blackening blind that is designed to go portable. The suction cups work very well; we have had no problems with it sticking securely to the windows. When placed over a window that it can cover entirely the blind is very good at darkening, even blackening the room.The problem is that the size is so odd that there are very few windows it covers…actually we haven’t found one. On vacation we were excited to use this so my son could take naps in hotels or our timeshare. It doesn’t fit on windows at my house. If you do find a window smaller than the 130 cm by 200 cm size it will cover it well. The problem is that if you cover only part of the window, the darkening effect is lost.So unfortunately for the window in my son’s bedroom and for all the hotels and timeshares we have recently stayed in, the blind is too small to work.

Lacey Burney, CA

Must have

Must-have product for any parent. Originally bought these to travel with and wound up using them to block out the light in our guest room when baby had to nap in there due to construction in his room. He slept so well.

Jodi Euless, TX

Works well!

Used this when we traveled to in-laws in Michigan for 4th of July. My 1 year old son is very light sensitive, and usually sleeps in near black out conditions. This lets a tiny bit of light in (better than black out curtains, but not as good as these: Redi Shade 1617201 Black Out Pleated Shade 36-by-72-Inch, 6-Pack), but he slept well using it. Didn’t have any problems with suction cups. Very convenient for trips!

Esther Kiamesha Lake, NY

Worth it for traveling

The Tiny One has slept in a blacked-out room for pretty much forever. This has guaranteed us excellent naps and sleeping through the night, but it does make sleeping at a place that is Not Home a little challenging. Hotels are usually okay as they generally have blackout curtains already, but Other People’s Homes are almost always a Nap Fail. And as any parent knows, Nap Fail = Not The Most Stellar Day.Enter the Gro-Anywhere Blind…it’s basically a gigantic sheet of black non-porous plastic with a star & moon design, with velcro and suction cups placed at incomprehensible intervals. I am certain they made sense to whoever was the project manager, but they make no sense to me…no matter, this is why you carry pony spring clamps (just search on Amazon, yes, you can buy them here) with you to just clip this on whatever curtain rod you are faced with. Of course, if the window is irregularly-sized, you might need to get creative, but the times I’ve had to use this curtain, it did a great job of blocking light and letting the Tiny One get his rest (and the mommy a well-deserved break). Not sure how strong those suction cups are really going to be to hold up a curtain, but since it’s made to be a temporary solution for Not At Home, I’d like to give ‘em the benefit of the doubt.It’s easy to pack and easy to fold and carry. The price is rather steep for what is essentially a large chunk of black shower curtain, but if I was given a choice between Nap Fails and paying $50, I’d shell out the dough.

Luz Blue Island, IL

Handy, but be mindful of the few limitations.

It’s a good idea and I’m glad I have it. It’s thick enough to keep light out almost completely and the pattern is pretty cute, but has some limitations.(1) wide enough for an average window frame, but not much more(2) lets some light in around the edges, but is tolerable(3) cloth is very heavy and only stays up for a few hoursThese are somewhat obvious. After all, in essence, it’s just a big heavy cloth with suction cups. But overall, it’s well executed. I take this along with the portable play-yard/crib to grandma’s house or anywhere else we expect to be during Baby’s naptime.

Kathleen Woodbury, NJ