The Gro Company Gro-Egg Room Thermometer, White

The Gro Company Gro-Egg Room Thermometer, White

The Gro-egg displays the exact room temperature. The Gro-egg changes color to let you know at a glance the temperature of a room. FAQ: It’s warm weather and my Gro-egg is on red and showing the unhappy face. What shall I do? Take action to reduce the room temperature, bedding and clothing. If it is not possible to bring the room temperature down then you may need to remove all bedding and clothing from your baby, leaving them in just a diaper. Additionally you could use a fan to move air around the room (ensuring it is not within reach of your baby or pointing directly at your baby) and give your baby extra drinks. In extremely warm temperatures, sponge your baby down with luke warm water, If in doubt contact your health professional. FAQ: It’s cold weather and my Gro-egg is on blue. What shall I do? Take action to increase room temperature, bedding and clothing. We recommend using a thermostatically controlled heater in the room where the baby is sleeping, which saves your central heating being on a all night (make sure that neither the heater or cable are within reach of your baby’s cot). Increase the level of clothing, but always make sure your baby’’s head is uncovered. If your baby has become cold, give them a warming cuddle or a warm drink before returning them to their cot with extra clothing/bedding. FAQ: I can’t see the color of the Gro-egg very well in daylight. The colors on the Gro-egg are designed to glow gently and be visible in very low level light or dark conditions. In lighter conditions use the digital readout. Features Digital thermometer Permanent ‘back-lit’ LCD readout Gentle night light Instructions and safe sleep information enclosed Global best seller with unique color changing functionality 10.6cm height

Main features

  • Easy-to-use room thermometer that changes color to indicate temperature
  • Reminds you at a glance to adapt the baby’s bedding or room environment
  • Provides a soft nightlight glow to keep your baby calm during the night
  • Digital, permanently back-lit LCD screen makes it easy to check quickly
  • Room thermometer is mains-operated, so no batteries are required

Verified reviews


This is a good tool for parents worry about the right temperature inside …

This is a good tool for parents worry about the right temperature inside the room. I really like it, but for my and my doctor the right temperature is 69 to 72. It’s depends..with the gro-egg suppose to be 61-67 (a little bit cold for my baby)Nice product a must have for new parents.

Georgia Saverton, MO

I wish I had this product when I first had my daughter!

I wish I had this product when I first had my daughter! The gist of this product is that it tells you the temperature in a room and changes as livable temperature ranges change. The product gives you a table which associates, color change, temperature range, and sleeping result. The egg glows which does double duty as a soft colored night light. I would have loved having this product when my daughter was an infant. I use to keep an infrared heater in her room in the winter, which would worry me sick. I would quietly stick my hand in her room in the middle of the night to check the temperature in her room. This product would have allowed me to stick my head in her room and glance at the color of the egg for reassurance. I love and recommend this product!!

Joanne Richland, NY

A great nightlight/thermometer for a baby’s room!

As someone with a baby who is having a hard time sleeping, this item is extremely helpful. Normally I go through the list of normal things that might be wrong (is he hungry, needs new diaper etc) but it wasn’t until now I could look at a thermostat and say that he might be too cold or warm. What I really like about this thermostat is that it’s color will change based on the room temperature. So in the middle of the night when I’m clinging to the hope that I can solve whatever problem that is keeping my baby awake, it’s nice to just look at the egg and see that it’s in the normal range or not.The color of the egg also doubles as a soft night light which I think my baby likes. I keep it across the room from his crib so it doesn’t shine on him directly, but even if it did I don’t think it would cause an interference with his sleep.

Pam Whitetail, MT

Works as advertised, but not for everyone

The Gro-Egg thermometer is a neat idea that works exactly as it’s advertised. It glows in four different colors to indicate the temperature range in the room: blue (under 61F — too cold); yellow (61-67F — recommended); orange (68-75F — a little warm); and red (over 75F — too hot). Here are the positives that may persuade you to purchase:
• The digital thermometer seems to be very accurate. Its readouts consistently align with an expensive scientific thermometer I have in the house. It’s also very close to my home thermostat, which makes it easy to adjust room temperature using the Gro-Egg.
• You really get a night-light and thermometer all rolled into one. The soft glow produced by the Gro-Egg is the perfect amount — not too bright, not too dim. The unique colors are an added bonus. The product is worth at least $5 or $10 just for the night-light.
• The unit is lightweight and seems to be well constructed. It is powered by an AC cord (included) and has a subtle on/off switch on the bottom.
• I think it looks good, both as a nightlight and as a thermometer. We sit in on the top of the crib.Now for the part in which I explain why the Gro-Egg is not for everyone. I am seriously skeptical of the temperature range the company recommends. They say the ideal temperature is 61-67. Are they from Siberia? That’s downright cold even for my adult skin, even when I’m wearing a sweater, and even when I’m covered in multiple blankets. How they think that’s appropriate for a baby (which, as all responsible parents know, should NOT be left in a crib full of blankets to suffocate in) is a little bit baffling. Now, I’m sure there’s some doctor out there who claims this is the ideal temperature range, but there are probably just as many who claim something else. I find my own baby wakes up frequently and is fussy if it’s this cold in the house. Low to mid 70s seems far more ideal.And then there is the practicality of the company’s recommended temperatures. I live in central Texas and it’s blazing hot for 6 months out of the year. Like most Texans who strive to keep their electric bills reasonable, I keep the thermostat at 79-80 during the day and 77 at night. Never lower. Someone reading this is the northern climes might think I’m nuts and this is torturous for the baby, but even at these relatively high settings the AC runs for a good part of the day and makes the house feel nice, especially relative to the outside temperature. Just like northerners adapt to the cold, our bodies adapt to the heat. It feels comfortable after a while. Moreover, even if I set my thermostat at 65 or 67 to reach the ideal temperature recommended by the Glo-Egg, the AC unit would run night and day and never get the house that cold. It’s just impossible (unless you have triple-paned windows and three times the recommended volume of insulation). It would also cost a fortune.What all the above means is that I — and many others who live in warm climates — will not be able to take advantage of the color-coded temperature indicator. I wish they would add a little switch allowing the user to toggle different ranges for each season (or according to their tastes). For example, the switch could have a setting for "Winter," "Summer," and "Temperate" (i.e. spring/fall) seasons. The Winter setting could use the present recommended range of 61-67. The Temperate Season setting could make the ideal setting shift to 68-75, and the other color ranges would shift accordingly. Finally, the Summer setting could make the ideal between 75 and 80, or something like that. Obviously each individual user could decide according to their own preferences which setting best suited their and their baby’s needs, but an adjustment switch like this would help everyone take advantage of the product’s features. As it is, my baby will be sleeping under a red nightlight until late September!The price seems a bit high at nearly $40, but, as I said before, you are really getting two products in one along with some other features that might suit your needs just right.

Vicki Harwinton, CT


The most important thing, the thermometer is accurate.I like that I can just glance at it across a room and know from the color what the temperature range is.Just be ware that their recommended setting is between 61 and 67 degrees (too cold) under 61 F.yellow (recommended) 61-67 Forange (a little warm) 68-75 Fred (too hot) over 75 FI tried to do some research for the right temperature to set the thermostat but I can’t get a definite answer (even literature from different doctors’ offices are different).I am worried about SIDS and this is a good tool to help with that.There is and on/off switch at the bottom.I like that it’s not battery powered, one less thing to worry about.Just surprised how cold they want the room to be. It seems British recommendations are colder than American recommendations (this is a British company).

Marisa Gulf, NC

Thought Provoking Little Product

This is pretty nifty and after reading the literature it seems sensible. It makes sense that room temperature can exacerbate a fussy baby’s fussiness. I get grumpy and don’t sleep well if I am too warm or cold. I never had a thermometer in my children’s rooms. The color changing aspect makes it very easy to glance (very quietly for you newbie parents) into the babies room and see what the temperature might be. The digital readout gives a precise temperature but the color coding makes for both easy long distant viewing and a pretty night light. It seems a bit pricey but if it means the baby might have a better chance sleeping through the night it is probably worth it. (Most parents have had times when they would have spent any sum to get a good nights sleep.) Five stars if it were less expensive. BTW the product page description was wrong as of this review.

Barbara Palmerton, PA