The Heavenly Stroller

The Heavenly Stroller

Finally, a stroller made for you. The Heavenly Stroller utilizes a handle that can be adjusted to different heights up to 42.5 inches. No matter what your height, you can push this stroller more comfortably. All you have to do is adjust the handle. To adjust the handle, simply squeeze the bulbs of the “v”, which protrude from the holes in the handlebar, and then push the handle up or down until it is in the desired setting. In seconds you have a stroller customized to your height. The Heavenly Stroller is designed just like your typical umbrella stroller except for the vertical handle bars. Even though the handle bars are higher than your typical stroller, they do not interfere with folding and storing The Heavenly Stroller. The Heavenly Stroller also has a lap belt, a mesh bag in the back, and a plastic clip to keep the stroller closed when not in use.

Main features

  • Patented Vertically-Adjustable Handles Extend Up to 42.5″
  • Lap Belt, Mesh Bag, Front Wheels that Swivel
  • Weighs only 8.8 pounds
  • Convenient to close and store when not in use
  • Weight limit – 40 pounds

Verified reviews



I’m not quite 5’2, my husband is 6’3, this stroller fits us both! It is easy to open and collapse, and it is simple to change the height of the handles. The stroller is compact when collapsed and fits easily in our small vehicle. I appreciate the small mesh pouch on the back of the stroller – perfect size for a sippy cup and my wallet! I can’t believe someone didn’t come up with an adjustable umbrella stroller sooner!

Henrietta Hillview, IL

Best lightweight stroller for tall people in my experience.

I like this stroller. I can easily hang a bag off the back with essential items as long as there’s a child in the seat of course. It takes up very little space in my van. It adjusts to the perfect height for me. (I’m 5’8″) Adjustment is very simple.Overall, it’s the best of what is out there for someone taller than 5’4″.What I don’t like…The cloth back is not quite as tall as I would like. My 2 and a half year old fits but it’d be nice to have a bit more growing room for the height.The wheels are serious junk. I would have gladly paid $5 more if they’d just make them out of some cheap, solid rubber rather than hallow plastic! Without a child to weigh the stroller down, the wheels kinda drag and flop around.

Jayne Graham, WA

I love the height adjustment.

We are tall parents–my husband is 6’7″ and I am 5’8″ and all the umbrella strollers I tried were horrible. I had to slouch to push them and my husband couldn’t push them at all. This one solved the issue. It is very basic, just has a little pocket, but it does the job on short outings. It fits well in my trunk and is very lightweight. Best of all, my husband gets to push the stroller without bending over.

Nichole Cascade, CO

Compact, ergonomic stroller

Just got back from a short vacation where I used this stroller for 3 solid days of walking & sightseeing. I had read lots of positive reviews on Amazon, and I agree — this is just about the most comfortable umbrella stroller you’re going to find. The adjustable height saves your back, while the light weight and easy fold-up make it great for on-the-go. My daughter loved riding in it too, which was a nice surprise because I don’t think umbrella strollers are generally very comfortable (her other stroller is a Bugaboo Bee). I did have a similar problem to other reviewers with the front wheel. The front left wheel sometimes would lock up or not make contact with the ground. I could always get it working again with a little fiddling, but I think something is a bit off there, because the other wheels never had any problems like this. Overall, though, a terrific stroller. Quick delivery and great customer service from DK Innovations, too!

Nadine Traver, CA

Very Durable

Everyone knows that while traveling by flight, the stroller gets thrown around by the baggage crew. This stroller lasted 4 flight changes and nasty baggage handling in long overhaul flight across the globe. There are few scratches here and there but we totally expected that. That’s why we buy cheap light weight strollers. In comparison to what other strollers of Graco this was fabulous. Our friend who were traveling with us on the same flight had their broken in half……that was upseting.This stroller doesnt look pleasing to the eyes but its great for traveling or not. My son has no issues with it. He evens climbs into it himself (We dont allow it without supervision).All in all its great. Its a little long understandably because it is trying to fit tall peoples needs. Our family average height is over 5’9 and every one was happy.

Grace Des Arc, MO