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The most useful walker ever

It’s so simple, yet the way it helps you and the baby is unbelievable. Good material, well done, soft enough for the baby. Best of all, the baby enjoys it as much as grown ups do. I’m a grandma taking care of an 8 month old baby girl and this item has come as heaven sent for all the family.

Kathleen Walkerton, IN

Great way to get them started

Even though my daughter is almost 20 months now and walking… heck, running on her own I thought I should jump on and review this product since we liked it so much.I’m actually surprised to see people commenting that it is too small. My daughter is in the 90th percentile. I’m 6’5″ and her mother is 5’9″, we are a very tall family.The Juppy fit my daughter just fine at 8-9 months and was able to support her weight without any problem. We found this out not because we would carry her by the straps but because she would walk a few feet and then just lift up her legs.I guess if it was winter and she had thicker clothes on there may have been an issue with the size of the leg holes. But we started her in the summer time so she wasn’t really wearing much. Shorts and a t-shirt and she fit just fine.One thing that is really important is to set the straps at the right height for you. Make sure you can stand up straight with your arms straight down and have tension on the juppy while your baby has his/her feet on the ground. When I would take the Juppy after my wife would use it, it would kill my back because I had to lean forward a bit. So take a second and readjust the straps or you’re gunna be miserable.Anyway I thought I’d share a little on how we went about using this thing and got some good results.At first she wasn’t really sure what to do. I think she thought it was like her Johnny jump up and expected to bounce so she’d lift up her feet and just hang there. A couple of times she got frustrated with us as well.We found that the trick was to just keep walking slowly, eventually she’d put her feet down and start moving them, as soon as she did we’d slowly release the tension on the straps so that more weight was on her feet. after a few feet she’d give up again and just hang there, sometimes I think she was tired but most of the time I think she was trying to inspect the rocks and dirt. So I’d let her. It was important to make sure this didn’t turn into an unpleasant experience. I wanted her to have fun while she was in this thing.So we’d sit down and play with rocks (she’d taste a few) and then we’d get up and walk some more.I never kept her in it for more than an hour at a time. And I let her dictate where we went whenever she wanted too (with-in reason). Most of the time her path wasn’t much more than a large circle.I’d say that within a month or more she was supporting her own weight 90% of the time. She still couldn’t really balance very well for more than a few seconds but she was gaining some leg strength.What really made it fun was puddles and different ground types (leaves, pebbles, crunchy stuff). When we were in places like this she would really focus more on using her own feet and legs. She loved stomping in puddles and crunching leaves. By Winter (11 months old) she was walking and even running on her own. She’d still lose balance and fall a lot but she could stand herself up with a little help or something to grab and maintain her own weight and pacing. She took her first steps at the end of 9 months.I’ve posted some pictures so you can see it in action.In my opinion it is a really great idea. Could use a few improvements here and there.Sounds like some adjustable leg holes would be nice for other people and personally I felt that if they had some kind of quick strap adjustment system it’d make it easier for moms and dads to pass the baby off without having to sit down and readjust the standard strap clips.However I wouldn’t take any of that over how well built it felt. Never once did I think it was going to break or slip loose and I think that’s pretty important.They do warn you not to carry your baby by the straps, sound advice but I wouldn’t take that to mean that the straps might break at any second.With standard use they supported her just fine and we ended up passing the Juppy on to some friends once my daughter(Mia Lily) was walking on her own.

Katheryn Hamburg, LA

Wish I Had Waited!

I really wish I had waited to buy this. My little one is a 95 percentile child and she was a little too big for this when we really needed it. She started really wanted to hold our hands to walk alone when she was about 9 months, and could walk by herself when she was 11 months. I bought this when she was 8 months and we only used it a handful of times because she hated it. She didn’t like it and it was tight on her chubby legs. When she was about 10 months and really going strong on walking around with our help it would not fit on her.Even if it had fit, we would only have used it for about 2 months anyway, because she learned to walk so fast. Also, she was really tall and I am short, so I never really had to bend over very far to reach her hands. My husband would have been the main one using it. So either way it would have been a waste of money for us.I ended up selling ours on ebay for half the price I paid, even though it was like brand new.This product would be great for those who didn’t have a bigger baby that could use it for longer, or parents and grandparents who may have some back issues. But for us it wasn’t worth it.

Annabelle Alford, FL

Creates “Dependence”

My daughter was a late walker. As soon as I put her in this, the zipper broke. I requested a new one and asked to return it, but it wasn’t possible. I was grateful to receive a full refund, meaning I got the product for free. It was still functional, even with a broken zipper. It does save your back, which is great because I have two herniated discs in my back and bending down to hold both her hands is wearing on the back. So, with that said, I put her in the Juppy and we went for a walk outside, stopping to explore everything from rocks to dirt and everything in between. My daughter is strong willed and incredibly smart. And, like most babies, will learn when they are ready to. She was afraid of falling so she needed to “learn how to fall” in a way that doesn’t hurt. After all, that diaper does provide excellent padding :-). So off we went. Almost immediately, she realized that she not only could walk without holding my hand, but that she could lean as far forward as she wanted because she knew I was holding her up. That defeated it’s purpose. I took her out of it, and within a week she was walking on her own anyway, without any further use of this product. It really depends on the baby, for sure. As for my back, I’m grateful to this product.

Christina Street, MD

It saved my back!

I loved this walker! We’ve been using it ever since our baby started learning how to walk. My husband and I are pretty tall, so bending over and holding our daughter by her hands was OK for a bout 15 min. This walker is very easy to use and provides some independence to the child. It is rather secure, so I never worried about our baby falling out of it.We started using this walker in the summer, so I’d dress my daughter lightly, so that it wasn’t too hot for her. But I think if we used it in the winter, fitting baby’s feet thru the openings might be challenging.

Leann Ashland, NH