The Mommy Hook Stroller Accessory Black

The Mommy Hook Stroller Accessory Black

Do you struggle to find a space to carry all of your bags when shopping or out for a stroll with the baby? The Mommy Hook fits virtually any stroller or shopping cart handle, and is made from durable, heavy-duty aluminum. Its foam grip keeps it from slipping or sliding. Just snap it on and you’re ready to roll! The Mommy Hook is even handy for taking bags from your car to your home.

Main features

  • Comfortable foam grip
  • Heavy-duty aluminum
  • Perfect for strollers and shopping carts

Verified reviews


It breaks, the replacement broke, and then that replacement broke

Another mediocre quality product marketed toward new moms.I’ve been through three Mommy Hooks in three months. All broke with very light use (ie a bag with a change of clothes for the baby, or a cooler with a bottle and snacks). The distributor of Mommy Hooks, Keen, sent replacements for free, but given that they all broke, what’s the point?I finally got smart and purchased a proper Carabineer w/ a Carry Handle, which holds up to 150 pounds. The new Carabineer I purchased was less expensive than the Mommy Hook, but a million times better in terms of quality. I’m not worried about it breaking.Search Amazon for 7-3/4″ Snap Hook: Carabineer Carry Handle with Soft-Grip” if you want to order one for yourself.

Juanita Collins, IA

Using for 1 month, so far so good!

Love this hook! Super convenient, allows me to hang my diaper bag and a couple other things (though not too many or I’ll tip over the stroller) and easily access everything. The black part is great since it prevents the hook from sliding around on the handlebar. I’ve had no problems so far with the spring breaking or anything like that.

Maryanne Sidney, IA

Still trying to love it.

I bought this hook because I had heard good things about it. I was hoping to use it on our stroller and was disappointed with it. For stroller use it doesn’t work well hanging things on only one side, especially with air filled tires, the stroller wants to be weighted evenly. It also hangs down low so by the time you hang a bag from it the bag is hitting the tires or you or the ground. I like the idea it just didn’t work for me. It is going to be retired soon and I might try leaving it in the car and see if it’s more useful for carrying bags.

Erica Kennewick, WA

Broke quickly

I was excited to get this item, but it broke during the first use and the amount of weight was not the issue. It was a bummer.

Peggy Roundhill, KY

essential Mommy tool!

I bought 2 of these, keep one on the stroller & one in my diaper bag. I use it everywhere…it’s AWESOME!

Mattie Critz, VA

Interesting Product

Tne thing I remember about when Sophia was a baby was the convenience of having a stroller to push her around in and the fact it would hold my purse and bags so I didn’t have to. Sure, carrying a stroller around can be a pain in the butt, but if you got a lot of shopping to get done it’s actually rather nice to have! The problem with that though is where do you put the diaper bag? Oh, you get stuck carrying it… well not necessarily if you invest in The Mommy Hook.he Mommy Hook is the perfect stroller hanger. It’s built to last, versatile and fits virtually all stroller handles. The Mommy Hook is made from durable, heavy-duty aluminum – it won’t break like cheap plastic hangers. It’s specifically designed so it will not slide. Just snap it on your stroller or shopping card and you’re ready to roll. You can even use the Mommy Hook to carry bags from your car to your home.The Mommy Hook honestly reminds me of a jumbo version of my key ring I use. Of course that’s definitely not to say I like it. I’ve had my keychain for a long time and I love it! The Mommy Hook I find to be very durable just as they describe. Since we don’t have a stroller for the soon to be baby yet I tested it out using my purse and hanging it up rather than having it sit on the floor like it usually does. Well the purse is STILL hanging and nothing is broken so that’s definitely a good sign.I find that the hook, while being super durable, is very easy to use with very little effort needed. I can easily push the hook open with one hand. I’ve seen other hooks the same size which require two hands from me to get a little nudge moved. Yea, I think I made my point on that. Also, I love the foam handle. Again, it’s thick and durable, but makes holding the hook so much more comfortable than carrying it or using it by the metal. I honestly wish I would have had this when we lived in the apartment. Why? Because we lived on the 3rd floor with an elevator that rarely worked and my arms would be dead after carrying tons of bags of groceries up and down the stairs. This would have saved me a lot of pain and trips!Other than being used for the stroller you can use this to hang items in the garage, clip to a shopping cart, hang purses or other items around the house. It’s not JUST for mommies and has many useful functions other than just holding mommy stuff as I pointed out. Would I recommend this? Oh definitely! I intend to use one to keep holding my purse and the other will stay in my car for those large grocery trips – just so I can be lazy!READ FULL REVIEW:

Robert Danville, IL

Would reccomend

This worked well till it broke. Still for the price it’s was worth having even for the few months it lasted. Always good to have extra places to hook shopping bags.

Valeria Kenai, AK


After having this one for a bit, I bought a second one to keep on my convenience stroller. I love my mommy hook. Its great for the stroller… and even better for helping me carry in a bunch of plastic grocery bags. I load them all on close the hook and can carry all of them inside w.out cutting off circulation to my fingers… plus if i need to set it down to unlock the door, I can easily pick it back up! Bonus: if you put them on the clip before driving home, it helps keep all of the contents in the plastic bags. 😀

Maura New Stanton, PA

nice idea but broke after a few weeks light use

One would think for 6$ a hook like this would be pretty sturdy? I don’t live in NYC or anything, I only used the hook for maybe one bag at a time and not even everday, nothing too heavy and certainly no more than any mom would have to carry, but after only like three weeks it broke and became useless, it is just cheaply made. I will look for another brand, just a shame because for what it is I feel like the price tag should make it much nicer and when you buy a more expensive stroller (I use the city mini) they seem to have a worthless basket underneath and of course come with no accessories so these little things add up. Thought I sould review it so maybe another momma can avoid this one and buy a better brand 🙂

Kathie Glennville, GA

Great for shopping 🙂

I actual have this already. Am purchasing this for my Sis in law since the price is better than what I paid. It’s really convenient. Wonderful for shopping. I can hang all my bags on the hook and keep my storage area under the stroller to a minimum.

Roxanne Stites, ID

so simple yet so helpful!

Picture this: you are racing through the airport and you are pushing a stroller, carrying a purse and a carry on item filed with supplies and activities for your little one…ok, at that point you aren’t racing because you are too bogged down with stuff. The mommy hook to the rescue! As long as you aren’t using a flimsy umbrella stroller, you can hook practically anything to your stroller with the mommy hook! Just watch for the counter balance and make sure you’ve got a kid in the stroller.also works well at the mall and anywhere else you are likely to be lugging stuff around.wish I had thought of it!

Latisha Hazard, NE

Nifty Idea

This is a great idea and I’m sure a mom who was also a rock climber came up with it, because that’s exactly what it is with just a little extra padding. But the price is right and it is cool to have, especially using it on a grocery cart to hang your diaper bag/purse. Hanging stuff off of a stroller is trickier because if your diaper bag has a long strap (as mine does), you tend to kick it. I stick to keeping it in the diaper bag and using at the grocery store and I really like it for that purpose.

Mitzi Port Leyden, NY

Great little hook

This hook is very helpful for holding bags, buckets of popcorn at the zoo, etc. It is a nice addition to our stroller.

Katharine Birmingham, MI

A Mommy Must-Have

Of all the “baby items” I received after my son was born, this has definitely been one of the most used. I keep it in my purse now (used to keep it with my diaper bag, but now that DS is 2yrs old, those are one and the same!) and use it with the stroller, shopping carts, etc. It comes in really handy at markets or the mall when you’re going around to several different stores and you end up with a bunch of bags to carry. I just hang them on the Mommy Hook and go! Since I usually no longer have the front of the cart to place my purse in (because DS is sitting there nowadays), this is a handy and welcome tool. Then when I get home from grocery shopping, I load a bunch of bags onto the Mommy Hook and carry them all in without any pain or struggle! Super handy. This is definitely on my top ten list.

Lena Rittman, OH

It’s just okay

seriously its good in theory and looks durable but the second I took it out of the packaging I already had problems with the latch of the hook. It doesn’t connect very smoothly so I sometimes have to struggle with putting bags on it. I will still continue to use it I guess but it’s not the life saver I thought it was going to be

Jocelyn Alexander, NY

LOVE my Mommy Hook!

This hook is a lifesaver! I absolutely love getting to hang my purse and diaper bag on the back of the stroller without taking up the entire basket underneath. Having this thing with me on shopping trips has saved space and made it so much more convenient to get into my diaper bag or purse for something. I would definitely recommend everyone getting one!

Tabitha Peever, SD

mommy hook is awesome

I love this oversized hook its great ive purchased as a gift then I fell in love with it so I purchased some for myself. I use them on my double stroller and they work great they hold anything and are so durable. I would definitely recommend to anyone.

Estella Anvik, AK


Put this on our stroller to attach the dog’s leash when we go for walks. It’s perfect, no problems at all.

Nanette Augusta, WV

Works great!

These mommy hooks work great, but they are much bigger than I expected they would be. Which is actually quite nice considering it will help carry more than I expected to. Great investment for extra stroller storage!

Maryellen Crosby, PA

Very convenient and helpful for shopping

I love my Mommy Hook. It fits nicely on my Uppababy Vista 2010. I use it to hook shopping bags to my stroller and when I get home, I just carry all the bags conveniently with the Mommy Hook. It’s just nice and handy to have around. Sometimes I have a bag that I want to attach to my diaper bag, and the hook comes in handy then too. I’m not sure what other reviews are talking about when they say it’s flimsy or cheap, but mine was pretty sturdy and I haven’t had any problems with it. It’s just as it looks. The size is large and useful.

Clare Davy, WV


I first learned about the "Mommy Hook" from a friend. We had gone shopping together and she, pulled it out and was able to put all of our purchases onto it. I was in awe! I finally broke down and purchased one for myself to make shopping alone a breeze without having to make several trips to and from the car with my little one in tow. I would most certainly recommend to others. No complaints from this mommy!

Kimberley Montauk, NY


Sturdy, thick hook that attaches well to our strollers. Spring mechanism does not pinch skin. Holds various items nicely within reach.

Rhea Ledyard, CT

Made my life so much easier.

We have a 3rd floor apartment and carrying grocery bags up was a huge pain until I got this product. Made my life so much easier.

Dionne Chester, NH


These are perfect. We decided to try these and started with one on the stroller and ended up buying a 2nd and ordering 2 more to go with the Travel System that was a baby shower gift for my sister. We considered them a must have at that point. She is every bit as in love with them as we are.They are very sturdy, priced just right and hold quite a bit. It is nice to be able to add shopping bags without taking up the cargo basket.

Stephanie Ravenel, SC

Every parent needs at least one

We have three of these hooks. I love them. They hold tons of baby crap so I don’t have too.

Corrine Aurora, NC

Dad giving it 5 stars

Ok, as a dad, I am definitely skeptical when it comes to baby products that CLAIM to help. Well my wife got 2 of these before going to Hawaii for vacation, and I am a believer. Simple design, probably could find something similar at Home Depot, but I must say I am convinced on the recommendations that everyone made and the NEED to have (in my opinion) 2 of these on each stroller, especially if you are shopping with the ladies. Saves a TON of space and convenience of carrying on stroller versus US (Dads). Get is for your wife/mommy of the household, she will think you are a genius!

Tracie Tulare, SD
★★★★★’s ok.

I must be doing something wrong, I have a hard time getting the clip to open. I wish the foam went all the way around, it leaves a dent in my carriage.

Betsy Kilmichael, MS

Have had 2 Mommy Hooks

I love the Mommy Hook! However, our first one fell apart either because we left it on the stroller while it was checked on the airplane, or because a family friend screwed it up.

Natasha Fort Montgomery, NY

These Hooks Rock My World! (but what’s up with the item picture?)

These are the BEST stroller hooks. I’m actually back to buy some more, because I need the first pack of 2 to hold my diaper bag, and I want another one to hold shopping bags.Oddly though, when I came back to buy more, the item picture had changed from the actual hook to a photo of a child (???). That tells people NOTHING about this product, which is truly an amazing product, but if I were buying for the first time and didn’t already know what these look like and how awesome they are, I would not even click on this item with the current picture that is up. Please fix that.UPDATE: Glad to see they changed the picture back to the item product.

Lena Addy, WA

Such a help…

This helps me out so much when I’m running errands alone. I just attach it to my baby’s stroller, and voilá. I’m able to attach a few bags/items so I can keep my hand free while pushing the stroller. I have found that with the stroller frames you need to keep something weighted inside in order for the frame to not flip over.

Gayle Ratliff City, OK