The Original Baby Safe FeederTM

The Original Baby Safe FeederTM

The Baby Safe Feeder™ is an innovative way to aid teething and get your infant to make the transition from drinking to chewing small pieces of food. It features an easy-to-hold teether attached to a reusable mesh food bag. Simply unscrew top, fill the bag with your baby’s favorite soft foods, and screw securely back together. Your baby is now free to teethe while learning to chew (through the mesh). The feeder is top-rack dishwasher safe, or can be hand washed in warm, soapy water. Use only with Baby Safe Feeder™ replacement bags.

Main features

  • frozen fruits and our feeder becomes the perfect teether
  • A safe way to feed your baby
  • Fill with ice
  • reduces the risk of choking
  • Recommended for ages 5 months and up.
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Made and assembled in USA

Verified reviews


I’d save your money…

This item seems like a good idea, but after purchasing two I feel that we’ve fallen victim to “new parent baby marketing”. Our baby wasn’t interested at all in sucking on anything in it. She woudln’t even go for fruits that we knew she loved. I’m guessing the mesh is too distracting or annoying to them(?) She would just shake it around, bang it, or throw it. Also, it’s a total pain to clean it. The netting never gets clean in the dishwasher.Save your money on this one.

Marva Big Bar, CA


This is great! I was able to give my child many different types of foods and not worry about him choking. He loved that he could hold it himself and eat. I would not live without this tool. This is my standard baby shower gift now and have recieved many thanks for it. Wonderful. I can’t say enough good things about it.

Marylou Castella, CA


I purchased this product a few months ago despite all the bad reviews and so far I have not had a problem with it. My son loves it. I’ve had this sitting in the sink (dirty) for days sometimes and I have never once had a problem cleaning it. The best way I figured out on cleaning this product is to just clean it with hot water and dish detergent and clean out the inside really good with the same type of brush that you use to clean out the bottles. Even the bananas come out and who cares if its a little stained as long as you know that its clean. I was in the store the other day and saw a similar version of this item made by Munchkin at less than half the price of this one. I wish I found it before because this baby safe feeder is a little outrageous in price for this kind of item. I would still definately recommend this product though.

Andrea Ballengee, WV

Save your money

I bought this when my daughter was 6 months old to help her learn to chew. It is very flimsy and floppy when food is in it. She just played with it (flipping it around) thinking it was a toy. She is teething also so I thought it would definitely go in her mouth often, but she enjoyed throwing it around instead.

Mitzi Edina, MO

My baby refuses it!

I don’t really know if this thing works or not because my 8 mo old refuses to have anything to do with it. Keep in mind that she puts anything & everything in her mouth, will eat any food I try to feed her & is currently teething. It seems like a great idea for that short transition period between mush & solids. This particular one appealed to me because it’s not dyed & it’s made in the USA. As to whether or not it works? I will never know!

Rosalie Oakwood, GA

Great but better one for less at Target

At first I really liked this. My 9 month old daughter loved munching on fruit with this. But, when I tried to clean it I realized that it was a bit more work than I expected. You can purchase new netting for it but why spend the extra money when you can buy one by Munchkin at Target for less? The Munchkin brand has a levered top so you don’t have a bunch of seperate parts to monkey with. Also – not to be weird but on a taste test the Munchkin brand had no taste while this one seemed to have a little, bitter taste. For $3.00 go with the Munchkin one. You will need to not only run it through the dishwasher but also give it a thorough once over. Sometimes little bits if food gets stuck in the netting (but in this one and the munchkin brand). Whichever you decide to go – this is a great invention!

Meredith Attleboro Falls, MA


This is great. We started our boy on strawberries with this, as well as bananas (frozen) and frozen little cubes of baby food for him when he was teething. This is a brilliant idea. No worries about him choking as he began to navigate food.

Georgina Nokomis, IL

Effective for a no teether baby

My baby loved this, even though he won’t use a single of the many teethers we’ve tried. This is the only thing that soothes his teething pain that he’ll take. We use with frozen apples, even ice cube pieces. Worth the price, as it WORKS

Gina Hillsville, VA

Fabulous Feeder

What a great way to introduce baby to fresh fruit & veggies. No choking! I admit the older style bags were hard to clean (Oxy clean and an overnight soak in hot water in a cup before a top-rack dishwasher run did get it clean, but was messy and took extra time).Now, new easy-clean/disposable bags are here! Look for them out there–our BRU had them recently. Pitch them if they’re really bad, but just unscrew bag from ring, scrub or soak both and voila, put back together and re-use. Then throw them away as the bags age, tear or stain.Alex has used ours since 4 months of age and our original bags plus newer replacements are still going strong at 10 months, with repeated dishwasher-ing.

Pearl Algoma, WI


I received this as a shower gift from my sister-in-law. When I received it, I had NO idea what is was or what it was for. Needless to say, my perception of this has significantly changed (for the BETTER!) I use this for my 7 1/2 month old son with canned pears, pieces of apple and canned peaches…Just cut up the canned fruits/veggies to fit in the bag, and let your little one have at it! Better yet, when they’re teething, freeze cubes of juice, and put the cube(s) in the bag–they’ll thank you for it! They’ll throughly enjoy feeding themselves (albeit making a mess too)…but more importantly, they are LEARNING to feed themselves as well as about the textures and consistencies of food other than the pureed versions they’re so used to. It’s durable and EASY to clean, and replacment “bags” are found pretty much any child store.

Martina Babbitt, MN

Buy one for home, one for the road!

This is THE BEST little baby gadget yet. The first time I saw it I thought, “What will they think of next…” but now that my 2 year old and nearly 1 year old are putting everything in their mouths this is an indispensable part of our home. It’s great for teething because you can stuff it with cold fruit and your baby will love sucking away while getting all the juice out of grapes, pineapple, watermelon, even strawberries! It’s great for regular feeding too, since you can now place larger pieces of food inside to give your child a taste of such things as meat, fresh brocolli, etc. The easy to clean mesh bag does get stained pretty quickly, I tried to boil mine clean with gentle soap and water, but after just two weeks of steady use, the carrots and bananas had stained the bag permanently. The refill package costs nearly as much as the unit itself, but it’s worth the total investment for peace of mind that your baby will NEVER choke on anything they eat through this feeder. I suggest bringing an extra along in the diaper bag — it’s a great thing to have on trips.

Lydia Springfield, MO

not too bad

I didn’t find it too dificult to clean as others commented. It’s good for babies over 6 months but one must understand that the baby might throw it away (sometimes very far away) and then all the food is gone. It’s a cheap item and the baby might have fun as mine did. When they get a bit older and holding things for longer, it is very handy to leave the baby busy eating some fruit, for example.

Alison Mcallen, TX

A parent’s best friend….Baby’s, too!!

We started using this feeder when my son was just 3 months old. He loved the flavor of melon, but we were uncomfortable with letting him bite on a piece of melon for fear he might choke. The baby feeder was the perfect answer.You can cut up just about anything and place it in the feeder bag. We even put lightly frozen grapes in it when my son was teething. We used it mostly for fruit, especially melon, grapes, pears, and strawberries. I will admit that it can be messy to use this feeder, but it was totally worth it to us to give our son a chance to learn to love fresh fruits. Enjoy!!!!

Natalia Whittaker, MI

Great idea … especially useful for us during teething!

When my 5-month-old started teething, my father-in-law tried to put crushed ice in a Zip-loc bag so she’d have something to chomp on (she wasn’t a fan of chilled teethers). We started using cold fruit to soothe her gums, but even without teeth she managed to break of chunks and I’d have to pry open her mouth to fish out the pieces. This simple little plastic and mesh device has worked very well for us. At first we used to fill it with crushed ice, but then started putting fruits or veggies in (as mentioned on the packaging) and it works great for that as well. We even take it with us to restaurants so she can chew on pieces of fruit. I like that she can hold onto it herself and I don’t have to worry about her choking (there’s no way she could fit anything but the tip of the mesh in her mouth). I have had such good luck with this product that I’m already stocking up on them to give to girlfriends as shower gifts.

Kristie South Bristol, ME

Good for some, but not if your child is picky about textures

Some swear by this, but my child hated it. He is sensitive to food textures, so he didn’t take to the bag at all.

Tami Kilkenny, MN

The best $10 money can buy!

This was absolutely fabulous for my family. We used it with frozen fruit for teething, and just about any snacks my baby wanted to eat. I never had to worry about her choking and it was so easy to clean.I truely reccomend this product for worry free feeding!

Angel Morristown, SD

A Mommy Must Have!

Wouldn’t it be nice if the fears of solid feeding could be alleviated? How much would you pay to have some safeguard against your little one choking as they learn to eat new foods? Wouldn’t it be nice if there were something better than those refrigeratable rings to sooth sore, teething gums? Now there is!After having a small choking incident, which I was able to react quickly to, I bought this to relieve some of my fears. I had heard good things about this product but this is something you HAVE to experience for yourself.I found it so nice to be able to offer my daughter bananas, grapes, potatoes, and so much more without having to worry about her taking in to big of a piece and choking. With the baby safe feeder, your child knaws or sucks on the mesh and the food is dispensed in small quantities that are safe to be swalled by little mouths.I loved this item even more when teething time came around. I could drop one or two ice cubes in the bag and my daughter would be on cloud nine. She never cared for those teething rings or other teething toys, this was it for us. She would hold onto the handle and suck cube uppon cube of ice until her pains were relieved.I think every parent should own one of these, it is inexpensive and well worth the money.

Pamala Santa Fe, NM

Pretty good product but not the end all be all like reviews suggest

I bought this to help with teething and help my baby explore new food without choking. Overall , it’s pretty good. I think you can buy this one and not the “Starter Kit.” All you really need is one set. I have tried it with ice, which she loves, and peas and a frozen peach. It is a huge mess, which I can deal with. The main issue I have with it is that the mesh is pretty thick so it’s hard for her to actually get any food out of it. It is easy to clean and she likes it overall. I wouldn’t say this is one of my indispensable baby items though.

Aimee Powhatan Point, OH

You can attach it to the FP Deluxe High Chair!

I was afraid that my baby would throw/drop this and break the ring, but then I discovered that I could link the handle to the attachment on the Fisher-Price Healthy Care Deluxe Highchair. It works great!

Kate Sand Fork, WV

Great Idea

I love this idea and so does my son. He had his first local gorn apple at 5 months old thanks to this product. He gnawed that thing to death. We keep one at home and oone in the diaper bag for when we got out. It is easy to clean and is one less thing to worry about. Of course supervision is still required but makes you feel safer knowing the baby is eating healthy food and staying safe from choking.

Jeanie Carbon, IA

Mesh fell apart after a month

It was okay while it lasted but then the mesh started unraveling at the seams. I like the concept of this but in practical use, my 7.5 month old wasn’t thrilled about using this. The handle is a bit heavy and I wondered why they couldn’t make it a little lighter to hold. My baby ends up holding onto the mesh part of this b/c the handle is too heavy for her. Eating out of this does get really messy but that’s going to happen any time babies try to feed themselves. In comparison to the Munchkin Feeder I bought, this is nice in that the handle screw off but the Munchkin feeder is much more durable and the mesh is easier to clean.

Wendi Clay City, IL


I think this is a great idea. I only used it a couple times for foods. At that time she was having trouble mastering how to hold the handle and soon after that she was able to pick up foods on her own and was pretty good at chewing. I LOVE this product for when she is teething. I put a couple ice cubes in it and wet it under the faucet so it doesn’t stick to her lips. She gets upset when the ice is gone. My daughter is 11 months and has been teething almost none stop since 3 months…Currently she is cutting her first molars and this helps for her to suck on it and get the cold water back farther than a teething ring would.

Dorothea Rutherford, NJ