The Original CJ’s BuTTer Spritz

The Original CJ’s BuTTer Spritz

A special blend of oils that is conveniently applied with a fine mist spray, beneficial in healing skin and treating hair as a leave in conditioner, for taming flyaways, and for defining curls. Use our Spritz as a massage oil, bath oil, tanning oil, after-shower moisturizer or a spray-on diaper cream for tender-to-the-touch rashes.

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Incredible Stuff

First, I bought this purely for the scent. I LOVE Monkey Farts scent. What I didn’t realize was how moisturizing and wonderful this spritz would be. My skin feels like a baby. I’ve even tried it in my hair and it was great, not greasy (but I was very, very light with it…).This makes my skin feel incredibly smooth and moisturized. I am addicted. If I had a baby, I’m sure I could only love it more if it smelled like a little monkey fart.It is a healthy product without the Parabens and phthalates and other garbage. This is a product that not only smells incredible, moisturizes like a boss and is a great price, it is also something I can feel really good about putting on my skin. How can I give it more stars?**i had to contact the company about this product — because I couldn’t find it, nothing wrong with the product — and they were incredibly responsive and helpful. I ALWAYS feel better buying from a company that takes care of their customers.

Luann South Richmond Hill, NY


This makes diaper changes a breeze and it smell so good!!! No chemicals and protects my little one bum and it won’t ruin my cloth diapers. My husband loves this as well while diaper change and panics if he can not find it.

Peggy Hazelton, ND

Awesome for BAD rash

I have used the spray version for SEVERE rash (when the poor baby screams when you have to wipe them 🙁 ) and it is awesome for the late night newborn changes when you want to get something on but don’t want to turn on all the lights . . . just a few sprays to cover the bum.I am purchasing a new bottle to use on not only the baby but I have “chicken skin” arms = keratosis pilaris which a more oily lotion works better on my arms.

Jeannine Clarks, NE

Smells amazing and offers preventative protection

Keep in mind that this is meant to be used as a moisturizer that creates a preventative barrier prohibiting diaper rash, rather than curing it. Additionally, most diaper creams such as A&D that cure diaper rash cannot be used with cloth diapers (they disrupt absorption). This spray has an amazing smell that comes in very handy: after a long night in cloth diapers, wet wipes can’t always remove all the urine smell, so this spray can work as a safe perfume. My husband loves the smell and the spray allows for a no-mess application, which caregivers love. It works best if applied with every diaper change. Lastly, the quantity suffices for quite a while.

Petra Cabot, VT

Blueberry Spritz

One of my faves, reminds me of blueberry cobbler, when he pees in his cloth diapers there’s a burst of blueberry 🙂

Flora Browning, MO

Easy to apply

Great product, very easy to apply without having to get your hands on baby’s bum! I do think that it doesn’t last as long as the pot of butter though, so will just send this to daycare and keep the tubs at home.

Jeanie Cynthiana, KY

CJ’s butter spritz

The smell is almost overwhelmingly strong. It smells really good though. My baby’s daycare teacher told me she likes it. It seems to make his rashes worse though, and its hard to get the smell out of the diapers when I wash them. Now I use it for my own skin or sometimes I spray it into the air in the bathroom if one of the kids stinks it up.

Mabel Litchfield, IL

Smells like bananas

I love this stuff it is the best diaper rash prevention around and works great with cloth or disposable diapers. And I loved learning that monkey farts smell like bananas, learn something everyday!

Courtney Altair, TX

love this stuff

if you are cloth diapering cj’s butter rocks, the spray is awesome so you don’t have to rub it on! I use it all the time for diapering

Melba Naples, NC