The Original CJ’s BuTTer

The Original CJ’s BuTTer

Called a “Miracle in a Tube” by some, CJ’s BUTTer is made with all natural ingredients and has been used as a deep healing balm to treat every imaginable skin trouble. CJ’s BUTTer has evolved into a full-line of premier, quality products in a variety of scents…all at a value price. It quickly absorbs into the skin, and goes to work making skin healthy.

Main features

  • The Original CJ’s BUTTer has been used on adults and children to help relieve …l
  • diaper rash, Eczema, , insect bites, hang nails, mechanics’ hands
  • Safe for diaper area and cloth diapers, Severe diaper rash, Cradle Cap, Stretch Marks
  • All natural, Hair conditioning treatment, Sunburn pain and peeling, Allergy rash and itchiness, Wind burned cheeks
  • Dry, cracked feet, Cold sores

Verified reviews


BEST stuff EVER!

I used this on my daughter 4 years ago, just Googled it to find it again for my son & am so excited to see it here on Amazon! Yahoo for easy peasy & Prime shipping.I use this stuff for everything: diaper rash, chapped hands/wrist on baby, daughters curly hair, even sore spots on me from a new pair of heels.

Iris Plymouth, IA


I had originally had this in the tube and loved it. When I got this tub, it was slightly grainy but like the instructions say, just put it in a different container and microwave it slightly and it became smooth once again. Love the scent as I am not particularly fond of fragrance.

Shelia Carson City, NV

Smells sweet, works great!

Love the smell! Tube fits great in my diaper bag.. I use it when LO is in his cloth diapers and when he isn’t!

Sydney Waterboro, ME

Smells divine!

I love this stuff. I use it to massage baby after bathtime, for diaper changes, for flyaway hair, for scrapes, everything! The Mango Sugar Mint has a very fruity pleasant smell. It seems to work well as a barrier cream but you may need something just a little more heavy to treat a bad rash.

Mona Medora, IN

Not the best

I just had my second baby and wanted a diaper cream that is cloth diaper friendly. I used Grandma El’s with my first and she never had a rash in her life. But I read the ingredients, and CJ’s DOES had such nice sounding ingredients compared to Grandma El’s so I though I’d give it a try. My 3 week old now has a terrible diaper rash and I am beside myself, having never had to deal with it before. I slather the stuff on, yet it is gone in 30 minutes! So much for a protective moisture barrier! We are using the exact same diapers and laundering techniques too. Now I am stuck with this big tub of Monkey Farts! I still use it as moisturizer and such, but will be ordering G.E’s to help get rid of this rash. I have CJ’s 3 stars for the natural ingredients and the washability with cloth dipes, but the rash/skin protection is just not there.

Lakeisha Broken Arrow, OK

A little ‘sweet’ smelling

I like the way this is cloth diaper safe, but when I run out, I will order a different scent. This is a little sweet smelling for me…

Mina Mount Hope, OH

Monkey farts

Love it. The tube is tough to get the remaining balm out but just cut it in half and scoop it out when it gets low. Monkey farts smell like bananas. Thick and nourishing balm that’s great for diaper rash and no issues with my cloth diapers in over 2 years use.

Alfreda Wellington, OH

Great Size

Love that this comes in such a large size, makes it a lot easier to get it out of the jar because it’s wide.I switched to CJ’s from Earth Mama because it stopped working on my child’s rashes once she developed eczema at 9 months (she would break out really fast, really badly). It seems to do the trick, though you do have to melt it by rubbing it in a little bit, which was the only annoying thing I found. Not really a friendly travel size but great for the changing table.

Benita Chapin, IL

Great product!

I refuse to use petroleum products on my young son, so I loved finding this product. I apply it to his dry clean bum and it keeps it happy.If he gets a bad diaper rash (more than just little red bumps), I have to use a zinc cream.If I applied it at every diaper change, I doubt I would need zinc at all.

Noelle Port William, OH

Fantastic with our cloth diapers

I had trouble getting all of the BUTTer out of the 4oz tube as it was hard to squeeze towards the end. The 8oz pot is much easier. And the mango mint smells amazing!

Audra La Push, WA

Love this

This is the best product we have found for our little one’s dry skin or diaper rashes. It isn’t an overpowering scent, but we do prefer the unscented. I think daycare really gets a kick out of putting monkey farts on our little monkey!

Jill Powder River, WY

Great skin care

This does amazing things for my dry skin and cracked cuticles. We used it as our diaper cream until I tried the spritz version, which is fast and easy for diaper changes. I still use the tub for my dry skin.

Jeannette Clinton, MO


CJ’s works great, even with cloth diapering. My daughter had a persistent rash before we started using it. Since then, all clear! (knock on wood!)

Dorthy Pamplin, VA

Smells great

As a cloth diapering family, we needed a diaper cream that was safe for use on our cloth. I had received some free samples of CJs and really loved the scent of this one. I have found it does a great job of protecting my little one from rashes with the bonus of smelling great and washing out easily. I haven’t had any repelling or leaking issues from use of this, like you get with so many other creams.

Lydia Bowdon, GA