The Original Woombie Baby Cocoon Swaddle, Newborn Short, Kiwi Green

The Original Woombie Baby Cocoon Swaddle, Newborn Short, Kiwi Green


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Not for every baby

We have tried just about every swaddler out there (woombie, ultimate, miracle, kidopotamus,Aden & Anais Muslin Wraps 4-Pack – Zoo Animals) and for us we found that nothing was even in league with the Aden and Anais. Pay attention to what your baby is swaddled in at the hospital and you will probably see a large 40″+ muslin wrap. You need size and stretch to make it work. We were hoping to find a swaddler that our 2 week old couldn’t get out of and this product does do that. However our baby gets really angry when he can’t break his arms free when he wants to. Both this product and the “Miracle” swaddler had the same reaction. They both kept him from escaping and that made him really upset. He can be swaddled into submission with the Aden + Anais, but seems to be much more settled when he can break at least one arm free.

Marlene Salem, WI

my baby hated it

At our Newborn Essentials class before our child was born, I asked the instructor if she had heard of the Woombie. She said that she had heard very mixed reviews on it. Nevertheless, I was excited to try it out since my baby broke out of every swaddle. He hated it. He was only a few days old but it didn’t seem long enough. It sorta looked like his head was attached to a bag of angry kittens. I would say try to buy at a store so you can take it for a test-run and see if your baby will tolerate it.

Judi Jones, OK

What a complete waste of money…

My 5 week old baby is colicky & a jerker. I have tried just about every gimick there is and the Woombie was my last grab of desperation — guess what, it didn’t work. The stretchy fabric is TOO stretchy and doesn’t hold my baby in enough — that is the purpose of swaddling right?! I can identify w/the reviewer who said her baby’s head looked like it was attached to a bag of angry kittens!! On the Woombie website, it suggests giving your baby a few days to get used to a different method of swaddling but honestly, how much longer can I torture an already sleep-deprived child?! In addition, the zipper is PLASTIC!! I have never seen a cheaper looking piece of plastic crap in my life and it definitely adds to the struggle of trying to zip your squirmy baby up! I guess I’ll have to stick to my swaddling blankets.

Angelique Krypton, KY

We SLEEP through the night! The best swaddler out there.

This is a great product! I ordered the small size Woombie for my daughter when she was two months old, and wish I had known about it sooner. I was incredibly impressed with what a big difference the Woombie made in helping her fall asleep, and more important, in how long she stayed asleep! She used to wake herself up with reflexive arm movements, but with the Woombie that never happened. We got at least an extra hour, sometimes two or more, with the Woombie. Plus, our girl is a squirmer, and she would often undo her swaddling blanket so that she was left uncovered, and sometimes pulled it over her head. Even with other swaddlers – the kind that use velcro like the Kiddopotamus brand – she would find a way to get her arms out and that made them very dangerous, since she was half-in and half-out. This has never been a problem with the Woombie. She outgrew her smaller Woombie recently and we’ve now got her in the larger size. It’s still working wonders – she sleeps 5-8 hours a night and has a comfortable rest.Check out the Woombie website ([…]) for more glowing reviews. This is the only swaddler I will use and I’m just glad they are coming out with larger sizes for when my little girl outgrows her current one!P.S. Buy at least 2, so you always have one handy if the other gets soiled =).

Adrienne Seaforth, MN

Best Baby Swaddler out there.

I’m a grandma and got this for our newest grandson. Now both he and mama get much needed rest. And he’s happily sleeping in his own crib now.Daughter-in-law raved about this when she used it the first time. I finally got to see how he immediately senses he’s going to be all snugged up and is settling down before it’s even zipped. Then ready to sleep soundly for the night for 5 to 8 hours. And up to 3 hours for naps. That can be a bit long for a nursing mother, but if he’s happy, the milk supply will adjust.Be sure to get the newborn and the new larger one for shower gifts to have on hand. See […] The price is well worth it.

Elaine Venus, TX

Baby is happy..

We were using regular swaddling blankets and Dr. Karp’s “happiest baby” techniques for our son with much success. Then, however, he started getting stronger and able to squirm out of his swaddle (one arm, then two, legs, etc.) faster than we could get him in it. Even if he was in a really deep sleep he would eventually get his hands on his face and wake. We were getting really frustrated. We had the Kiddopotomus SwaddleMe, the Miracle Blanket – all worked to a degree (he grew out of the Miracle almost immediately – almost 10 lbs. at birth). I liked the SwaddleMe, but our squirmer could get out of those fairly quickly as well. The Woombie has solved our problems. Our baby can’t get out of this one, and we are getting an extra hour or so of sleep overnight (5-6 hours as opposed to 4). Also, because they have more sizes, we were able to get a Woombie that fits our larger, still an infant (2 months this week and about 13 lbs.), baby that needs swaddling to be comfortable. The zipper works well and goes from the top down, which is helpful for diaper changing. It can be a little tricky to zip if you’re half asleep or baby is especially squirmy. There is also a strip of fabric that protects the baby from having a zipper against their body (nice feature). If you’d like to see all their options (or, for more sizes) go to their website (just google it). We are very happy with this product (and we’re getting some sleep, too).

Effie Foss, OK

Sleeping through the night at 7 weeks!

Amazing! The woombie that is sold on amazon at the moment is size 0-3 months (newborn and up to 13 lbs). There are many other sizes available at the woombie website. My baby was born 8 lbs 2 oz and was 10 lbs at 4 weeks. We started to use it since when she was 5 days old. Now she is 2 months and she still loves the woombie. She sleeps from 10 pm until 5 or 6 am! I couldn’t find it the other day and had to use Kiddopotamus SwaddleMe blanket I had and she wasn’t too happy about it. She doesn’t like that the Kiddopotamus blanket is too tight and restricting. In woombie she can stretch and move around her arms and legs more.

Dominique Stella Niagara, NY

Amazing Product, especially for eczema babies

I wish I knew sooner about this product. It was very hard for us to “get out” of a miracle blanket because the baby had eczema and would scratch his face till blood. We kept swaddling him when he completely outgrew the blanket, and it was getting harder and harder. I ordered online some sack from Australia where the baby could stretch his arms, but could not take them out. The sack did not work. The baby could not sleep in it. And we have a good sleeper that goes straight for 12 hours of sleep at night. Then I saw this product recommended at some forum for babies with eczema, and I ordered two. I ended up ordering two more!! The baby slept in it from the first time with no problem. He had some flexibility so his arms probably did not fall asleep, and he would wake up always happy! All I can say that the have a deluxe version that has a better quality fabric, so i would opt out for that one instead of this.

Faye Newell, IA