The Original Woombie Cocoon Swaddle

The Original Woombie Cocoon Swaddle


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Great while it lasted…

I loved the first Woombie I bought so much that I bought a a second ‘Lil Houdini model plus a winter version for the upcoming winter. He was busting out of the SwaddleMe every single night (grew too long for it by 4 months). Unfortunately, at 5 month exactly he learned to roll over onto his tummy from his back fully enclosed in his Woombie. With his arms encased he is totally helpless and cannot roll back. Thought the first time was a fluke but a fews days later started making a habit of it. Had to abandon the Woombie cold turkey. He is now a belly sleeper and there’s nothing I can do to change it. Sad to see it go but I’d highly recommend it to anyone whose baby ISN’T yet rolling over.

Doretha Woodbridge, CT

Didnt work for us

The woombie is a good idea, but not made for my LO. She was getting too strong for the swaddles and I thought this would work. While it kept her in, the woombie is not made for LO’s that put their hands over their head. While zipped in it and down for the night baby tried to reach up and subsequently flipped the zipper cover and collar over her mouth and nose where it stayed. Being a new mom I panicked and sent it back the next day.

Mina Adrian, MO

Not the best swadler out there

We were given a Halo Swaddle sleep blanket where you pin the baby’s arms down and then wrap the other piece around and it secured with velcro in the back. She slept fantastic in this and was very soothed. However, when she grew out of it, I thought I would try the Woombie. I made the mistake of buying one on clearance, and now I can’t return it. It was awful. My daughter could still move her arms and she would get them up by her face in an attempt to suck on her hands. The Woombie then was dangerously close to covering her mouth and nose. I couldn’t stop worrying about her covering her face with the blanket that I paid for overnight shipping on the next size up of the Halo Swaddler and I couldn’t be happier. I wouldn’t buy one of these again. The designs are cute, but not enought restraint to make sure that your infant isn’t covering up their face in the middle of the night.

Marissa Maplewood, NJ

Easy to use, sizing seems to run big

I bought the cocoa colored Woombie in Newborn (5-13lbs) for my 13lb, 4 month old daughter who was used to tight swaddles in the the velcro style. She was outgrowing the velcro style (around her shoulders and in height) but still likes to be swaddled to sleep at night. After reading about issues with it not being as tight a swaddle, I bought the newborn in this color and the big baby (the next size up) as well.There’s two styles of flaps that cover the zipper at the top. We got the ones with the plastic snap and I love it (I read the velcro type scratches the baby’s face). I read from the vendor that certain colors only come with this style now, so I had confidence buying the colors I did.This style is so easy to use. I just lay her on top of it, button the snap at the top and zip her right up. There’s no struggle since it’s already secured at the top; I love how easy it is to use.It is a lot looser for their sizing, which I expected. Although she was 13lbs then and is about 15lbs now, she still fits more snuggly in the smaller newborn size. When we first bought them, she could easily get her fist out of the top and push her pacifier out, which made her cry. We had read that other people used this one with a traditional swaddler as a transition. It worked very well for us and now we almost always just wrap her in this one. She can still move around a bit and sleeps great at night. For sizing questions, at 15lbs and 6 months old, she finally fits into the big baby size. It’s still a little big, but both sizes fit her for now.In short, the color is nice and I love the product.UPDATE:My daughter is now 10 months old and about 18-19lbs. We still use the big baby size, though the newborn size stopped fitting quite awhile ago.UPDATE x2:We recently bought a few more newborn ones in different colors directly from Woombie. I think they changed their sizes because they’re vastly smaller than they used to be (I have a picture of them both I will post). I emailed Woombie for clarification, but have not heard back from them in several weeks about it.

Lorrie Castleton On Hudson, NY

Swaddle is too loose to work well

We got a bunch of different cheater-swaddles (that’s what we call them). The Summer one is adjustable and can really lock the arms down. This one is tight at the neck but too loose in the arms so my newborn is easily able to work his arms up which makes him cry. I think the neck will be too small before the body is tight enough to immobilize his arms.Now that my baby is 12 weeks, I’m adding to this review. As he’s gotten older, it is working quite a bit better. The person who sent me the comment was right, you can stretch the neck to make it last longer. The challenge we have now that it is actually working on his arms is that it is too short in length.One major positive with the Woombie is that our son sometimes works his hands out the bottom of the velcro swaddles which can push the material up by his face. The worst that will happen with this is that he’ll break his hands out the top.

Bernice Covington, GA

Made Baby’s Sleep Worse

We tried the Woombie once our daughter started growing out of her miracle blanket. The miracle blanket was wonderful, but it only comes in newborn size. The miracle blanket has two layers of restraint — one to pin the arms down and then another to wrap around the body. It worked amazingly well for us. In contrast, the Woombie is just a tight sack. Our daughter was very frustrated by it. She was able to move her arms, but she wasn’t able to put her hands in her mouth and soothe herself. Basically, it was the worst of both worlds. Our daughter was able to move enough that she could startle herself, but she could not move enough to soothe herself by sucking on her hands. Total waste of money for us.

Sherri Vincent, AL

Must really love orange…

Great concept with some quality control issues. I bought this in the both Paprika and Tahiti color (aqua). The Tahiti one has a snap closure over the top zipper, but the Paprika has really stiff velco. As other reviewers have said, the velcro scratches baby’s chin and therefore an awful idea. I thought about returning the Paprika one, but really love orange.Therefore, I planned to remove the velco and install a snap myself. In theory, this is simple. However, the velco is held on not only by very scratchy nylon (clear) thread, but it is also attached with some type of thick glue. What a disaster. After using my thread puller, some pliers, a little g-gone and some orange thread to repair places I’d torn… I’m now ready to install a snap.On top of the zipper tab enclosure issue, there is also apparently a problem with the iron-on logo and instructional tag inside the collar area. I followed the washing instructions, but upon washing the Paprika Woombie the first time, the instructional tag fell right off and the Woombie logo tag (on the outer toe area) is loose and flapping all the way around. I’m sure it will rip and fall off in bits upon subsequent washes or with regular use. While I’m not so concerned about the logo (although I’m sure the company would disagree), I’d like to have had the instructional info remain intact so I don’t have to memorize the size and how to wash this item. Luckily, the same was not true of the Tahiti (aqua) one.Bottom line, some of these (like the Tahiti color) are wonderful and some need alterations. You really have to love orange to go through the trouble at this price.

Essie Fort Pierce, FL

Part of our Bedtime Routine

The first night we brought my daughter home from the hospital I put her in her woombie. (she had slept the past two days in the hospital swaddled in a aden and anais) After being asleep for just a few minutes her little tiny body would move and because it was so form fitting her body would move, and it would startle her and she would wake up- being swaddled in the a&a; helped her because she couldn’t move at all.. we tried again a few more times the first 3 months, but again to no avail. She could move around too easily, and then wake up.Around 3 months however, she began being able to break out of her swaddle and would wake up at about 5 (normally she wakes up at 7:30) so I would have to go in re-swaddle her, and hope she wouldn’t break free again. So we decided to give the woombie one last shot! & am sooo grateful we did! She loves it!! She can still move a little, but now that she’s bigger it’s not so much that it wakes her up. She’s now 5 months and still wearing it every night, and for her naps as well. She knows when we put it on that it’s time to sleep.. it’s really quite amazing. Sometimes if she’s really tired and fussy, right when I get it zipped up she stops crying and is asleep within 1 minute.. she just knows, woombie=sleep!! She is able to move her little arms up to the top and she does that right when we put her in, but they stay up there all night. We don’t use the double zipper, because she sleeps through the night, but I could see how it could be handy if she wasn’t. Also, I just ordered her the winter woombie, because I noticed as it’s getting colder she’ll wake up with cold thighs (even with warm jammies- she’s a California baby- 😉 not used to the cold) , so hopefully that will keep her warmer at night.The only other negative I would say (other than it not working so well early on) is I am guessing it might be hard to get her to sleep with out it.. but I think the same is true with any kind of soothing technique, (swaddle, rocking, pacifier, etc)We LOVE our woombie!

Mildred Colfax, CA

Weird- but awesome

So admittedly this looks like a straight jacket for a baby, which is exactly what my husband said when he saw it – but for a baby that enjoys swaddling, it’s great! Our daughter slept her first stretch of 5 hours while using this, and I really needed it! It’s soft and SUPER stretchy, so I never felt she was in there too tightly, in fact I felt like it was the perfect tightness to hug her body and make her feel secure.

Lauren Sterling, KS


I thought $25 was too much to pay for a swaddle sack/blanket, but the Woombie is worth every penny. It is my new favorite baby shower gift. My baby won’t sleep at all unless me or my husband is holding her and/or she is in the Woombie. We have two regular Woombies and one “Leggies” Woombie which has legs that allow you to strap your sleeping baby into a carseat or baby swing. We couldn’t live without the Woombie!!!

Ursula Florence, SC

My colicky newborn sleeps like a baby!!

The Woombie has been a sanity saver for my family! My 8 week old has been using one since birth, and she sleeps like a dream! Despite being colicky most of the day, when I put her in her Woombie she relaxes and falls asleep within minutes. She occasionally fusses when put into it, but within less than a minute she is over it. I highly recommend this to any parent of a newborn! Get 2 of these – if your baby spits up you won’t want to be without one for the night! Be careful washing them – they must be air dried. It’s easy to forget they’re in the wash with all the other baby stuff and throw them in the dryer (I did). They shrink!

Ursula Seabeck, WA

make sure to order a bigger size than you need

I never used this item. I bought it for my newborn . . but it was too small,even though he should have comfortably fit into it according to his weight. I couldn’t return it, because I had already pre-washed it. Since all newborn clothing has to be washed before putting it on the infant ..there was no way for me to know, if it would fit my baby. What a waste of money!

Viola Verona, WI

fabulous product and fabulous service

I first tried the woombie after my sister raved about it, and it is worth every penny. My little wiggler can’t get out of it, its easy to get on, lightweight so he doesn’t overheat, and stretchy so that he is snuggled but not constricted. He is 5 months old now and wearing the big baby size, and it is stretchy enough that i’m not worried if he accidentally flips himself over in his crib at night, he’s got enough arm movement to be able to push himself back to his back.This seller, BigBlueCastle2, is also great. The woombie was shipped promptly, and when I required about a warranty replacement (the snap ripped through the fabric) they shipped me a replacement quickly and with no hassle. Couldn’t ask for more.I read on the Woombie website that they’ll shortly be coming out with reversible zipper woombies, and ones which allow you to keep one or both arms free. I’m looking forward to ordering them as soon as they are available!

Pauline Rushmore, MN

Inconsistent quality. Abysmal customer service.

We own and have tried a lot of swaddles. 6 types, the best of which are miracle blanket, loving baby and pod styles. We have 10 Woombie swaddles but we wouldn’t recommend them.The woombies have been very inconsistent in quality. Some have arrived with a Velcro closure at the neck which causes horrible scrapes/cuts to our baby’s chin and face (the Velcro closure is not mentioned in the descriptions on amazon). Others arrive with a snap closure (much preferable as the snap is quiet and does not scratch baby). Some of the “big baby” woombies have been bigger than the “mega baby” woombies (megas are supposed to be bigger than the bigs). Some of the collars are of a different material than what is pictured on Amazon. The material on some collars has more give and makes it easier for babies to get their hands and arms out. When we have contacted woombie about these various problems, they get defensive and rigid. They have never offered to discount, replace or repair when confronted with these various problems. Lesson learned; buy woombies from amazon directly because you may very we’ll need to return them. Despite all of this, the pod type swaddle has been the consistent best performer for our two kids. Instead of the overpriced and inconsistent woombie, we like the summer infant swaddlepod.Summer Infant SwaddlePod, Ivory, Newbornit is half the price and better quality.Thanks for reading, I hope this review was helpful!

Jasmine Walland, TN

Works for our 6 month old wiggle worm

My son is 6 months old. We tried swaddling him in the beginning, but he easily wiggled his way out of the blankets every time, or woke himself up trying to kick his legs, something he does a lot in his sleep. We gave up, and got used to him waking up often. He also has a seriously sensitive startle reflex, and very active little hands the minute he’s even semi-conscious. Once those hands grab onto something interesting – Boom! It’s playtime, not sleep time!So I came across the Woombie and thought, perfect! It could solve a multitude of problems for us – – IF our son would go for it. Being 6 months old, I thought it might make him crazy being confined all night, and I couldn’t find any glowing reviews except from parents of previously swaddled babies. But I went for it anyway, even though my hubby thought it was a crazy, desperate attempt (which it was!). Well, glad I did! Our little guy is still a sort of light sleeper, but having his hands restricted and having the snug feeling of being held all night has resulted in him waking up less and settling easier. He still can kick to his little heart’s content, too! So glad I discovered this crazy cocoon!

Lina Baltic, SD

Not the magic solution I had hoped for

I love the idea of this! We kept our daughter swaddled for the first 4 or 5 months because she had such a strong jerk reflex that she could never get herself to sleep without us holding her arms snuggly to her body. We always swaddled her the old fashioned way and wrapped her up in a sheet with the “Ultra Swaddle” (see You Tube) but she eventually got too big and figured out how to break free from the then inadequately sized sheet. This zippered version should be the answer to this, and to a point it is. My problem with it is that it’s just too stretchy! I have held off on writing a review, in case my problem with it was just because my son was on the lower end of the weight range for the size I bought, but sadly no. He is now on the upper end of that scale, and he can still manage to suck on his hands THROUGH the Woombie, and wakes up with a cold wet patch under his chin.If that wasn’t an issue, I’d give it 5 stars. It’s secure, he’d never get his arms out of it. It’s easy to zip up, and I’m not worried about the zipper breaking or anything (maybe just catching his skin some day, eek!). The flap at the top, buttons over the zipper so it never rubs his skin. And I love that you can zip it open from the bottom and keep his hands tucked away up top, for diaper checks, or in my case, putting his hands back down by his sides for a while. His jerk reflex doesn’t seem nearly as strong as my daughter’s. I think he’ll be in a normal baby sleeping bag, with his arms out, before long.

Constance Calcium, NY

Baby Sausage Casing

I purchased another swaddle blanket that was less than half the price, but I got what I paid for. It couldn’t get tight enough to calm my new son. This Woombie is just what he needed. The name truly fits the product. My son was born 7lbs 10 oz 19 1/4" long and while it is too long it fits so snugly after a washing he is completely relaxed. The double zipper makes for a cinch of middle of the night diaper changes as well. I love the cocoa color. It is soft and washes nicely. All you do if it is too long is cut a sash and tie it off (just make sure the length of the sash is short enough where it couldn’t wrap around anything if untied). The price is rather high but honestly I’m not surprised…it is the best of what it does. I will purchase another if I feel that it needs to be laundered so much that I need an alternate. This time of year I have a sleeper on under the woombie. It has enough give to allow for it. I’d highly recommend for a baby that likes being swaddled (Lord knows my first didn’t!).

Jo Bradford, PA

You need the Woombie

Here’s why you need a Woombie:1. It’s parent-proof. And grandma-proof. And baby-sitter proof. All it’s got is a zipper and a snap. You can’t screw it up at 2 am.2. It’s baby-proof. Your baby will squirm away and cannot get out of the Woombie. She cannot get it up over her head, end with it wrapped around her neck or get it down around her waist.3. It’s superior to similar products on the market. We stumbled across the Woombie when looking to purchase a second SwaddlePod (we received a used one in a box of clothes given to us by my cousin). The SwaddlePod is much looser and flimsier. Yes, the Woombie costs twice as much as the SwaddlePod but you get what you pay for. It is also superior to the organic Ergo Cocoon Baby Swaddle. We bought one of those thinking that we would use it when she grew out of her Woombie. Wrong. It, like the SwaddlePod, is basically a tube that is closed at one end and has a zipper. It allows way too much movement. It’s basically like a little bit tighter version of a sleep sack. The Woombie is form-fitting and made of strong but stretchy fabric. It also has a little flap that sits under the zipper to protect little fingers, unlike the other two brands.4. Your baby can move around enough but not too much. She can move her feet and legs, arch her back, put her hands up by her chin, put her hands down by her sides, whatever she wants. The Woombie allows just the right amount of freedom of movement.5. Your baby can chew on her hands. I was scared that the Woombie was being defeated the day I saw fingers poking out of the top. Wrong I was. I see her little fingers every night yet I’ve never seen her wrists. Once she was old enough to want to chew on her hands she has been poking one or the other out of the top of her Woombie. She just rests them against her cheek or chin or puts the tips in her mouth. If she’s really wanting to chew on them she is now strong enough to push them up enough to chew on them through the Woombie. Yes, the it makes the Woombie a bit soggy but she can soothe herself. At about 3 or 3.5 months, their hands became their favorite thing in the entire world. It’s the Woombie’s secret asset compared with other swaddling devices.6. It fits. We bought a Newborn size when she was one month old. It fit well then. She turns five months old today and it still fits well (she’s almost 14 pounds now). We’re switching to the next size up Woombie now because my spouse thinks it’s crazy that she still fits in the Newborn size but really she does.7. It comes in multiple sizes. You would be so sad and sleep so poorly if it didn’t because 3-4 months is a bad time to stop swaddling.8. You don’t need the convertible one in the Newborn size. Save that for the next size up when you think about releasing her from the swaddle when she gets really good a rolling over.9. You need two of them. You are familiar with newborn poop. You don’t want your Woombie to be in the wash at bedtime.10. You now have a fabulous gift for new parents. We’ve already given two of them.

Cassie Merrillan, WI

Great idea – didn’t work for us

I was really excited to try this as I thought it would be a great happy medium between the ultra confining swaddles and not swaddling at all. But…it just didn’t work that great for us. When my kid could move her arms AT ALL that was too much of a distraction for her. It would actually piss her off more that she could move them but not get them out as opposed to not being able to move them at all. Plus, she just looked really creepy in it. LOL! It was weird seeing her look like one of those little glo-worm toys with a wriggling little body and only her head exposed.

Josie Shelburne Falls, MA

We are finally getting some sleep!

I don’t know why we waited so long to get a Woombie! Our son was a month old before we bought this because he was breaking out of his swaddles and would wake up crying every time. His first night in the Woombie we got our first 6 hour stretch of sleep. He just turned 3 months and is still using it. I’m sad that we have to wean from the swaddle soon. Will definitely remember to use these from the start with the next little one.

Leeann True, WV

Too Tight Around Neck

This would have been a great product if the strap on the neck were longer. I felt like I was choking my daughter every time I put her in it…and she was a preemie, so being too big wasn’t an issue. She liked it, but I was terrified to take my eyes off her. She used it once for about 15 minutes before I decided that I would never rest easy with her in it.

Marcia Mendocino, CA

Nice quality, but….

Whether or not this product works for you will depend on you and your babies preferences for swaddling. The quality of the Woombie itself is excellent. I have no complaints there at all. However, even though my ordered arrived very quickly, by the time it came my daughter had already developed a preference for being swaddled with her arms up. The Woombie is designed for arms-down swaddling. As a result, my baby got a little freaked out when I tried to put her in it. And frankly, it made me a little anxious too! If your baby diesnt mind having their arms down, and likes a very tight swaddle, then I think you’ll be very happy with his purchase.

Katina Harrison City, PA

Great swaddle

This worked great for us after our son started working his way out of a wrapping swaddle. The fabric is soft. The color is bright. Highly reccommend.

Maggie Eutaw, AL

Not like a swaddle

I thought this was a great idea – a swaddle that zips, but my child hates the woombie. She LOVES to be swaddled, but will not even stand this for a few minutes.

Jodi Wayland, IA

One of my new favorite baby products!

I decided to get a couple Woombies to try with my third child. I had seen them before I was pregnant and thought they looked hilariously cute, and so even though we didn’t *need* anything for baby 3, I decided to try them out. My first baby loved being swaddled and my second didn’t, so I didn’t really know how useful these would be– but I figured I’d at least get a few cute newborn pictures.I seriously love these. I think they must be the best swaddler, especially because they allow some freedom for the baby while still keeping their arms and legs secure. I may have decided not to keep my baby swaddled if we were just using blankets or some of our other swaddling contraptions. It definitely helps him sleep better than my other two. He sleeps with his arms up by his chest instead of pinned down to his side like we’d do in other swaddlers. I also really like how they have a zipper on the bottom so you can change diapers without setting the arms free. My son is now in the “big baby” size, and I fully intend on keeping him swaddled in these blankets as long as possible. They’re expensive, but I think my baby’s security and comfort (and my sleep!) is worth the price.The only negative thing I have to say about these is that they say not to machine dry. HAHA. I could not wait for these to air dry– I rely on them too heavily! I throw them in the dryer and the only thing that happened is that the newborn sized Woombies’ decal cracked and peeled away.

Alexis Plato Center, IL

Love this

I’m using the woombie on my second child and just love it. My daughter can move her arms around enough to be happy in comparison to being strapped down by a swaddling velcro type blanket. Worth the price, buy a few!

Lauren Cedar Falls, NC

Very nice quality swaddle blanket

Great swaddle blanket – we’ve been using traditional swaddlers with the Velcro that strap baby’s arms down by her side. Our daughter is almost 7 months now though, and I wanted something that would allow her more freedom of movement as we start working towards being "swaddle free"! The fabric has a nice weight and stretch to it, and I love the quick easy zipper instead of trying to pull the sides of her other swaddle around her while she squirms and wiggles. I call this her baby sleeping bag. 🙂

Tasha Clear Creek, WV

The BEST Swaddler EVER

My daughter just turned 3 months and I’m super bummed that I didn’t use this from the beginning (I had honestly never even heard of it) I was searching for a different swaddler on Ebay and got this new for pretty darn cheap, after getting this one, I ended up ordering 5 more from Woombie.I got 2 Halo Sleepsack Swaddlers for gifts. If your valcro actually keeps working after 2 months, you must not be using it. I swaddled my daughter from day 1 and I would wash and line dry these, and after less than 2 months my daughter was getting out of the Halo swaddlers and also the valcro would curl and not stick all the way on also I always felt kind of bad that she couldn’t move her arms around.With this product it probably is best to start from the beginning as my daughter took a few days to get used to her new Woombie but I love that she can’t get her arms out, she can move around as she likes and it honestly made me think of how much she use to move inside my stomach. The material is just perfect honestly. I have 3 of these and 2 of the houdini. My daughter LOVES her Woombie and sleeps well in it.

Helga Northport, NY

Original Woombie

Although there was nothing inherently wrong with the product, my preemie didn’t like it at all…it was almost TOO stretchy and since he could still stretch and move, it irritated him and he didn’t sleep well in it. I ended up only using it a few times, and then was introduced to Halo SleepSack Swaddles, which worked like magic for my little guy!

Henrietta San Gregorio, CA

Love, love, love!

This is amazing! My son was like a little Houdini and would always wiggle his way out of the swaddle or would fight us when we were swaddling him. Now, he can have his hands by his face without breaking free and its the easiest thing to put him in. I’m definitely going to but another so I can have a spare. I’ll also be giving this as a baby gift for every future baby gift I give. This is a must have!

Rena Forest City, MO