The Peepee Teepee for the Sprinkling WeeWee: 5 Airplanes in Cellophane Bag

The Peepee Teepee for the Sprinkling WeeWee: 5 Airplanes in Cellophane Bag

There is nothing more surprising for a first parent than a sprinkling wee wee! So prepare and protect them from the horror with our Pee Pee Teepee! These cone shaped tents make diaper changes dry and easy! You’ll receive 5 Pee pee Teepees in a clear bag with the Pee Pee poem. A must have diapering accessory for newborn boys; excellent baby shower gift with guaranteed giggles! Changing a baby girl is not all glitz and glory; Changing a baby boy is an even bigger horror story.You hold his feet in one hand, and the diaper in the other;The whole time praying, “Please don’t pee on your mother!” Each measures approx. 2″ in diameter x 2″ tall. 100% cotton. Washable and re usable.

Main features

  • An unforgettable gift for a baby shower!
  • The ultimate diapering accessories for boys
  • Use during diaper changes to avert a sprinkling
  • Fully machine washable and re-usable
  • Made of snuggly-soft 100% cotton

Verified reviews


Having a baby boy? You NEED these.

I saw these and similar products in the store when I was pregnant – they were cute and funny, but I figured, ‘I don’t need that.’ Fast-forward to after my son was born…we learned quickly that when you take off a newborn baby boy’s diaper, as soon as the cool air hits them down there, it’s pretty much a guarantee that they’ll pee within 2 seconds. Unfortunately this lesson didn’t sink in until I’d spent several weeks getting fire-hosed every time I changed a diaper, and I’d gotten used to changing my shirt three times a day. 🙂 A friend sent me these – what a lifesaver! They’re super absorbent, cute (love the subtle “weiner” dog joke), and machine washable. I soon learned to have one at the ready, and to plunk it down the second I took the diaper off. No more wiping pee off the walls and changing table, or changing my shirt over and over! Awesome.

Charity Greenfield, CA

Novelty only…

This is a very cute and fun item, but not functional at all. This could be a good silly shower gift, but the reality is that it doesn’t work. It’s impossible to hold the peepee teepee in place while changing the baby. Once baby squirms the teepee falls right off. Takes more energy to try to keep the teepee in place, than to just quickly change the baby.

Rosalie Deal, NJ

Cute, but doesn’t work

These are indeed a very cute idea, but they don’t really work. Ideal if your baby sits perfectly still at a diaper change, but my baby never did! (In fact, I don’t know of any who do.) I spent more time trying to keep this thing in place, and then the minute it slipped off, he peed anyway. It’s all part of the joy of having a baby boy! Better just to work quickly, and you’ll get quicker with practice.

Paulette Texline, TX

cute but does not work

These are really cute and a good idea if they actually stayed on. It falls off 2 seconds after I put it on.

Donna Abita Springs, LA

Handy and happy

We use expensive pure wipes for our twins’ sensitive skin, but pretty much wasting one every change to cover our little boy, just in case of an unexpected shower – these have helped us save money by keeping him covered & easily washed! Very happy with this

Susan Milton, NC

Four Stars

a must for all new parents of baby boys!

Hillary Stanwood, WA

Must have

If you’ve got a baby boy this is a must have! Tiny as it may appear– it does its job of no more sprinkling and it is quite absorbent!

Lacy Fort Rock, OR

Simple but useful

The first week my newborn son was home I was peed on countless times. After receiving these Peepee Teepee’s I continue to stay dry. Now that I am a diaper changing pro I use them only when changing a poopy diaper because that is more time consuming than a simple pee filled diaper. The only reason i did not give this product 5 stars is it does take one hand to hold the peepee teepee on while you change because it will fall off otherwise. Other selling points to me were they are easily washed in washing machine and pretty absorbent for their size. Any baby shower I go too now that is for a little boy, these are my go to gift. I consider them a must have for a baby boy.

Guadalupe Bazine, KS


These are TOO cute. The quality is great for such a reasonable price. I would definitely recommend these! If you’re having a boy – get them! 🙂

Lorraine Culpeper, VA

Novelty item only

This is more like a gag gift for a baby shower. As cute as it seems, it is impractical. When washed, they shrink up and arent’ stiff like before. My baby’s bulge was too large for the tiny cone anyway.

Annmarie Bern, KS


I didn’t like these at all. They never stayed in place. WeeBlocks stayed in place much better. These are too light weight and too small. A waste of money even though you love the prints.

Latisha Bretton Woods, NH

cute idea but useless

I got these as a gift. They are cute and funny, but useless. They don’t stay on while you wipe your baby. Also, if it does stay on, the pee just leaks on to baby’s sides. So, we just place a washcloth over him and it absorbs the pee much better :).

Bettie North Attleboro, MA

nice idea

I really love the idea of these, and the patterns make them fun. They work to an extent, that is, when they actually stay on. My baby boy moves so much, he’s quite a little kicker so the peepee teepee falls off multiple times while I’m trying to change him and I keep having to put it back on. I don’t know if there really is any good way to change that. I have to say I’ve been pretty lucky for the most part and we’ve only really needed it once although we use them pretty often just in case. Now if there was only something for projectile poo…. 🙂

Maryann Winnisquam, NH

Save your money – use a washcloth or cloth diaper

These are absolutely adorable, but they don’t stay in place between baby’s wiggling legs. I use a washcloth or drape a cloth diaper over baby’s legs – works much better and absorbs much more pee pee than the tee pee!

Traci Paradise, MT

Good concept, hard to stay on

Seems to fall off when he moves on the changing table. When it is on, it works alright. It mainly deflects the urine, doesn’t absorb that well. Still better to have pee on the changing table than all over the room though.

Kasey Agate, ND

Very useful!

No more accidental peeing all over the place. I use this product for my son whenever I change his diaper.

Eugenia Kersey, CO

They’re not bad

These things are very cute as a novelty item. At first I thought that was all they were good for. They do not stay on unless you hold it on, which is too hard when changing a diaper. I did find out that they do work great once the baby has started peeing. I keep them right next to his changing pad and if he happens to stream, I put one on right away and hold it there. It soaks up the pee and prevents an even bigger mess from being made. They’re very absorbent and I do like that I have them, but with little boys, some pee escaping seems to be unavoidable.

Gwen Russell, MA

Cute but not that useful

Very cute and a novel baby gift. Especially for the golf lover. However, it is not terribly useful as it falls off easily and I do believe a stream of pee would launch it off 😉

Marcella Denmark, SC

Cute but doesn’t work well

Our son is three months old now but when he was born changing diaper was a nightmare with his pee spraying everywhere lol! So we found these on Amazon and thought the job will get easier. They look cute but what a waste of money. Finally I read somewhere to use a wash cloth….. We found a cheaper alternative that works well. We dedicated a few onesies just to cover his wee wee while changing diaper. Some of them were newborn sizes that no longer fits him and are great to use for this job!! 🙂 Don’t waste your money in this rather use a wash cloth or a onesie!

Myra Garden City, MN