The Potty Stool for Toddler Toilet Training Step Stool

The Potty Stool for Toddler Toilet Training Step Stool

Potty training can be a tricky thing: get it right the first time and you will wonder what all the fuss is about. But if you make a few mistakes, they can haunt you for years. The Potty Stool makes sure you get it right: ALSO CHECKOUT OUR NEW FOR 2015 PRODUCTS *TOTLET POTTY AND TOTLET SINK* One step up. Wide Platform. Enclosed area around the toilet and step. Secure handles to help climb the step. Secure armrests when your child is seated. Strong rubber feet to lock down to the floor. Complete comfort for your child. SAFE. SECURE. STABLE. POTTY TRAINING SOLVED. THIS IS THE ULTIMATE TOOL FOR POTTY TRAINING! The Potty Stool streamlines potty training by eliminating an entire stage. Now children can go straight from diapers to the toilet. The Potty Stool is a step stool that works with every toilet. The large platform means children can easily turn around without falling off. The comforting safety handles help children climb up and down and provide support while they are seated. This is the ONLY stool with SANITARY GRAB areas when children are climbing, standing, and sitting. Anti-bacterial, easy-clean, high strength custom plastic. Secure, high handles make every toilet toddler friendly. Child seat not needed. Adults can use the toilet when The Potty Stool is in place by removing only one sidewall. Parents and children love the safety, simplicity, and ease of use. Ships contiguous 48 states by UPS only-Cannot ship to APO/FPO/DPO, AK, HI. Dimensions of the stool: height of step platform is 8.5 inches, requires 2 inches each side of toilet and 11 inches or less in front of toilet bowl, depending on the model of toilet. Made in USA. One year manufacturer’s warranty. We apologize for the high cost of this item but we have chosen high cost manufacturing methods to ensure complete safety, stability and comfort for your child.

Main features

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  • Only ONE step up for young ones. Maximum strength and safety.

Verified reviews


Expensive and worth every penny (and more)!

Despite the intimidating price tag, I haven’t doubted this purchase since the moment it arrived. The potty stool is sturdy, white plastic that is textured so not at all slippery, even if wet. Assembling this took all of 20 seconds and taking down one rail to allow for adult use is likewise a breeze. My 24 month old was potty trained when this arrived and it was meant to aid us in nighttime toilet use, which it certainly has as she now has the support rails and sturdy step on which she can turn around on her own without toppling over in her sleepy state. A big financial investment *well worth it* to this family!

Adriana Boones Mill, VA

Worth every penny!

We recently purchased this for our 3 year old son. He is smaller than average, and although he was doing well with the little potty, it was going to be awhile before he could use the adult toilet. I did a bit of research on other options, many of which seemed to have safety issues. This was by far the most expensive, but worth it. He used it immediately, without hesitation or instruction (and he had been nervous about the adult toilet before). It is so sturdy, I feel very confident that it can be used without supervision. And I know it will last until our younger child is ready to use it. We also bought the baby bjorn toilet seat (since this does not have an accompanying seat), and it works great. The only downside is it is large, so if you have a small bathroom, this may not be for you.____By way of an update on my earlier review, we now have this in use with my 2 year old, who has been able to easily climb on to the toilet on his own with this for a few months (which isn’t to say that he is trained yet, but we are working on it). It has continued to exceed our expectations. Its a great buy.

Juliana D Hanis, TX

Very useful

I searched low and high for a step stool that my son could use which would bring him closer to the potty when he stands up to pee pee. I was kind of skeptical when purchasing this item, one for the price, and two because I didn’t know if it would work. Well this is one of the best potty training items that I’ve purchased. It brings my son to the exact height that he needs to be at when standing up to pee pee. I’ve had folks come to my house and they’re amazed at the item. When adults need to use the toilet they simply remove one or both of the arms. Best thing, well worth the money as it is used daily.

Carole Monmouth Junction, NJ

Great stool but not for small bathrooms

I bought this for my son who is 2 1/2. He’s big for his age and didn’t fit on any of the toddler potties. We finally got him to use the toilet but of course it’s too tall for him to get on without help. We tried regular step stools but we had to help him up and down to prevent falls. With this stool he can do it on his own with minimal supervision: it’s very sturdy and the hand rails help him get up and down on his own. It’s big enough he can stand on the step and pull down his pants with room to maneuver. It’s also fairly easy to clean up from “near misses” (at the worst you may have to slide the handles up to clean the grooves they sit in). He like being able to “do it himself” and potty training went much faster once we had this.The only down side I can see it that it is a pretty large piece of plastic (which is why it’s so sturdy). If you have a small bathroom it could be a minor pain to move around and it’s heavy enough that your kid isn’t going to be able to move it into place if you’ve moved it aside.After going through three different potties and trying different stools this was the hands down winner. It cost more than the other options but it’s easily worth it. I ordered it direct from the manufacturer (listed as “The Potty Stool” on the vendor list) and it arrived in decent time (I’m on the West Coast and it took a little over a week).

Justine Okauchee, WI

This is amazing!!! I am recommending this to everyone!

I was really turned off by the price. $160 bucks (inc. shipping) is way more then I paid for any other potty training item to date. However, my husband and I were so worried about my son getting hurt, that I caved and bought this.Now for the great things:First, it is so easy to set up – only 3 pieces; 1 base and 2 side pieces which slide together like a puzzle. It was so easy that I put it together in 3 seconds – without my husband!Second, the potty stool itself is very durable. I was surprised by how heavy it was and am glad because that means no 2 1/2 year old carrying it around the house.Third, I love the handrails on each side. This means no falls! My son face planted into the toilet recently (on the two step Graco stool) which resulted in a doctor’s visit.And fourth, my son immediately climbed on the wide platform, turned and pulled down his pants, then sat on the potty all by himself. He even smiled! Yay! So, lots of great things about this potty stool.So far, the only negatives are the price – kind of expensive (however for how heavy it is, I understand the pricing and it is made in the USA) – and that my son’s tip toes touch (not his entire foot). We use the Baby Bjorn potty seat which is higher then most other potty seats so this could be part of the reason why his foot doesn’t touch all the way.But being honest, I am so very glad we got this potty stool. I feel comfortable now letting my son have his bathroom door open during the night. I will be recommending this product to everyone!

Lorie Issaquah, WA

The only one that is safe and works. I tried all the others.

The Potty Stool is a wonderful stool. It is high enough for a young toddler to reach the toilet (though it could be just a bit higher for really young ones like 18mo) and the rails make toddlers feel *so* secure. They don’t just feel secure, they really are secure.I tried three other types of stools. They were all bad accidents just waiting to happen. I tried the Bjorn type stool (too small & short to work, too light to stay in place); the Mommie Cushie stepup (terribly unstable); and the KidKraft wooden step stool with lid (sturdy, tall enough, heavy enough to stay in place, but might slip on tile, might be slippery when wet, no rails). With the exception of the KidKraft, I wasted my money on everything.This stool is worth every penny when compared to safety issues of all the other stools. It is utterly safe, sturdy, and reassuring to toddlers. The rails come off easily for cleaning, and the stool can be moved easily just by squeezing the two rails together and picking it up. A great product.

Dora Mc Intyre, GA

Go for this first-before all others

I have a child with mild autism who has a fear of the potty. I tried the Bjorn potty chair, cushy seat, 3-1 potties….you name it- I tried it. I hesitated on this because of the price. How much more did I want to invest in failed potty instruments? 🙂 Thankfully, I got it right this time. This stool has been my savior.The stool:It’s very heavy, well molded/made plastic. Very sturdy when complete. Puts together without tools right out of the box by simply sliding each side down onto the base. Both sides can be removed by simply lifting & pulling. However, it can be carried through a standard door by pushing the sides together as you lift/walk with it. It will protrude 42″ if pushed against a modern/standard sized oval shaped toilet (this measurement if from the back of my toilet to the end of the stool in front) & it is 20″ wide at it’s widest point. There is a non skid section on the bottom, so it does not move at all on tile.The results:My 3.5 year old has been using it without fear for 2 weeks now. I am using the Bjorn seat with it that sits right on the toilet seat (I highly recommend this also) He has some motor control problems, so he is making slow progress. However, this is the first seat he does not fear. He actually did #2 in it last night because he is very comfy when on it. I nearly cried from happiness! The stool allows a child to get up there alone/dress/undress without fear of falling in or off due to the wide base. My 2 year old gets himself on/off of the seat independently & I believe he will train quickly.Bottom line:Do NOT by any other stools/seats other then the Bjorn seat & this stool. I could have actually saved money by buying this set up initially. The most wonderful part of this is that there is virtually zero clean up & it will grow with your child. I won’t worry about my child using the potty independently at night with this stool. Highly recommended.

Erma Feeding Hills, MA

Potty training made easier!

When researching potty training aids, I came across this monstrous plastic thing called the Potty Stool. I read the reviews and they were so positive, but I still wasn’t really sold. I had the alternative, small stools that looked like accidents waiting to happen, and was always nervous as my petite daughter wavered precariously on it while preparing to do her business. One day, I decided to bite the bullet and I’m happy that I did. Yes–this is a huge piece of plastic. I live in a ’50’s ranch house, so space in the bathrooms is a premium, but we’ve been able to make it work. My daughter feels secure getting onto the potty by herself. This is a big deal because it helps her feel more independent. With the traditional stools, she always requested that I help her because they were so precarious.We use the Potty Stool with a Baby Bjorn potty seat and it’s a wonderful combination.Removing the “arms” of the stool is very easy and does make it possible for an adult to use the same toilet.Is the price high? Yes, but it’s totally worth it.

Maude Lochgelly, WV

best potty stool ever!

We conquered the potty with this stool! Well the stool didn’t do all the work for the potty training, but it did make it easy for my daughter to get herself up and down safely to the adult potty in our house. My daughter is short and has one leg that is very short so using the standard Baby Bjorn stool (which we have 2 of) just isn’t broad or tall enough to enable her to be self sufficient. This sturdy wider, taller base and easy to remove side arms give her the stability to go alone.

Kris Marlboro, NJ

I’m glad i bought it…

I debated for a few weeks on whether to buy this or not. The price was definitely a deterrent for me. Now that we have it, I’m glad I did. Prior to purchasing the potty stool, we were using a regular step stool. My son would stand on it, then hang onto the towel rack and me or my husband for balance in order to potty. The potty stool has given us the freedom to have two hands free while he holds onto the sides and goes to the bathroom. (He stands up for peeing so having a place to hold onto is essential.)He also seems to be more comfortable actually sitting on his toilet seat. Prior to this purchase, he did not want to sit… between the moving toilet seat and the step stool, it wasn’t secure for him. But now that we’ve gotten this he’s actually been sitting on the seat without any issues. In fact, he seems to enjoy sitting on the seat (maybe a little too much! lol).I also like the fact that it’s super easy to remove the sides in order for adults to use the toilet. The only issue is the step portion–when sitting on a toilet, it means you have to have your feet out further than normal. I’m 5’9″ so it’s not a huge issue but for a shorter person or even someone older like a grandparent I could see it being a potential issue.The only other issue I have is the price. I think the company knows it has a corner on this market so can charge what it wants. If you do purchase this you’ll be surprised at how super simple the design is, I almost want to kick myself for not thinking of it myself!I have to say, if it were less expensive I’d order another for my upstairs bathroom. But at this cost, I think we’ll deal with only having one.

Chrystal Ocoee, TN