The Rockabye Glider Serenity Glider, Micro Chocolate brown

The Rockabye Glider Serenity Glider, Micro Chocolate brown

The Serenity Glider has a smooth back and forth glide motion for maximum comfort . This best selling style glider is now offered in the newest fashion fabrics that are soft the touch while easy to clean with mild soap and water. Sink in and relax in this custom comfort glider.

Main features

  • Smooth back and forth glide motion for maximum comfort
  • Cleans easily with mild soap and water
  • Perfect arm height for the nursing Mom
  • Made in the USA

Verified reviews


Horrible Product

Very noisy. It’s not the rocking/metal part of the chair that is making the noise, but the wood frame that is extremely squeaky. So, unable to rectify the problem myself. Absolutely awful noise and completely defeats the purpose of me rocking my child to sleep. The chair itself is comfortable, not that this matters. Also, it seems there needs to be a skirt or something on the bottom, as there is a 6 inch gap of nothingness between the floor and the chair, it just doesn’t look right. On another note, Amazon returns was very polite and helpful.

Jordan Altair, TX

SOO Comfy

I LOVE this rocker and it was sooo useful in the first days with a newborn. It’s so easy to nurse on here and so comfy for your back. The only thing is I have to use my feet to rock it and sometimes it makes my foot a little sore but other than that, I would recommend this product to any mom of newborns. Doesn’t matter if you’re not planning to nurse, it’s comfy to feed a baby bottle on this too. You will ENJOY and LOVE this plush, soft, rocker.

Hope Nanuet, NY

Looks and feels good!

I was a bit skeptical buying a chair online without trying it out first, but it absolutely met our expectations. It is soft and comfortable, and the color goes well with our nursery. The depth fits both my 6’0 husband as well as my 5’1 self. It is a bit light weight, so the chair does slide on our wood floors at times. Overall it works well, however after many sleepless nights with a newborn, I wish we would have gotten a recliner instead.

Tabatha Granby, VT

Ok…sent it back

I wanted to like this one because it was cheaper than others, but the quality is not great. The back cushion is kind of of lumpy and I didn’t like the way it looked. Mine was quiet when I sat and rocked and it has a smooth motion, but I didn’t like the appearance. The delivery was easy and so was the return. The company called me and scheduled a day and time for delivery and they were very kind and helpful. I wish I liked it more. Amazon has such great service.

Summer Farmington, WV

Just don’t buy it!

I don’t like it very bulky, also the fabric tear a part the very first day, and fabric also is like suede. I want to like it but nook!

Elena Iowa Park, TX