The Shrunks Sleepover Kid’s Travel Bed

The Shrunks Sleepover Kid’s Travel Bed

Keep your 5 8 year old travelers safe, secure, and well rested on every over night adventure with the Kid’s Travel Airbed. Designed so twin bed sheets fit on the center mattress area of the airbed and blanket tuck on, kids are sure to feel the comforts of home. To keep kids from rolling off and to gain a sense of security, inflated rails are positioned on both sides of the airbed. For quick set up and efficient departures, airs up rapidly with the electric pump (included) and deflates in less than a minute. Once deflated, it folds flat and compact for storage in included travel bag. Constructed with Phthalate free PVC.

Main features

  • Signature sheet-tuck feature – fits all standard twin-sized sheets
  • Our trademarked security rails helps prevent you from falling off
  • Inflates quickly in 1 min; Inflated size: 78 x 43 x 9 (inches)
  • Includes a convenient carrying bag, repair kit and the compact yet powerful Jetaire Electric Pump
  • Phthalate-Safe, BpA-Safe and Lead-Safe

Verified reviews


Works well, good price.

I like this bed. The price is lower than some of the other raised edge children’s mattresses and it holds air well.We have inflated and deflated this numerous times and folded it up for travel once. We use it daily as my son prefers it.To sustain the life of the bed we do not store the pump in the travel bag with the bed. We also saved the box that it came with for travel so that the bed is not accidentally crushed. The box is very sturdy and should last for a while.Cons:Deflating is an issue because it has 2 chambers.I do not like that there is no way to cover the raised sides, when the child rolls around as they inevitably do, they end up sleeping on plastic. I am going to try puting a twin fitted sheet around the bottom of the bed to see if it will cover this.Pros:It inflates very quickly with the supplied pump using the largest tube.It stays well inflated for about 3 days, ours needs a little refilling on the third day.The raised sides successfully keep a wild sleeper in the bed.He sleeps longer in this bed than he has in any other bed, including when co-sleeping.

Adrian Bethpage, NY

So far we like it

We just received this product today so I’ll try to update down the road after we use it for vacation.I bought this for our 3 year old son. He’s use to sleeping in a “big boy bed” (twin size bed). He’s way too big for a pack & play at this point (40lbs, 40″tall). Here’s a few things I’ve noticed so far:1) It inflates easily. I tested the nozzles for the pump (comes with an electric pump) and found the short, wide nozzle filled it the fastest. Inflate the inner chamber 1st, then the outer/bottom chamber.2) The side bumpers aren’t very high. I’m not sure if they’ll keep him in the bed or not, but I’m hoping he’ll touch them and his body will know not to go any further.3) I’m not sure if it will truly fit a twin fitted sheet snugly. I didn’t have a chance to try one yet but I know the measurements are different. A twin fitted typically measures 39″x75″. The Shrunks inner mattress measures 35″x70″. I’m sure it will fit, just don’t expect it to be as snug as on an actual twin mattress.4) Despite what many reviews I read state, the bed, when deflated, does fit in the carry case. For one thing, it was packed in the carry case when it arrived. Pay attention to how it unrolls/unfolds so that you can repeat the process. Not that it’s hard, you simply fold in 1/2 long ways, fold in 1/2 again long ways and roll up tight. I was able to do this and have plenty of room to put the electric pump in the bag as well (in it’s bubble wrap bag).My son really likes it so far and wasn’t happy when I deflated it. I told him we could try it out at night another day before we go to the beach and that made him happy. All in all, as of today, I’m happy with the purchase. I only did 4 stars because it’s just the 1st day so it hasn’t been through a major test yet. Again, hoping to update after we use it a little longer.Update: I emailed the company yesterday after writing this review. I asked about the sheet and if they could direct me somewhere that would sell sheets that fit the size of the inner air mattress (35″x70″). This is the email I received from them today:”Thanks for your email.Even though there is a slight size discrepancy as you mentioned, any twin size sheet will fit well on our Twin Size beds. The inner twin size mattress allows you to tuck in the sheets until it is snug. Which is why a loose flat sheet works as well – you can keep tucking in the sheet so it slides below the inner mattress and it will stay in place properly.Best,Perry”UPDATE 7/30/13:A week before we left for vacation, the bed rail on my sons bed broke. He’s an active sleeper so I didn’t want him falling out of bed before we could get a replacement rail. Instead, I decided to use this inflatable bed. He was super excited when I told him I was going to set it up for bedtime. He slept in it for a week, no complaints! Slept just like it was his normal bed, no waking up in the night or anything. I packed it up before we left for vacation and he used it for another week there. There was no loss of air, and no complaints from him. It packed easily into one of the luggage bags. In the bag I packed 2 airbeds, sheets, 3 hospital grade pee pads (literally from a pediatric wing of a hospital), diapers, wipes and swim diapers.As for the sheets, yes, you can put a twin sheet on, but don’t expect a fitted sheet to FIT the inner mattress, you have to tuck it in. I used the spare sheet set we have and it worked fine for both weeks that it was used.Hope that helps!

Yvonne Chimayo, NM

Took it on vacation to use at hotel and worked like a charm!

Our 2 year old had only been sleeping in a big bed for 1 month when we headed out of town. She no longer fit in a pack n play and I wasn’t really interested in her sleeping with my husband and I in the bed. We ordered this and hoped it would work out. I had read many reviews, so I was pretty confident this was the best air bed for our situation. Because our toddler is so tall, I opted for the kid’s size vs the toddler because the toddler uses crib sheets (and she moved to a big bed because her crib was even getting too small) and the kids uses twin size sheets. This bed was perfect. Plenty long giving her room to grow and use for many years. I was able to even climb on it with her to tuck her in and she slept soundly every night! We purchased twin size sheets and used a regular pillow and it worked just great. No complaints. Also, the pump worked well and inflated the bed quickly, and upon deflating it got small enough to easily fit back into the storage bag. Highly recommend!

Molly Maple Plain, MN

Comfy but stinky

This nice twin-sized bed is appealing because it takes a twin sheet set and is low to the ground, as well as having inflatable bumpers to keep toddlers/preschoolers safe (plus, if they do thrash out and "fall" off, they’re unlikely to even wake up b/c it’s not a regular-height bed!). The drawback (and it’s a big one) is that it just reeks of that horrible chemical plastic smell, and even when left out in a well-ventilated room for a solid week, the smell hasn’t dissipated at all. Ick. I ended up sleeping on the bed, leaving the big bed to my husband and 4-y.o., because I was so worried about the smell harming my son (took one for the team!). I don’t know if it will go away, but buyer beware of the stench.

Lacy Ford, KS

The only inflatable beds I could find that are BPA free, phalates free, and lead free.

I purchased these after searching extensively (mostly in vain) for an inflatable mattress for kids that does NOT contain all of the nasty chemicals (BPA, phalates, lead, etc). I was surprised to find that there are only a couple on the market that claim to be certified to be free of these things. Both are American products, and this is the only one that is carried in the UK as well, that I could find.I found them to be on the pricey side, but the cost is worth the peace of mind, knowing that my children are not breathing in dangerous chemical fumes from offgassing.We needed these to tide us over until we got to the States, as we were moving back overseas and had sold their beds, but had not left yet. These proved to be absolutely fantastic. Please note the pros and cons below:PROS:1. Free of all harmful chemicals, so safe for little ones.2. Very sturdy! My husband or I can easily lay on these and it doesn’t bow under our weight at all. VERY firm.3. Does not continually deflate. We purchased these a month ago, and they are still as firmly inflated as they were then. They do not seem to lose air at all. Four of our kids are old enough to be on these, so they are continually jumped, rolled, stepped, bounced, and played on. So far, none the worse for wear!4. Guard rails! Very good idea. This stops them rolling off the edge.5. One of my favourite features – a "tuckable" mattress attached!! It is not a separate piece that has to slide in, but actually attached to the whole thing, but features tuckable edges, so a cot sheet can actually be tucked in on the mattress part, just like a bed, without having to have a sheet all the way over the whole thing (which would present a problem due to the size and shape). The sheet goes over the part that is brown in the picture. Absolutely brilliant!6. Big enough for any age child.My 7, 6, 3, and 2 yr olds can all sleep comfortably. Two children can easily fit on one mattress if needed (though we have one for each older child, so they have more room). Adults can easily fit to lay next to the child to snuggle, read, etc., no problems at all.7. Extremely lightweight. This means we can pick them up, move them, etc., with no effort when needed.CONS:1. Very staticky! Static cling is really bad with these – expecially if you don’t put a cot sheet on it. Having a sheet on it seems to cut this down somewhat.2. Included air pump is a flimsy piece of junk. The quality of the bed is fantastic – the pump is not. For the price of this bed, a good quality air pump should be included. It took two adults to pump this up. One had to pump, and the other had to hold the nozzle in the spout where the air goes into the bed. If someone didn’t hold it in, it just popped straight out as soon as a pump of air was pushed through it. VERY annoying! However, since we’ve only had to pump the thing up the one time so far, it is a temporary aggravation in the long scheme of things. Still, a better air pump would make a much better experience!

Laurel Hayes, LA