The Shrunks Stepaire Bandit Nap Pad, Orange

The Shrunks Stepaire Bandit Nap Pad, Orange

The Stepaire Bandit Nap Pad is a convenient all-in-one nap pad with its very own built-in pump, fleece blanket and pillow! Kids will love inflating their own nap pad for daycare, preschool, travel and Grandma’s house. The one-inch inflatable nap pad creates an effective barrier from cold floors and adds an extra layer for ultimate comfort. Comes with a convenient carrying bag

Main features

  • Built in Pump
  • Fleece Blanket
  • Great for Travel

Verified reviews


BEWARE: While the company claims that the “safest” materials are used, this is not true, as I have discovered…frustrating!!

I was so excited to see that the Shrunks company had come out with these, since for short sleeps, or unexpected guests, these would be perfect for quick setup, and much easier to do than the air mattresses.I immediately put four in my cart for my children, but then noticed that it mentioned fleece as the fabric used for the blanket/pillow, etc.I contacted the company to find out what their fleece was made with, and was told by one of their reps that it was indeed polyester. This was very disappointing to me, since their claim on the advertisement is that the safest materials are used on this product.I was frustrated because they should know that polyester is a very toxic fabric to use!! Flame retardant chemicals and other chemicals are used and you can’t even wash it out because the chemicals are literally bonded to the fabric fibers as the polyester is made, so you can never wash it out, no matter how many times you try. The other problem with it is that it offgasses the toxic chemicals into the air, and the kids sleeping on the mattress will then breathe them in! I really don’t want my child breathing formaldehyde, and other toxic, carcinogenic chemicals, even if it’s only for a naptime!Shame on the company for either not doing the research before choosing a material, or else not caring about backing up their reputation as being one of the ONLY producers of safer air mattresses on the market today! I would have hoped that they would be conscientious enough to use 100% organic cotton or something of that nature. It might not be as warm and snuggly as fleece, but is certainly much safer!If they reconsider their fabric choice and decide to actually use one that is safe, I will definitely purchase and recommend, as we love the air mattresses, and could really use something like this nap pad on a regular basis!

Erika Glen Flora, WI

Easier to blow up by mouth

I had thought this little nap pad would make a nice addition to have on hand for little ones needing a nap. Sadly, the product is better in concept than in implementation.It is narrow and long, so if your toddler tosses and turns, this may not be the right choice, but it will handle a taller toddler with no problem.The Good:The blow up portion slides in and out easily making this washable.It has a nice wide fleece covering, that will go over your toddler when he/she is laying on it.Colors are nice.Once it is blown up, it makes a nice pad.The head portion seems very nice to lay your head down.The Bad:After 10 minutes of pumping on the pump, it only had the tiniest amount of air. (To those who are wondering YES I had the emptying part closed. Yes I wore shoes. Yes I pumped and pumped and pumped).I finally gave up and opened the back and blew it up myself. It only took about 4-5 large breaths. It is possible the pump was defective, but I a unable to tell since it is completely enclosed within the mattress.So yes to the product, no to the pump. Since the key factor here seems to involve being able to pump it up in 40 seconds with your foot, I probably would look around to find something that met my needs, unless you aren’t adverse to blowing it up yourself.

Christina Lakeview, OR

Cozy nap mat, but foot pump doesn’t inflate anything but the *price*

My toddler (21 mos) loves this nap pad. That’s not to say she’ll actually willingly take a nap on it (or anywhere else). But from the moment I put it down, she loved rolling around on it, pulling up the blanket on herself and her toys, reading her books on it, etc. It’s obviously very soft and cozy against her skin, and the attached, ample blanket that she can cuddle up in but not drag around everywhere, is a definite plus. If she falls asleep and I put her down on it, she tends to stay asleep, something I can’t say for many surfaces. It’s wide enough for a small toddler to lay spread-eagle, and is plenty long enough for her to grow.Besides the inflatable pad inside, it has a light padding, which makes it feel plusher than just having a fabric covered air mattress. The pad cover and the blanket are super soft polyester micro-fleece, and there’s a built-in pillow.The pad comes boxed, and completely sealed inside a plastic bag, which meant it needed to air out for a bit. Within an hour, the sealed-up polyester smell had gone. The cover is easily removable and washable, which is great for accidents of the diaper and snack variety, or if your tot likes to drag the family pets everywhere she goes.The included stuff sack has a cute puppydog graphic, which delighted my daughter.I’m not in love with the color, which is a bit less saturated and browner than the photo.Its only drawback was the foot pump, which is useless. I pumped 200 times with no detectable change in air pressure, then popped open the regular nozzle (both the foot pump and mouth tube have easy access without removing the cover) and filled it in seconds with 6 breaths of air. Something you can fill in 6 breaths doesn’t even need a pump–and if you’re paying extra for one (which you obviously are here), it should certainly fill it firmly in under a minute (the Shrunks’ site claims 40 seconds, ha) since blowing it up by mouth took about 20 seconds.Also, for the record, it weighs about 3 1/2 pounds, not the 2.7 pounds the box & web site claim. I weighed on a postal scale I know is accurate. 3 1/2 pounds is still certainly light enough to migrate between my office and studio, and I’ll definitely bring it along on vacation.Overall, the nap pad’s a hit, but the list price is way too high for something with an ineffective and unnecessary "convenience feature." But it’s still cushy and portable enough, and so effortless to fill by mouth (less trouble than a beach ball) that I’m only knocking off one star for the inflated (ha ha) price from the useless pump. If it gets discounted from the list price (as everything on Amazon seems to) it would be a good value overall.

Britney Wyanet, IL

Cool Idea

I got this b/c we are constantly traveling and my two young kids have a hard time sleeping in the same hotel bed.Pros:Soft fleece fabricRemovable/machine washable coverComfortable (according to my 3 and 5 year olds)Easy to fold up/transportComes with carrying bag (which would be even better if the bad had a real strap to carry)Cons:Takes 5+ minutes to pump up (NOT the 1 minute they claim)Pump doesn’t always work-it has a certain place you have to push down on it or it does nothingPrice is WAY too high for what this is (pretty much a soft sleeping bag on top of a cheap pool floating mat)It’s a good for traveling and a lot easier than the typical air mattress. This is for kids who are 2-4 years old-my 5 year old’s feet were sticking out the bottom and she’s average size, but my 3 year old was a perfect fit. Overall, it’s a neat idea, but could use some tweaking to be something worth the $60 they charge for it. I would pay like $20 for this and feel like it was a good deal, but it’s not worth much more than that.

Danielle Wichita Falls, TX

Pump not up to par

I think the concept of this nap pad is great (built in pump, attached blanket, etc.), however, I was not super impressed with the Nap Pad itself. I followed the instructions exactly. I made sure the valve was completely closed. I stepped on the pump the designated 40-50 times, it never inflated. I finally decided to just blow the mat up manually using the small valve on the side. Once I inflated it 75% of the way, I was able to use the foot pump to fill up the rest of the mat. I’m not sure what the deal is, but it definitely didn’t inflate using the foot pump alone.The nap mat itself seems to be pretty comfortable. I think it’s best suited for a child age 2-3. Otherwise, you’ll probably have feet sticking out from the end of the blanket. It was a good size for my three-year-old, but it was almost too short for my four-year-old. The mat and blanket are soft, and I liked that it is easy to roll it up for storage. The built-in pillow is an added plus as well.The main selling feature of the mat is the built-in pump and that was a bit of a disappointment (I tried it, my husband tried it, my son tried it, and none of us had luck inflating the mat using the pump alone.).

Lorena Quitman, LA

Good first sleeping bag, or a travel bed for your kiddo

Soft quality construed sleeper with pump to inflate for added support. The fleece like material is very soft. We recently went camping, and me, my wife, and my oldest son all had full sized sleeping bags, and this was perfect for my 19 month old. He was comfy in it, and stayed in it most of the night. To him it was his own personal little bed!The carrying bag is also very nice, it rolls up easily and fits in the bag (somewhat) easily.

Neva East Northport, NY