The Very Hungry Caterpillar Teether Rattle, World of Eric Carle

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Teether Rattle, World of Eric Carle

This rattle teether is based upon the unforgettable character in Eric Carle’s classic “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”. It is a sure way to bring the tale to life and a smile to your child’s face. There are multiple textures to touch, crinkle and jingle sounds, and a teether to chew.

Main features

  • 100% Polyester
  • Imported
  • Inspired by Eric Carle’s classic tale The Very Hungry Caterpillar
  • Teether is perfect for any teething baby
  • Texture and sound will stimulate play
  • Makes a classic gift
  • Great addition to any Eric Carle collection

Verified reviews


I love it!

This rattle is too cute. The sound is soft and soothing, exactly what I was looking for. The ears and tail are the teething parts.

Carolina Oldenburg, IN

Great Teether

Our son loves this toy. It is smaller than I thought it would be (about 6″ long), but it fits perfectly in his hands and it has been one of his favorite teethers since we bought it. The back end of the caterpillar is a soft plastic, with one side being bumpy and the other side having ridges. The rest of the caterpillar is fairly dense and rattles softly when shaken. Our son has been playing with it since he was 5 months old and still loves it at 7 months. He has 4 teeth and I don’t see any signs of wear or teeth marks yet.

Aurelia Delong, IN

Love It!

I bought one to use with my first grand-baby when he is at our house. It was so cute and caught his attention that I bought two more – one for my first grand-baby to have at home, and the other for my new grand-baby.The segments have different sensory uses – textures, crinkle sounds, etc. and the last segment is also a teether. (Not there with either grandchild yet!)I remember that my grandniece had one of these when she was a baby, and she loved it – small enough for her to hold in her then tiny hand! I looked specifically for this item and was happy to find it on Amazon. I would recommend it.

Concetta Cameron, AZ

Great teething toy

My 5 month old has been teething for nearly two months and this toy has been a go-to option for her to chew on. I definitely recommend this.

Kellie Macon, VA

very cute but not of much interest to my 6 month old

we got this when she was six at the advice of reviewers on here but my daughter played with it for about 5 minutes then never touched it again. its cute but just another item in the toy pile for her.

Magdalena Ladoga, IN

Cute and fun

This toy is fun! It has a jingle bell inside, so it makes cool noises. My son likes the velvelty texture, and the tail will be great for nomming on.

Sandy Ft Mitchell, KY

My daughter love it

I was expecting it to be larger however I am glad it was not. My daughter can hold it and loves chewing the end. Perfect for her teething moments.

Tamara Keiser, AR

Cute and convenient

Too cute! I loved this book when I was younger and now my son can enjoy it. I purely bought this because it was the Eric Carle caterpillar. He loves to chew on it so it works great for us. It’s one of the first things he started gripping.

Amy Horse Cave, KY


I was excited to receive this bc I also got the board book to go with for my little one. I don’t understand all the raving reviews. It’s quite a bit smaller than I expected and my daughter doesn’t seem to care for it at all.

Andrea Merrimac, WI

Weak Bell

Bell in the head of caterpillar broke. Not it makes this sad rattling noise, not jingle. My little one was only 4 months old at the time. We still have it, but baby is not as interested in the new sound. Love the colors and crinkles though. I hope she’ll still play with it when she gets older.

Katy Samantha, AL

Wonderful play toy/teether for infants.

My son adores it. He is 5 months old. Fits in his hands nicely and entertains him. This is one of his favorite toys besides Sophie the Giraffe.

Tammi Buena Vista, NM

So cute

My son loves this caterpillar! When he was smaller he’d try to push it down his throat and it is well made to prevent him from choking on it. It also has a light "rattling" sound and he loves to shake it.

Theresa Chatham, MS

I think I like it more

I have fond memories of this. SO I think I like it more. But she does enjoy it. Listening to the crinkling while she chews at the end.

Bonnie Metter, GA

I like it, but..

My 2.5 month old daughter really enjoys this little caterpillar rattle, however, it does seem smaller than I had anticipated.

Clara Caretta, WV

Cute caterpillar

I bought this for my son when he was abut 3 months old. He loved when I would hold it up for him and/or put the teether part of it in his mouth. Now, at 6 months, he loves playing with it himself. I just bought another one for my niece and shelves it as well.

Lauri Hartsfield, GA

So cute!

I love the book. So when I seen this I had to buy for the baby. Its well made, and we both love it. Great price.

Tammy Bogue, KS

our 5 month old loves this

our 5 month old loves this she is starting to teeth and this keeps her entertained! plus she loves the sound it make also.

Esmeralda Allegany, OR

Baby’s favorite

Our little boy loves this toy! He’s constantly happy with it and has enjoyed it from 5 months – 9 months+. We’ve put it through the washing machine & air dried and it came out nicely. The squeaker took a bit to dry, but that was well worth it. Great product!

Felecia Mills, WY

Caterpillar Teether

This is a perfect size for babies to hold The entire caterpillar can be chewed on and drooled on without hurting baby. The rattle is soft to the ears and gentle so it doesn’t scare infant. Great product.

Leigh Cloutierville, LA

classic toy turned rattle.

My son loves this rattle. It is a frequent flyer in our diaper bag. Easy for baby to hold and chew on.

Sara Mc Crory, AR

Nothing more to say than I love it and my son does too

I bought this to get my free shipping, needed only a few dollars more, vs paying a lot more for shipping and I can say I love it. My little boy can hold it easily and chew on it all over, he’s only 3 months. I love the rattle, we use it to get his attention when playing.

Angeline Wellesley, MA

happy !!

My daughter love this guy !! She’s been teething for months and always goes back to this teether. Easy to wash….delicate cold water and line dry. Price is perfect as well.

Lacey Marietta, TX

Perfect for beginning rattlers/ diaper bag space saver

Classic toy, great with the book as a baby shower gift. We have this toy for my son, it’s great to throw in the diaper bag because it’s both a toy and a teether, saving valuable space. Also it rattles VERY easily, so it’s great for tiny hands that are just learning how to use a rattle.

Marjorie Gardner, ND

Nice little toy

Daughter loves to play with it. It’s got a faint rattle that is not annoying like almost all other noise making toys. Easy to grab for her and she occasionally chews on the tail piece.

Carla Matagorda, TX

My son’s FAVORITE toy

My son loves this thing! Both ends are chewable — one is a plastic paddle, the other a fabric head with that crunchy sounding material inside — and he even loves chewing on the little fabric feelers (the purple part). It’s funny…you buy your kids all these expensive toys and then someone gives you a sub $10 rattle like this and THAT’S the thing they can’t live without. Highly recommend!

Eva Maysel, WV

Great size for the diaper bag

I wasn’t expecting this to be as loved as it is, but it gets near daily use. Very happy with how much fun our daughter has with this super cute little teether toy.

Cecile Hales Corners, WI

Super Cute, Tiny for Tiny Hands

This is a well made product and appears to be easy for a little baby’s hand to hold and enjoy. Very simple and nice.

Margarita Machiasport, ME

He loves it!

The shape and size makes it very easy for my 5 month old to hold. One of the few teething toys he can already handle on his own! He also enjoys beating it against his high chair.

Tonia Gideon, MO

Very cute

This toy is cute, colorful and has a chewy toy on the end. Great gift idea for a boy or girl.

Ann Toone, TN

I like not so much.

I thought it would be larger but overall it is very cute and I think it is a great toy. My baby is not that amused with it (8 months). He will occasionally bite on it or shake it but isn’t particularly engaged with it.

Jeanette North River, NY