The Woombie Convertible Swaddle Blanket with Leggies Combination, Cotton White, 0-3 Months

The Woombie Convertible Swaddle Blanket with Leggies Combination, Cotton White, 0-3 Months

Woombie Convertible Leggies Combo – Marshmallow 95% Cotton and 5% Spandex Swaddle with legs. Arms convert to free arms to assist in transitioning baby when the time arises. Soft, contoured, ergonomic design. Easy to use and so effective! Machine wash warm, air or line dry, do not bleach- Use bleach alternative. Do not iron. 2way Zipper, Chin flap with snap.

Main features

  • 5% Spandex
  • Easy in/out
  • Converts to sleep sack
  • Moderate stretch fabric
  • Leg slits for use in elevated positioners and strollers

Verified reviews


Simply Amazing!

This product is worth every penny I spent! I have a 9 month old baby girl who is on oxgyen and monitors from being a preemie. She needs to stay swaddled to leave the cords alone while she sleeps. She has broken out of every swaddle blanket we have tried. Swaddle Me, Sleep Sack Swaddle, Extra Large Swaddle Blankets, etc. We even took to swaddling her in a blanket and then putting her in a sleep sack. Nothing worked until we tried this product. She snuggled down in this blanket and was so content. She slept the best she has slept in a long time. She did not overheat which was a major problem with some of the other products we have tried. She stayed nice and cool while still being swaddled and happy. To parents with kiddos in the Tucker Wedge- this product works great with it. Harness simply wraps around and isn’t bulky in the harness either. And with the double zipper, running her monitor cords out the bottom was such a treat!I will give this to every new parent I know-it is worth it’s weight in gold!!!!

Cara Miles, IA

Didn’t work for us. But great idea in theory

I had a big baby. At 6 months my son was 21 pounds 30″ long. So I bought this when he was five months old. And it was just too long. We had to tie the feet. He just hated this. I’m sure some kids would love it. But it did not work for us.

Christine Lowell, OR

Keeps my baby in check!

The Woombie and the Miracle Blanket are the only two items that effectively keep my wriggler of a baby swaddled. The Leggies has the snap closure that I liked much better than the Velcro..

Margery Santa Isabel, PR

Good in theory but not in practice

Our 4 month old was breaking out of the halo sleep sack swaddle every night so we decided to get something she couldn’t break out of. We had heard that binding the legs too tight can cause hip problems, so this seemed ideal, however I am very disappointed with it and am going to try to return it.These are the problems I had with it:She falls asleep while feeding and it’s difficult to get her into this without waking her. With the halo swaddle, we put it on her with the arm flaps open to feed,and then put her down sleeping and closed the flaps easily without waking her. With this, you have to fuss with them a lot to get it closed.Also, the 3-6 mo length was MUCH too long for our 50th percentile 4 month old.Finally, because the legs are free, it’s much easier for them to move around, and she kept lifting her legs and shifting her weight to the side and it looked like she was close to rolling over to her belly which she has never done before and if she did do it in this, it would be dangerous because she wouldn’t have her hands free to push up so she could move her head to the side.

Iris Friendship, AR

Woombie did not work for an older infant.

Let me preface my review by stating that my son was 5 months old at the time we tried the woombie. We were trying to wean him from swaddling because he was starting to roll over. While the woombie may work for newborns, it was a disaster for a five month old baby that could roll from back to belly.Unfortunately, from my personal experience with the woombie I don’t have much positive to say. My son hated the woombie even though we had tried it several times on him (believe me, we were persistent since I spent $30 on it). We even tried the recommendation from the woombie website to put a regular swaddle around our son before we let him be free in the woombie. Honestly, why would I want to wean my son from his first swaddle just put him in the woombie and have to wean him then from the woombie?Here’s exactly what happened in our experience:When we attempted to use the woombie, my son would immediately cross his arms in front of himself and attempt to break free while rolling all over in his crib. This actually seems more dangerous than helpful for an older infant. Since his arms were not free, he could not roll off his stomach. He would cry continually until we came in to rescue him.Therefore, if you are looking to use the convertible woombie as a way to wean your baby from the swaddle, look elsewhere! I would recommend theMiracle Blanket -Baby Swaddling Blanket -Beige. With the miracle blanket, you can keep the arms out free, as well as keep the legs unswaddled if need be. The miracle blanket worked on my son until he was about 6 months of age. After he outgrew the miracle blanket, we just decided to take him off the swaddle cold turkey and to our amazement it was so easy. It only took two naps and he was content without his swaddle. No fuss, no crying. He actually slept better while unswaddled and is now sleeping through the night. I wish I could say this was thanks to the woombie, but its not. If I could return this I would.While the woombie did not work for my son, I don’t want to rule out that it may work for other infants. If your infant doesn’t roll yet, I can totally see how this could be a wonderful swaddle for your child. One of the positive things that I can see about the convertible woombie is that it can be used in a car seat or a bassinet such as the Fisher Price Rock’n Play. Also, if your baby absolutely insists on being swaddled and doesn’t protest it, I could see this working out for you. My son loved being swaddled, but protested it unless he was swaddled incredibly tight.I hope you can use my experience when factoring in if this swaddle is right for you. If you are still on the fence, these are other swaddles that I tried with success on my son. Some were better for newborns than older infants:Newborn:aden + anais 4-pk. oh boy! Swaddles(these are also great as burp cloths once your baby outgrows them as swaddles)Kiddopotamus Organic SwaddleMe (my son outgrew this really quickly but I loved that they were organic)Miracle Blanket -Baby Swaddling Blanket -Beige(this worked by far the best for us. He used this from birth to 6 months of age)Halo Innovations Sleepsack Swaddle 100% Cotton, Cream, Small(these were perfect for cold nights. Plus if your child no longer likes to be swaddled you can remove the swaddle portion of the sleep sack)1+ Months to 6 Months:Miracle Blanket -Baby Swaddling Blanket -Beige(when my son got too tall for this, we took his legs out of the pocket and just swaddled his arms)aden + anais 4-pk. oh boy! Swaddlesaden + anais Slumber Muslin Sleeping Bag Single Layer, Star Bright, Large (22-28lbs)(we now use these to keep my son warm on cool nights, they are a great alternative to swaddling)Halo Innovations Sleepsack Swaddle 100% Cotton, Cream, Small

Sasha East Montpelier, VT

Perfect for “Houdini” babies

The Woombie Leggies is perfect for my little one, who managed to escape the Swaddle Me blankets a few weeks after she was born. We still swaddle her at 7 months (because she has difficulty sleeping long otherwise), but were initially swaddling using just a blanket while keeping her legs free. She soon “Houdinied” out of that too. As we were worried about the blanket suffocating her when she wriggled out, I looked for an alternative. Found this Woombie Leggies on Amazon. It’s perfect because allows her legs to be free so she can kick and move around while keeping her arms from scratching her face (which is what wakes her). The material is soft and flexible, and even she hasn’t wriggled out. She has enough room to move her arms well inside the material. The neck can be snug, but not so if you make sure to pull the Woombie as far to her legs as possible. The Convertible option is great too, as we are now trying to wean her from the swaddling. We’ve used the Big Baby and Mega Baby sizes and they are true to the pounds as listed on the Woombie website. Only wish they came in Organic as well, or would be nice to have other color options or to have them be warmer material for the wintertime. These are great and well worth the price as we use them every day!

Cortney Hinton, WV

Odd sizing, baby loves & hates it . . .

Our 9 week old baby girl needs to have her arms swaddled at night to keep form startling. We bought this after she started to wriggle out of the SwaddleMe blankets. The sizing is very odd, this fits her upper body perfectly, but the legs are WAY too long by about double and we have an average size baby. The material has quite a bit of “give” to it. She hates being zipped up in this, but it does reduce her startle and helps her sleep better, I just have to unzip her to nurse her at night or she fusses.

Christi Stonewall, LA