The Woombie Leggies Swaddle Blanket with Legs, Baby Green/Sage, 6-9 Months

The Woombie Leggies Swaddle Blanket with Legs, Baby Green/Sage, 6-9 Months

Our original woombie with legs for use in elevated sleepers, swings and strollers. Offers a two-way zipper.

Main features

  • Easy in/out
  • Leg slits for use in elevated positioners and strollers
  • Moderate stretch fabric

Verified reviews


Good semi-swaddle with more room for baby to move.

We have a somewhat ‘high needs’ little guy (8 weeks). We tried swaddling with his receiving blankets and then the velcro Swaddle Me blankets – he eventually busted out of all of them. However, he simply was NOT sleeping without being swaddled. We had purchased the book and DVD of “The Happiest Baby on the Block” (LOVE IT!) and knew that swaddling was helping, but were frustrated having to reswaddle him in the middle of the night. I started searching online and found the Woombies. I ordered and original and a Leggie (since, with reflux, our little guy sleeps in his swing so he is elevated and so he has movement to keep him asleep). These have not been the miracle “my baby now sleeps through the night the minute after I zipped him in” item that some parents found it to be. However, he hasn’t busted out yet and he loves being able to move his arms some. It makes nursing at 2am interesting because he can move his arms up under his chin and sometimes blocks his mouth and I have to move his little hands away, but it does keep him more confined than open sleeping and last night, for the first time (he’s had and worn the Woombie about a week) he slept a 5 hour stretch! Not just because of the Woombie, but it did accomplish the swaddling goal to an extent. His sleep has improved a lot because of us treating his reflux we found out about 2 or so weeks ago. We are still getting a Miracle Blanket for a more true swaddle, but the Woombie is a great product and I think will be a nice transition item when we move from true swaddling to open sleeping. Also, both the Woombies I got through Amazon (an original in Tahiti and a Leggie in green) had snap closures under the chin, so no velcro. They are soft and haven’t hurt my baby at all. They are very snuggly and do keep him cozy and cool overnight. I would buy them again. I gave 3 stars simply because some of the reviews through the Woombie website make it sound like the minute you zip your child up their sleep struggles are gone – not our experience. But it is a nice product. I would say it is a semi-swaddler, not a full swaddle since it is stretchy and arms can move more.

Rebecca Pep, NM

NOT the convertible leggies!

Part of the reason that I bought these was to start transitioning our twins to no swaddle. I wanted legs and the convertible arms. I didn’t realize that there even was a leggies without convertible arms (I looked on the woombie website). SO, I was disappointed. Also, our girls are NOT ready for a looser fitting swaddle. They NEED a tight swaddle to sleep and just end up screaming in these.

Vera Bowling Green, SC

No good but looks hilarious on baby

Buy it for the photo op. Your baby will look adorably sad in this armless pyjama swaddler.Don’t buy it to actually use. It is too tight around the hips for baby to be able to move his/her legs about freely, which is important for normal hip development.

Alicia Brainard, NE

A swaddle you can use in bouncy chairs

Our daughter startles herself a lot and it was helpful to have the Woombie with legs to keep her arms at her side while still making it safe to put her in her bouncy chair. The fabric is soft and has a good amount of stretch. When our daughter was a newborn, it was way too big and she could move her hands to her mouth, which made us a little uncomfortable for safety reasons. The sizing did not seem accurate, but the benefit is that we are still using it now that our daughter is 4 months. Overall, this was the best option to swaddle without having our baby on her back.

Rebecca Pleasanton, NE

AMAZING!! I wish we had it for our first child! Careful about sizing

I wish we had this for our first child! We have three woombies that we cycle through, but The leggies is the one we use the most because the baby can be tied into the swing or other seats in in. This is our lifesaver! She fights it at first when we put her in it, but then once she’s in, she calms down and falls asleep faster and stays asleep longer.Careful about sizing. Our baby is about 12lbs and is solidly in 0-3mo clothing, (She is starting to fit in some brands of 3-6month) and she still needs the newborn size of all of the woombies, but DEFINATELY the Leggies. The next size up is still WAY too big for her. We tried the bigger one on her, and she can still get her arms out of the neck hole.

Marylou Worthington, IA

3 months old feels more like 12 months

Read all the reviews and decided to buy. After receiving I actually opened the web site again looking for someone mentioning the size confusion. It comes like 2 sizes bigger. Maybe if you need this swaddle for a newborn then you’re safe. I bought it for my 3 months old, and seems it can be used for a one year old. Legs are approx 6 inches longer, and there is enough room that my baby can bring his hands to his mouth through the material. I thought that using this zipper swaddle would be a nice upgrade from a Velcro I’ve been using. Seems like a good idea, hope they will fix their sizing, or item description.

Marietta Kaleva, MI


At 4 months old, my son still slept much better swaddled. But he was too big for typical swaddlers and could easily get out of a blanket. The woombie is perfect. He has a little bit of room to stretch and rearrange his arms. The leggies is perfect because he sleeps in his swing sometimes. I had to buy 3 so that there were always a few around!

Charity Krum, TX

Impossible to change diapers

This ran a little large, but did seem to shrink in the wash. The fabric is nice and it was a good fit for about 6-9 months. I hated trying to change diapers in it though. It was just way too much work. We stopped using it and just went back to a blanket.

Imogene Leipsic, OH

Works as stated

I liked the premise of this product but it was difficult to get my child into while he was wearing sleepers to keep him warm. Probably would be best if product was used in cooler weather

Lisa Luxemburg, WI

Wonderful product!

This is a wonderful product. The swaddle design is great because the baby can still move their arms within it. It is perfect for a swing since you can strap their legs in. The legs run a little long, even for my tall children, but otherwise it is true to size. You should buy it if you ever plan on using a swing!

Myrtle Rumford Center, ME

Love this product!

We love the woombie! I especially like that they offer one with legs as I do not want my babies hips swaddled. My baby was breaking out of her swaddle blankets but cant break out of this. I do wish it came in more individualized sizes. The 3-6 month size is big on my 3 month old, but the 0-3 month size was too small. Overall, a great product.

Alba White City, OR

Snugi womb!

I love this product. My son constantly woke himself up at night by startling and swinging his arms. This wombie with legs is great because you can change your babies diaper without unswaddling. I also loved to use it in the swing for naps. The material is very breathable and stretches easily so baby can still move if he needs to. This was the perfect solution. We used it until my son was 5 months old. He is now 7 months and sleeps all night without waking.

Bernice Locustdale, PA


Really like the leg idea for the car seat.. The fabric of this is pretty stiff so I didn’t like that about it other then that it was great

Dora Brookhaven, PA

Perfect for Houdini Babies

I bought the “Big Baby” Leggies Woombie for my 3 month old once he had grown too tall for the other newborn and small swaddlers we had original used on him. This was by far my favorite one and I wish I had purchased one sooner in the smaller (0-3 month) size too.My baby boy loved to be swaddled up until he was about 4 months old. In fact, the only way he would nap during the day or sleep at night during the first 4 months was if he was swaddled tightly and bounced/rocked to sleep. What I discovered (on the late side) was that by using this particular Woombie, I could actually allow him to be both swaddled and buckled safely into his baby swing, where he was completely content to sleep during naps. In turn, this helped me greatly because I could have a rest from bouncing/rocking my 15 lb bundle of joy to sleep 4 times/day.On another note, my son seemed to really enjoy having his legs be free (since all the other swaddling products kept them in a pouch and he often kicked his legs wildly in those). It was great to be able to zip him snugly into this swaddler and have his arms safely tucked in so he wouldn’t wake himself due to the moro reflex, but at the same time have him be able to kick his legs up in the air and see his feet individually. I highly recommend this product!

Estella Wardville, OK

Love it!

I got this after my daughter was old enough to move around a little on her own and couldn’t keep her swaddled with just a blanket any more. I wish I would have started with this. Its great! Easy to get her in, allows small movement but still keeps her tight and comfortable! Would recommend to everyone

Sheila Uniontown, OH

Just what my baby needed!

My son falls asleep much easier when swaddled and also has problems with wiggling his hands out of any other velcro’d or tied swaddle to scratch his face, but still needs freedom of movement for his legs. The woombie with leggies was the perfect compromise. He is 15 pounds and 26″ long at 3 months of age. The top half is just the right amount of snug/stretch for him to still move his arms around and there is still plenty of length at the bottom for his legs to grow into. His arms have never been able to escape this swaddle!

Marietta Princeville, HI