The Woombie Original Swaddle Blanket, Sage, Big Baby

The Woombie Original Swaddle Blanket, Sage, Big Baby

Trust in the Woombie, the Original Cocoon-like swaddle. Recommended by doctors, nurses, doulas and countless moms and dads. Swaddle your baby safely and effectively with The Woombie designed to ease your mind and comfort your baby so you may both achieve a better night sleep. The Woombie is the safest and most natural way to swaddle your baby, encouraging baby to softly stretch extremities as needed, just like in the womb. The Woombie comforts, softly confines arms and gently compresses baby’s unique curves to hug baby preventing startling issues, face scratching, overheating and also preventing dangerous loose unraveled blankets from covering baby’s face. Comfortable: Soft, ECO cotton fabric gently hugs baby. Baby feels secure, not confined, easing transition from womb to world. Baby feels secure, not confined, easing transition from womb to world. Safe: follows pediatrician and S.I.D.S. guidelines. Maintains airflow and will not overheat baby. No loose blankets covering airways. Prevents face scratching. Effective: prevents unnecessary waking due to the startle reflex. Soothes babies with colic. Will not come undone promote natural motor development. Easy to use, just zip it up. Peanut shaped ergonomic design. Hugs the shoulders/arms, waist/abdomen, hips and feet. Babies sleep average 12-18 hours a day or more. Allowing movement is healthy and allows for proper motor development.

Main features

  • Simple design that is easy on and easy off with a two way zipper
  • Wont unravel like blankets
  • Less layers to overheat baby
  • Stretchy fabric conforms to baby while allowing baby to move and stretch
  • PTPA and Moms Best Winner 2010

Verified reviews


Makes for miserable kid

This product really doesn’t seem safe. Our 10 day old daughter is not that strong yet and managed to pull it over her face within minutes. We tried tucking the neckline under a bit but she wa able to squirm her arms so much under the fabric that it hardly seemed worth it, she was able to wake herself up AND then get more and more mad at being contained. Too bad, because the zipper seemed like a nice, easy alternative to bulky blankets.

Esperanza Somerville, OH

not tight enough for most of the time

we got a 6-9 months old for a 6 months old baby because our DD had eczema on the cheek, was scratching it over night. we needed to swaddle her, but she would get out of any swaddling blanket. the wombie did contain her arms, but it was perhaps too big or too stretchy – she coul still reach for the cheek and scratch it through the wombie. so, like one other reviewr, i would swaddle her in a muslin blanket on top of wombie. that did the job but made her too warm… so i was very happy when the eczema finally improved and could get rid of the wombie and the wrap up, i believe the wombie would provide a tight swaddle only for a very limited time, and that is probably not worth the high price you pay for it.

Brandie Harbor Springs, MI

Wish I hAd tried the smaller size earlier

We used the wearable blanket with swaddle feature with our twins. They worked well, but were bulky when the twins weighed under 7 lbs. I bought these when they outgrew their swaddle-me. They were able to move their arms better and were able to flip onto their stomachs by then (4 months). I worried about them not being able to flip back over, so I switched to just a wearable blanket where their arms are out. I think this for when they are under three months, in newborn size would be great.

Selena North Street, MI

She can still move around a lot in it.

I bought this thinking it would be easier to get her into and out of than our tricky Miracle Blanket (which works great by the way). This you just put her in and zip up, with no confusing flaps or wraps. Problem is, she can move her arms around in there and brings her hands up to her mouth and sucks on her hands through the blanket. So it’s pretty worthless in my situation unfortunately, because keeping her hands calm and restrained is what helps her sleep. I’ll probably give it away or sell it on eBay and stick with my Miracle Blanket until she doesn’t want to be swaddled any more.

Kerry Junction City, KY

Great For An Active 3-Month Old

After trying everything we could think of to help our son sleep (swaddling with sheets, then with wraps/sleep sacks, then with velcro pods), we were so happy to discover a sleep pod. We actually used the Summer Swaddlepod first in the infant size, since it was cheaper and we wanted to give it a try before buying the more expensive Woombie.Well, we were thrilled. It was so much easier to zip our infant son into this pouch rather than try to figure out if we swaddled him correctly, if it was too loose or tight, or if he could bust out of the wrap or velcro. The Summer brand was nice and soft, and had a button close at the top that was convenient.But as our son outgrew the swaddlepod, we got the woombie (Big Baby size, 3-6 months) to accommodate his larger size. We started him off in it at 12 lbs and about 10 weeks (even though it said 13 lbs, but length-wise he wasn’t fitting the Summer one anymore). It fit great to start… maybe was slightly loose around the arms, but we knew he’d grow into it soon. There was plenty of length space at the bottom, but stretchy material keeps him snuggled at the top just fine even with the extra bottom inches.I have to say, the Woombie material is superior to the Summer material (which was also good). Woombie was a little thicker, a little softer, and feels more sturdy. The same double zipper (from top and from bottom, for diaper changes) makes getting him in and out easy. The opening at the top is a tad small, but our son stretches it out after every wash with putting his hands up. He can put a hand through, and even hold it over his face for a moment, but it doesn’t present any kind of smothering problem. It gives him just enough snuggle to keep his hand movements (still active at 3 months!) from waking him up, but he’s still able to move his arms around to comfortable position (impossible with the traditional arms-to-the-side swaddle) and stretch out his legs.My only complaint about the product is the Velcro closure at the top. We haven’t experienced it coming open on it’s own, but if it did the Velcro could scratch the baby’s face. If Woombie does a re-design, I’d encourage them to use a button-snap closure too. Other than that, it’s a great product and we will happily continue using it.

Karina Boulder, MT

Baby hates the Woombie! ***UPDATE***

***UPDATE*** I brought out the Woombie again after awhile when the Miracle Blanket kept ending up twisted around baby’s neck (horrifying). Baby was weirded out by the Woombie for maybe one night, and then he loved it. After a few minutes of wiggling and trying to get out, he got tired and fell asleep. Definitely more of a 4 star item now.I had high hopes for the Woombie after baby grew too long for his miracle Miracle Blanket (seriously that thing is a miracle – why don’t they make different sizes???)…I digress…the Woombie is weird. Baby is still flailing and going nuts in that thing. He can’t calm himself when he can still wildly wiggle. My baby prefers to be straightjacketed into the Miracle Blanket. I guess every baby is different.The other night I put him in a sleep sack and he flailed about wildly for 20 minutes so then I put him in the Woombie and he flailed about for another 10 minutes. Finally, I picked him up and swaddled him in his Miracle Blanket and the second his little head hit the mattress he was out like a light. I guess I will just have to continue using the Miracle Blanket with his legs out.If your son/daughter is a serious wiggler and can’t calm down and get to sleep without their arms being pinned down, I’m not sure the Woombie is your best bet.

Ashleigh Janesville, IA

Sounded good in theory…

I bought this for my son who was finding ways to wiggle out of his swaddlers that we’d been using. I thought it sounded great in theory. However, it never really worked for him. It may be that it was just too big for him, though I thought it would be the right size, but the neck opening was so big that in his attempt to suck on his fingers he would stick his entire face and head into the neck opening. When I would go to check on him, he’d have no head sticking out! I was too worried he’d get stuck in there and suffocate to leave him in it. I tried 3 different times over a month, thinking as he grew it would be better. He never slept a night in it, as he always burrowed down into the neck hole!

Clare Fruita, CO

Expensive but worth it

Our daughter was born preemie at 4 lbs. When she reached 5 pounds we tried swaddling her in the velcro kind, like Kiddopotamus, which worked well for our son. Somehow our daughter is more adept at escaping and always bonks herself in the face, waking herself up. I initially balked at spending $28 on a swaddle but we were glad we did. We made due with just one and have now purchased the larger size as she still likes to be swaddled to sleep. I’m not sure if the other zipper type swaddles would work as well, but I do know this worked much better than the velcro kind. Our daughter was able to get her hand out when she was very, very small but once she got past about 6 lbs it worked like a charm.Another plus: with our son, in the velcro kind, I’d nurse him at night and only partly remove the swaddle so his legs would still be covered and the velcro slowly ruined my nursing pajamas. Not a big deal, but this kind doesn’t do that.

Ericka Batavia, IL

A lifesaver for new parents!!

The Woombie is fantastic! I recommend it for any parents of a newborn that will not stay in a swaddling blanket. Our newborn always broke free from swaddling blankets so we thought he wanted his arms free. We couldn’t have been more wrong. Babies that resist swaddling are the ones that need it the most! Our little guy could not sleep in his crib before-he would startle and wake himself up. We had many sleepless nights until we got the Woombie. Now he goes to sleep in a matter of minutes and stays asleep for hours! It’s such a lifesaver! A friend has the Swaddlepod. I’ve never used it but it looks more flimsy. The Woombie is good quality which is important if you have a baby like ours that is a pro at breaking out of a swaddle. The neckline of the Woombie appears stronger.So for future parents and exhausted, stressed newborn parents–buy the Woombie and read “The Happiest Baby on the Block.” I wish we would have discovered both before our son was born. It would have saved us many sleepless nights!Also as a side note: The Woombie is line dry only. It’s time for us to upgrade to the next size Woombie. We’re buying 2 of them in case of leaking diapers in the middle of the night:).

Roseann Somerville, TN

Buy this swaddle!

This is my #1 recommended item to new parents! Why? Because it completely gets rid of the problems you have with regular swaddles! Our son is a mover, he’s a big hand guy (figuratively and literally) and is constantly using them to get out of every other swaddle we have ever bought. We first tried the old school way of swaddling with the receiving blanket, then we bought a few cheaper swaddles, he quickly got out of them all. He truly did need to be swaddled when he slept though, he couldn’t really do it without until he was about 6 months. This swaddle solved our problem! He never once got his hands out of it and it completely soothes him when he gets into it. It’s a little pricey but believe me it’s worth it! While you’re at it get two! Don’t make the mistake of drying it in the dryer or it will start shrinking very quickly, use one while you’re washing and air drying the other.

Terry Beaver, UT