Main features

  • Plastic
  • Vicks SpeedRead Digital Thermometer used for Oral, Underarm or Rectal Use.
  • Takes readings up to 6 times faster than standard digital thermometers.
  • Beep indicator to let you know when it’s done.
  • Vicks SpeedRead Digital Thermometer Replaceable Battery.

Verified reviews


awful battery life

The thermometer works fine when new. But the battery life is terrible. The battery failed after about 6 months, and I had only used it about 10 times. And usually when you need a thermometer, it’s a critical time (checking for fever), you can’t go around running to a store to find a rare battery.

Tracie Rockville, IN

So Far So Good

I had registered for this thermometer and received it through another website. I wanted to get another thermometer because I have heard that the ones that come with the baby health kits aren’t very good. So far its working as expected. We’ve tried it both under the arm and rectally and have gotten consistent readings. I like how fast the reading takes (works well with a squirmy baby) and I like the color coding (green, yellow, and red).I am able to review this on Amazon because I purchased another one for my sister after she registered for it on her Amazon Baby Registry. I was surprised when I saw that the thermometer got such bad reviews here. I saw that most of the bad reviews had to do with the battery life (thanks reviewers) so I took tips off the other reviews and bought back up batteries for my sister and myself. I bought CR1225 Renata Watch Batteries as recommended by a vendor for all Vicks thermometers. I was looking at the Energizer batteries, read the bad reviews regarding using them on Vicks thermometers and saw the response from one of the vendors and their recommendations to use the Renata ones.I haven’t had to use any back up batteries yet but have only been using it for about 4 months now (saw that the batteries died for some around 6 months). I have used it probably around 10 times in the 4 months though. If my opinion on this thermometer changes the longer I use it, I’ll update this review. But so far, I’ve had no problems with it.

Dolores Genoa City, WI

Had it 3 years, works great!

I went on Amazon to send the link to someone I was going to recommend it to and was surprised to see all the negative reviews. I should note that we didn’t buy ours from Amazon (got it at Meijer) but we’ve had ours for 3 years now and have been happy with it. We actually have two, one for each of our kids to avoid cross-contamination. 🙂 We’ve needed to replace the batteries once, but that’s to be expected.I saw other reviewers said it wasn’t accurate. Ours has proven to match the readings taken at the doctor’s office on the occasions when we’ve taken the kids’ temperatures at home and then needed to have them seen, so we haven’t had problems with accuracy. Perhaps people aren’t aware of the difference in readings depending on which part of the body the temperature is taken? The instructions outline the differences, we’ve always done under the arm and then you just add a degree to get the equivalent rectal temperature which is supposedly the preferred way but honestly, does anyone ever actually take their kids temperatures that way at home?!It has a very readable display that back-lights green if normal, orange if elevated, and red if fever temperatures are reached. Obviously that’s just a guide and what is elevated or fever numbers depends on the age of the child, but it’s a good general reference and when you’re bleary eyed during the middle of the night, seeing red will get your attention.So, all I can say is that we’ve had ours a good while, we like it’s user-friendliness, and it’s worked well!

Cassie Concord, VA

Waste of money.

This thermometer is a complete waste of money…it says it reads in 5 seconds but i haven’t had one 5 second reading yet. Horrible product, especially if you have a squirmy baby….please don’t waste your money!!

Kristi Tell, TX

No issues here

Based on the sheer number of negative reviews for this thermometer, I can see why a parent would want to look elsewhere. My wife and I would have probably done the same, but we were on vacation when our baby came down with something. And we picked up a Vick’s Speedread at the first drug store we could find.It’s been a year, and we’re still using the same thermometer. It only takes a couple of seconds to take a reading, and we had any issues with inaccurate readings. We also haven’t experienced any issues with battery life.So whether you’re in a pinch or on a budget, I don’t see any reason why not to give this thermometer a shot. In my experience, it’s worked.

Virginia Ingomar, MT