Thermos Dual Compartment Lunch Kit, Dora The Explorer

Thermos Dual Compartment Lunch Kit, Dora The Explorer

For over 100 years, Thermos has created unique products fueled by hotter, cooler and fresher thinking. This commitment continues with an expanding range of innovative, fashionable lunch kits that get your child’s healthy lunch to school and back in style. Pack their lunch in Thermos each day instead of using disposables: you’ll reduce waste and save your family money. Now that’s fresh thinking. This Dora the Explorer Dual Compartment Soft Lunch Kit measures 7.5×9.5×5″, with two separate zippered compartments for easy storage. This lunch kit is 100% PVC free with PEVA lining and features superior quality closed cell polyethylene foam insulation. Intended for children five years and older. Wipe clean with a damp cloth.

Main features

  • Reduce waste and save money by packing your child’s lunch in a Thermos Dora the Explorer Dual Compartment Lunch Kit
  • 100% PVC free with PEVA linings
  • Superior quality closed cell polyethylene foam insulation
  • Two separate zippered compartments for easy storage; comfortable, padded handle
  • For ages 5 and up

Verified reviews


Excellent for bento style lunch + thermos

I started making little bento box lunches for my daughters to take to daycare/preschool and wanted a thermal bag that would make sure the boxes didn’t get tilted and shaken. This bag worked perfectly to fit their bentos on the bottom and a thermos of soup on the top. Very good. The only thing I would caution is that, although this looks backpack shaped it does not have backpack straps. I didn’t want the straps, but my kids thought it was a backpack when they first saw I usually use the Sassy On The Go Feeding Set on the bottom. The compartment also fits some bento boxes I bought at Marukai. The thermos I use on top is the 10 oz Thermos Foogo. There’s actually room for two of the Foogo’s on top. You can also stick a slim coldpack into the bottom on top of the Sassy box and still have it fit inside the bag.

Alberta Ogden, IL

Cute lunchbox for the price

Cute lunchbox for the money. plastic container cracked within the first week but I have another one that fits. My 2 yr old loves taking it to school.

Corinne Hagerman, NM

My daughter loves it!!!

It’s awesome and my daughter loves it the most and it has 2 compartments making it easy to separate cold from hot foods and beverages.

Hazel Mc Henry, MD

Perfect size

I have been looking for a lunch box for my toddler that had separate cold and room temperature conpartments. This is te perfect size and of course she loves Dora!

Cecile Keene, VA

Great Dora Lunch Kit

I got this for my little one ( 1.6 yrs old ) and she just loved it when she first saw it. It has a great size, great colors I havent had to clean it yet but it seems to be very easy. Well made, good quality…just great! Definately a great buy! I recommend it for every Dora fan !

Belinda Butler, GA

Problem Solver- can now separate Hot and cold items

When I pack my daughter’s lunches, her old lunch bag had a main bottom portion and a top portion which was for a thermos drink type of container. I prefer this lunch bag as it allows me to pack her cold items with an ice pack separate from her room temp./warm type of foods. Just what I needed; oh I mean just what my daughter needed.

Tamra Elkton, VA

Nice little lunch bag

It comes with a non microwaveable clear plastic container at the bottom, just like in the picture. The bag is well built and durable but the tupperware I could do w/o. Easily fit another tupperware I bought at the buttom, a little thermo pack, juice and fruit on top, so it is fairly spacious, specially for a toddler’s lunch.

Claudette Saltville, VA

The little girl was happy wiith this!

I received this lunch last week and my niece wants to sleep with this all the time in her bed!….I can not describe how happy she is. Is durable and the material is good. Also comes with a plastic container. Highly recommend!

Carmen Bartlesville, OK