THERMOS FOOGO 11-Ounce Straw Bottle, Blue/Yellow

THERMOS FOOGO 11-Ounce Straw Bottle, Blue/Yellow

Long considered a trusted partner by parents in providing healthy food and drink options for kids, Thermos brand has brought its superior technology to a line of children’s products for ages six months and older. With FOOGO Phases, Thermos brand offers parents extra peace of mind in knowing that FOOGO products use BPA-free materials. The FOOGO Phases line made with Eastman Tritan copolyester is crystal clear so you can easily see what’s inside the cup. These products are also impact-resistant and dishwasher durable. FOOGO Phases drinkware features interchangeable parts that fit all other Phases cups (stainless steel and Tritan models). With interchangeable lids and handles, FOOGO Phases drinkware easily adapts to a child’s changing needs. To clean, hand washing is recommended for best results, or top rack dishwasher safe. The body of the cup is made in Batesville, MS USA and lid is made in China.

Main features

  • BPA-free and made with Eastman Tritan copolyester, which is impact resistant, durable, exceptionally clear and will not absorb or impart any flavors or odors to its liquid contents
  • Features interchangeable parts that fit other Foogo Phases cups
  • Phase 3 for children ages 18 months and up; Easy to open hygienic push button lid with pop-up silicone straw
  • Contoured body is easy to grip
  • 11 ounce capacity; hand wash/top rack dishwasher safe

Verified reviews


good cup for oder babies

My baby never took a bottle, so I decided to introduce a straw cup very early on (6 months) and skip the sippy cup all together. She figured it out almost immediately – a matter of few seconds. But the lid that doesn’t lock in the open position was hitting her nose and that was a big turn off for her. Other than that the cup seems to be of a very good quality.Another warning for the parents of the little ones – the straw is pretty wide and it creates too much of a flow that my baby weren’t able to handle. If you have a bigger kid (as manufacturer recommends: 18m+), then you might be just fine.

Octavia Ruthven, IA


We have 4 of these cups plus a stainless one and loved them. They are easy to drink from, leak proof when the top is snapped shut and fairly easy to wash. These were the only straw cups I used with my toddler for the past 1+ yr. However, I recently learned some disturbing news about the plastic material they use for these cups, called Tritan. It’s made by the Eastman company and is touted as being BPA-free and ultra-safe. However, there is some question about their safety testing methods and some suggest that Tritan may leach substances that are worse for you than BPA. There have been some comparisons between what Eastman is doing and what big tobacco did. That’s scary, especially when the health of your baby is concerned.I’m very disappointed to learn such disturbing news about a cup we trusted and loved so much and am especially disturbed that these companies would play their "games" with things that affect our babies health (thought I’m not entirely surprised). I gave it 2 stars instead of 1 bc they are very well designed. However, we, sadly, won’t be using these cups anymore. Shame on you Eastman.

Elaine Tipton, MI

Not as pictured

Clear plastic… Picture showed as similar to stainless steel. Also, i dont see how this could serve as thermos… Ordered 2… Debating if i should return. But straw is easy to suck up fluid, only small amount drip

Elsie Bergholz, OH

ONLY Leak proof if CAP IS ON! Leaks when drinking!

The instructions that come with this cup say it all: “This product is leak-proof only when the lid is in the closed and locked position.” That means when the cap is off and your child is drinking, it leaks! There is an air hole in the top of this cup so that milk, water, juice, anything you put in the cup can come right out while you child drinks. Forget it when your child turns it upside down, and they all do eventually – liquid streams out. During the fist use, my son was swimming in a pool of milk. I wish it did not have the air hole and it would have been the perfect straw cup – everything else is great.

Autumn Stetson, ME

Ordered two, sent back one, still leaking!

Had hoped to be able to pack these in a lunch box, but I can’t do it without a leak. For general use, they are OK, I suppose. They leak when you tip them too much… and not from the straw all the time, sometimes it is around the general seal. Had only used one, exchanged it, but I wish I’d just returned them both. A big bummer! Overpriced for shoddy cup!

Nicole North Myrtle Beach, SC

Good enough for now…

Original review:It is simple to use, take apart, & clean. I love the way the straw is connected, I can’t lose it. The pop top makes it a lot easier to secure and keep spills from happening. Plus my daughter loves to pop and close the top. Nothing has broken on it yet! Cute design too. Would definitely recommend for little ones!Update:After having this product (and other designs of this product) for awhile, I’ve decided to change the 5 stars to 3 stars.They do leak, not at first, but with use. The bottle cap and bottle don’t seem to match up after some uses and it can leak from there. Plus if the straw isn’t perfectly matched up or too full of liquid, it’ll leak from the little hole that prevents pressure build-up. I still like the pop open function, which makes it less likely to spill on travel. It is a hassle to clean though, like most bottles unfortunately. The plastic keeps smells in it from liquids, like most plastics. Haven’t found much better in bottles, but isn’t top notch.

Kathie Wetmore, KS

better than other comparable brands.

Can’t go wrong with a thermos leakproof water container. This is what they specialize in. The color purchased was cheaper than some of the other colors too. Worked out since our LO is a toddler girl.

Wilda Bardstown, KY

So convenient, light, and doesn’t leak

My daughter has been using this cup since 9 months old and she’s almost 2 and we’re still loving it. I wish there are replacement straws but until then I’m always buying a new one whenever the straw starts leaking at the lid’s base.Babies R Us are always sold out of these so I’ve decided to purchase mine from Amazon now. It’s a little bit more expensive but it’s better than wasting time going to Babies R Us only to be told they are sold out. But that just goes to prove how popular this item is!Pros – easy to clean – dishwasher top rack!doesn’t leaksuper lightlarge opening so I can place large ice cubes in it toostraw is not tough to sip out of (like other leak-proof bottles)clear visible containertakes falls from high table tops and abuse from a toddler wellCons – straws tends to not fit correctly in the base after months of constant usestraws become difficult to sip out of for no apparent reasonLid no longer snaps closed … but that’s generally after 6+ months of constant use/abuse.

Lorene Smithdale, MS

This is the worst toddler cup

This cup is the worst toddler cup I have brought. The straw gets pushed down then nothing will come out of it. It is hard for them to close and open the cup.

Sarah Ruffs Dale, PA

AWESOME does not leak, daughters love it

This is a FANTASTIC bottle for road trips. Just the right size for my three year old in between stops. She easily mastered the button-opening mechanism. It’s also not so big that the water falls forward away from the straw when she leans the bottle up to drink out of it – super bonus. Use this for young kids! It gives them autonomy (open and closing it by themselves) and saves your peace of mind concerning upholstery.

Alana Talent, OR

Nice bottle no leaks

Great for my toddler. It’s sleek, pretty and does not leak. I love the top to this and so does my daughter.

Celia Wicomico Church, VA

Leaks when top open….

This would be an awesome product if it didn’t leak. It doesn’t leak when the lid is closed, but when it’s open it leaks out of the air hole behind the straw. Braydon will be drinking out of it and then throw it on the floor. When we go to pick it up, there’s a HUGE puddle of water on the floor…. I called Thermos’s customer care and they said their’s nothing they can do to fix it, “…. if the cover is open it’s going to leak.” That’s not very infant/toddler proof in my eyes :/FYI, I know most bottles are going to leak some when tipped over or put upside down but this bottle has a HUGE puddle when left on it’s side and when it’s put upside down the water POURS out of it!!!

Natalie Fall River, KS

Great Water Bottle

This water bottle is fantastic. Never leaks, the straw is great to get your child away from a sippy cup and perfect size for on the go.

Summer Aurora, SD

I can stop searching for toddler cups now

I was tired of buying sippy cups that leak. I’ve had no issues with these. I’ve already purchased one for each of my children, and am now buying a back up set.They are easy to take apart, put together, and easy to clean. No issues with leaking or suction. I love the quality and the look. Nicely sized for little hands. This is my go-to bottle.

Tracey Northfield, MA

Daughter loves it

My daughter loves this straw cup, I could take it or leave it. The bottle is not really leak proof. It is only leak proof if the lid is down. My daughter however, loves the fact that it spills water out of it at a nice stream when held upside down with the lid open. Easy to wash and gets almost all of the water out of the bottom.

Claudia Carpentersville, IL

Suck it, competitors!

As many parents will tell you, you may need to go ahead and kiss a whole bunch of frogs/ buy a dozen bottles or sippy cups before you find your prince/ the perfect cup for your child. I was no exception. After a whole bunch of cups that leaked (a great many), spilled easily, was too hard to drink from, too easy to drink from, whose lid popped off too easily, and so on and so forth, I may have found the perfect cup with this one. Maybe I can spare someone else from a whole bunch of toads by just trying this one first.Here is why I loved it:- Easy to drink from -> the NUK and Playtex brands and some others that I purchased required the child to bite and suck at the same time, which made drinking harder. My guess was that this was to prevent leaks, but my child didn’t like it and she drank less. With the NUK, liquid also pooled at the top area of the straw, so when you closed the lid, pushing the straw down, it would spurt that liquid on your new blouse.- Easy to open and close lid that is leak proof –> Many other cups used the same mechanism… a strip of plastic was to be pulled down that would bend the straw downwards. This often wasn’t effective and any liquid still in the straw would get on you. They also weren’t always leakproof and if you opened it up again, the straw would spring back up with vigor, and again, splatter liquid that would invariably get into your eye. This cup has a full lid that is neat and doesn’t squish the straw the same way, so no problems there. The button is also easy for a child to operate.- Easy to store and hold form factor -> There is also a stainless steel version but I prefer the clear version as it allows me to easily check how much is left and when I need to refill. I do like that it has no handles and so is easy to pop into the side of my Daddygear backpack. Some cups come in a rather squat shape with large handles that makes it hard to do that. Those cups were supposedly designed to be easier for a child to hold. This cup is still very easy for my child to hold, even without the round flat shape and handles.Thanks to this quite affordable option, I can finally stop purchasing different cups on the quest for the perfect one. My cup graveyard, which consists of at least a dozen different cups, can finally be put to final rest. They sit on my kitchen window sill, looking like multicolored tombstones. What an eyesore I can be rid of at last.

Meghan Ravenel, SC

Excellent purchase 🙂

Haven’t had any problems with leaks–other than leaking out of baby’s mouth LOL. We just use it for water. It works GREAT and baby LOVES it. She had no interest in sippy cups and we decided to try this one with a straw and it was an IMMEDIATE success. We’re also using a training cup to help her drink from an open cup.

Tamra Dundee, OR


Easy to drink fromEasy to carry alongEasy to take apart and washandYOU HAVE A TOP neither you nor child can lose !!!I LOVE IT …only 4 stars because it isnt stainless steel but actually that makes it a bit lighter weight !!Oh , it IS leakproof ….not one leak and he uses regularly

Simone Clearbrook, MN

Great straw cup, good water flow

This cup is great b/c it keeps the water cool and allows my daughter to suck easily through the straw – those other munchkin bottles are so difficult to suck water through the straw! I felt so bad that my daughter was trying so hard to drink water from those that I bought this thermos Foogo one and she loves it. You just have to make sure not to screw the top on too tight, otherwise it causes the straw at the top to turn the other way facing the open cap which is hard to drink from.

Alberta Elkville, IL

Leaks when on it’s side

Maybe the intention of this cup isn’t for it to be spill proof when the lid is open, but I made the assumption it was. It certainly is spill proof when the lid is on, but my 17month doesn’t exactly leave her cup in the up rite position, or close the lid when she is done drinking. Our 3 year old niece loves it though, and, it is cute.

Lindsay Hubbardsville, NY

Thermos Foogo Phases Leak Proof Straw Bottle, Blue/Yellow

•Phase 3 for children ages 18 months and up; Contoured body is easy to grip; Cup is clear to see contents•Foogo phases drinkware features interchangeable parts that fit all phases cups•11 ounce capacity, hand wash/top shelf dishwasher safe

Brandie La Vergne, TN

Got this for my 22 month old…

We are trying to transition from a sippy cup that you have to tip back to a straw sippy and he loves this! The straw is very flexible and is made of a rubbery plastic. I also have not had an issue with this cup spilling. It also has the ozs on the side which I was not used to seeing on a sippy cup. The top closes very well, and this is very durable and easy to clean.

Aline Monroeville, AL

Not leak proof

It’s only leak proof if it’s upright (which would be obvious). The lack of a valve makes for quicker cleaning, but the beverage dribbles out when it’s tossed, rolled, and turned over by the target market (2-4 yo). Cleaning is a breeze so that’s a positive, and it’s easy to assemble. One annoying aspect is if you cinch the lid too tight, the straw base that pinches into the plastic lid turns and throws off the function. Also, the flipped open lid interferes with one’s nose when rooting for the straw to drink. We still use it, but I wish I hadn’t bought two of them.

Marisa Arbon, ID

Finally! A water bottle that works!

We’ve tried just about every kind of straw sippy cup/water bottle out there for our 2.5 year old. FINALLY, we feel like we hit the jackpot with this one!- It is very easy for a 2 year old to open and close- the straw goes all the way down to the bottom so you don’t have to refill until it is empty- flow is good- not too much and not too little- perfect size for 2 year old- easy for her to hold and handle, fits in her lunch bag or diaper bag, not too heavy- easy for me to take apart and clean- plastic is very nice quality- easy to see through and is very durable (but still light!)- straw mechanism is great as opposed to bottle with a screw top or ones that you have to tilt.- most importantly, IT DOESN’T LEAK!I didn’t know that we could ever find a bottle that fit all of the above and I am so glad that we did. We will be buying more and throwing away the others that we have.

Henrietta Gibson, NC

No leaks, soft straw

This is perfect for my 12 month old. We use it at home and when out and about. Easy to clean, no leaks when the lid is closed. The straw is soft/bendable too.

Natasha West Rupert, VT


The bottle is good and it works well for tiny hands. I would have given it 5 stars if it werent for the straw and the risen base that are designed in such a way that a little bit of the liquid at the end is hard to drink. I have to open the bottle lid and then have my baby drink it directly from it.

Maricela California City, CA

This cup was flawed -had itt almost 6 months and now its gone

Ehhhhh.. This cup is verrated. Not much better than any other cup that says spill proof. I have as if yet to find one that actually is 100% spill proof. Hey I was skeptical of the reviews that said it wasn’t spill proof because of the ones that said it was , but Ive leaned it wasnt and it also can be chewed thru. The strae is rubber and my 2 year old son bit it off. So it’s not for toddlers say 2 and above. lol…… He as something with cup straws..

Maggie Capshaw, AL

Great Straw Bottle!

This Thermos Foogo Phases Leak Proof Straw Bottle is great and works perfectly! My daughter loves it, she has two plastic ones and one stainless steel one. Both are as they say they are.

Alexandra Pep, NM

I like it.

This is the second Thermos bottle I bought for my son. The only fragile part is the plastic lid. My son’s first Thermos bottle worked pretty well until my son dropped it and broke the round button. Wonder if Thermos could help replace it.

Ora Taylor, AZ


This bottle licks big time. At first I thought it is OK, but then I realized every time my daughter flips it upside own it licks not drips but licks like water from the sink. I still use it, but only at dinner table where I can see that she doesn’t flips it over.

Whitney Belmont, LA