THERMOS FOOGO 8-Ounce Soft Spout Sippy Cup with Handles, Blue/Yellow

THERMOS FOOGO 8-Ounce Soft Spout Sippy Cup with Handles, Blue/Yellow

Long considered a trusted partner by parents in providing healthy food and drink options for kids, Thermos brand has brought its superior technology to a line of children’s products for ages six months and older. With FOOGO Phases, Thermos brand offers parents extra peace of mind in knowing that FOOGO products use BPA-free materials. The FOOGO Phases line made with Eastman Tritan copolyester is crystal clear so you can easily see what’s inside the cup. These products are also impact-resistant and dishwasher durable. FOOGO Phases drinkware features interchangeable parts that fit all other Phases cups (stainless steel and Tritan models). With interchangeable lids and handles, FOOGO Phases drinkware easily adapts to a child’s changing needs. To clean, hand washing is recommended for best results, or top rack dishwasher safe. The body of the cup is made in Batesville, MS USA and lid is made in China.

Main features

  • BPA-free and made with Eastman Tritan copolyester which is impact resistant, durable, exceptionally clear, and will not absorb or impart any flavors or odors to its liquid contents
  • FOOGO Phases drinkware features interchangeable parts that fit all Phases cups
  • Phase 1 for children ages 6 months and up; Ergonomically designed handles are removable; Soft spout is comfortable on gums
  • Sip valve minimizes messes and is easy to clean; Cup is clear to easily see contents
  • 8 ounce capacity; hand wash/top rack dishwasher safe

Verified reviews


good shape

my child doesn’t like sippy cupbut it’s good of shape ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋcolor’ variation and cute size!!I like it

Silvia Cumberland Furnace, TN

Not all Made in USA – Top & Spout Made in China

Note Amazon’s product description reads:”BP500PK006 Features: -Sippy cup with handle.-Made of BPA free eastman tritan copolyester plastic.-Removable ergonomic handle.-Ideal for 6 months babies and older.-Impact resistant and kid friendly.-Interchangeable parts.-Soft spout is comfortable on gums.-Lightweight portability with superior durability.-Leak proof valve easy to clean.-Dishwasher safe.-Capacity: 8 oz.-Made in USA. Color/Finish: -Pink finish. Dimensions: -Overall dimension: 6.3” H x 6” W x 4.6” D. Collection: -Foogo collection.”According to the tag attached to the product, the bottle is Made in USA, but the lid (with spout) are Made in China. Be advised if this is important to your purchasing decision.These sippy cups appear to “leak” a bit more than the Born Free cup I am used to. Although it’s not really fair to call it it a “leak” — it appears to trap more liquid in the spot during a drink, and that liquid may come out if it’s later tipped.At least with our Thermos cup, it does not leak when held upside-down, jostled, etc. But our daughter is a master of taking a drink, then pulling the cup out to smile at us … dribbling water all down her shirt. I can’t blame the bottle for that!

Teresa Fort Bragg, CA

I am impressed

This sippy cup is exactly what I was looking for in a “leak proof” sippy cup. The spout is soft and the cup is solid. However, my son doesn’t like it. I think too much comes out at once, which he doesn’t like. The problem is that he has gotten used to The First Years sippy cups, and apparently won’t use anything else. I do recommend this product.****UPDATE**** my son eventually decided to use this sippy. Only then did I realize how much it actually leaks. There is a vent hole on top, and the liquid pours out of it. I stopped using this and bought him Gerber sippy cups, which he loves, and so do I because they do not leak at all!******Double update – I retract my last update- it leaked and we had to stop using it.

Laura Pleasant Grove, CA

The baby don’t love

The baby doesn’t love, also often wrestle it to the ground. In two or three times, this has been completely idle. Waste of money.

Mona Miamiville, OH

love this cup but it needs a lid

I’ve tried them all and this sippy cups seems to work the best, in terms of my baby being able to drink out of it. The only other cup other than this one that my baby is willing to drink from is the take and toss cups, and I wanted him to have a more solid cup. This cup is sturdy and has a nice design. It’s also nice that the cup part is clear and has measuring lines so I know how much he drank. The cup does leak a little, either from the spout where liquid pools inside, or from the vent when you shake vigorously (I tried mixing formula in this cup; I just covered the vent when I shook and it was fine). The little bit of leaking is ok–a small compromise for a cup that actually works well. The take and toss cups leak a tiny bit also. However, I don’t understand why a sippy cup doesn’t have a lid. I use this at home but don’t use it when we go out.

Amy Mc Rae, AR

Great transition cup from a bottle

My son loves this cup. We’re in the process of transitioning from bottles to cups, and my son does well with this cup. It’s easy for him to hold, and he can drink out of it well (not too much comes out so that he chokes).

Alma Fosters, AL

Toddler Loves this Sippy!

My little guy has been using this sippy since he was about 12 months and is almost 3 now! It’s the only sippy he has used day in and day out for milk.ProsCleans easilyLeaks very little compared to most soft spout sippys I have found.Handles in great position and detachable.Top rack dishwasher safe in my experiences.ConsIt has several pieces you have to put together perfect before each use/after cleaning or it will leak all over your little one. It’s not hard…you just have to pay attention.If they are teething they can chew holes in the silicone which messes up the spout… Makes it leak.Kinda pricy.

Lily Santa, ID

terrible for liquids, great for smoothies

I bought this at target. I liked the cute design and soft mouth piece. I stopped using it after a time or two because it leaks terribly. Baby would leave it laying while she played and I’d come back to a huge puddle. Today I made a smoothie and had a Eureka moment- I put the smoothie in and it was perfect. She could suck it out with some effort but no leaks if she laid it down. It was also really easy to wash all the smoothie out. We normally have to do smoothies in a big person cup and supervise the whole time, so now I love this cup. If it was marketed as a smoothie cup instead of sippy cup I’d give it 5 stars.

Neva Bone Gap, IL

Leaks like crazy

i’m not sure how this is billed as spill proof because as soon as you turn it upside down, it leaks like crazy, which makes all the little parts of it a pain. It was a nice cup when our baby first starts solids, we used it to give her water and the soft spout was nice. But as soon as she could pick it up herself to use, it’s a crazy mess.

Carol Frost, MN


Very functional and good quality for the money. I would recommend as first cup. Accommodates ages 4 months and up.

Deborah Long Grove, IL

My babies favorite sippy cup!

My son likes this better than his other sippy cups and its easy for him to hold and doesn’t spill to bad if he starts shaking it!

Connie Panola, TX

best sippy cup

I have tried A LOT of sippy cups!! I have had this cup 3 Weeks now its been on a long 18 hour road trip with my 18 month old it never leaked its very sturdy he throws things a lot. its does really well in the dishwasher. The color is true to the picture. LOVE THIS CUP!!!

Joan Hop Bottom, PA


My son loves this little one he drinks his waterfrom it. It has a softer spout that he chews on so farno bite marks from chewing it soI’d say these cups are great!

Lucinda Aberdeen, KY

like this brand

I have bought a few of Thermos Foogo products, each has met my expectations. really solidly built, and feel the pricing is fair.

Lana Eden, MD