Thermos Foogo Insulated Bottle Carrier, Tripoli

Thermos Foogo Insulated Bottle Carrier, Tripoli

Designed to fit easily into diaper bags, the Thermos Foogo Bottle carrier holds two standard baby bottles and features a zip closure. It measures 6.25″ D x 3.5″ W x 7″ H. Perfect for walks, car trips, vacation, family visits and errands. It features a leak proof and heat-sealed lining and coordinates with the Thermos Foogo Tripoli diaper tote and messenger style diaper bag.

Main features

  • Measures 6.25″ D x 3.5″ W x 7″ H
  • Features a leak proof and heat-sealed lining
  • Zippered closure
  • Easy care, wipe clean
  • Fits into diaper bags or totes

Verified reviews


Fits two 8oz. Medela Bottles perfectly!

I purchased this to transport fresh milk from my home to the daycare. This carrier keeps the bottles cool, and fits two 8oz medela bottles perfectly. I love how the strap snaps open, so I can just attach it to the outside of my diaper bag – one less thing to carry! Plus, it’s cute. Recommend!

Carole Belmont, MA

Pretty good!

I really like the cooler, the only issue I have if that I bought the ‘Cool It’ ice packs. I should have purchased the flexible ice packs since the solid hard ones are a tight squeeze after I put my Avent bottles inside to keep my breastmilk cool and fresh when traveling throughout the day with my little one. I am going to purchase the flexible icepacks for this cooler and it will be perfect!

Tamera Weikert, PA


I like this. I wanted a small little cooler to take with me. I wish this was a half inch taller. With my bottles it is really hard to put two bottles in and a ice pack. Still it gets the job done.

Earline Silver Lake, WI

Great for short-term storage

I use this product daily. At night before I go to bed, I put a cold bottle and a few reusable ice cubes in this cooler bag and set it in my son’s room so that when he wakes up for his first morning feeding when it’s still dark, I don’t have to fumble up and down stairs. It works great for this purpose; the bottle stays cold for about 6 hours. It’s also great for taking bottles on short trips. I am able to fit 2 Avent 4oz bottles with plenty of the reusable ice cubes easily and 2 Avent 9oz bottles with maybe just 2 ice cubes, but this is a tight fit. For longer trips, I use the Munchkin Cool Wrap bottle bag. Together, these two products are great and all you’ll need!

Maryanne Jerusalem, OH

Great purchase

This is the only cooler bag of this size that I’ve found. Fits 1 – 6oz bottle, a pouch of food, and one of my J.L. Childress Reusable Ice packs perfectly. This cooler even fits in my purse. I use this cooler for quick outings with my baby. For all day or day care I take a large cooler. I would recommend having this.

Dominique Okahumpka, FL

Very small

Once you put an nice pack in it, there is barely room for a bottle. Many other reviews said two bottles could fit, only if they are narrow, not wide bottles. This is not a very practical size for bottle storage.

Adelaide Max, MN