THERMOS FOOGO Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel 10-Ounce Food Jar, Pink/Purple

THERMOS FOOGO Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel 10-Ounce Food Jar, Pink/Purple

Thermos FOOGO Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Food Jar, Pink/Purple – 10 oz This 10 oz. stainless steel food jar is vacuum insulated to keep foods at just the right temperature. The wide mouth opening makes it easy to fill, serve from and clean. Keeps foods warm for 5 hours or cold for 7 hours. Features: Color: Pink/Purple BPA-Free Dishwasher safe Double wall stainless steel construction Keeps food warm 5 hours, cold 7 hours Wide mouth opening makes food jar easy to fill and clean

Main features

  • thermos double wall vacuum insulated food jar keeps contents cold and fresh for seven hours; warm for five hours
  • Kid proof design; durable stainless steel interior and exterior inhibits bacteria growth
  • Made from bisphenol-A free (BPA-Free) materials
  • Ergonomically designed lid with rubber grip, non-slip, scratch resistant base
  • Light, compact and portable; 10 ounce capacity
  • Kid-proof design; durable stainless steel interior and exterior inhibits bacteria growth; wide opening for easy cleaning
  • Made from bisphenol-A free (BPA-Free) materials
  • Ergonomically designed lid with rubber grip, non-slip, scratch resistant base; cool to the touch with warm foods, sweat-proof with cold
  • Light, compact and portable; 10 ounce capacity

Verified reviews


Says not to use with food that can spoil

I don’t know what the point of this jar is and now I feel like I wasted my money. It says on the label that it keeps food hot for 5 hours but in the fine print it says not to use it with food that spoils. But why else would you use a jar to keep your food hot? What foods don’t spoil? Chicken soup obviously can’t go in it. I don’t even know what I can send my son to school with in this thermos.Update: Test this out for yourself before you trust your kids to say their food is still hot at lunchtime. They could end up in hospital with food poisoning! I tested it. I heated spaghetti to 160 degrees. I preheated the jar with boiling water as some reviewers recommended and then placed the spaghetti in the jar, sealing it tightly. Then three hours later I checked the temperature of the food. It was in the danger zone- 120 degrees.Since I don’t feel like making my kids sick, this is one of those purchases that will sit around my house never used 🙁

Tabitha Stirrat, WV

why is no one mentioning the lid and it’s ability to trap food

I am so disappointed with this purchase. The reviews were overwhelmingly fantastic, and even the negative reviews seem a bit like random unfortunate bad experiences that happen with all products. However, I didn’t even need to use this to know it’s not for me. Now I’m stuck figuring out whether it’s worth returning.It’s the lid. it’s designed in a way that food will get trapped into the crevice the runs around the inside of the lid. I can imagine using a knife to clean it out, but not sure how much it will help. Probably lots of soaking. I don’t think it will be worth my time.I have so many different brands of bottles and thermoses and am very particular. For example, a few years ago it was a huge relief to find water bottles that could be used for smoothies, since caps needed to be simple. Too many caps had moving parts and crevices that made washing difficult after smoothies. So it was a huge deal to start seeing bottles being pitched for smoothies, with caps that would make cleaning easy.Why is this an issue? Because all the trapped gunk will build up into mold and it’s something that occasionally will come out in ugly gunks right into your food/drinks.The caps of food thermoses are no different. The caps have to be equally washable and made to avoid food being trapped. This product does not do that.This product’s cap does exactly the opposite. It’s designed to trap food and no way to make cleaning easy.

Allison Platteville, CO

Have used every school day for the past 3 years….

This is a great thermos! We love it. As I stated in the heading, we have used it every school day since kindergarten and now my daughter just finished 2nd grade. We will also be using it for 3rd grade. It does not leak and it keeps her food hot til lunch time, 5 hours after I pack her lunch. To aid in it retaining heat, I boil water and put that in it a few minutes before putting her food in it. While I’m heating her food, I let the hot water sit in it for a few minutes. Once I’m finished fixing her a sandwich to go with the hot food I’m putting in the thermos, I empty out the hot water and then I add the hot food such as spaghetti-o’s, Mac n cheese or whatever I choose to put in it. It’s a very nice thermos and just the right size for a kid-siz portion. When I bought her the two of them, so i could alternate them, i found such good reviews on it, back then, I was confident that I wouldn’t have any problem out of them and I haven’t. Thay work as stated. I also paid almost twice as much as it is here back then, but it was worth the extra money. I’d purchased a differentand cheaper brand back then and that other brand leaked, this particular one has never leaked, except when my daughter doesn’t close it up tightly once she’s done.One thing, I should mention is cleaning in the grooves inside the cap. It can be a bit tedious getting up in there because I don’t want mold growing up in it, so I take a dampened sudsy q-tip and swipe it around up in the sides of the cap. And that works for me. Another thing from the years of hand washing (no I don’t have a dishwasher….I’m the dishwasher ;-), the bottom plastic part comes off sometimes if I pull it. The glue has just given up. It never just falls off when my daughter uses it. Water gets in it while I’m washing it in the sudsy water, so I just take it off to empty the water, but it fits right back on and like I said, it never just falls off.Overall, this is a good thermos. It has served us well and continues to do so. I’m considering buying another one just in case one day our 2 decide they’ve had enough of us. 🙂

Brigitte Alvada, OH

Thermos works great

So far, this thermos has worked great. I use it for my daugher’s lunch at daycare. They tell me the food is nice and hot/warm when it is time for her to eat.

Sasha Folsom, CA

Bring Hot Water in Diaperbag to Warm Bottles

I was always asking for hot water at restaurants to warm my daughters bottles. I ordered this and it was wonderful. The Medela bottle fit perfectly inside and I could warm her milk anywhere at any time. Whenever I went out I would pack the milk in the munchkin cooler and throw this in the diaper bag. I’d put 1 cup of water in the microwave for 2 minutes and then pour boiling hot water in the thermos. Toss in the diaper bag and I was good to go. It does not leak and it stays hot for hours as it claims. It was a lifesaver.

Magdalena Etna, NH

Foogo Thermos

This food jar is perfect for lunch boxes! I have two toddlers who take lunch to preschool, a boy and girl. Needless to say, we have a pink one and a blue one. These are awesome to keep food warm! I fill up with hot water for a few minutes while I make whatever the meal of the day will be- and the food stays hot until lunch! Anything from chicken nuggets to mac&cheese has gone into these. It all stays hot. It is a nice size for a toddler’s meal, or could be a side if you were sending a sandwich also for older or bigger kids.

Cristina West Copake, NY


ON A NEGATIVE SIDE: The water (A LOT!) gets in between the bottom rubber and the metal thermos during the wash and is impossible to get out. So it just sits there and develops mold. I wonder what purpose does it serve and if I can just get rid of it completely? I mean I can attach 4 silicon dots for the thermos not to slip if that’s all it does. Don’t like mold on food related items therefore 1 star in my book regardless of farther performance.ON A POSITIVE NOTE: To test the leakage and ease of opening I poured boiling water in the thermos and very loosely closed it. I put a mark with the pencil to match the top and the bottom. I put the container on it’s side on a paper towel for an hour. There was no leackage whatsoever. I then asked my 1st grader to open it (hot water sometimes sucks the top in and it’s impossible to open just like a new jar of jam). She could easily do it, so with a permanent marker I then marked over the initial pencil marks.P.S. When I closed the lid tight my daughter couldn’t open it. So don’t do it. There is no need for it.UPDATED: so I took off the rubber from the bottom and the bottom is surprisingly ugly (not polished, uneven etc. BUT I now can let the container dry before I put it back on. Not too big of a deal.

Brittney Memphis, TN

Perfect for warm lunches

Use for my child’s daycare lunches. Absolutely PERFECT size. Can hold a normal serving of soup, or rice/meat/veggies, or warmed nuggets/hot dog/ etc. Keeps food warm around 6-8hrs, which is ideal for work or daycare situations. Top-rack dishwasher safe. No fading/ breakage/ wearing down after 6 months continuous use.

Dionne Hempstead, TX

Great! Can be bigger

I love this food jar. Unlike the others, the opening does not have internal facing screw threads which makes wiping food off difficult. The opening is wide and the jar shallow enough for my hands to reach the bottom for washing. I wished it was slightly bigger as 10 oz isn’t a lot of food to store.

Cecilia Ringold, OK


This food jar is really cute and keeps the food contained, but after being in the thermos for just 3 hours the food is only luke-warm. I was expecting better.

Karen Rockville, VA

Great product for school

Does not leak and holds all the contents in place. Stays hot and can be washed in the dishwasher.

Selma Kingston, OK

Compact, but cannot go more than 5 hrs

This is a compact food jar. However, do note that it does not have the best heat retention capability around. Usually pack my boy’s lunch in the morning around 9am, and by 2pm, food inside will not be very hot.For better heat retention, I will recommend this..;=1789&creative;=390957&creativeASIN;=B0017IFSIS&linkCode;=as2&tag;=travguid0ca-20

Chris Norphlet, AR


This is a good sized thermos for transporting baby food. Would like to have a slightly taller one though. Can fit baby bullet cup into it and was hoping to be able to fit 2 cups into it to transport food for a meal. Great product all in all……..

Angie Spring Valley, WI

Fits bottles in it for heating

I was looking for a thermos that had a wide enough mouth that I could stick my baby’s bottle in it to heat when we are traveling etc. I had bought another one which said it was a ‘wide’ mouth but it wasn’t. This is perfect! If you think of an arrowhead 500ml (16.9 fl oz) bottle that is the width this thermos allows. As for keeping food /liquid warm, it has been excellent.

Marie Caballo, NM

LOVE this thermos

This is our 2nd Foogo – so awesome to send warm foods with our preschooler for lunch or to carry milk with us in the car on trips. Great size.

Mae Brunswick, MD

Good for lunches!

Love this thing! I use it for my preschoolers lunches. I put make and cheese in it and it does a good job of keeping it warm until lunch time. I do boil water first to heat the thermos up and then put the mac and cheese in it.

Angeline La Vernia, TX

Keeps food warm…

I made my son pasta and he took it to preschool and although I ended up eating it because he was too busy playing, it was still warm 3 hours later when I picked him up.

Ethel Valier, PA

Bottom Plastic Piece Comes Off

This does a fine job of keeping things warm. The bottom plastic piece came off after about six months of use. We only washed it by hand, so no real strain on the base. I called Thermos and was told there was nothing they could do. My husband used some special glue, which held up for a few months, but it came off again. I’m buying a different design this time.

Mariana Herrick Center, PA

It Does the Job

Yesterday on the way home my kindergartner wanted to finish up something from her lunch. The food I’d heated at 7 am was STILL HOT over 7 hours later. I was amazed. She was unimpressed.We’ve been using the thermos almost daily this fall and it is truly a wonderful product. So far no leaks, food stays hot, and it is easy to clean. My daughter is able to open and close it on her own, and the size is great. It is sturdy and as long as the seal holds out (I suspect it will) it should last quite a while. I fill it with hot water while heating her lunch in the morning, and although they have a late lunch (12:45) she says the food is always “a little hot.” This includes things like fish sticks and chicken nuggets that I didn’t expect to stay warm for so long as soup or pasta. I’m a big fan. We just purchased a second for my son.

Courtney Wellsville, PA

Great for hot lunches on cold days

This item really does maintain food warm for hours pack my daughter a hit lunch every morning in this and she is able to eat it at lunch time as if just was made fresh great product

Young Fort Duchesne, UT


I am disappointed with this product. We took it on a road trip for Christmas and it constantly leaked. I don’t know what I did wrong I was so aggravated. The milk did stay cool.I haven’t used it since. I am sure I will try it again.But, as I now I feel as though I wasted our money.

Rosalinda Elwood, IA

Excellent, doesn’t leak and keeps hot water hot for 3-4 hours

I purchased 2 of these. I have been using only one so far as a bottle warmer on the go. When we go out to eat, a lot, with a 1 month old (now 5 months old), we took this filled 3/4 way up with 190degree water from our airpot and screw on the lid tight and headed out the door. 3 hours later, I can use the hot water to warm up a small bottle of milk while out and about. I have used it with the Medela 5oz plastic bottle, Medela 4oz glass bottle, and Evenflo 4oz glass bottle — Bummer it does not fit my Born Free glass bottles. It’s been very useful to date as a baby bottle warmer. It does keep very hot water hot, not sure about baby food that is not as hot as hot water. We will know in about another month when we start our son on home-made solids… When the lid is screwed on tight, keeps water hot, makes it very hard to unscrew the cap, especially if you have tendonitis the first few months after giving birth.

Sonia Trinity, TX

Keep your soup hot, but not solids.

-This works best with liquid, like soup.-means it doesn’t keep solids (rice, pasta, etc) hot.-but probably that’s good for kids who needs the food warm, not hot.

Minerva Medical Lake, WA

Perfect for work

I got this container because I work out of my car and needed something so I could stop eating fast food everyday. It has performed far better than I expected. It claims that it keeps food hot for up to 5 hours. One day, I was unable to eat for over 8 hours, and while the food was certainly not as hot as it was in the morning, it was still warm enough for my satisfaction. I have not tried it with cold foods yet, but am confident that it would perform well. Also, it is dishwasher safe, an added bonus.

Latoya Natoma, KS

Great Product

I got two of these; one for each of my sons for their lunches at school. I need them to keep food warm for approximately 4 hours and they definitely do the job. They aren’t very bulky and are the perfect size for children or for smaller portions of food. They also come in fun colors. I would highly recommend!

Gertrude Hardwick, MN

Works great for my son’s preschool

While I can’t say how hot it keeps his food (I’m not the one opening it for him for lunch), his teachers haven’t told me anything to imply that it’s not keeping his food warm. My two gripes is that 1. Its large for a kid’s lunch bag (especially a toddler), and 2. the lid has a gap where it screws onto the jar that can be hard to clean in the crevices. Otherwise this is the smallest food thermos I’ve seen available. It matches his Thermos Foogo straw cup, which is also a nice design.

Teresa Bomont, WV

Keeps food pretty warm

According to my 3 year old, this usually keeps his food warm. I have sent him with noodles and soup that stayed warm. However, eggs did not. Good size for lunch box.

Rosie Mc Dowell, KY

does not keep food warm

I put hot porridge in here and within an hour the porridge turned cold, not cool, but cold. 2 stars for not leaking.

Saundra Bena, MN

Perfect for school lunches

My daughter loves soups, and we use this to send her to school with soup for lunch. It never leaks and keeps the food warm.

Ebony New Ellenton, SC

Add variety to the preschooler lunch!

I was at my wits end with trying to come up with creative alternatives to peanut butter sandwiches for my preschooler’s lunches. Per state laws the school cannot warm up lunches. I came across this thermos and the lunch possibilities became endless! I packed him some mac & cheese for the first use and he polished it off. I’m figuring I can pack all sorts of hot lunch items now including some of his faves like pot stickers, soups, pasta dishes, chicken pot pie (filling) with a side of bread).Before putting the hot item in the thermos, I fill it with really hot water, put the lid on and let it sit for a few minutes to get the liner nice and hot. Dump out water, insert hot food and it will stay warm until his lunch time. My son thinks the thermos looks cool and I love that its easy to clean and dishwasher safe!

Jasmine Newtonia, MO