THERMOS FOOGO Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel 10-Ounce Straw Bottle, Pink/Purple

THERMOS FOOGO Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel 10-Ounce Straw Bottle, Pink/Purple

Long considered a trusted partner by parents in providing healthy food and drink options for kids, Thermos brand has brought its superior insulation technology to FOOGO Phases, a line of children’s products for ages six months and older. Freshness and safety go hand in hand. If not kept at the right temperature, food and beverages can spoil, causing potentially dangerous bacteria to form. FOOGO Phases stainless steel products feature THERMOS vacuum insulation which has been shown to inhibit the growth of bacteria in a laboratory test performed by Cornell University, and will keep beverages cold and fresh for ten hours. In addition to providing added protection from spoilage and food borne illnesses, Thermos brand offers parents extra peace of mind in knowing that FOOGO products use BPA-free materials. FOOGO Phases drinkware features interchangeable parts that fit all other Phases cups. With interchangeable lids and handles, FOOGO Phases drinkware easily adapts to a child’s changing needs. To clean, hand washing is recommended for best results, or top rack dishwasher safe.

Main features

  • Thermos vacuum insulation keeps beverages cold and fresh for 10 hours; exterior stays condensation free
  • Kid-proof design; durable stainless steel interior and exterior inhibits bacteria growth
  • Made from bisphenol-A free (BPA Free) materials and features interchangeable parts that fit other Foogo Phases cups
  • Phase 3 for children ages 18 months and up; Easy to open hygienic push button lid with pop-up silicone straw
  • 10 ounce capacity; hand wash/top rack dishwasher safe

Verified reviews


Junk — Straw disintegrated after 2 mos

At first, I was so happy with this product. It’s great to have a way to keep milk cold so that you don’t have to rush to the fridge all the time.BUT . . . the straw disintegrated under my son’s teeth, and Thermos has terrible customer service. The rep said that they don’t warrant the straw and that I should throw it away and buy a new one. When I asked for her name, she refused to give it but instead transferred me into a voicemail.

Myra Versailles, IN

NOT leak proof anymore – why did they redesign this bottle?

We had a Foogo bottle, circa 2009. It was perfection. Never leaked, easy to clean, just the right size for my child’s lunchbox. It lasted well over 2 years and then the lid cracked. So, I purchased a new bottle, circa 2011. Design is totally different. It is smaller, slimmer, and more difficult to clean. There are more grooves and ridges inside, as well as in the plastic top part (which connects to straw). Much more difficult to clean. Also, it leaks. Not occasionally, but EVERY TIME. This redesign is an utter debacle. Please Thermos, when something works and gets good reviews, DO NOT CHANGE IT. I cannot recommend for school lunchboxes. Maybe if you can carry this bottle in an upright, steady position all day, it’s fine. But otherwise, the slightest jerky motion causes leaking.

Jeannie Wrigley, KY

great for toddlers

this cup is our favorite, but it wasn’t until our son got a little older. we like it because it’s not completely vacuum sealed to make it leak proof and, therefore, the liquid inside comes out a lot more easily. if you’ve tried drinking from a leak proof straw cup, you’ll know and it takes a lot of energy to drink out of them. i found that my son drinks more and more easily from this cup than some of his other completely leak proof cups, and my theory is that the liquid comes out more easily. it has a tiny air hole on the top to let air in when you drink, which means if you tip over the cup while the top is open, liquid will spill. if the lid is closed, it is completely leak proof. often, i throw the (closed) cup in my bag and i’ve never had a leak.i think this is less of an issue if you have an older toddler who understands that you have to hold cups upright or they will spill. my son is 27 months and he gets that. we still have some spills but i’m ok with that if it means my son is drinking more milk. other leak proof cups also do leak if you put in cold liquids like milk or refrigerated juice as the liquid warms to room temperature, except those leak out the straw, and that is way more irritating for me than the foogo.we use both the stainless steel and plastic and we love them equally. the stainless keeps liquids cold for hours–really impressive. you just need to make sure the inside of the cup is cold before pouring in the cold liquid. the plastic one is great for everyday use. we’ve had one cup for about a year and added 3 more to the rotation. they all look new. none have broken so far. the silicone part of the straw does wear down, especially with kids chewing on them, but they don’t wear down as quickly as some other popular straw cups. overall, this is a fantastic cup for toddlers!

Ophelia Morrison, CO

Great thermos for older kids

I rated this product 3 stars when my son was 18 month(original review below). He is 21 month now and I use this cup all the time when we on the run ( every weekend)… I just fill it up, close it and put it in the bag. I know it would not leak, I have nothing to worry.I think that it would not survive long simply because my son is throwing it often ( cannot blame manufacture for that) and since top cover is plastic I would have to replace it at one point. But it works now, he drinks from it, I am comfortable that bag is not getting wet and it is not plastic – that’s all that matter.Original review:I like almost everything about this thermos but the straw position. Its location is not too comfortable for the 18 month old to drink from. It is OK when we are on the road and he needs to drink once in a while but not comfy for everyday use.I ended up buying BPA free plastic straw bottle for the day to day use.

Leeann Kevin, MT

Thermos Foogo Phases Leak Proof Stainless Steel Straw Bottle

Thermax double wall vacuum insulation keeps beverages cold and fresh for 10 hours; exterior stays condensation free.Made from Bisphenol A free (BPA free) materials and feature interchangeable parts that fit other Foogo Phases cups

Michaela Bonham, TX

It works and looks good

It keeps milk cold, is leak-proof and looks good. I’ve kept milk in there for 5 hours and it has been kept cold enough – although not “right out of the fridge” cold. The instructions say not to use it with hot liquids and so I’ve only used it with cold, but it looks like there are many reviewers who have used it with hot liquids with great success.

Elvia Cason, TX

A great bottle for school and picnic lunches

I have been looking for a bottle to send to school with my kids. It needed to be easy to clean, as I was planning to send milk in it, and therefore it also needed to keep things cool, not leak, and be easy to use. This is PERFECT. I bought two for each child, and am here to buy one more for each so I never have to worry that I don’t have a clean one ready to go. It does all of the above beautifully. To increase the chill factor, I fill it with milk the night before and store it in the fridge, but even if I don’t it stays cool for hours. With that extra chill, it is still cold when he gets home from school! It disassembles easily to clean thoroughly, it is durable, and it easy to use for preschool/early elementary age kids. The bottom ring of one, which is purely ornamental, did come unglued, but it popped back on and seems fine. I’ll glue it if needed, but so far so good. I am so glad I found this item (and the 365 return policy on Amazon was a great selling point, in case I wasn’t happy with it!).

Rena Keauhou, HI

Great product

Make sure you press to seal the straw to lid so it doesn’t leak, otherwise straw twists when you twist to close lid and it leaks. Other than that it’s a great product and has kept milk cold for at least 6 hours when not in the sunshine. It’s the only insulated bottle I could find that has a straw and my 14-month old loves the straw sippy cups.

Cora Abiquiu, NM

Cap broke on two of these

I bought two of these cups for my 3 year old. We do not let him run around with a cup. when it is time to drink, we open it and give it to him to drink. He will snap the top closed when done. I like the idea of the lid because it is leak proof and keeps the straw clean. But after a month of use, the lid broke where it snaps to the base behind the yellow button. There is a small plastic loop on the lid that catches a little hook behind the yellow button. Taht small plastic loop is not very durable and broke on BOTH cups we bought. These cups are for kids and need to be a bit stronger than that. Plus, this makes the cup useless entirely because now the big lid is flapping open so you cannot put it into any bag or carry it easily. Plus the straw leaks a lot without the lid pinched down on it. So the whole use of the cup is based on a small plastic loop. I looked for replacement tops so I could at least get more use out of it, but I cannot find replacement tops for sale.

Elvira Conneaut Lake, PA

I love these

I love these so much. The thermos is great and keeps milk cold for hours. It seals well and I haven’t had any leakage problems. When it’s open there is another hole for proper flow, but this can lead to leaks if/when your toddler turns it upside down and shakes it. I love it, but when my toddler gets upset, it can make a mess. I have 3 of these I love them so much.

Ivy Mill Run, PA

Does keep stuff cold, leaks like crazy when open.

We’ve been having hellish summer weather so I wanted something more insulating than the normal insulated cups. My son was just moving to straw cups, so we tried these. Unfortunately, I don’t love them. While I do love how super easy the straw part comes out and is easy to clean, all my 18mo toddler generally does with the cup is open and close it. When he does decide to drink out of it, he does it just fine…except that 1) the lid seems to be somewhat in his face and he doesn’t like that and 2) he doesn’t know enough yet to snap it shut, so when he lays it down or drops it, we’re left with a big wet spot. (It took a milk-soaked car seat cover before realizing it fully. Yuck, I know.)I also wish these came in colors other than pink or blue, as I like to buy baby stuff in neutral colors.

Gladys Garciasville, TX

Great cup, wish there were replacement parts

This cup is great and doesn’t leak but does dribble out the vent hole when my daughter turns it upside down (I don’t consider this leaking).My only gripe is that Thermos doesn’t sell replacement parts and we got mold in the bend of the straw. The straw comes in 2 pieces and the top part is the issue because it’s difficult to clean the bend. The cup is expensive and it seems excessive to buy a whole new one just to replace that component.

Betsy Big Bend, WV

WONDERFUL!!! The answer to all sippy cups!

I’ve tried the following sippy cups for either one or both of my children:-Klean Kanteen (great, but doesn’t insulate)-CamelBack Kids (great, but hard to clean)-Born Free (good, but is in a spout, not straw)-Playtex (straw, but not too durable)-Nuby Sport sipper (leaks!)-Nuby Straw sippy (really good, but hard to clean – especially when I put smoothies in this sippy)I’ve found that the FooGoo thermos is the BEST one to accommodate my criteria:-insulates-durable-easy to clean (dishwasher)-not too many parts (only 3: plastic blue top at you see in the pic, 1 straw and 1 ‘mouthpiece’ — all very easy to clean)-easy to open (My daughter does occupational therapy to strengthen her finger muscles but she has no problem with opening this on her own. My 11 month old son can also open it as well as drink from it well – I know it says 18 months and above, but he wants what big sister has!)I have four of these, two in blue for my son and two in pink for my daughter. They really do keep drinks cold for about 8 hours. I just love them!!! The only drawback that I can think of is that when I put ice in it (with their milk), it may be a little heavy for my son (but he’ll get stronger as he gets older.)It’s definitely worth the cost. Be ware because there is a FooGoo that they sell that costs about $6 but it is made of plastic (kind of like a Nalgene bottle), but the double insulated stainless steel, like this one.

Robbie Manhattan, IL

Beware of mold build up!

We bought this thinking we can use it to keep milk cold for my then 1 year daughter since we switched to cow milk. I would say I am pretty diligent in keeping everything clean and sterile. However, since we only use this cup on the weekends, we notice that mold starts to build up in the silicone straw part. We try to clean it, but it’s impossible to get it out. I will try to contact Thermos to see if we can get a replacement. So just make sure you completely dry all the parts before putting the bottle away.***Update***I contacted Thermos’ customer service, and they sent me a replacement right away. Based on this level of customer service I am giving this a star back. Will give the cup another try!

Corinne Astatula, FL

Insulated and better than Kleen Canteen. Tips to stop any leaks.

This was the best option out there for my preschooler’sBuilt Big Apple Buddies Insulated Lunch Bag, Astor Owlwhich is small and the perfect size for a 3 year old. This is a
• thermos
• so it will keep drinks cold unlike Kleen Canteen which is completely uninsulated. I use the inexpensiveOXO Tot Straw and Sippy Cup Top Cleaning Set, Aquato clean inside the straw and silicon straw base. It will clean the removable valve under the straw base very well with the plastic toothpick option.
• forget to re-plug this tiny valve back into the straw base or you will have leaks which is why I think there were some complaints. It is easily overlooked. The Oxo set now ships free with Amazon prime and is very inexpensive and easily replaced every 6 months or so. I did not care for the inflexible hard plastic straw the thermos came with (it tasted funny) so I replaced it with the silicon sippy straw fromThinkbaby Thinkster Straw Bottle, 9 Ounce, Natural/Orange. Fits perfectly and no bad tastes and no leaks.

Nina Austwell, TX

Love it

We are trying to decrease the amount of plastic we use in our house. Not that all plastic is evil or anything, but it seems like I keep hearing about different chemicals that come from different plastics that can build up in the system over time and cause this, that, or the other problem. At the same time, I needed something we could take places without worrying about breaking, so I didn’t want glass. Enter stainless steel. As far as I’m aware, there aren’t really any dangers associated with stainless steel (yet) and it certainly isn’t going to break as easily as glass.My primary concern at first was that metal is an excellent conductor, so I looked for an insulated option (like this one) and let me tell you, it is AWESOME at heat isolation. I can put a frozen smoothie in it and the outside gets somewhat chilly, but it’s WAY better than any glass or plastic glasses we’ve ever used. That makes it more comfortable to hold and keeps the drink cold longer. We haven’t done hot yet, but I don’t see any reason why that would be any different.We’ve washed it in the dishwasher several times and have not had any problems there.We are totally happy with this purchase. We’re going to buy a few more so each kid has at least one (and a couple for backups while the others are being washed).

Ophelia Garden City, MO

easy to clean

I wished I had known about this product a long time ago. it’s durable, easy to clean, easy to use for my 3 year old, no spilling, love it

Penny Wallace, ID

Great straw cup for toddlers

We have four of these bottles, and I’m back for more. This is the only cup my son drinks from. He went straight to this cup at 10mo when we started giving him small amounts of water because he had difficulty figuring out a sippy cup. He figured out the straw cup relatively easily, though at first he would take too much liquid and it took him awhile to learn how to regulate the flow. Within a month or two, he was an expert.Pros:-Stainless bottle: no leaching chemicals (BPA, etc). This was our number 1 reason for getting these cups. It’s difficult to find a non-plastic cup.-The insulation makes it a great cup for milk–if it’s out of the fridge for a few hours, the milk stays cold.-If the cap is closed, it doesn’t leak.-We have cleaned these almost exclusively in the dishwasher. The cap, straw mouth, and straw fit easily in one of the Munchkin dishwasher baskets we had for bottle pieces.-They will take a beating. My son has thrown these things everywhere.Cons:-If the child opens the cup, turns it upside down, and shakes, milk will come out. I don’t even really consider this a flaw of the cup–because it’s only really an issue if the kid shakes it. It took us a few months to teach him that he can’t dump it–but it only does this if done intentionally.-After 9ish months of almost-daily dishwashing, one of our four cups has had the bottom blue piece come unglued. I consider this a reasonable time frame for this to happen given the amount of abuse this cup has taken.-After 9ish months, one of our four lids no longer clicks shut, making it fine for in-home use but no good for taking out. Again, this seems reasonable because of the amount of abuse it’s taken.I anticipate that I will continue buying these cups for as long as my children use kid cups, unless a better non-plastic option comes on the market. Recommended.

Margo Kit Carson, CO

Great product!

Love this thermos! Never leaks! The straw is concealed so it stays clean. Easy to wash with skinny brush (not included.)

Leanna Geronimo, OK


Love this. Note that it is not leak proof if it is open. Not a problem for us but people should know. Good design stainless steel inside and out. Easy to clean.

Kelli Miami, FL

No leaks- Really!

Haven’t tried every cup on the market, but definitely our fair share. I originally purchased two of these because I liked that they are stainless & double insulated. They have become my favorite cups. If the lid is closed, they do not leak. Period. Pressure doesn’t build inside them and cause the straw to spatter like other cups we have. If they tip over with the lid open, liquid will come out of the tiny valve, but doesn’t pour from the straw. I cannot speak highly enough about these, especially after trying out a few cheaper alternatives and having them leak each and every time we use them! If you’re thinking about it, just get them.

Angelia West Davenport, NY


Although I expected a straw to leak a little if turned upside down if there was liquid still in the straw, I did not expect it to stream out of the straw. What appears to be happening is that if we tighten the lid all the way the base of the straw gets turned in its socket and leaves a gap. Now that the gap has appeared, even if it is in the correct position, it still leaks. I am disappointed in this item because I was really excited to find this item. It does keep the liquid cold for a long time (I’ve even left it in a hot car).Also, now we can’t tighten it all the way so the yellow collar doesn’t sit tightly. I would not recommend this item if you are concerned about leaking and your child like to drop or turn it on its side.

Kristie Waterford, ME

Insulation Cup, relatively simple also, baby like

Simple bottle, but heat preservation is good, son of the first hand is love, also recommend it to friends around, say good

Rosalind Portland, ME

Couldn’t live without it!

We use this everyday! Nice transition from bottle. We didn’t have much luck with sippy cups…every one we tried (munchin, nuby) had leakage issues. We love this because it keeps the milk cold and have not had very many issues with spillage.

Edith Masonic Home, KY

great bottle, love it!

Keeps her milk cold, even when we forget & leave it out longer then we should. We have another thermos that’s purple with fairies for water & designate this one for milk. Oh, and I know it’s best to hand wash, but seems fine in the dishwasher for us.

Herminia Danforth, ME

Love this cup but not durable

This cup is great and my go to for smoothies but it is already falling apart and I have had it a short duration. The bottom plastic part of the cup has fallen off. The straw needed replacing quickly and I can not find another straw to work with it beside the foogo one. The replacement straw set on amazon is almost as expensive as the cup. It is my go to sippy cup to put my son’s smoothies, juices and milk in. we never have an issue with spills. My son loves likes it but I hate that after a few months have to buy another one.

Lorraine Benson, MN

son loves it

My 18 month old figured out how to open & close it right away. Super sturdy, gets tossed around quite a bit. Keeps his milk & water cold for hours!

Shelia Paint Bank, VA

so good

I have no problem recommending it to other buyers as it is a very good product, and helps to transport drinking water

Kristin Randolph, MA

great product

Keeps the milk cold for hours even in a car during the summer, has not leaked so far, and is very portable. Also, easy to clean. Must-have item for moms who take their babies out a lot.

Erma Gustavus, AK

Leak proof…hahahaha that’s funny

We returned this. NOT leakproof AT ALL. Save your money and buy a SIGG small sized bottle. HATE this Foogo.

Roseann Cartersville, GA