THERMOS FOOGO Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel 7-Ounce Soft Spout Sippy Cup with Handles, Blue/Yellow

THERMOS FOOGO Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel 7-Ounce Soft Spout Sippy Cup with Handles, Blue/Yellow

Thermos FOOGO Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Sippy Cup with Handles, Blue/Yellow – 7 oz The Vacuum Insulated Stainless Sippy Cup with Handles from Thermos brand has durable, double wall stainless steel construction. THERMOS vacuum insulation technology to keep drinks fresh and cold up to 6 hours. Handles of this sippy cup can be removed. In addition, its soft spout is comfortable on gums. Not for use with hot liquids. Why You’ll Love It: It is ideal for small trips with kids and the contents can be easily refilled. Age: 6 months and up Features THERMOS vacuum insulation technology keeps drinks cold for 6 hours Soft spout is comfortable on baby’s gums Dishwasher safe Removable ergonomic handles BPA-free; Made of stainless steel

Main features

  • THERMOS vacuum insulation keeps beverages cold and fresh for 6 hours; Exterior stays condensation free
  • Made from BPA-free materials and features interchangeable parts that fit all FOOGO Phases cups
  • Kid-proof design: durable stainless steel interior and exterior inhibits bacteria growth; Sip valve minimizes messes and is easy to clean
  • Phase 1 for children ages 6 months and up; Soft spout is comfortable on gums; contoured body is easy to grip; ergonomically designed handles are removable
  • 7 ounce capacity; hand wash/top rack dishwasher safe

Verified reviews


Leaks Like Crazy…Really Wanted to Like It!

This sippy cup has been in the back of my cabinet for about a year because it leaked so badly I stopped using it. 2 weeks ago I decided to give it another try. I filled it up with cold water on a hot, hot summer day. I put it in my car & drove my daughter to the park. When it was time to take a break & get a drink, I retrieved this from the passenger seat of my car.The cup was completely empty & the seat was SOAKED! This cup doesn’t even pretend to be leak-proof! It leaks around the entire rim, it leaks at the air hole, & it leaks out the sippy spout. In addition to this, when it is full & my daughter tries to drink from it, SO little water comes out! She must take many many “drinks” to get a full mouth of water. It’s not fair to make her work so hard for a drink of water!I have been tempted to write the company for a long time, but I have read other reviewers that have stated that their customer service is not great.It’s sad that such a nice-looking, promising, *expensive!!* cup would be such a lemon. I do NOT recommend this cup. We had to use towels & a fan to dry the seat of our car! This cup was in the back of the cabinet for a reason!

Sadie West Salisbury, PA

Don’t waste your money

I thought this item would be the best thing ever. Boy was I wrong. If I could I’d give it 0 stars. It leaks, leaks, leaks, leaks, leaks. It leaks from the spout, from the air hole, and from around the edge of the spout. You can’t tighten the cap enough to keep the handles from spinning around the canister so it is hard for my son to drink out of. The bottom blue cushion came off and had a big pad of glue stuck to it, which my son started chewing on (choking hazard not to mention who knows what the glue is that they use). I pulled the glue off the bottom and got rid of the bottom cushion, but now the bottom has pointy edges which we fear will chip the tile if he drops it, so we don’t let him use this anymore.If you want a stainless steel sippy cup that doesn’t leak, buy a KleenKanteen and put it in a cuzy to keep it cold. Don’t waste your money on this.

Doris Arcadia, NE

Great sippy cup! (NOT)

I have nothing to compare this sippy cup to because this is the only one we’ve used, but we’ve been very happy with it! It’s five pieces all together; the cup, the handle, the silicone spout, they grey piece that covers the spout and a white plastic piece that attaches to the underside of the silicone piece. I find it easy enough to wash and assemble. We have 2 to rotate.This cup doesn’t leak if it’s properly assembled and the top is screwed on tightly. After my son drinks from it there is water left if the spout that will leak out. If you shake the cup to TRY and make it leak then it will.Cold water without ice will stay cold no matter what the outside conditions are for about 6 or 7 hours. With ice liquid will stay cold all day long, like 12 hours! Yes, even if it’s left in the hot car all day.I chose this sippy cup because I hate plastic and it was the only option I could find that wasn’t made entirely of plastic. I gave it 4 stars instead of five because the white plastic piece that attaches to the bottom of the silicone spout is made of plastic and does come in contact with fluids.EDIT:About a month ago 1 out of 2 of our sippy sups became terribly leaky. It would literally leak it’s entire contents out all over the floor in less than 30 minutes. Today the same thing happened to our other one! For a $13 sippy cup I think this is absolutely unacceptable. Save your money and don’t waste your time with this garbage.

Anna Makaweli, HI

Leaks soooooo much!

It is really good quality when you look or hold, but it isn’t Leak Proof Sippy cup! I don’t really like to write bad review but in this case I don’t have other way! I’m going to return this Sippy cup. If it was $1 or $2 I don’t will do that but it’s more than $14.My son is 2 years old and he was asking for paper towel to clean floor 🙂 milk was every wear on the floor.I’m going to try Camelbak and I hope it will work.

Jane Rockville, MD

very hard for infant to use

CONS: It takes tremendous force to generate any flow. Trying to get my 10 month infant to use it is impossible since she cannot suck hard enough to get anything out. Only way for her to use it is to either remove the leak proof valve (but no longer leak proof).PROS: Looks nice, material seems sturdy, it is stainless steel on the bottom (plastic cover, valve, mouthpiece.

Ella Fairfield, IA

the cup doesnt hold much

got this for my 13 month old because it seems cleaner then plastic but it doesn’t hold much liquid its always empty I know he drinks a lot but its annoying

Tammie Iola, WI

no cap

Love this product. No leaks so far. I think it would leak only if the air nozzle gets blocked. So, whoever left 1-star reviews about leaks needed to clean it better. Easy to take apart for cleaning.Only one complain – it doesn’t have a CAP, unlike many cheaper bottles. So, we mostly use it at home.

Luisa Kenedy, TX

this is a true sippy cup!

I am really excited that I was able to find an actual sippy cup that is leak proof. I love the stainless steal, sweat proof, and that its insulated. Another thing i love about this cup is the design of the lid. I have always used playtex insulated cups until i came upon this one! With this lid u can actually clean ur childs cup properly. I always hated cleaning every sippy cup i have came upon because i felt like it was not properly clean and my child was drinking out of a dirty cup. The other cups are very hard to get the spout properly cleaned. especially the ones with the hard spout. I know this cup is pricey but i will only use these from now on! I love it. And another thing the reason i came about these cups is because i had bought the playtex insulated cups but my son wouldn’t take them and I was at target and handed him one of this cups after the spout was cleaned and he instantly took to it! This cup is cheaper at target. it is 12.99 at target. So if u can buy this one from target. However the 10 ounce cup on here is cheaper online from amazon then from target. the 10 ounce is 13.99 at target. Love these cups!

Goldie Bertram, TX

My baby girl’s favorite

I got her several different kind sippy cups, and this is the one works the best for her. We have most kinds of Thermos cups for our older son, and we are always very satisfied with this brand. The only thing I was worried is this might be too heavy for a 10 m old baby, but she just loves to carry this with her! Have been using for more than 2m, besides it leaks sometimes (this is not leak proved, so I expect this to happen), we have no compliment with it.

Alfreda Garner, AR


Nice looking cup, but no lid and difficult to clean, so it’s ended up in the back of the cupboard.

Lena West Monroe, LA

Good sippy cup

Like the cup very much; especially that it is a true thermos and keeps things cold for several hours. I also like that it separates into a few pieces for easy cleaning. If you prefer just a cup and a lid, then this isn’t the cup for you… It has the spout, the lid and the insert which goes inside the spout. The handles are also removable depending upon what your child prefers. I gave it 4 stars because liquid does spill out of it occasionally – not as bad as some of the other cups I’ve tried, but spillage nonetheless.

Merle Gould, OK

Love this sippy cup!

I love having a stainless steel sippy cup. I only drink out of stainless steel bottles and have found that they don’t absorb odors or soap taste so I decided to try one for my son. It’s the perfect size and when he can hold it better, I can take the handles off (I didn’t know they came off until I got it in the mail). I did put water in it to see if it leaked and water did drip out of the little air hole at first but when I tried it again, it didn’t. Hopefully it won’t leak but I really like it anyway!

Joy South Barre, MA

Not exactly leak proof, but I love it

This is one of the best zippy cups around, (that aren’t plastic). I only wish it came with a cap, as it does leak a little in my bag or son’s lunch bag when turned sideways or upside down. Not enough that I wouldn’t re-purchase, but something I hope they change in future cups. The spout is not plastic, it’s silicone and the body is stainless steel. My son drinks from it easily.

Francesca Greensboro, FL


This is an awful sippy cup. The silicone valve that you actually sip out of is poorly designed and leaks easily. If my daughter shakes it at all, a good amount of liquid comes flying out of the spout (and we all know that babies spend as much time playing with stuff on their high chair as they do actually eating). It is also quite heavy for a 10 month old to lift. The only pros are that its easy to clean and keeps drinks insulated well.

Clarice Saint Johnsville, NY

No plastic and baby loves it!

a little bit heavier than expected with water, but that’s okay. comfortable to hold and baby liked it from the first time.

Catalina Ellendale, ND

Nice sippy cup

We haven’t tried very many. This sippy DOES leak if your toddler knows how to shake it upside-down, just warning! Otherwise it’s a great cup, I like the steel instead of plastic, and instead of glass, as I assumed our Lifefactory glass bottles would eventually get smashed against something. You can put more than just water in this cup, we sometimes put green smoothies or applesauce in there. He can use it himself, which he likes. I think you could remove the inner piece to make the sippy spill more easily, i.e. if you didn’t want your toddler to have to suck to get anything out of it, just pour it. All the pieces are easy to come apart and clean.

Madge Fillmore, MO

Great cup!

Pros:Insulated! Major, major pro here.Has handlesEasy to clean, not a lot of tiny partsMy little guy likes to chew the spouts on his sippy cups, and this one is pretty sturdy even though it is soft silicone.Cons:Not leak-proof but does pretty good. When shaken or dropped on the floor, it does leak.Handles are not stationary, they spin around.No measuring marks, and you can’t see the liquid, but I’ll sacrifice that for the insulating properties.

Elnora Twin Brooks, SD

Great Starter Sippy

I started my baby on this Sippy cup when she turned 6 months. The long handles were easy for her to grab and hold. She used it well after a few minutes, except being able to tip it enough. Overall it was a great purchase and I plan on buying a second just for convenience of not washing it constantly.Pros:-Non-Toxic-Holds 6 oz (not to heavy for little hands to hold when full)-Soft Spout-Super CuteCons:-Needs to be washed by hand (spout can trap liquid and bacteria easily, I use my Dr. Browns Cleaning Brushes to get inside the spout. Directions even recommend to hand wash.)-The handle spins even when lid is fully tight. (which makes the spout not line up with her mouth. I just help or she plays until she gets it.)-Needs to be tipped a lot to be able to retrieve fluid from cup.

Deidre Eagar, AZ

Works well for my baby

I started my baby on a cup first and moved to the sippy cup. She got the hang of it and as she got older (now 1 year old) and can grab it by the handles and drink away. Easy to clean and doesn’t leak – I used it mostly for water.

Christina Roanoke, VA

Ok…. But not leak proof. Great for water!

I love the idea of the stainless steel sippy and I like this cup for my 11 month son for water but that was it because, if all the liquid isn’t out of the spout it will leak! It also doesn’t keep it as cold for as long as normal thermos products. I was really looking for a sippy I could use for both that’s why I gave 3 stars instead of four.

Morgan Stowell, TX


Delivered timely, item as described, great choice of stainless steel of good quality, I have not had any leak problems and no breakage problems. I recommend this product.

Sally Orbisonia, PA

My son loves these

In trying to figure out which bottle/sippy cup is best, I did a lot of research and found out that this is one of the few bottles/sippy cups out there that is BPA free and the chrome is not lined with any chemicals.I bought this for my son when he was around one year old and it’s the same brand we continue to use today at 4.5. I’ve bought about 4 of these over the years and he simply loves them and will only drink milk out of these. I’ve bought new ones because he bites the tips and causes them to have holes in them, but only after about a year of use. The product is great. Now if I could only figure out how to take this away from him and get him to drink his milk out of a cup….

Lina Grundy Center, IA

but it’s definitely a solid sippy cup – it’s handled some serious abuse and it’s hanging in there just fine. She’s never knocked

I wish the handles locked in place, and it does leak a little out the air hole when the baby shakes it, but it’s definitely a solid sippy cup – it’s handled some serious abuse and it’s hanging in there just fine. She’s never knocked herself out with it, either – although it’s heavy so that’s a concern.

Gracie Leonardsville, NY


This sippy is great. The soft mouthpiece is good. It can be dropped over and over and no damage. handles are perfect. Son likes it.

Becky Lake Saint Louis, MO

Works for us

While I agree that the lid is tricky to screw on, it’s easy to test if you’ve gotten it right (tilt and see if liquid spills from the screw-top…not the spout). Once it’s put together right, it works well for us–my child can actually drink from it (unlike a Nuk sippy cup we bought, which didn’t spill, but which was much too hard to get liquid out of), and it doesn’t spill if tipped over. My child can make a mess, though (as one probably could with any sippy cup) by banging it spout-down on the floor until it makes a small puddle. We do put this in a zip-lock when tossing into the diaper bag, as it does not come with a cover, and to catch any small leaks. Overall, though, we don’t worry about chemicals with this sippy cup, and our child drinks easily from it, so we will probably buy a second one.

Shari Fagus, MO

Leaks a little but good overall

If any liquid is left in the spout and the the cup tips over (or is held upside down), the liquid does spill out. Aside from that, it’s a good cup. The parts are easy to clean and assemble, and I like that the handles are removable.

Laurel Wayne, NJ

Keeps warm drinks warm/cold for a long time!

I have tried many sippy cups with my daughter. This one is the my favorite so far. It’s durable. It’s easy for her to suck from (some can be so hard!). And it will keep a cold drink cold and a warm drink warm for a long time- in true Thermos fashion.

Dawn Turin, NY

Wish the handles stayed put

Love that it stays cold, it’s easy to drink from and comes apart for cleaning. But I wish there was some way to keep the handles from swiveling. My baby can’t really learn to hold it herself since the handles don’t stay put.

Tonia Ashby, MN


My 8 month old can use it very easily but after a month, it has started leaking very easily when she turns it upside down. Pretty disappointed now since I was quite pleased to have found an insulated stainless steel sippy cup initially.

Callie Bay Shore, MI

Leaks EVERY time

I got this because I wanted one to keep milk cold when leaving the house and it does that but EVERY single time my kid takes a drink from it some liquid stays in the spout so I’m always spilling milk everywhere- completely defeating the purpose of a sippy cup.

Beulah Painesdale, MI