Thermos Ice Mat, 6 Cube

Thermos Ice Mat, 6 Cube

The 6 cube ice mat is perfect for use with Thermos brand coolers to keep contents cold. Multiple layers of polyethylene are heat-sealed together to create a strong, insulating bond and each cube contains clear, non-staining, purified water. The silver reflective backing provides an extra layer of insulation increasing cold retention. You can store the mat in your freezer until you are ready to use and it will remain flexible when frozen. The cube mat is food safe, reusable and durable.

Main features

  • 6 cube ice mat measures 5.8″ by 6.0″
  • Cube mat is food safe, reusable and durable
  • Each cube contains clear, non-staining, purified water
  • Silver reflective backing provides an extra layer of insulation to increase cold retention
  • Store in your freezer until ready to use; mat remains flexible when frozen

Verified reviews


Leak during first time use

I pack this item for my son’s lunch box. Despite sitting at the bottom of lunch bag without anything disturbing it, it leaked during firs time use. I ended up returning it.

Marisa Toyahvale, TX

Easily pops

Nice that it is not a solid mass so you can bend it and fit into a lunch bag easily. However, I purchased two a couple months ago and one is already ruined due to two of the compartments leaking out all the fluid.

Glenna Coyle, OK

Doesn’t last all day

I recently had a trip and bought these to try and keep food cold all day long in a lunch bag/cooler. They lasted about 6 hours and then no longer were cold enough to keep the food cold. For short time periods they seem to do just fine, but not for all day.

Lisa May City, IA

Three Stars

Worked great for about a month. Be careful, holes form very quickly!

Dawn Freeport, KS

These are great.

They are water–they are made in USA. I feel so safe putting these in my diaper bag to keep my daughter’s food cold or my husband’s lunch cold- and they stay cold for hours. A couple of squares busted, but I’m pretty sure it’s more of a result of our rough handling and our daughter’s penchant for chewing on things than because they’re poorly made.Overall, buying more so we have a few extra on hand. (For when we forget to take them out of the bags)

Robbie Morrow, AR

Ice in a baggie

I’ve been using this item for 3 months and it has worked well. I wish that the material is a bit thicker. So far, one “cube” has leaked. I wish I would’ve taken another reviewer’s advice and kept them in the zip lock bag that it came in. Ah well…no biggie. I could just throw it in a sandwich bag.Yes, it’s just water so it won’t stay cold as long as the blue stuff. I don’t mind since I don’t want to worry about weird chemical goop leaking on pumped milk that I am taking home to my son. Just to give you an idea of how long the cold lasts: I keep them flat in the freezer during the day at work and take it out to put it in my little velcro-close insulated lunch bag at 4:30pm. The bag contains a couple of bags of cold milk that’s been sitting in the fridge. I then make my commute home on a bus/shuttle. By the time I get home around 6pm, the ice is somewhat melted and the milk is still cold.I wouldn’t use it to keep food cold all day long but it works for my purpose. It might work better in a cooler but I’ve never tried it.I would knock off half star for having lost a cube after 2 months of use. So, really 4.5 star rating :)Overall, would buy again.

Therese Barnes City, IA

Good While They Last…But They Don’t Last

I want to give these a good review, I really do. They’re very effective for a few days or weeks, but I’ve had to replace them twice because they burst open and leak gel. The second set I bought I sealed in a ziplock baggie to prevent leaks, but at least two ‘cells’ have flattened as they empty their contents. Not great quality. I won’t buy these again and would not recommend them unless you are looking for one-time use.

Effie Alamo, CA