Thermos Ice Mat, 9 Cube

Thermos Ice Mat, 9 Cube

The 9 cube ice mat is perfect for use with Thermos brand coolers to keep contents cold. Multiple layers of polyethylene are heat-sealed together to create a strong, insulating bond and each cube contains clear, non-staining, purified water. The silver reflective backing provides an extra layer of insulation increasing cold retention. You can store the mat in your freezer until you are ready to use and it will remain flexible when frozen. The cube mat is food safe, reusable and durable.

Main features

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  • 9 cube ice mat measures 6.0 inches by 9.0 inches
  • Cube mat is food safe, reusable and durable
  • Each cube contains clear, non-staining, purified water
  • Silver reflective backing provides an extra layer of insulation to increase cold retention
  • Store in your freezer until ready to use; mat remains flexible when frozen
  • 9 cube ice mat measures 6.0″ by 9.0″

Verified reviews


Better than blue ice packs

I’ve purchased a few of these to use for transporting bottles to daycare. I like that these ice packs are a) filled with water and b) flexible. The 9 cube version is tall enough to sit next to and over 4oz bottles in their bag. A much better alternative to blue ice! I did knock them down a star, because one pack that I use has popped one of the cells – it’s internal so two cubes just became one.

Deann New Kingstown, PA

Awesome ice pack for lunches

We love this ice pack for packing lunches. It perfectly fits in the EasyLunchboxes brand lunch bag. It keeps food cool without taking up too much space and stays frozen a long time. We purchased two so we would always have one in the freezer. At this price, you can’t go wrong.

Angelica Dalton, PA

so far so good

so far it’s holding up to daily use. keeps cold for hours in a cooler and lunch bags. will order more when i’m ready.

Elsie Osage, WY

Freezes super fast!

I bought these to fit into a very shallow lunch bag. I was surprised how very quick they freeze, mostly because each section is a chamber of liquid.Add to that, they stayed extra cold and were still slightly frozen when removed 8 hours later. Testament to the bag or the freezer pack, not sure.

Cristina Le Center, MN

Very good if….

Very good if you want up to 2 hours good use out of it. Doesn’t stay frozen long, and hence doesn’t cool the products long enough. Need something better to travel around with my expressed breastmilk

Lela Windermere, FL