Think King Mighty Buggy Hook for Stroller, Wheelchair, Rollator, Walker, 2 Pack

Think King Mighty Buggy Hook for Stroller, Wheelchair, Rollator, Walker, 2 Pack

Think King Mighty Buggy Hook for Stroller – 2pk – Black/Brushed Aluminum Mighty Buggy Hooks are an essential accessory that will hold your diaper bag, purse, shopping, lunchbox, and more. It’s like a 3rd hand when you’ve got too many items to hold. Made of strong and lightweight aluminum, these hooks are designed to outlast your stroller. No clip allows you to slip items on/off with only one hand and deep U shape can hold extra wide bag handles. They hold your bag close to the stroller so the bag does not hit the wheels or ground. Each hook is super easy to attach with a gripper velcro strap that will fit any bar and will not slide around. You will wonder how you ever strolled without them. Features include: •An ideal hook for a diaper bag, purse or anything you want to hang from a stroller •Features a strong and lightweight aluminum hook that won’t break •Easy to attach with velcro strap, will not fall off •Deep U shape can accommodate extra wide purse/bag handles •No clip makes it easy to slip items on and off with only one hand  

Main features

  • An ideal hook for a diaper bag, purse or anything you want to hang from a stroller
  • Features a strong and lightweight aluminum hook that won’t break
  • Easy to attach with velcro strap, will not fall off
  • Deep U shape can accommodate extra wide purse/bag handles
  • No clip makes it easy to slip items on and off with only one hand

Verified reviews


The best hooks EVER! Look no further!

I use this for my Baby Jogger City Mini. Yes, it’s kinda pricey compared to the other models out there, but well worth it. It stays in tact even on the silver, slippery parts of the stroller. I wished they’d have more color options, besides the black and purple that you get with it. The hooks are large enough to fit my purse and tons of shopping bags. They are NOT cheaply made, but very high-quality. I was worried it looked kind of sharp in the picture, but they smoothed out the ends pretty well, so it doesn’t snag on things. I would recommend this to any of my friends. I love how it stays on even when I fold my stroller and put it away.

Kathie Norwood, MA

Bought these for my Bugaboo – works for grocery bags / other small bags but that’s about it

I was very excited to get these but I recently tried them with my Bugaboo stroller and was a little disappointed. I use a Longchamp tote for my diaper bag and when I hung it on the hook, it hit the big wheels on the stroller, which kinda bummed me out. I they would be good for smaller bags or a grocery bag, but not much else.I’m going to keep them, but don’t anticipate getting as much use from them as I had hoped.

Chrystal Nuremberg, PA

Great Stroller Accessory

What do you do when your stroller doesn’t have any hooks for your diaper bag, shopping bags, purse, etc.? You get a pair of Think King Mighty Buggy Hooks! Unless I’m doing a LOT of shopping at the grocery store/Target/etc. (in which case I’d need a shopping cart, not just a shopping basket), I can get by with my stroller and a shopping basket. I just “attach” the shopping basket to the Think King Mighty Buggy hooks and -VOILA!- … instant custom shopping cart! The way the velcro straps attach to the stroller are quite secure, haven’t had any issues with them yet (though I can imagine that it might loosen if you take the hooks on and off the stroller a lot). I would defintely recommend these for anyone’s stroller that is “hook-less”.

Louise Two Harbors, MN

Great grip on Uppababy Vista stroller

These hooks are easy to install (and to remove, if needed) and grip wonderfully to the handlebars of my Uppababy Vista. They are large enough to easily slip a bag onto and keep it perfectly in place.I attach these to the part of the Vista handle that is attached to the main body – not the extendable handlebar part at the end – because I don’t want to put too much pressure on the latter. With the hooks attached at the highest part of the main handle, bags that are hung from the hooks press against both the bassinet and the footrest of the backwards-facing seat, but not in such a way that the hooks are unusable. (This is not meant as a criticism of the hooks; it would happen with any hook installed in the same position – just pointing it out for other Vista users.)

Sara Hillrose, CO

Strong, sturdy and so helpful!

I purchased these for my UppaBaby Vista stroller, and they are amazing. From my super heavy purse, to my dog’s leashes, these hooks can handle an extraordinary amount of weight and force. Love them!

Alyssa Alamogordo, NM

good enough

These hooks do their job. I had them for 3 months or so and they started to slide down. I need to tighten them occasionally. Kinda wish the hooks were swivel type too.

Elise Burgoon, OH

Holy Awesomeness!!! Lifesavers!

These little things are lifesavers, I tell you!! I thought I’d get them and use them on occasion if I was at the mall or something and didn’t want to carry my bags. Wow… I had no idea how useful these would be in my everyday life! First of all, they fold in so that you can just leave them on the stroller, even when it’s collapsed. (BTW, I have a First Years Jet Lightweight Stroller.) I use these hooks all the time to hook our diaper bag (Skip Hop DUO) onto the stroller. You can slide the loops of the bag over the handles of the stroller, but using this hooks is SO MUCH EASIER and takes no time at all to put on and take off when you need to grab the bag and go. Also, since my son likes to lounge and nap in his stroller and can’t do that in a shopping cart for a quick grocery store or walmart trip… I use these awesome hooks to hold a grocery store basket (the little two handle ones that they stack by the entrance) and it is perfect! It’s so convenient when I just need a few things and I a big buggy isn’t necessary. My little guy is happy and I am not killing my arms trying to lug around a heavy basket and push a stroller one handed at the same time. I am so thankful that I bought this and think everyone who has a stroller should have these. Once I check out at the grocery store, I hang my grocery bags on the hooks and off I go! Truly great product and super strong! The velcro is very durable!

Nadia Godfrey, IL

great for city dwellers

I was going through Mommy Hooks like crazy! Living in the city without a car – my stroller IS my shopping cart. I was hooking my reusable grocery bags between my Mommy Hooks – 1 on each side. Every 2 months I was breaking a mommy hook. Then I found these. They might cost twice as much but they last forever. And I can position them lower on my Bob handlebars which helps to keep my stroller from tipping. LOVE LOVE LOVE these. BTW – your bags don’t hang as low as they would on a Mommy Hook so your bags(most) don’t hit the wheels.

Lucinda Edisto Island, SC

Convenient hooks that hold a lot and make life easier!

I don’t know what I would do without these things! I need to order a second set for my umbrella stroller so that I don’t have to keep removing them! They’re a great size hook that can hold a decent amount of bags without being too big that it gets caught on everything. I like the velcro fastener because my stroller handle flips to the other side to accommodate the direction I want baby facing and the velcro allows me to easily adjust the hooks without too much hassle. They’ve really worked out great and I’m happy about this purchase.

Ellen Anniston, MO

Great useful product, careful not to overload

We use these daily, they have stayed put when wrapped around the foam/rubber part of our Bugaboo handle. I think we overloaded one once to the point that the stitching tore out and the hook fell off, our fault most likely. A good cheap investment in making life easier and keeping your hands free for more important baby/toddler tending duties.

Jeri Northboro, IA

Works great!

I bought these to use on the jogging stroller since my Nalgene does not fit. I use this to hold said 32oz Nalgene water bottle while I run and I have not have a problem with it slipping or the water bottle moving. I have also used this to hold my camera equipment (which is many thousands of dollars) and I had no worries about doing so! It’s a wonderful little device that is a life saver in different situations.

Lula Keystone, NE

Well built. Well conceived.

So, with two kids under 2 years of age, we take our City Mini stroller everywhere. These hooks are fantastic and allow us to hang a purse, shopping bags, or even water bottles to.Simply strap on the velcro around a tubular portion of the stroller, and instant hook.These don’t bend as much as the larger, single hook they sell, as these are smaller and more “upgright”, so they are stiffer.

Brandie Deanville, TX

Dynamite and easy hooks

The Think King Mighty Buggy Hook for Strollers are perfect for hooking groceries — or anything else– onto our baby stroller and car seat carrier. They are easy to put on and move around, and we highly recommend them.

Pamala Brimfield, IL


I have a Britax B- Agile and have the adult cup holder/organizer attached so conventional stroller straps for holding my bag didn’t really work (too thick and the organizer is very thick). These were perfect! They’re thin enough to slide in the remaining space and sturdy enough to hold my HUGE JuJuBe BePrepared. Would definitely buy again.

Deidra West Ridge, AR


Great hooks! They fit on to the oversized handle of my Baby Trend jogging stroller perfectly. I was able to hang an oversized basket from Target easily and securely. Made shopping much easier than trying to hold the basket and push the stroller. Great buy!

Fern Huntington, VT

Love these hooks

These are super! They never slip and are strong. They seem a bit pricey, but they’re well worth it. I’m very happy with the purchase.

Virginia Uniopolis, OH


I used these on both my chicco caddy stroller frame and baby jogger city mini. They are durable, convenient and hold a lot!

Judith Rochelle, TX

Two thumbs up!!!

Amazing little hooks. These are the perfect size, attach nicely, are adjustable and look great on my Uppababy stroller. These are perfect to hang the diaper bag from or shopping bags, and they keep everything nice and high, so they don’t touch the ground or swing into the wheels.

Roxie Plainville, MA

Strong, sturdy, and useful

These hooks are fantastic. The finish is smooth, making it easy to slip a bag or bag handle over the hooks, and the deep shape ensures that bags stay put. The strap material is just textured enough that the straps stay put, too.Be sure to remove the straps from the stroller before gate-checking it on an airplane! I lost one hook the one time I forgot to do this.

Natasha Sweetwater, TX

Does the job very well!!!

I have two of those and hang my purse and bags all the time!!! Even my older child holds it when we are in crowded place!

Adrienne Gilbertsville, PA

Decent hooks for being small.

These hooks are good for small errands when you have the stroller. I do a lot of walking as I live in the city and near a metro/subway station and these hooks are surprisingly strong and hold a decent amount of bags for how small they are. My only complaint is that they slip a lot on the stroller handlebar so I have to constantly readjust them but other than that, I’m happy with the purchase.

Gina Misenheimer, NC

I like it

I bought this to hang my handbag while pushing my daughter. And to hold grocery shopping bag when there’s too much for the stroller’s basket. It works well for the grocery bags. For holding my purse it’s a bit awkward. I don’t use a purse made to be a diaper bag. I use a tote bag. It’s awkward with my purse because the length of my purse is kinda just sticking out. So when I’m pushing her through tight narrow spaces, it’ll be hitting the sides.I guess it works better if I had an actual diaper bag… To hang the bag’s handle on both hooks instead of one…But it works well and sturdy. even holding A LOT of heavy groceries.

Courtney Houston, PA

heavy duty!

Great, heavy duty hooks! I put them on my stroller and use it when I go grocery shopping for reusable bags, retail shopping or just to carry my purse and diaper bag. I’ve had them for a couple of months and they haven’t come loose or anything. Seems to hold a good amount of weight. Very happy with this purchase since it made my life easier!

Leanne Newark, CA

Fabulous hooks!

I had the Mommy hook on my stroller for the last 3 years… two kids later, I was sick of the Mommy hook always sliding to the side of my stroller. These hooks solve that problem! So easy to install, amazingly easy to use, this is one of my new "musts" for any new mommy! They hold my ever-so-heavy diaper bag, shopping bags, and whatever else needs hanging!No complaints, simply praise after praise for these wonderful hooks. LOVE them!

Deirdre Osseo, MI

Good product

These never slip down the bars of my City Mini GT. Very happy with them. Would recommend to someone else.

Josefa Wilson, WY

great product

this will be good for holding purses as well as small shopping bags or a small diaper bag great product

Glenda Woodstock, VT

Perfect stroller hooks

These hooks are great for my City Mini Baby Jogger while having the stroller fully reclined for an infant. Your bags or whatever you hang on the hooks stay to the side and don’t interfere with the back of the stroller where the baby’s head is. Glad I went with these, they work great so far!

Rhoda Lester Prairie, MN

Love, Love, Love

I LOVE these hooks. They hold my super heavy diaper bag no problem! Eventhough my stroller has a nice sized mesh pocket for holding items, this is much better because it gives me easier access to my diaper bag and keeps it upright. I WILL buy these again! They seem a little pricy for hooks…but they are well worth it!

Ophelia Maquon, IL

Highly recommend!!

My stroller is amazing except for one minor flaw (terrible, saggy, badly placed basket) so I pretty much can never carry too much with me when in the stroller… so I purchased this hoping for some relief especially when out shopping.This does the job, I tested out its sturdiness and durability once by using both hooks to hold a shopping basket as I packed it with varies household cleaners and a few other somewhat heavy items… as I shopped around the store. I was impressed.. no sliding or even a slight sign that it would give up on me.So far I love them! They dont slide, they are easy to hook things on and off and you can strap almost anywear!

Cathy Conde, SD

Very Strong!

These hooks are perfect. We have them on our Bugaboo and they can hold two full reusable cloth grocery bags no problem! They are lightweight, stay in place and work like a charm. We are very pleased with them!

Lourdes Monitor, WA