Think King Soft Buggy Cup for Stroller, Wheelchair, Rollator, Walker, Black/Silver

Think King Soft Buggy Cup for Stroller, Wheelchair, Rollator, Walker, Black/Silver

1001 Features: -Cup holder.-Soft flexible pouch or ”everything pocket” that fits most strollers.-Large enough to hold a 32 oz. bottle or fountain cup.-Like a third hand, keys, snacks and more for parent or toddler.-Works on scooters, bicycles, wheelchairs and bed frames.-Easy to attach and detach with velcro straps.-Sturdy hold, will not tip over, shake loose or pop off.-Soft material flattens when stroller folds.-Drawstring closure to keeps contents inside.-Simply rinse to clean and air dry.-Not intended to hold hot beverages. Warranty: -1 Year warranty.

Main features

  • A cup holder and “everything pocket” that fits most strollers, Like a 3rd hand, holds drinks, keys, snacks and more, Works well on scooters,stroller, bicycles, wheelchairs, rollators, and beds, Easy to attach and detach with velcro straps, Drawstring closure to keeps contents inside

Verified reviews


Not appropriate for Coffee Cups

This product is not good for standard to-go coffee cups. I’ve added a custom picture to illustrate this. The Think King Soft Buggy Cup is taller than a coffee cup and just a little wider, which means that getting the coffee cup in and out requires stopping the stroller and using both hands. I was very sad when I discovered this, since carrying coffee cups is the whole reason I bought the Think King Soft Buggy Cup.Additionally, the packaging actually says to not use the Think King Soft Buggy Cup with hot liquids. This information was nowhere in the Amazon product description, nor on the Think King website.

Ruby Robinsonville, MS

Wanted to love it, but…

I really wanted to love this cup holder. I was looking forward to adding it to our current cup holder (i.e on the other side of the stroller, or even behind the current one), so both my husband and I can enjoy separate beverages while we are out and about.Alas, it won’t even safely attach to our stroller (We have a Mamas&Papas; Sola).It really seems like, in order to get a good, tight fit, you need a vertical bar…we have zero verticals on our travel system. We have horizontal and diagonal only. The image on Amazon is really misleading. It appears as though the cup holder was attached by the black top, but instead, the whole side down the back (unseen in the picture) is velcro straps).Keep that in mind, if you are thinking about buying this.On the upside, it is quite large, and I can see it fitting a bottle of water nicely. I also like the metallic fabric, though it did come scrunched a bit, I think placing an object in it for a few days might help it stand upright better again.Maybe when our baby is older, we can attach it to his safety bar and use it for his cup and snacks. Until then…it was a waste of money.Update: I’ve really begun to hate this cup holder. It doesn’t attach well anywhere. I tried using it for my baby’s water bottle and it keeps tilting. No tight fit possible with the Sola!

Rosie Sugar Run, PA

Doesn’t work well with Bugaboo Bee.

I have this attached to the Bugaboo Bee. I’m short, so the only way to attach this cup holder is over the handle bar adjuster. It’s not ideal, but I’m usually not closing the stroller or adjusting the handlebar. I don’t use it for cups, more as a pocket to keep my phone, wallet and keys. I wouldn’t use this for a true cup holder, maybe a bottle, but not cup.

Lydia South Heart, ND

Perfect for Bunk Beds! (Use with CLOSED Drink Containers Only Though)

We were looking for a cup holder for my daughter to use on the top bunk of her bed. We didn’t want anything hard that could mar the wood frame, and we needed something that would stay put, as opposed to just a generic hook style cup holder (which could fall off the bed if bumped).A friend recommended this cup holder and I love it! It’s soft/collapsable, so it doesn’t scratch the wood. It’s very lightweight, and it has three Velcro-style strips on the back, to hold it in a variety of ways (it easily fits over the wood rail, snugly). I love that it’s soft material, as my daughter keeps it on the inside of her bedrail.It holds her water bottle very well. It really is perfect for a bunk bed. And would work fine for a stroller, etc. BUT only for CLOSED bottles/drinks. This would NOT work for an open container of any kind. Nor would I use it for hot drinks or sodas with a lid and straw, honestly, because of spillage issues. But for water bottles, or other completely closed containers? It works GREAT! I was very happy to find it. It’s perfect for bunk beds. 🙂

Rene White Horse Beach, MA

practical and priced right

We love our stroller (a Combi Cosmo) but it didn’t come with a cupholder. This inexpensive product was the perfect solution. It attaches easily and fits great. It doesn’t stand upright (it flops over) but it still holds a water bottle securely. It’s also great for storing other items. For the price I think it’d be tough to beat.

Wanda Irrigon, OR

works well

we use this on the stroller to help give us an extra space to put this like our keys when we go walking or our cell phone. Doesn’t work as well for drinks. So no, if you want to put drinks in there…then this is not for you..

Elvira Worcester, NY