Thinkbaby BPA Free No Spill Sippy Cup, Orange/Natural, 9 Ounce

Thinkbaby BPA Free No Spill Sippy Cup, Orange/Natural, 9 Ounce

Thinkbaby’s 9 ounce trainer cup is free of bisphenol A (BPA), nitrosamines, phthalates, PVC, lead, tritan, melamine and biologically toxic chemicals. The spout is designed for the next step in your child’s feeding. We have won multiple awards for the design because the Sippy Cup features a soft silicone spout. Since babies are used to the feel of silicone from baby bottles, parents have been delighted with the ease of transition. The spout features a cross cut opening. So when you hold the Sippy Cup upside down, nothing will come out helps eliminate reduce potential mess. The Sippy Cup also features our easy to grip handles. Most parents seem to transition to the sippy cup around 9 months. We have children up passed the age of 3 that don’t seem to want to let it go. The sippy cup is made from polypropylene which can easily be recycled at the end of use. Also, if you have purchased thinkbaby bottles, you can simply buy the conversion kit and transform your bottle into our award winning sippy cup. Saves the environment and your pocket book. Silicone spout for the next stage in feeding 9 ounce bottle Free of BPA, easy to grip handles, travel cap to reduce spill dishwasher safe top rack, recommended Packaged in recycled materials.

Main features

  • Free of bisphenol A (BPA), nitrosamines, phthalates, lead, pvc, melamine, tritan, and biologically harmful chemicals
  • Soft silicone spout for easy transition from baby bottle to sippy cup and easy to grip handles
  • Features a no spill cross cut spout to reduce chance for spillage during use and travel
  • Comes with travel cap
  • Easy to clean recommended top rack of dishwasher

Verified reviews



I am quite frustrated with this product. It seemed like the perfect no BPA, environmentally friendly transition Sippy cup. However, they leak and they leak all the time! My boys are great about drinking out of them but no matter how tight i put the cap on or how i hold it, they always leak. I tried getting in touch with Thinkbaby to see if there was a resolution and the customer service has proven to be non-existent. Each time I’ve called, they don’t answer the phone (during normal business hours). So I am returning this and moving on to something else. I don’t recommend these at all.

Claudette Pernell, OK

A bottle with handles?

This looks exactly like the mam bottles he was using. A sippy cup is supposed to teach them how to drink sips out of a cup. This is just like using a bottle. I felt like by using this, I was taking one step backwards from the sippy cups that he was already using. In fact, with other sippy cups my 10 month old effectively takes sips. With the thinkbaby he sits there with his mouth attached for long periods of times just as if he was using a bottle. No good if your trying to transition to cups. In fact, it looks a lot like a bottle. Everyone thought I put him back onto a bottle. I think this one will take the back of the cupboard for a while.

Jamie Berlin, OH

Baby liked it!

My baby has no complains at all. He drank all his milk the first time I offered him this sippy cup. Compared with the Born Free sippy, he cried because the spout is just so hard for him to suck on. I will but some more of this.

Vicki Laings, OH

Beverage picked up TERRIBLE plastic taste…

We purchased 2 think baby sippy cups & sippy to thinkster conversion kits. I received them & followed ThinkBaby’s instructions for before use care. My children do NOT like drinking from these cups. I even tried the conversion kit since they seem to like straws now. I could not figure out WHY they would not drink from them until yesterday. I picked up the bottle and took a drink out of it myself. It tasted terrible. It tasted like I was drinking out of a smelly garbage bag. The water tasted like disgusting plastic. I know it is not the water itself since we used bottled water or filtered tap water. I am not happy with this product or the money that I wasted on it. I wanted to return them directly to ThinkBaby for a refund or to receive some sort of compensation (store credit towards something else like their lunch kits).I contacted ThinkBaby directly & they simply DO NOT back their products with a customer satisfaction guarantee. Instead of empathy OR concern over the taste emitted, the company stated: "One of the advantages of our plastic is that it does not release harmful chemicals. The emails we typically receive our actually quite opposite. Folks are pleasantly surprised that the bottles don’t exhibit the typical taste. Bottled water and filtered water can easily have flavor, and most of the materials used in those devices are completely suspect, especially PET. The other area that any after taste could potentially come from is from the detergents used. Washing the bottles with a chlorine based material could provide after taste. We would recommend boiling the bottles and trying a dish detergent like Ecover or something by Seventh Generation."Other than the terrible taste, the actual cup is a nice design since it has fluid measurements on the side of it (which most sippy cups do NOT). One downside is that the handle is hard to get lined up when you screw it all together. I did NOT have tons of trouble with the "nipples" leaking, but it did leak some when the bottle was laid on it’s side. Thinkster straw (conversion kit) is NOT easy to clean. OVERALL, I would NOT recommend this product simply due to the taste of plastic. They claim their product is safe, but I would never let my children drink from cups that make the water taste like this! It is terrible. AND I KNOW it is NOT our tap water…we drink it ALL the time & it does not have that trash bag taste!

Blanca Shelby, MT


I’ve tried everything and couldn’t wean my daughter off the bottle! So I decided to buy a cup that looked like a bottle. This worked great! She took it immediately, and I never had to give her a bottle again. After a week she grabbed onto the Nuk cups then. I recommend this, I only wish I would’ve purchased it a long time ago! I will save it for a child in the future. ADVICE: if you use the handles, the cup tends to leak, I chucked the handles and it NEVER leaked again.

Latoya Broadford, VA

NO bad chemicals (BPA & PVC) and the only one baby will use.

Also it really is spill proof (unless your 9 month old place with the nipple by squeezing and bending it whilst they have it upside down…)

Laverne Reynolds, NE

love it

very much like this item, son loves it and this is the 3rd one i purchase, a little bit expensive compared to other brands but worth the quality and kids will love it.

Yvette Camargo, OK

Not So Fantastic Anymore

My twins took to these the first time I introduced sippy cups to them at 6 months. They were switched over from the bottle in a day. The cups did not leak at first and seemed like a dream. However, with each suck, the cross slit for the spout gets more and more worn. They leak horribly once the slit gets bigger and the babies cry out like they are drowning. My only option is to replace them or buy a whole new set of sippy cups. So far we have replaced the spouts 3 times in 4 months. We are now looking into replacing the cups completely. With their bottles – they had the same nipples for 6 months.

Alma Boyd, WI

One and Only

We’ve been having a hard time transitioning my daughter from the bottle to a sippy cup. I have bought a LOT of different kinds and different brands of sippy cups and she only took this one. My only issue with this is that at times, it would leak while my daughter drinks from it. Other than that, everything’s good.

Reva Rossville, TN


Not the best bottle out there for the price. The handles have to be on most times or you have to really screw the cap on tight to hinder any leakage and the nipple is a little ‘big’ at the base; not so much a problem you would think, but to me it is still so much like a baby bottle, I think ‘what was the point of switching from the regular bottle?’. There are other sippy-cup like baby bottles that offer a better transition solution from the infant baby bottles in my humble opinion.

Vera Curlew, IA

Baby loves it but it leaks really bad!

This is the only transition cup that we could get our baby to drink from. It worked great for the first two weeks. However, shortly after it started leaking really bad! Not to mention, that our baby has also figured out that you can push the soft spout down and it falls into the cup. Fun for her. Big mess for me. I would not buy this product again.

Naomi Haines, OR

Great sippy cup!

We have tried multiple sippy cups and this one is the only one that our 10 month old likes. It does not leak and is easy for him to drink out of. I also like that it has a straw attachment that you can purchase separately for later.

Florence Nebraska, IN


These are cute bottles but I haven’t been able to use them much because my 15 month old pulls the nipple out and the entire contents are dumped out. It also seems to not let air in when he is drinking the bottle and the nipple flattens.

Dayna Stigler, OK

The only sippy my son will use!

A bit pricey, but worth it when it’s the only sippy that you can get your little guy to use! Apparently my son is picky, but these passed his test! He loves the handles because he can carry it around and bring it wherever he goes!

Pauline Guaynabo, PR

great cup but top breaks easily

the cup works well for us and so far and has not leaked (we’ve use it daily for over a month) – My only beef with it is that the plastic of the top is a hard plastic and after repeated falls to the floor (from the high chair) it breaks… other models have softer plastic that don’t break

Rachelle Riverside, RI


My 15 month old grandson would not drink milk from a cup or a sippy cup – as with another reviewer, this is the only way we could get him to drink milk again! Hey, it works and we figure he’ll switch to a cup when he’s ready, meanwhile it’s not a bottle AND it does not leak!

Lola Cheneyville, LA

Great for first sippy cup.

Our daughter loved this the moment we gave it to her. We don’t use it a whole lot yet, but only because she hasn’t figured out that you have to tip it up to get any water out. I’m sure once she figures that out, we’ll be cleaning less bottles!

Kelly Newcomb, NM

Not no spill – but very little spilling

Our son loves this, it has big handles for little hands and saves us from 97% of spills. It can take a beating and stay together – my son drops it from his highchair, throws it on the ground, and rolls over it in his little car and it doesn’t crack, break or come apart. The only reason I took away a star is because if he shakes it fluid will come out – but I am not sure how they would prevent that. A great buy!

Jeanette Doerun, GA

Great bottle

I agree that this sippy cup is more like a bottle than a sippy cup. However it’s the only bottle that my son would use when he was weaned. He was mostly breastfeeding and he hated bottles. This was a life saver. He’s still using it at 14 months age. The flow is slow for him now so I cut the nipple a little and he still loves it.

Kristie Morral, OH

Good sippy cup

UPDATE (Nov. 2011): My daughter has been successful using this cup, but now that she’s over a year old and a very strong sucker, the nipple often gets flattened in her mouth which slows the fluid to a trickle, which is frustrating for her. It’s easily fixed by breaking the seal (we normally unscrew the lid enough for it to “pop” then we rescrew it and give it back to her). It’s been a good transition cup from her bottle, but now that she is exclusively drinking from sippy cups, it’s one of our “cups of last resort.” But when we’re out and about I’m more likely to bring this cup along as I can attach it via the handles to the stroller with rings, and when she throws or drops the cup it won’t go far.(Original review):I have several different sippy cups (not sure yet which one my daughter likes best), but this one seems to encourage her to drink more. The nipple is a good transition between a bottle and a harder mouthpiece, the handles are easy for her to grab, and as she gets bigger she should be able to hold the cup without the handles. The lid sort of smooshes the nipple down which slows leaking, but no cup is going to be 100% leakproof. All in all I’m pleased with this cup.

Leah Moccasin, MT


I’m so disappointed with this product! I bought three of these and they all ended up leaking within several weeks. Worse yet when my son is drinking from them the nipple will pop out spilling sometimes 8 oz. of milk. Very disappointed.

Delores Saltillo, TX

Wonderful transitional bottle!

This bottle works great for transitioning from a bottle to a sippy cup. We did the full transition at 12 months…started with other sippy cups at 6 months just to introduce them. She really like this one the best and after a week we were down to no bottles! Now she drinks out of straw type bottles just 3 months later. The reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is because the handle actually makes it difficult to screw on the top…and at times it can leak because of it. We stopped using the handle after a few uses and drips everywhere…she was fine without it.

Vicki Tarrytown, NY

Pretty good sippy cup for baby!

Like many other parents, I’ve been looking for the perfect sippy cup – this one is pretty close although I do have some issues. Here are my pros and cons:Pros:- Baby is willing to use it! Well, I think she sucks and drinks it maybe 50% of the time and then gnaws on it the rest of the time, which is much more than she’s willing to do on the other sippy cups we’ve tried- Dishwasher friendly- Not that many parts- Can be converted to a straw cup (as well as a bottle). We’ve not tried either, but I look forward to trying the straw conversion kit- Relatively safe in that it is BPA freeCons- The instructions that the cup comes with are a bit vague. They only say you can sterilize the bottle itself (not the nipple nor other parts). I mean – wouldn’t you want to sterilize the nipple?- Made in China. Always a concern whether products are fully trustworthy

Billie Gales Creek, OR

my son bit through the tip

I think this is a good sippy cup, but I had to abandon ship on it because my son was biting off tiny chunks of the tip. Wish it were a bit sturdier in that department.

Katherine Hiddenite, NC