Thinkbaby Low Rise BPA Free Baby Bowl, Silver/Orange

Thinkbaby Low Rise BPA Free Baby Bowl, Silver/Orange

thinkbaby and thinksport were created to address the concern of chemicals leaching from consumer products. While many companies have emerged to offer BPA free baby bottles, many bottles not only still contain BPA despite saying BPA free (see Health Canada study), but many companies have also landed on untested materials just because the material claims to be free of BPA. thinkbaby utilizes the precautionary principle in the creation of all of our products. We dont jump to new materials without doing the requisite testing to ensure that we havent landed on another BPA-like material. When we target a product segment that concerns us, we ask the question, How can we make the product line Safe. Functional. Sustainable. thinkbaby and thinksports focus has led us to be the first company to span safe consumer products ranging from baby to adults. thinkbabys Baby bowl furthers our mission by providing safe, sustainable, functional and elegant products for little ones. In the development of our BPA free Baby bowl, thinkbaby continues the mission by providing a feeding bowl free of BPA, phthalates, nitrosamines, lead, and PVC.Our Baby bowl set is also free of Melamine. Early laboratory research has shown melamine based tableware to leach melamine at various temperatures and when combined with other chemicals (such as formaldehyde and cyanuric) have the potential to pose a risk. As we expect the debate to begin on the safety of this chemical, the research we reviewed caused us ask a simple question. Does the product have to have melamine? Nope. So we built our set to be completely free of it. The baby bowl becomes useful from the moment that your doctor green lights solid food feeding to school days and beyond. Parents find the baby bowl is perfect for feeding and food storage.

Main features

  • Free of – bisphenol-a (BPA), phthalates, nitrosamines, lead, PVC, pet, tritan and biologically harmful chemicals, Made from medical grade stainless steel and wrapped in polypropylene – designed to come apart for easy cleaning, Baby bowl with low rise wall comes complete with easy to find orange lid, Designed to be perfect for you and your child, Easy to Clean – Dishwasher safe (Top Rack Recommended)

Verified reviews


I really like how the stainless steel in the inside of the …

I bought this product based on its reviews. I really like how the stainless steel in the inside of the bowl doesn’t seem to wear off, as some do. I have been mixing breast milk with cereal in this bowl, trying to create a good consistency for a paste and noticed that this does NOT wear off any stainless steel plating while stirring. To me, that’s a winner!

Kari Hanover, MI

I love thinkbaby

I love all the thinkbaby/sport lines. They really are committed to a clean environment free of dangerous chemicals. I love the size of this bowl. It’s low enough that it makes eating soups, pasta, and anything else I cook up a breeze for my 21 month old. The plastic cover makes it cooler to the touch and insulates the food. I bought 2 of these and my only issue is that from the moment I opened up the bowl, one of the covers never really fit the container. The other one fits great but the problematic one is a hair too small for the container so it won’t close all the way. And the only way I’ve managed to get it to seal was to flip it upside down and press down. And even then after about 2 minutes, it popped back open. I needed the bowls so I didn’t return it and I did have 1 working lid so I’m living with it, but considering the price I was disappointed by the lack of quality control. All in all, I would recommend.

Louisa Hartland, WI

Great for daycare

My daycare doesn’t allow glass and I wanted to avoid plastic so I ordered this. The bowl is a perfect size with a good tight fitting plastic lid. It is also dishwasher safe which is great. It seems very durable and I’ve been using it everyday. I would definitely recommend this bowl to anyone looking for a plastic alternative thats convenient and does not stain!

Bridgett Tioga, ND

Great bowl

i 1 bowl for multiple use we have 2, you can use it as for normal meal and the plastic can help you to keep it warm or for snack use just the plastic. the cover you can use it to take away or put it to the refrigerator.

Kara Rusk, TX

Excellent product

This is a very nice and handy bowl – like the fact that baby’s food is only in contact with stainless steel (no concerns about plastics getting into food) but with the very colorful and removable orange outer bowl that makes it nonskid. Lid seals very securely, nicely made product.

Tanisha Priddy, TX

lid doesn’t fit

didn’t expect a $10 bowl have a lid that doesn’t fit. made my discovery after throwing out a box. now i have a very expensive steel bowl (looks a lot like a pet bowl by the way)

Loretta Aguila, AZ