Thinkbaby Trainer Cup, Orange, 9 Ounce

Thinkbaby Trainer Cup, Orange, 9 Ounce

thinkbaby Trainer Cup thinkbaby Trainer Cup is designed to ease your kid’s transition from bottle to drinking cup. The medical-grade soft silicone spout encourages children to drink independently from a cup. The handles are contoured for easy grasping by small hands. A travel cap covers the spout when it’s not being used. Why You’ll Love It: It encourages kids to begin drinking independently. Age: 9 months to 3 years Features Eases kids’ transitions from bottle to cup High quality soft silicone spout Handles designed to fit small hands Travel cap covers the spout when it’s not being used Convenient for travel purposes Free of BPA, phthalates, nitrosamines, PVC Helps prevent leaks and spills

Main features

  • Free of bisphenol-a (BPA), lead, PVC, nitrosamines, phthalates, melamine and biologically harmful chemicals
  • Single 9 ounce PES sippy cup, silicone spout, travel cap and easy-to-hold handles
  • Dishwasher safe (top Rack Recommended) and recommended by Healthy Child Healthy World
  • Easy and fun to hold handles
  • Travel cap included

Verified reviews


the best sippy out there

I read a book and two before making the transition from the bottle to the sippy cup, right before my son’s 1st b-day! It pretty much prepared me for the battle that was about to unfold.However, you can’t even imagine the relief of having my son totally love this sippy cup FROM THE FIRST TRY!!!5 stars! It defenitely works for my lil munchkin!

Kelley Reubens, ID

Couldn’t stop the leaks

I really like that this is a BPA-free sippy cup. Everyone seems to have different experiences with these things, but we just couldn’t get it to stop leaking. It is one of my least favorite sippy cups.

Aurelia Teton Village, WY

Great sippy cup.

Our pediatrician recommended that we start giving our 6 month old water in a sippy cup when we start solids. We choose this one after recommendations from a couple friends. The top is a nipple that is shaped like a sippy cup top, which makes it easier to transition from bottle to sippy cup. My son seems to like it more than the other sippy cups we have tried.

Delia Millington, NJ


This was the BEST sippy EVER!!! We have them all, want them?? but you cannot have this one, it is the best and only one that our baby took to the first time and a year later still loves! No leaks, no mess, soft nipple for chewing, teething, easy sucking. He didnt like the handles, so we took them off and he learned to hold a cup earlier since the cup is small enough so they can grip the middle. He walkes around drinking with this one since most cups you have to hold completely upright then they cannot see while drinking, not this one, you can hold parellel and still see. Cannot say enough good about this!!

Ruby Carlile, WY

Great bottle-to-sippy transition cup, but spout collapses.

My 16 month-old has been drinking water from straw sippy cups since she was about 7 months old, and from regular, toddler-size cups since 9-10 months. But she’d staunchly refused to drink milk out of anything but a bottle … that is, until we tried this Thinkbaby Sippy Cup. Previously, we’d tried a variety of training cups: the Zoli Bot, Lollacup, and Safe Sippy 2 (straw sippy cups); the Philips Avent Natural Drinking Cup, Reflo Cup, and EIO Glass Kids Cup (open-face training cups with a flow-control mechanism); the Tilty Cup (valve-less sippy cup); and regular, toddler-sized, open-face cups. But to no avail; she rejected them all for drinking milk. Finally, in desperation, I tried the Thinkbaby Sippy Cup. The silicone spout seemed promising, since it resembled the silicone nipples on the Dr. Brown’s wide-neck bottles that our daughter had been using since infancy.We’ve only been using the Thinkbaby Sippy Cup for about 3 days, but so far, so good! At first, my toddler just chewed on the spout and poked it around with her tongue, because she could tell that it was different from her bottle nipple. But, fortunately, the silicone spout was enough like her bottle nipple that she tried sucking on the spout and realized she could get milk that way, so she started drinking from the cup. Our first time trying the Thinkbaby Sippy Cup, she only drank about half her milk before she pushed the cup away and I had to switch to her bottle to get her to drink the rest. Since then, however, it has been smooth sailing. (*KNOCK ON WOOD*) By day 3, my little-one was drinking all of her milk (or almost all) from the Thinkbaby Sippy Cup, and I even successfully used it to replace her hard-to-give-up bedtime bottle. (So far, I’ve been using the Thinkbaby sippy without the handles to keep it as similar to the bottle as possible, but I’ll add the handles in a day or 2 when she’s totally gotten used to the sippy).However, there’s a major reason why I gave the Thinkbaby Sippy Cup 3 stars instead of 5 … THE COLLAPSING SPOUT. Unlike most other sippy cups, the Thinkbaby Sippy does not have a vented spout, or any type of venting system. Therefore, as baby sucks and extracts milk from the cup, there’s no way for air to enter the cup to even out the pressure inside vs. outside the sippy, unless baby pauses and removes his/her mouth from the spout and air rushes in through the hole at the tip. As a result, every time my daughter got a really good, strong sucking rhythm established, the spout would collapse, virtually cutting off the flow of milk. This was very frustrating for her, since she couldn’t understand why the flow of milk was slowing down so drastically. One time, while she was drinking, the spout collapsed so much that it pulled away from the orange screw-on collar and milk leaked through the gap onto my little-one’s face and neck. She was not a happy camper! :-(My toddler was beginning to get annoyed with the collapsing spout and I didn’t want her to end up rejecting the Thinkbaby Sippy Cup because of that, so I devised the following work-around: In order to allow a bit of air to flow back into the cup while my daughter drank, I loosened (unscrewed) the orange collar VERY slightly — not enough for milk to leak out, but just enough to let a little air in. I knew it was working when I could see air bubbles forming in the milk right near the collar, as she drank. And the spout did not collapse (YAY)! A miniscule amount of milk did drip out from under the collar (about 5 drops from a 6 oz sippy cup of milk), but it was easy enough to deal with that by putting a paper towel or bib on my daughter’s chest to catch those few drops.The Thinkbaby Sippy Cup would be a perfect cup for weaning babies/toddlers who are resistant to giving up their bottles, if it weren’t for the non-vented, collapsing spout. In a few days, once my daughter has fully adjusted to drinking from a sippy spout instead of a bottle nipple, I’m going to try introducing her to the NUK Silicone Spout Active Cup (NUK Hello Kitty Silicone Spout Active Cup, 10 Ounce). It has a silicone spout similar in shape to the Thinkbaby Sippy, but the spout is vented to prevent it from collapsing and cutting off the flow of liquid. Like the Thinkbaby cup, the NUK Active Cup also has a bottle-like form factor to ease the transition for bottle-weaning babies. If you’d like to spare yourself and your little-one the hassle of a collapsing spout, you might consider starting with the NUK Active Cup first, and then switching to the Thinkbaby Sippy only if your child rejects the NUK cup. Incidentally, the NUK Active Cup doesn’t have handles, but NUK does make a silicone spout Learner Cup (NUK Hello Kitty Silicone Spout Learner Cup, 5 Ounce) with handles. It holds about half as much liquid as the Active Cup, but the spout and shape of the cup are virtually identical to the Active Cup; the Learner Cup is just shorter and has handles at the base. The NUK Learner Cup is definitely worth a look if your baby/toddler prefers handles. (I chose the Hello Kitty motif for my daughter, but both the NUK Active Cup and Learner Cup come in a variety of designs appropriate for boys or girls, as well as gender-neutral styles).Overall grade for the Thinkbaby Sippy Cup: B.

Dollie Eaton, IN

Good idea, but it always leaks!

I love that these are made with safer materials but beware that they absolutely leak! Pretty much everytime we use it there is a nice milk ring or water ring on the table. This makes the cup virtually useless for me because I bought it so my son could carry it around the house without spilling all over the place! Okay, it doesn’t gush, but it definitely drips enough and to me, dripping milk or even water all over the house is not okay. I expected better quality for the high price.

Eugenia Ragland, WV

Good thinking

This is by far the best sippy cup I bought, mainly because the handles can turn around adjusting to the mouth of the cup, the flow is appropriate not too much or too slow for my 8 month old.

Graciela Snohomish, WA

my son loves it!

i bought this product just because it is BPA free over a year ago. my son loves this sippy cup , he is 2 now. the cup has held up nicely. it does not leak at all, and i haven”t had to change the teats yet.

Laverne White Oak, NC

This one worked…none of the others did

For some reason this is the only one that worked. I am not sure why but i think it is the nipple. I have tried all the others…ALL OF THEM! He only likes this one and perhaps it is because how soft the actual nipple is. I think he feels it is closest to a bottle. However, it is a sippy cup. I am not sure when he will switch over to a hard core sippy cup but this one is the closest he will take. TRY IT!!!

Sophia Hawkeye, IA

Great product

I wasn’t sure if my 6 month old would understand how a sippy cup works, but he gets this one. Liquid doesn’t come out too fast, so it’s a great first cup for babies. The handles spin so he can keep the nipple in his mouth while moving his hands.

Sheri Carlinville, IL

not as good as hoped

after buying several types of sippy cups i had hoped this one would be the one my baby would like and use. It is definitely easier for her than some of the others and she was able to use it. It turns out my baby prefers drinking directly out of a cup or glass. She is also better at using a straw up then a sippy.

Darlene New Lisbon, NY

Great for weaning off bottles

My son loved these sippy cups. We were able to wean him completely off bottles by 8 months with these sippy cups. These are easy to clean, very few parts to loose and we liked that there is a conversion kit to make them into a straw cup. Highly recommend

Liz Rogers, NE

Great transition DOESN’T leak

I love this! My son is 7 months old and won’t take a regular sippy cup. He will take this though and seems to like it. It doesn’t leak for me at all, with or without the handles on. The nipple is soft for tender gums. This seems to be able to get him used to the shape of a sippy cup while still being a bottle.

Clarissa Shasta Lake, CA

Good sippy cup, but they need to include the sealing discs

This is my 2nd favorite sippy cup. I have about 6 brands I’ve tried. My daughter has been tough transitioning from a nipple to a hard plastic sippy lid. This is a nice in-between. It would be hands down my favorite, but this is what holds my rating to 4 stars:Travel sealing discs are not included standard, they have to be purchased separately. These are essential for putting the cup in a diaper bag. They should be included.When my daughter drinks out of this, sometimes the nipple implodes on itself because she’s sucked out all the air. I have to loosen the bottle to let air inside to it pops back out. Not sure why, but this doesn’t happen on the other bottles.

Gayle Lisbon, ME

Good cup

We never had any issues with our toddler not accepting other cups. This one worked great for us until she outgrew it around 18 months. Nice big handles, good size (perhaps a little too big). Cap closes well. It will leak if she pushes it on the table with the spout, but not if it falls.

Gloria Churubusco, NY

I love this cup!

My husband is very anti-sippy-cup and would prefer it if our 7 month old drank out of a regular cup instead. I didn’t want my 7 month old to dehydrate while learning how to drink out of a cup so I got this trainer cup. I love that it’s made out of pthalate-free pvc-free bpa-free plastic. I love that when I tried to drink out of it, it wasn’t impossible (I tried a NUK trainer cup and couldn’t drink out of it, how’s my baby supposed to if I can’t?). In fact, it was quite easy to get a drink, yet the thing is spill-proof at the same time. I love it, my baby loves it, and my husband doesn’t consider it to be a “sippy cup” so I’m getting away with it. I can pack it in my purse upside down and it won’t leak at all. I never heard of Thinkbaby products before all this but now I’m a fan.

Nina Spring Arbor, MI

My 5 Mo Old Loves It

This is a great training cup. The soft mouthpiece is the same material as a bottle nipple. My 5 month old instantly drank from it like she’d been doing that for months. It’s going to make transitioning from a bottle to sippy cup easier than I thought.

Earnestine Batson, TX