Thirsties 6 Pack Fab Wipes, Boy

Thirsties 6 Pack Fab Wipes, Boy

Thirsties Fab Wipes might possibly be the very best investment you can make. The average household will spend about $500 in wipes from birth to potty. In comparison, you will need to expense only about $50 in expense to purchase Thirsties Fab Wipes to get you all the way from birth to potty. Switching to reusable baby wipes, is clearly a simple solution to put nearly $450 back in your pocket. In addition, Thirsties Fab Wipes are perfect for delicate baby skin as you’ll be able to control the solution you want to use to cleanse your baby. Reusable cloth baby wipes are an alternative for disposable diaper wipes and can also be used for wiping up little baby noses, hands, for refreshing facial wipes and make-up removal. Thirsties irresistibly soft Fab Wipes measure 8″ x 8″ inches and are 2 ply. A textured cotton velour on one side to assist with bigger wipe-ups and delicate microfleece on the other side for drying or for lighter messes. We recommend pairing your Thirsties Fab Wipes with our custom formulated wipes solution mist: Thirsties Booty Luster. Use Thirsties Fab Wipes along with Thirsties Booty Luster at every diaper change to clean thoroughly-yet gently, to moisturize, and to help protect your baby from diaper rash. The mission of Thirsties, Inc. is to make it easy and affordable for every family to choose cloth while simultaneously investing in our local economy and sustainable business practices. We are very proud of the fact that all Thirsties products are manufactured in Colorado, USA, by a group of very talented individuals, many of whom are moms who work in the comfort and convenience of their own homes. We delight in the opportunity to sell products that contribute to a happy and healthy start for your children while helping to minimize your baby’s first carbon footprints. Proudly manufactured in the USA

Main features

  • Velour side: 85% cotton. 15% polyester, Microfleece side: 100% polyester
  • Made in USA
  • Switch from disposable wipes to Thirsties Fab Wipes and save $400 or more
  • Buttery soft cotton velour on one side; delicate microfleece on the other
  • Available in two color assortments – Boy or Girl
  • Maching washable
  • Use Thirsties Fab Wipes along with Thirsties Booty Luster at every diaper change to clean thoroughly-yet gently, to moisturize, and to help protect your baby from diaper rash

Verified reviews


Material separates making cleanup messier

We tested a bunch of different brands of cloth wipes, and these got the thumbs down for the following reason: the wipe is composed of two layers sewn together at the edges. When in use, the layers separate and smeared the poop. On the positive side, the edges are sewn together well and have not frayed or curled after lots and lots of washes. The winning wipe for us was Grovia cloth wipes.

Tricia Sugarloaf Shores, FL

Totally Recommend!!!

These are my favorite wipes I own. I have flannel and bamboo but when I have a messy job I reach for these to get the job done. Each side has a purpose for me, the terry cloth side to rub the bottom if anything is stuck and the softer side for just a wet diaper or if there’s a rash. Super handy to have and so thankful I got them as a gift. The down side, if there was one, would be that you can’t get as many of these in the Lionheart wipe warmer as you can the flannel or bamboo wipes. I’d recommend having around 18 wipes on hand, I say that because when I was trying to decide how many I should have, I would read the reviews and not too many people suggest how many to buy.

Mitzi Conway Springs, KS

I prefer Baby Kicks

These Thirsties Fab Wipes are thin, very plush but not super absorbent and have a texture similar to baby wash cloths. As a mini burp cloth, these really aren’t very effective. I was disappointed as I really like items that can do double duty – especially for the price. As a reusable wipe, they are super soft (softer than baby kicks fleecy cotton) on the baby’s bum – so if you’re ordering them for this, I’d pick this one.If you’re looking for something for more versatile uses, Baby Kicks are more expensive, but they really are worth it. I ended up buying another pack of the Baby Kicks AFTER I bought the Thirsties Fab Wipes, realizing the Thirsties didn’t work for what I wanted.

Lashonda Grantville, KS

Nice wipes but a few flaws

I liked these wipes enough, but they weren’t my favorite. My favorite were the Grovia. The thirsties came in really pretty colors, but the colors ran in the wash or while using them as a wash cloth, which I didn’t like when using on a newborn. They were also just slightly too thick. I like them enough now as bath time wash cloths.

Rosanna Walton, NY

Gentle on baby’s bum

We try to use these as much as possible. A great environmentally friendly option. They’re also very gentle on baby’s bum and we used these a lot during the first couple months of my daughter’s life. They also make for great, super soft wash cloths. The cloths’ colors have faded quite a bit which is why I’m giving ’em four stars… but then again, we do use them a lot, so… Will surely buy these again as gifts for new moms.

Rosario Forreston, IL

Great wipes!

I have one set of these, and then 12 flannel wipes. These are my "poo wipes", because they’re grippier for the little poo seeds that hide places. I only have one set because I wash my cloth diapers generally every day, sometimes letting it go 2 days, but I’d ideally like to have another set.

Sydney Plano, IA

Fab is right!

These are by far my favorite wipes. The soft, plush side is perfect for gripping and cleaning up big messes. They are perfectly sized to keep your hand covered but not dealing with a ton of excess fabric. Great wipes!

Polly Clementon, NJ

My favorite cloth wipes

These are by far my favorite cloth wipes. They are soft enough for baby’s bum but have two textures to help making cleaning poop less messy than it is with traditional wet wipes.

Rosemary Morven, NC

Fine for face wipes

I didn’t like these for diaper wipes, honestly. I think they are too thick. So I gave them a good washing and now they are face and hand wipes. They are much better in this application, in my experience. I much prefer something thinner for diaper wipes.

Constance West Boylston, MA

So soft!

Love these for wipes and washcloths. They are so soft and absorbent! And in totally cute colors. Able to fit 9 of these in my Prince Lionheart Warmies wipes warmer alongside 20 of the Osocozy flannel wipes.

Clarissa Owls Head, ME

SUPER SOFT! We use as washcloths!!!

I originally purchased these to use as baby wipes, which they work great for with some water. However, i quickly discovered that they make GREAT washcloths for baby because they are SUPER SOFT. I liked them so much that I purchased 3 more sets and use these as MY washcloths now too. So soft & gentle on my face!!! Much better than the scratchy towel material of regular washcloths!!!These are very nice, so for baby’s bottom (when he’s poopy), we now use the BabyKicks wipes to clean off the initial mess (they have more "grip" to collect sticky poo), then finish off with one of these. For full time use (washing every other day), I would recommend 2 dozen BabyKicks & 2 dozen Thirsties wipes. You won’t regret it!

Greta East Springfield, NY

Handy for use as cloth wipes

We use these wipes with our cloth diapering. We simply wet them and place in a wipes warmer. Sooooo much better than disposable wipes! Soft and absorbant. Usually only need one cloth per diaper change. Wash up easily with our cloth diapers.

Beverley Oshkosh, NE

Really can’t complain but not quite what I hoped for

I really do like these, and I totally get why people give them the 5 star reviews. They are soft and durable. But I just can’t justify the price compared to other wipes I use. I use these primarily as washcloths or clean up after meals due to their soft nature. I’m sure they would make great butt wipes, but I haven’t tried due to price.

Colleen Sterling, PA

Wash well

These wash up nice. I haven’t used them a ton. My husband actually uses them for washcloths more than wipes. I also am using some cheap washcloths as wipes and they work just about as well. Perhaps once we get out of the newborn breast milk poos they’ll be put to a better test.

Ashleigh Plummer, ID

Great product

I have nothing to compare this to except the thin little wash clothes that come with some baby bath sets. I’ve used both to clean my little one and much prefer these. They are very soft and gentle on babies bottom. I simply wash them with his clothe diapers.

Bette Blue Springs, NE

Pretty colors

I also have baby kicks and grovia cloth wipes. Grovia gives you more wipes for less money. The baby kicks wipes are not as soft and I don’t like the round shape as much. After 2 years of use, both grovia and thirsties have held up. You can’t go wrong with either one. Thirsties is softer but they are too expensive for only 6 wipes! Cheaper option is to buy a bunch of soft face towels.

Kristina Merrill, WI

I loves these wipes

I don’t use these as replacements for traditional wipes. I’ve been using them to catch any pee from my daughter when I have her diaper off to air her bottom out so her diaper rash doesn’t get out of hand. So far, these clothes have soaked up everything and managed to keep her clothes dry. So much better than paper towels and they feel so soft!

Dolores Derry, PA

I use them to wipe baby’s mouth while feeding — love them for this purpose.

If you’re looking for good quality, all-purpose wipes for baby, these are great. I’ve used them as washcloths for baby’s bath, and I use them daily while feeding to wipe leaks and dribbles. These are super soft and a good size — small, but not TOO small.

Joanne Mount Olive, AL

Love these.

I bought two packs of these and am going to buy more. They are fantastic. They are nice and thick and one wipe can handle a very messy EBF poop. WAY better than homemade wipes or baby washcloths that have been repurposed.

Annette Longs, SC

Can’t live without these wipes

These wipes are amazing. So soft, very absorbent, easy to clean/wash. We have a HUGE stack of them and very much enjoy them. If you’re cloth diapering they work great with the Thirsties Booty Luster, too.

Lori Waneta, KY

Perfect for diaper wipes!

I ordered three sets of these washcloths at the recommendation of another reviewer and then ended up ordering a fourth set so I could get away with only washing them every other day. I’ve been keeping them in a diaper warmer (Munchkins, I think, was the brand — fold them in half and almost a dozen will fit well at a time) with plain water and using them instead of face washcloths or diaper wipes for about a month now, and I love them. One unexpected but delightful side effect is that switching from disposable diaper wipes to these ones cleared up my baby’s diaper rash. I guess she’d been having a reaction to the chemicals in the disposable ones, even the “sensitive” variety. I also use these cloths (damp and straight from the wipe warmer) to wash her face three times per day, and it cleared up her “baby acne” in about a week. I was also happy to see that they don’t seem to stain, though the thread around the edge of one has started to unravel.

Irma Pax, WV

The best for cleaning up poopy messes

I tried these and a cheeper version of cloth wipes and these were by far superior. The other (flanel) wipes just pushed the mess around and these pick it up. I have since purchased more of these wipes. They wash up well in the washer without extra work or scrubbing from me. I just toss them in, even if there is a mess, they still come out bright and clean.

Lottie Woodbury, VT

Even better than I had hoped!

I ordered Girl wipes, and one of the colors is not as pictured. Instead of receiving a yellow wipe in each pack, we actually got a white wipe in each pack instead. That really didn’t matter to us, but I thought I would mention that in case someone else was interested to know about it.I absolutely love these wipes!We bought 18 of them in preparation for our baby’s arrival, and now that she’s here, we use these all the time. We use them as wipes and as little washcloths. They work very well. The soft side is great for wet diapers, or for wiping Baby’s face and hands, and the other side is good for dirty diapers.Unlike disposable wipes, these work so efficiently that so far I have never needed to use more than one.I’m seriously considering buying a bunch more and using them for household cleaning, and as washcloths, etc, because they are really wonderful.I read reviews for many, many different reusable wipes before I ordered these, so if you’re thinking about buying these but you haven’t decided–go for it! You won’t be disappointed.

Aileen Waterville, NY

Worth the cost

I know this seems like a lot for wipes, and, of course, if you are working on saving money and being thrifty, these probably aren’t the way to go, but we like them a lot and they were worth the little bit extra they cost. The colors are nice, but the main thing is that they are very soft, but work well for both messy diapers and wet diapers. Along with the bum genius bamboo wipes, these are our favorite. They are two ply and can double just as well for wash cloths.

Leanna Meadow, TX


These wipes are my favorite cloth wipes. I could go on and on about them, but I’ll just make a list of what makes these so great;- they are really soft even after multiple washes and they do not curl up and/or fray [I wash with my prefolds with one rinse and one regular wash on hot and then high heat dry for 50 minutes]- one wipe usually does the trick for my newborns messy breastfed poops- thick! I don’t have any problems folding the wipe, spritzing solution on the clean side and continuing to clean up a dirty/wet diaper without getting any of the mess on my hands- both sides glide across my baby’s skinI love these wipes. I wish that they made a pack that had more in them, but either way, I will never use another cloth wipe brand.

Annabelle Aliso Viejo, CA


I registered for these and for the BabyKicks wipes on a whim. I had no idea what I was looking for in a cloth wipe, but now I do! I recommend these every time someone asks. They are super soft, super thick, and the colors are fabulous. I chose not to find out the gender of my baby so I registered for a pack of each, and I don’t know that the colors really matter. I only need one wipe even for some big messes. I use one of the wipes as a pee blocker ( I had a boy) and it works fabulously. The colors are great and haven’t faded with multiple washes. I highly recommend these wipes!

Eula Cropseyville, NY

So so soft

These truly are the softest wipes I have bought, love ’em. I wish I could afford for all my cloth wipes to be these.I have only washed them about half a dozen times so far but they look like they will hold up really well. Didn’t shrink or wrinkle after washing at all and are just super soft, great for a sensitive bum such as during a bad diaper rash time.

Clarissa Skiatook, OK

New to CD, love these!

I’m new to cloth diapering, and therefore very concerned about the “ick factor”. These wipes are great. They’re vibrant colors that so far have stayed vibrant through many washes. They’re thick so I never feel like my fingers are touching the poop. I usually only need one per diaper change. I highly recommend these!

Lauri Hillsboro, MO

Great wipes!

Soft and durable…. colors even stand up to bleach! We have them rolled in the Prince Lionheart warmer and they work wonderfully!

Dorothea Ambrose, GA

soft , nice

I cleaned my baby with these first days when he still had meconium. Now we use disposable wipes, but these I use for cleaning his mouth when he burps, because these wipes are soft, not like burp cloths. And I ordered “girl” colors for my baby boy, because girl colors are nicer – there are no pinks and other girl colors in set!

Rosalie Jarrell, TX