Thirsties Deluxe Diaper Duffle, White

Thirsties Deluxe Diaper Duffle, White

Now you can rack up even more savings by taking your cloth diapers on the go. The compact design of Thirsties Deluxe Diaper Duffle allows you to tuck this handy tote in your pocket or diaper bag when you and baby are out and about. Made from two layers of laminated textiles. Soft and reliably waterproof PUL fabric on the outside and coated nylon on the inside with drawstring closure to keep messes and moisture sealed within. Thirsties Diaper Duffle is suitable storage for a full day away from home as it will hold up to six diapers at a time. Once soiled, simply toss the duffle in your washer with your diapers. No need to reach your hand in to pull out dirty diapers. The slick surface of the inner nylon will allow your diapers to slide out with ease.

Main features

  • Take your cloth diapers on the go and rack up even more savings
  • Compact design folds to fit in diaper bag or pocket
  • Made from 2 layers coated textiles to provide total waterproof protection
  • Drawstring closure
  • Handy storage for up to 6 cloth diapers

Verified reviews


Great Laundry Bag For Inside The Diaper Bag

I am using gdiapers and so I bought this as a laundry bag to go in my diaper bag. (as mentioned in other reviews and the product details, this is not a big laundry bag…it’s small, but the perfect size for what it’s intended to do) I had thought I would end up using disposables when I was out since bringing home dirty diapers seemed daunting, but I bought this and haven’t bought a single disposable diaper.Realizing that I needed more than one bag, I found a Thirsties Diaper Duffle on another website for less money. That duffle was one ply, rather than the two-ply construction of this one and of the three I bought, one has already fallen apart and my son is only 3 months old. The one-ply construction also means that the wet comes through into the diaper bag. So, get this bag, not a cheaper Thirsties model. It’s already less expensive than other wet bags out there. You don’t need a more expensive bag. This one does everything you need it to. The only drawback is that it doesn’t come in pretty colors, but I didn’t mind that.I was given one of those Kushies bags as a shower gift, and I’ll admit I was prejudice against it, since it was pink and I had a boy. I have used it a couple times. It appears to work. Its one-ply construction is more leak proof than the Thirsties one-ply bag, but it can’t hold as many diapers as the Thirsties can and it’s more expensive. I’ve only washed the Kushies bag once and pulled it from the dryer before it was finished, but it appeared no worse for the wear.I now have four two-ply Thirsties Deluxe Diaper Duffles to take when we go out and to go back and forth to my mother’s since she is providing weekday childcare. (I use the Kushies as a backup at the bottom of my diaper bag.)I have yet to have my two-ply Thirsties Deluxe Diaper Duffle leak and the drawstring closure seems to keep in the smell. I do suggest holding the bag away from you after you’ve closed it and you are squeezing the extra air out of the bag, since the smell comes out full force at that point. I wash these bags a couple times per week and my Deluxe Duffle has had no problem with the wear and tear of being washed and dried.

Tania Emmonak, AK

Too small

Duffle is not the word I use to describe this product. Small pouch is better. Wanted it for my diaper pail and it didn’t even come close to fitting!

Patti Alma, AR

Perfect inexpensive wet bag

Inexpensive and it works. I send these to my MIL house for her to put the dirty dipes in when she watches the little one. Wash and dry easy. Get yourself a few.

Mattie Gem, KS


I have three wet bags that I use for cloth diapers. I bought this one as back-up for when the others are being washed. This one does not contain odors very well at all. Also, the diapers, after being sprayed with the diaper sprayer, leak through this bag very easily, leaving brown wet spots all over it. it’s disgusting. If you’re going to buy this, it’s okay for pee diapers, but not poop.

Cheri Jasper, MI

Not waterproof

These bags fit my small diaper pail perfectly, but are not waterproof. To be fair, I keep this in the bathroom & put the poopy diapers in it after I’ve sprayed them (pockets with inserts removed), so they are pretty wet. When I take the bag out on laundry day, there’s a little puddle in the bottom of the pail. I have to quickly put it inside my other larger diaper bag (Bum Genius) so it doesn’t leak on the floor. I always drip dry these, so I don’t think it’s something I’ve done. I’ve only had these bags about 4 months so it’s not from overuse either. They would probably work fine if using for a day trip, but are not really waterproof & don’t work for saturated diapers. I’m glad I didn’t pay a lot of money for these.

Ruth Lebo, KS

All you need!

I paired this product with all my other Thirsties products and it is great! Don’t forget to buy two so you have one when you are washing the 1st one! I also purchased two small "travel" bags as well. I have never had any moisture or even smells come from this bag. It is excellent!!!

Desiree Dorsey, IL

Good quality bag, but way too small

I absolutely love the idea of a duffle type diaper bag for cloth diapers. However this one is entirely too small. It is not a “deluxe.” The material is great but it only holds 4 diapers at max. Also I would prefer it came in other colors than white.

Geneva Kirkwood, DE

Small, but effective

It can fit the 10″ step-lid pail I leave at school for my toddler’s cloth diapers (holds 4 easily, 5 in a pinch). No smell when I take it home every night.

Kimberly Jamestown, MO

good but small

this is a good bag but not nearly as big as they say. I can only fit like 3 dirty cloth diapers inside. Wish it was bigger

Shelley Montesano, WA

A zipper closure would be better

It works but a bag with a zipper would be so much more practical for stinky diapers. I have been able to fit up to 4 or 5 BumGenius diapers inside.

Sharon Fords, NJ

Excellent cloth diaper bag

We own two of these and we like them very much. They have outstanding odor protection, store quite a bit of diapers and are essential when we’re out of the house. My only complaint is when you throw a wipe in them if you don’t have a trash available, you sometimes get a dampness on the outside of the bag. Otherwise, they have been an excellent product for us and we’ve used them for 5 months now.

Marie Hamilton City, CA

Great Wet Bag

This bag is great for the diaper bag or for a small wet bag inside the house. We haven’t had any smell issues and it washes great. It seems to be well made.

Maxine Lincoln, MO

Great Little Bag

This is a great small bag for cloth diapers or wet clothes. It holds 5-6 diapers, great for part time use or on the go!

Rebecca Bloomington, NY

Perfect for cloth diapering on the go

I keep this in my diaper bag to use when out or when the baby is at the sitters. It keeps dirty cloth diapers in until I get home and usually throw this duffle with dirty diapers into my larger diaper pail until wash day. Wash it with the diapers and it cleans out easily. I am getting ready to return to work and will send this to my daycare provider and have no concern that it will hold the diapers she will go through in a normal day.

Lessie Belton, MO

Smaller than I thought

I was looking for a bag to put in my diaper pail while in a hurry. I saw the picture and the price and bought it. I was shocked when I received it because it definitely won’t be big enough for my diaper pail, but it works great for day trips. I usually keep smaller bags (that only fit two diapers)in the diaper bag. When I will be gone for most of the day I throw this bag in and it can fit about 6 bum genius diapers. Turns out it was something I needed and didn’t even know.

Penelope Cranks, KY


This is an excellent, simple, and affordable diaper pail. I like simple diapering supplies without the extra “fluff” and fancy prints and this fits the bill. I used a plastic garbage pail with a lid and placed this inside. When full, I washed this bag inside out with my load of diapers.

Wendi South Webster, OH

does the job

Works great to hang on my bedside table for easy cloth diaper changes. Basic and functional. i have 3 and they have lasted in rotation for a year with plenty of life left in them and they still look nice.

Jill Cape Fair, MO

Great Wet Bag

I am totally impressed with this wetbag. I only had one wetbag that came free with some diapers and expected something like that one, but this one is 100 times better. It is 2 layers, the drawstring closes easily, the bottom sits flat and it stays open and standing while putting in dirty diapers. It is holding 10 prefolds/flats and 2 covers with no problem. It is my at home wetbag for now, but would be a great travel or on-the-go bag also.

Janelle Downsville, LA


I have this bag handing off my changing table, I bought it to use for GPants cloth inserts – at night it gets tossed in the wash… bag, dirty diapers and all, which is very awesome. I don’t know howmany soiled inserts it holds, but 1 days’ worth is no problem. I am ordering 2 more just for back-ups.

Jenna Sims, AR

Smaller than it looks in the picture

This little bag is perfect for what we use it for. Based on someone else’s review, I bought this to line our little tiny diaper pail that we keep at school for the cloth diapers. At the end of the day, we just pull this bag out of the pail, draw the string and take it home. It can go right into the wash with the diapers. The bag is something like 12 in X 16 in, so it’s not as big as it looks in the picture, but it hold about 6 Bumgenius diapers.

Marguerite Cross Timbers, MO