Thirsties Diaper Cover, Periwinkle, Small

Thirsties Diaper Cover, Periwinkle, Small

Thirsties offers a very popular diaper cover to families looking for a super cute yet effective waterproof cloth diaper wrap. Thirsties diaper covers secure with durable hook and loop for a perfect and secure fit at every diaper change. The specialty waterproof fabric is extremely pliable and comfortable for your baby’s delicate skin. Leg gussets provide advanced leak-proof protection and bindings are super soft against baby skin. The X-Small size features an umbilical cut out for your newborn’s comfort and all sizes offer convenient fold over laundry tabs to protect your hook and loop closure’s from trapping lint in the wash. The generous cut of Thirsties diaper covers offers a superior waterproof exterior on any type of flat, prefolded, contoured, or fitted cloth diaper. In order to achieve optimal breath ability and hassle free washing, Thirsties diaper covers are made from a single layer of polyester laminate. The laminate that lines the inside of the soft polyester can be wiped clean between uses, and then washed in your washer once thoroughly soiled. The mission of Thirsties, Inc is to make it easy and attainable for every family to choose cloth while simultaneously investing in local economy and sustainable business practices. All Thirsties products are USA-made by a group of very talented women, many of whom work in the comfort and convenience of their own homes. Only the best of USA sourced components are chosen in order to reduce carbon footprint, to help support domestic textile mills, and to ensure Thirsties diapers will last wash after wash. Thirsties, Inc is judged as providing the very best in comfortable leak-proof cloth diapering while practicing superior ethical business practices. Care and content-machine wash warm or hot. Dry in dryer or hang to dry.

Main features

  • The best selling diaper wrap on the market today
  • Innovative design provides a snug, yet comfortable fit
  • Pliable and breathable in over a dozen fresh colors
  • Leg gussets provide superior protection against leaks
  • Use from birth to potty

Verified reviews


No Way

these diaper covers look cute and fit well. the problem is the concept behind it is a mess and just not functional. the liners don’t retain the waste and it’s just a big mess with a lot of washing involved. seemed like a economic and environmentally friendly alternative to the traditional diaper but it’s no good. waste of $

Karla Dardanelle, AR

Limited Mobility

I ordered 4 of these worthless Thirsties which limits leg mobility and overall rotation. The velcro is also rough and abrasive; the cover does not allow baby’s skin to breathe, trapping in heat and moisture.

Angie Shannock, RI

Not what I thought

Thought this was good, but then I saw how much trouble cloth diapers are.Sorry, but a working mom cannot go this way. Back to disposables we went.

Sylvia Wasco, OR

Look like good covers!

I am giving these as a gift along with the matching diapers – they look like really good covers. Very bright and colorful. Cloth diapering has come such a long way, these type products make it a snap to do this now – why would you choose any other option! 🙂

Gloria Island City, KY

Leak pee almost every time…

I registered for a bunch of these for the newborn phase and boy do I regret it! I used them a lot longer than I would have liked to because I needed to increase my stash of other diapers and didn’t want to use disposables in the meantime. Every time my son had a wet diaper the pee wicked onto his clothes from either the tag in the back or the leg gussets. The one pro is that they fit for a long time, so if you are one of the lucky few they work for (I read a lot of positive reviews before choosing these) you will get your money’s worth. The XS still fits my son @13.5 lbs. I plan to use them as swim diapers this summer because I cannot in good conscience sell them to another unsuspecting mother. DO NOT recommend unless you really enjoy doing laundry or changing baby’s outfit every time you change his diaper!

Dena Cusseta, AL

easiest and best diaper cover in our stash

We use these with Green Mountain Diapers prefolds and have found this to be the best system for day time diapering so far. The covers fit well and we have never had a leak or blowout with them even when the prefolds were soaked through. These are our favorite go to diaper covers.

Yesenia Creston, NE

Great Wrap

Our family really loves these Thirsties diaper covers. The gussets are a lifesaver, they are easy to clean, and the Aplix closures last for a very long time.

Marguerite Leavenworth, KS

Works great

I bought this diaper cover to go over my disposable diapers when my daughter was wearing cute clothing because sometimes she would have blowouts and I didn’t want her clothes getting ruined. I also used it whenever she was wearing a dress so that if the bottom of her dress came up you could see the cute cover and not her diaper.

Dessie Glen Richey, PA

Not the best product available

The color variety and texture of the diaper covers are are great.The front inner flap to guard against rash and leaks works well and is soft.The cover is not too bulky, making it easy to dress the baby.The leg holes are shaped in a way that covers a portion of the thigh, even when pulled back. This can be good to prevent leaks, but bad because it leaves a larger surface susceptible to rashes.The inner “flap” of the leg holes does well at containing feces, however, urine escapes easily, before the cloth diaper is wet enough to warrant changing. Cloth diapers commonly leak more than disposables, but this cover leaks a bit more than average.The velcro tabs don’t latch well. My son squirms and kicks just about the entire time he is awake, and many times the diaper will simply come undone and fall off, leaving everything covered in urine. The only way to keep his diaper on is by dressing him in a onsie.The price of the diaper covers is a little high for someone on a budget. It’s much better to purchase adjustable covers with snaps. Though the cost more, they cover a wider weight range, ultimately saving money.

Dana Long Creek, SC

Lightweight Cover For Smaller Babies

I bought this diaper cover before my son was born. He was 22 inches and 9 pounds, 11 ounces at birth… not a small baby. The cover doesn’t fit well, but I can’t say I blame it necessarily. He’s not a chunky baby for his weight, and the legs fit nicely in the gussets, but the cover doesn’t seem to accommodate a nicely quilted, high quality organic cotton pre-fold very well with that much baby inside it.I’ve discovered I’m not as fond of the all PUL construction as I am of the cloth-covered PUL. My son’s skin seemed to react where the PUL came in contact on the inside of the cover with his stomach and thighs. His daddy and an older sister have sensitive skin, so your mileage may vary.The cover is well made and very sturdy, and I will be sending it to a friend who loves Thirsties – it’s just not the cover for me.

Lynette West Bend, WI


i liked these a lot but my daycare had a hard time with them so i ended up having to switch to pocket diapers.

Ashleigh Salem, MO

not what I expected

The Thirsties cover is easy to use and cleans and dries pretty easily. The velcro fasteners are wearing out very quickly and very often she has wet pants around the legs and sometimes at the top of the back. If you can change the diaper immediately when she wets(when the urine is only in the center of the diaper), you can avoid leaks. These are my last resort covers if both of my Flips are dirty. I am usually able to avoid leaks at night when I use rubber breeches under the cover.

Lorie Littleton, CO

fit was kind of funky`

I’ve tried this with various prefold styles and folds, but it still wasn’t quite right for my baby. May this not discourage anyone from trying it, you never know until it’s on your baby. My baby was long and skinny at birth, so the rise just wasn’t enough.*UPDATE* Started fitting much better when my baby hit 10lbs, so I like it, but the aplix (velcro) tabs are weaker than most other brands (Rumparooz, Flip) I own and I always line dry. But I will still use this cover until the wheels fall off, or until my baby grows out of it…whichever comes first.

Dorothy New Port Richey, FL


I’m a fan of all the thirsties diaper covers I have. The only thing I dislike is when I’m nursing my son while wearing this diaper cover the velcro can be a little irritable against my skin. But no big deal…you can just put a onesie on your little one or cover yourself up.

Kathrine Saint Onge, SD

good quality

love the color and the quality is super good. my only concern is the velcro tabs being able to stick to other items or gathering string and fuzz,lint and making it look ugly. i will figure a way to cover that i think. over all very happy with purchase. shipping and service was excellent.

Kirsten Dewitt, VA

great diaper cover!

I’ve been experimenting with different cloth diaper combinations, and I love this diaper cover. We haven’t had any leakage, even when the fitted diaper is totally soaked. We haven’t had any blow outs either. We’ve had a few blow outs with the Pampers disposables which has motivated my husband to start change into the cloth diapers on his own.The velcro tabs hold well when during wash, even on the heavy duty cycle, and Thirsties diapers haven’t been the source of any diaper chains. I like the colors, but I wish Thirsties would make more fun designs instead of all solids.

Christie North Branch, MN

Little bum much happier

I’ve been switching between cloth and disposable diapers. At first it was a cost savings thing – but now I see how much better her skin is and I’m pretty sold. Any time we have diaper rash or monkey butt – it’s because we’ve been wearing disposable too much. These keep messes inside – they are easy to clean – and now that she’s up to 7lbs we like them a lot (when she was only 6lbs they didn’t quite fit.) They’ve held up well in washings and I’ve been happy overall.

Olga Portlandville, NY

Simply put, there is nothing better!

These covers are AMAZING! My biggest issue for my son is that he’s big for his age. I tried other covers that snap to different sizes and even at the biggest size, he was just too big! His little legs would get markings from the covers being too tight. These are perfect because they fit over the prefolds well and they keep messes in very, very well. They’re also much easier to use because of the velcro. I hated having to meticulously snap the diapers closed to the right fit… it was just a nuisance. I do have to agree with the other reviewer that if the pee gets on the white lining of the diaper the pee runs onto my son’s clothes, but this doesn’t happen very often and I’d rather have the softness of the fabric around the leg and waist part than have the plastic part digging into his skin. I love thirsties and I am definitely not wasting my time or money on other diaper covers.

Letitia Cameron, NC

Thirsties Diaper Cover

These Thirsties diaper covers work very well. I like that we can get a good fit from the smallest to the largest size in the range given. They wash well and look great. We do hang them to dry. We will buy more when we need the next size!This is an update:We are now on baby #2 and the covers are still working great. The fit on these covers is much better than any other that we have tried. We like the feel of the fabric, it doesn’t feel like plastic. Yes, we have had some staining around the legs, mostly on the white edging. But most of that is on the inside where the cover kept the mess in rather than having an explosion. You do have to be sure that the cloth diaper is tucked inside the cover, any diaper left sicking out is just a wick to the clothing and a direct path to a clothing change.We are ordering a few more covers not because they have worn out but because we have a few too many “girl colors” for new baby boy. These are wonderful and much better than any others that we have tried!

Eunice Northport, AL

Good PUL cover

Of the various thirsties and the best bottoms that I own, I think this is one of the better thirsties models. I still have some leaks, however, and my favorite cover is the best bottoms. They have snap-in inserts for less bunching of inserts or cloth diapers, and I have not had one leak with them.

Fanny Caprock, NM

Great- if they stay on

I got these for my twins as newborns and I LOVED them! The x-small lasted on my thinner baby much longer than the estimated weight range. These quickly became my favorite diaper covers. I loved the thinness, the adjust-ability and the overall fit. I ordered some in small, medium and large. I was horribly disappointed when the diapers started coming off every time the babies moved. The babies would pull their legs up and you could instantly hear the ripping of velcro coming lose. This happened on a regular basis with ALL the new covers. I called Thirsties and ended up exchanging the diaper covers THREE different times. Each time- was for the same reason.The last time I received the diapers, I was still having velcro issues (these stuck a LITTLE better) but I was tired of sending covers back. I ended up using a larger size on each baby even though the cover becomes much more bulky. That seemed to work better. I also try to attach the velcro tabs at an angle and they don’t seem to come off as easily. The x-small diaper covers had excellent velcro and I would have given them a 5 star review if I had only ever had those- also customer service was EXCEPTIONAL.But considering how much I paid for the rest of the diaper covers- I really did have higher expectations. I probably wouldn’t by these covers again unless I could go to a store and test the velcro before buying.

Olivia Mapleton, KS

No Leaks! Holds It’s Integrity After Many Washes. Will Save You Money!

It’ll grow with your baby, the Velcro is simple to adjust. It keeps everything in, no leaks. After many washes and some sun bleaching, it comes out like new (no stains, holds its integrity). Great Product, Would Recommend, It’ll save you a ton of money in the long run.

Alana Santa Clara, CA

Yay! Found my cover.

I own quite a few different diapers and diaper covers. I even have little fleece handmade soakers (these do not work well and did not fit over most AIOs, mostly kushies, that I have.)I LOVE THIS PARTICULAR THIRSTIES DIAPER COVER. I currently own 5 of them and plan to buy more as time/money allows. I have a really cute print of a button/snap Thirsties cover that I don’t like half as much, even though it will theoretically be useful longer (it’s a bit seepy and harder to fit, it’s a duo wrap version.)I can slap one of these on my girlie and go to bed, even pull her into bed with me to nurse, and am comfortable they won’t leak. This is the ONLY cover I can say that about. I wish they made nursing sleep bras.I have had SEVERAL other brands (bummis, fuzzi bunz, whisper wrap, bumkins, dappi vinyl and nylon pants, you name it, I probably own at least one type) leak or they were too ill fitting even though they said they were fitted for her size. Or they worked for one diaper and not another. This one works for ALL.I prefer them to the whisper wrap, which was my wrap of choice until I found these.I like the velcro placement, it’s placed well and doesn’t hit baby’s skin, and the PUL type fabric is easy to clean, gussets will stretch over a prefold OR a bulky doubled AIO, they will take a tucking and don’t gap and most importantly, they will hold a LOAD. You needed a doo dam? This is it. And if you happen to get a little bright yellow poop on them, never fear, they don’t stain either.It does, however, absorb wee wee odors if you use it several times between retiring for a wash (I tend to ignore them until it’s noticeable, I’m not one of those perfect moms who has a cover for every diaper change). I find that soaking them in a presoak (Bac Out+ water in a sink does the trick) will make them fresh and new smelling. This technique works for all my covers, by the way.Anyway, I’ll be getting these until she is potty trained. They are excellent. I don’t know what else possibly makes them better than all the others, but they definitely are.

Viola Ebensburg, PA

Velcro is easy but doesn’t last

The Thirsties diaper covers are great for their gussets. However, the velcro doesn’t last as well as Bummis velcro. I do have many more of the Thirsties duo wrap snaps and they are much more durable.

Hannah Tunnel Hill, IL

Excellent diaper cover.

I bought both the snap closure cover and the velcro cover. I like the velcro much better because the fit is better. The snap buttons are placed at certain intervals, however with the velcro, there are no predetermined places where you have to close it, which makes for a better fit. Also, the are no buttons against the baby’s skin, which is less irritating. The white cotton part on the sides of the legs does get stained with constant use, however the cover itself is indeed stain resistant. The cover is water proof as advertised and my daughter is comfortable in it, which is one of the biggest concerns for me. I would highly recommend this diaper cover.

Lenora Burns Flat, OK

ok, but prefer other brands because of leakage

these are convenient to take on and off and the material feels waterproof, but we have leakage issues at the top and around the legs. the bummis (and a couple other covers) we use have a tighter fit around the legs (more elastic or something) and don’t leak as much.

Lakisha Inver Grove Heights, MN

Surprisingly well-designed diaper cover!

My newborn son is born in 36 weeks, he weighted under 6 lbs, so he has very thin bums, most diaper covers are too loose on him or fitted awkwardly. Although this Thirsties cover designed for 6 lbs and up, it can really fit him snugly without being uncomfortable. I love the feature that you can fold the velcro and it will attach inside the diaper and the diaper will be washed unfold. I will order more soon!

Alexandria Windsor Locks, CT

Awesome for a newborn/infant

Love this cover. Much better than the ProWrap. Love the double gussets and the colors are really cute. The velcro helps make it a good fit for newborns up through about 15 lbs and is easy to use with a fitted or prefold/snappy or tri-folded prefold. Hook & loop held up well through wash and wear.

Nola Houston, PA

good fit

I like the design and fit of this cover. It is so cute and the Velcro makes changes go quickly

Sophie Udell, IA

love it

best cover i have. love the gussets. I want to buy the next size because my four month old hardly fits it anymore.

Brandy Hill City, SD