Thirsties Duo Diaper, Honeydew, Size Two

Thirsties Duo Diaper, Honeydew, Size Two

Thirsties duo diapers are easy to use and even easier on your wallet. The adjustable rise of this diaper design means one size will last twice as long. In fact, you’ll only need two sizes to cover your baby from birth all the way to potty learning. Pairing such adjustability in rise with our signature leg gussets makes this cloth diaper the most versatile on the market and will provide a snug fit on all babies to keep those messes contained. Buyer bewares one size’ diapering options tend to disappoint. Most families purchasing a ‘one size’ diaper would actually end up purchasing a newborn size, a ‘one size’, and a toddler size: 3 sizes from birth to potty. Not 1. Therefore, thirsties duo diapers are truly the more reliable and more affordable option when comparing to a ‘one size’ system. Thirsties duo diapers are completely waterproof yet remain breathable, pliable, and very comfortable for your baby’s delicate skin. The ultra soft microfleece liner on the inside protects baby’s skin from wetness and also resists staining. Our handy sleeve design features openings on both sides of the diaper between the microfleece and waterproof layer. The duo openings featured in thirsties duo diaper enable easy insert stuffing from either side of the diaper and also make for easy cleaning. There is no need to remove the soiled inserts when washing simply toss your soiled thirsties duo diaper in the laundry and the inserts will agitate free from the diaper in the washing machine. Thirsties’ specialty inserts feature two layers of serged microfiber terry snapped together with five serged layers of hemp jersey; seven thirsty layers in all. Plus, thirsties duo diapers are a c” to use. Simply stuff the insert in the sleeve of the diaper and wrap around your baby. The durable hook and loop closures of thirsties duo diaper provide a perfect and secure fit at every diaper change. Care machine wash warm or hot. Dry in dryer or hang to dry. Made in the United States.

Main features

  • A two piece reusable diapering system combining an absorbent insert and a waterproof sleeve diaper
  • Features an adjustable rise for extended use to suit your growing baby
  • Leg gussets provide superior protection against leaks
  • Microfiber terry and hemp combo insert for optimal absorption; 7 layers in all
  • Use from birth to potty and save $1400 over disposables

Verified reviews


Not Thirsties’ best diaper

I bought one of these to test out when we were about ready to buy bigger sizes for ouR 3 month old. I had previously useD Thirsties older version x-small fitteds and covers and really loved them. I also bought a Thirsties Fab Fitted, a Wrap Snap cover, BumGenius 4.0, some prefolds and a FuzziBunz one size.I was very disappointed with this diaper. It has leaked nearly every time that I’ve used it. I thought that this would be a good middle ground diaper for my husband and myself–he likes Aplix but doesn’t really like pocket diapers. I like the option of one or two inserts. Once, the diaper leaked about 15 minutes after I put it on. I’m sure that I get a snug fit with the adjustable rise and aplix waist. I really like Thirsties covers but this somehow seems different to me. I’ve also found that the hemp insert has shrunk so much that, when snapped to the microfiber insert, they no longer line up properly and are a little lumpy. It seems like a really clever design/variation on the pocket diaper. I really like that it comes with both a hemp and microfiber insert. The pocket opening in the front and the back seems like it would be great for spraying out diapers. It just doesn’t hold the liquid in for our little guy.

Elba Craigmont, ID

So very close to perfect

I truly think these are the best modern cloth diapers out there. They are leak proof (love, love, love those gussets), they have a fantastic insert, the insert falls out in the wash on it’s own. I have a full stash of these I love them so much and they work great for daycare.They are awesome, BUT I think the sizing is off for these. I think it’s more common for the Size 1’s to fit until about 14 lbs and the size 2’s will fit at that weight, but they might be a tad large on a skinnier legged baby. I wish they were just a tad longer in the rise for both sizes so that each would fit longer. My baby is very long and I don’t think I will make it to PLing in these and they are among the largest pocket diapers you can buy.I think the Thirsties could improve the design of the wings a little to be less “restrictive” by trimming them down a little. Also, I loved the range of colors the original wraps came in and wish they would offer the duo in those colors.I have heard complaints about the laundry tabs not sticking. I found I didn’t have any problems as long as I gave the tabs a little extra press when I attached them.I like that Thirsties is a really green company and they make their product in America.So they are near perfect, but by my standards, the perfect cloth diaper does not exit yet. I’m hoping Thirsties will fix that.

Jasmin Loop, TX

Simple and straightforward, hook & loop doesn’t hold up

We purchased three of the Thirsties Duo Diapers in order to see if cloth diapering was something we wanted to pursue. My husband and I both work outside the home and have limited free time, and wanted to try a pocket diaper that made the laundering and diapering process as easy as possible on us. No offense to the cloth diaper fans out there, but I just don’t have the time or inclination to care for wool soakers or to stalk Hyena Cart. We just wanted cloth diapers that were REALLY easy to use and reasonably priced, and we have found them!We have a 5.5 month old daughter who is right around the 50th percentile (average) for height and weight. We typically use Luvs brand disposables for daycare and cloth diapering is a part-time endeavor, mainly for environmental reasons. We wash the Thirsties using Rockin’ Green Cloth Diaper and Laundry Detergent (Classic Rock, Bare Naked Babies).Likes:~ The double gusset really contains the diaper contents (even for an exclusively breastfed baby); we have not had leaks.~ Washing really is very easy – just fold over the laundering tabs and chuck ’em into the washer. There is no need to reach into the pocket to remove a wet/dirty insert since they agitate out in the wash (although they stay snapped, so I unsnap them on the way into the dryer).~ The colors we got (Meadow, Honeydew, Mango) are vibrant and would be great for either a boy or a girl.~ Putting the diaper on and removing it is basically the same as changing a disposable thanks to the hook-and-loop closures. These would be very babysitter-friendly.~ The diaper inserts are easy to snap together and stuff into the diaper.~ They are manufactured in the USA and the manufacturing quality is excellent.~ The fit is reasonably trim thanks to the two-size system; with the exception of jeans, our baby can wear clothing in her normal size. I have an acquaintance who uses a one-size diapering system for her baby and because of the bulk of the diapers she has to size up all of his pants.Dislikes:~ I think the sizing is a little off. We got the Thirsties when our daughter was about 4 months old and the Size 1 has been unsnapped and on the largest rise from the beginning. She is 5.5 months and 15.5 lbs now and they still fit but I just don’t see how these could fit to approx. 9 months of age/18 lbs. Our child is a very average-sized baby and in the next month or so we’re going to have to buy Size 2 diapers.~ The hemp insert usually needs a little air-drying at the end of the dry cycle.~ The white trim on the inner leg gusset is easily stained. Sunning the diapers takes care of this but requires me to use the clothes line outside – I work outside the home full time so it can be hard to get them in the sun.~ There is some pilling of the material after repeated washings. However it doesn’t affect how the diapers function; it’s just cosmetic.Update 7/2013:Our older daughter outgrew the Size 1 at 6 months and ~15 pounds, which put her right around the 50th percentile on the growth charts. It was disappointing since we had expected to get her to 8-9 months in size 1. Our second daughter was bigger at birth and at 3 weeks/9+ pounds is wearing the Size 1 Duos on the smaller rise setting. I anticipate that she will likely outgrow them by 4-5 months based on her current rate of weight gain and the fact that her sister outgrew them “early”.For the size 2 Duos – We purchased a package of a half dozen Thirsties Duo Diapers in size 2 for our older daughter. Unfortunately over time we found that the hook and loop wore very poorly in the long run, to the point where it simply won’t hold anymore. We bought gender neutral colors in anticipation of using them for subsequent babies as well, and that will be impossible due to the poor quality of the hook and loop. The Duo pockets are a leakproof overnight solution for an older baby due to the gussets and the stuffability, but we are going to have the expense of buying new size 2s for our second daughter – this time with snap closures!

Tamika West Falls, NY

Awesome, awesome, awesome.

Our little one will be growing out of size one probably within the month (seven months old). They have held up wonderfully and are virtually leak proof. We went on a weekend vacation and used disposables… leaked all the time! Reinforced my love for cloth diapering and Thirsties.The colors are also super cute. In the summer time your little one looks “dressed” just with a prefold and thirsty on.We’ll be ordering size two soon!

Jasmine Mount Hood Parkdale, OR

Am I Doing Something Wrong?

I’ll be the first to admit that I am new to the cloth diapering thing and I’m probably making a mistake somewhere. I started small, using some tri-folds that I received at a shower, and ordering a couple of the duo wrap covers. I learned quickly that to prevent leaks with a baby boy, I really needed to double over the very front of the trifold in the cover. Since I had that lightbulb moment, the wraps and tri-folds work fine… just slightly leaky if I don’t change him in time. I ordered the Duo Diaper thinking that had to be tons better with the nice inserts and the extra lining. Today, I changed my son just before heading out to have lunch in town and by the time we were ready to leave, he’d leaked all over. I did not fold over the front of the insert like I’ve done with the tri-folds, but assumed I wouldn’t have to because I assumed the inserts were so much more absorbent than my tri-folds. I had the hemp side down on the insert thinking that it would be the more absorbent layer and that the other layers would wick away the moisture. He was REALLY wet when we left. Anyone else have this issue? The diapers seem REALLY nice and they’re very soft against my son’s skin. Please let me know if I’m doing something wrong here. If not, I think I’ll just be ordering some more of the covers and save my money on the extra inserts and the nicer diapers since my cheap Wal Mart tri-folds and the less expensive covers seem to be doing a better job.

Lena Kemah, TX

Great diaper

On my 13 month old, 19 pound son I have this diaper on the smallest setting and it fits well. We’ve had no leaks and I like that I don’t have to unstuff the diaper before I wash. The double gussets are nice because my kiddo has very slender legs – only the inside gusset closes all the way around his leg. If his legs were chubbier then maybe the double gusset would act as a second barrier for leaks. So far no leaks, the velcro is holding up well, and the diaper is very absorbent.

Danielle Murdock, IL

Good diaper!

When I began cloth diapering several months ago, I never really put much thought into how others would be able to use the cloth diapers. Most of my stash is Best Bottoms AI2s in snap. They are probably the most complex diaper you can get. Well once my son got older and started staying with babysitters, I realized that no one could handle using those diapers (or they messed up the fit and they leaked). I started buying several kinds of pocket diapers to see which would be the most user-friendly for babysitters. This is hands-down the easiest!Pros:-Very similar to disposables…the velcro is baby-sitter friendly. And since the inserts come out in the wash, I don’t have to dig them out of a nasty wetbag later or ask the babysitter to take the insert out of the diaper.-Cute colors-LOVE LOVE LOVE the insert!!! The insert is a microfiber insert snapped on top of a hemp insert! It is the most leak-proof insert you could get. My other microfiber-only diapers can’t hold nearly as much as this diaper.-Made in the USACons:-Wish the trim and rise snaps either matched the diaper or were a coordinaing color.-The front of the diaper can be a bit of an odd fit sometimes. The front panel isn’t very wide, so it can get kind of bunched and awkward looking (this is why I only gave 4 stars).Overall, if you are looking for a diaper that someone who has never seen a cloth diaper before can use without explanation, this is it! And the double inserts will save you from leaks since many babysitters don’t realize that cloth needs to be changed more often than disposables. Great diaper!

Vicky Cary, NC

My fave cloth diaper

I have tried Bumgenius and FuzziBunz, 2 of the highest selling diapers on the market. Thirsties duos are my favorite.I like that they fit a smaller baby. Fuzzibunz one size and the BG 3.0 are both silly big on a sub-10 lb baby. I’m fine buying 2 sets of diapers if they will really fit the spectrum of sizes that a baby will be from birth to potty.Colors are adorable. And normally you’d have to buy hemp inserts for an extra $5+ so getting one along with microfiber is a big bonus. Hemp dries slowly b/c it’s SO absorbent so if you don’t like how long they take, use them only when you need super protection.Best feature: that inserts agitate out in the wash. With Bumgenius you have to pull them out when the dipe is dirty. Yuck. Incidentally with FuzziBunz they agitate out as well though FB doesn’t advertise that they do.The velcro has come loose a couple times. Might be my husband not pressing it down hard enough. That has been the only leak we’ve had – when velcro came undone.

Silvia Etna, CA

Great diaper, but won’t last

These diapers absorb well(much better than disposables) and are easy to care for. They are also soft on my baby’s skin and keep him dry. He’s never had a rash with these, and let’s face it, they’re super cute. For these reasons, I give the diaper 3 stars; I just wish I would be able to use them longer.The size 1 says it fits from 6-18 lbs, so after testing the absorbancy, I purchased 24 of them. This was a high up-front cost (almost 500 bucks}, but I planned to use them until he was around 9 months old or close to 18lbs. When we brought our baby home, he weighed 7 lbs. He was getting a rash from his disposable hospital diapers, so I attempted to put him in a Thirsties duo diaper. However, it was way too large for his 7lb body and left spaces for things to escape, even on the smallest setting. It also pulled at his umbilical cord stump and made it bleed, so we had to wait for his cord to fall out at 3 weeks of age to begin using these diapers. They were great at first, but he is now 12lbs and, although we have them on the largest setting, they are too small for him. When he moves around, the velcro just comes undone and- if the diaper doesn’t come completely undone and fall off- he ends up leaking out of one or both sides. He is only 10 weeks old, so my $500 diaper stash was only good for 7 weeks.My son is in the 50th percentile for both height and weight for his age- completely average- so there is no reason why this diaper should no longer fit him at only 12 lbs. I would be understanding if he were around 15 or 16 lbs when it began to stop fitting, but it’s absolutely ridiculous for these to stop fitting at only 12 lbs when Thirsties claims they last up to 18.I’m now stuck purchasing an entire new stash of diapers, and I won’t be including any Thirsties diapers or products in my stash. This is really too bad, because I would love these diapers if they were only true to fit.

Marjorie Dyer, IN

Best pocket diaper

Immediately after purchase:I normally use prefolds and covers (including Thirsties Duo Wrap). This is the first pocket diaper I purchased, and I love it! The insert really does come out in the wash, and cleans well even when snapped together. The inserts can then be unsnapped when placing in the dryer (I line-dry my covers). This diaper will come in handy for babysitters, grandmothers, etc. I am still using disposables at daycare, but these might even be easy enough for them! I will post another review in a couple months as far as durability, as I have only been using this diaper for about a week or two.Updated review 6/11/10:I have now been using this diaper for a few months. I lowered the rating to 4 stars for a few reasons:1) The snaps on the hemp portion of the insert broke after about a month. However, I must add that the company was very good about replacing that insert for me promptly when I contacted them.2) The hemp insert takes a long time to dry, sometimes longer than my prefolds3) Velcro seems like it won’t hold up great, but time will tell…Things I still like about this diaper:1) Leg gussets2) Velcro is easier than snaps for a squirming baby3) Very easy to stuff4) I like not having to pull out the insert prior to washingWe are now CDing full-time, using a combination of BumGenius, Fuzzibunz, and Thirsties Duo Diapers for daycare, grandmas and on the go (and prefolds at home). I like the all for different reasons. I like having the Thirsties Duo Diapers as part of my stash.Updated review 8/28/10I am again upgrading this review to 5 stars for a few reasons:1) This is the only diaper that my daughter can wear at naptime without leaking all over the place. There is slight wicking sometimes, but nothing like when she just wears a Fuzzibunz with one microfiber insert for naptime.2) She is still on the second rise, whereas her BG 3.0s are totally unsnapped. The BG 4.0s (I have 1 so far) are more generous as far as sizing, but they only come with a microfiber insert for the same price.3) The price is great for what you get. The Knickernappies with the loopydo inserts cost $6.50 more per diaper.

Evangelina Selma, IA

Great for tall babies–get the snap version if ordering Size 2

My son is 7 months old, quite tall and long-waisted. He’s mostly been wearing hand-me-down prefolds and covers, but I’ve sampled a few all-in-ones along the way. I’m really glad I didn’t make a major investment in any one-size diapers because by now I’ve learned through experience that almost all “one-size” diapers are way too short in the rise to fit a tall baby for the long term. Perhaps on some babies a “one-size” diaper will fit until the 35 lbs claimed by the manufacturers, but not a tall or long-torsoed baby. For reference, it seems that the typical “one-size” rise is equivalent to a Size 3 disposable.The Thirsties 2-size system seemed like one of the few solutions for a diaper that could possibly fit my baby until he’s out of diapers, so I tried a couple Thirsties Duo Diapers in size 2 (one velcro, one snaps). A Thirsties Size 2 runs much longer in the rise than a one-size diaper. My son has had the rise fully unsnapped in his various one-size models for months already, but in his Thirsties Duos, I’ve still got the rise snapped down and plenty of room to grow. I tried one, unsnapped, on my 3-year-old daughter and it was a decent fit.I love these for all the reasons other reviewers have mentioned:1. Absorbent2. Trim fit3. Double gussets, a major reason I chose these over the Thirsties all-in-one. Although it is less necessary to have these once you’ve moved past messy EBF blowouts, it is still good peace of mind4. Easy to wash–soaker agitates out. The shells dry very quickly on the line.5. Easy to re-stuff, since the pocket is open at both ends. It takes a few extra seconds when folding laundry to match up the soaker pieces and re-stuff the shells, but I think it’s a worthwhile exchange for the convenience of putting it on the baby at changing time.6. I was concerned about the diaper getting stinky, having only used cotton up to this point, but so far, so good.One con: The fleece lining has gotten stained pretty quickly but that may be because the little guy is eating lots of carrots, blueberries, etc lately, which would stain anything. I’m sure I could sun them out if I really cared, but I can live with stains on diapers.Why 4 stars instead of 5? The lower rating really applies to the velcro version. Thirsties velcro is definitely weaker than many other diaper brands. It wasn’t a problem before my baby became mobile, and I have used several Thirsties velco covers with great success, but at this point it just doesn’t hold up to his movement and I’ve had my velcro Duo Diaper come undone while he was wearing it. The velcro also rubs his belly as he sits and moves around and leaves raw patches. I wanted the velcro to work, because it helps get a tighter fit for a long, thin baby, but when I order more of these, I’ll be getting the snap version. I think velcro would work fine in Size 1 for babies who aren’t sitting/crawling yet. Snaps, of course, are also easier to deal with at laundry time, and I’m actually finding they are even easier to use than velcro on a baby who is trying to crawl away while I change him.Overall, I love Thirsties products. Their PUL is so soft and flexible, and they are made in the USA!

Amalia Doole, TX

They work ok

These work ok. As long as I change him within 2 hours there are no leaks. My son is a heavy wetter and these do not work as well as other cloth diapers I have used. They are however super cute so I just use different inserts.

Charlene San Cristobal, NM

Fabulous diaper covers!

We used the size 1 with velcro and got the size 2 with snaps, and used them with Indian prefolds and Snappis. The fit was good and easily adjusted. They held up well and washed up well. We have never had a leak through the fabric and we have not had any problems with odors to date (been using them for 7 months). However, having used both the velcro and snaps, there are pros and cons. Velcro – it’s just easier and wears more comfortably on the baby, however, the velcro does catch on the other diapers in the wash and causes the appearance of the fabric to degrade. Snaps – preserves the appearance of the fabric, but loud in the dryer, and a little more of a pain to put on as well as to adjust, plus they don’t lay as well on the baby with the way they pull. My recommendation would be for the velcro.

Jean Lambert, MT

Great Absorbancy

I use these in combo with the thirsties hemp liners, and love them. They are great for daytime use as well as with extra liners for night. My only regret is that the first one I purchased for my growing toddler was the velcro variety. As the diaper becomes full, because it’s so lightweight, it tends to sag (almost like a disposable) and the velcro can’t hold it for too long. It’s not a huge issue because obviously he needs changing anyway, BUT sometimes he’ll take it upon himself to assist the velcro and take off the diaper and that can be messy if, well… yeah. So that would be my only complaint. Of course that’s easily solved by buying the snap variety for toddlers on the move!

Sharlene Westmont, IL

7 month old cloth diapering since 6 weeks old

Leg gussets are great. My sitter during the day has bad arthritis, so this velcro works great for her. Also good for the grandparents visits where snaps would be more difficult for them.

Elda Newark, MD

Good but NOT great

I don’t reach for this diaper as much as I did when I first bought it. Mainly because the aplix started to wear out quickly as well as the cover. Overall the quality is not what I was hoping for.

Corine Lentner, MO

Great modern cloth diapers

Some people have commented about the aplix closure not working and preferring the snaps. I disagree. The aplix holds up well if you follow instructions and fits a lot better than the snap version as you get a custom fit. I have never had a leak with my baby ( unlike the wraps) and highly recommend. Easy to use, wash, wear etc. Good price

Deirdre Kellerton, IA

Great, but you will need a doubler for heavy wetters

First, these diapers are very well made and the aplix has held up very well to 6 months of washing. My son is a very heavy wetter requiring sbish obf plus boosters and wool to make it through the night. I have to add a hemp doubler to this dipe during the day to keep him dry for more than an hour. For average wetters, these diapers would be amazing. The double gussets are pure magic at keeping poo where it belongs.

Annmarie Meacham, OR

Great diaper, but just doesn’t hold up

Pros of this diaper:
• Velcro makes it easy to put on the baby
• Comfortable feel (nice & soft)
• Fits well around smaller babyCons (which just kill the diaper):
• Velcro just doesn’t hold up – comes apart in the dryer and sticks to other diapers, and after having used these for a month, the Velcro is barely sticking
• Inserts are a bit of a pain to put back in – the 2 parts of the insert (which are held together by snaps) rotates while in the dryer, and so it’s a bit time consuming putting these diapers back together after a wash & dryRecommendation:Bummis tots bots ( – similar style, but without the cons above. Also made of bamboo, so it’s a bit more absorbent.

Zelma Pine Plains, NY


I really like Thirsties diapers, we use them often for daytime, but they have some drawbacks. One is that the cover stains easily, both the white trim and the cover itself – particularly with newborn poops. Also, they can bunch up when you have a squirmy baby causing leaks. This really only happens at night or when the baby is very active during the day. Also, they pill pretty badly and some the stitching comes undone.They DO have many positives though, which is why I use them frequently: very easy to put on and clean, the velcro is sturdy, I like the liner system; especially that the liners come out on their own in the wash, they are absorbent, and the covers are very cute. Also, the fit is good. They aren’t super bulky either which is nice, often times I find with pocket diapers that they are HUGE and it is hard to get pants on over them. I also LOVE that these are made in the USA. It is important to me to support US Manufacturing and I often do not trust the safety and health standards of products made in China, so I enjoy supporting a US company with my purchase.I would definitely recommend these and I think they are one of the better quality cloth diapers in terms of ease of use, durability, and fit.

Johanna Mill Village, PA

Perfect diapers!

I love thirsties! Especially how the inserts just agitate out in the wash. I also love the gussets on the sides to keep things in.

Roxanne Davenport, NE

rarely leaks

These diapers are technically too big for our daughter, who has only recently reached 17 pounds. She’s tall and then though, so the rise works (the smaller size didn’t), we just have to overlap the tabs quite a bit to get the diaper to be snug enough. With the wriggling and squirming our baby does (is there a child anywhere who does not hate getting her diaper changed?), we have a hard time getting it secure enough so we’ve had a few leaks. If your baby is long and lean, I recommend getting a different type of diaper. If you have a chubby to average sized child, you should be fine.

Carole Spring House, PA

Didn’t use them

I bought these because my daughter was getting constant diaper rashes. We tried to use these but it made her even wetter and the plastic is very hard and uncomfortable.

Marsha Benton, MO

Just ok

I bought this diaper because so many cloth diapering mommas seem to love it. As for me, I say it’s just ok. I didn’t have any leaks but i really dont like the fit. It seems to squeeze my daughter’s thighs and sit too low on her thighs. It is never my first choice but it does work.

Sonya Eldridge, MO

Did not like

I did not like how these diapers fit my daughter… they cut into her legs and the velcro stopped working after only a handfull of washes

Cheri Rockland, ID

good diaper

I really like this diaper, but I hate the velcro closure. It wears down fast and I don’t think it will last for more than 1 child. I would love love love this diaper if it came with snaps. If you don’t mind velcro, then I would recommend this diaper.

Nikki Mount Carbon, WV

It works.

I love the Thirsties covers for prefold diapers, but the pocket diapers are just okay. I have a heavy wetter and it works well for a naptime diaper. It is bulky and the cotton liner take a long time to dry. I prefer other pocket diapers compared to this one.

Ophelia Sharon, WI